Official Election Final Round Voting

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AuthorTopic: Official Election Final Round Voting
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Aran's piano recording was awesome. I'll try and get me playing on my guitar later on. If it's okay Kelandon, I'll email it to you...

Marlenny sounds nothing like I'd imagined her, for some reason, but I've always had a problem with people on here. For instance, it took several months for me to get over the fact that Kel was a guy. I don't know why I though he was a she, but there you go. It might explain my trouble at getting dates... :P

Also, Stughalf, despite seeing and hearing him, still takes upon the shape of something completely different in my world.

"I am a living sign..."

Thus endeth this post.
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Lol, how did you imagine me? Anyways, I was starting to think I was too obvious or something. Everyone already knew how I sound. I guess I just talk the way I type and with all the info that you guys know about me (being Dominican, 18, etc) it was easy to figure out what I sound like.
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She sounds exactly like her picture.

And we all know what that means...

The critics agree!

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