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AuthorTopic: Valley of Thunder RP
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'Which mage? I don't recall a mage among the survivors.'

'Ah, no, Vor. The King sent a relief mission to destroy the demons. One of the men on it, a mage called Eferas, was captured by them.'

'Is that where Gareth came from?'

'Yes, he was also in the relief force. But he's not gone over to the demons. Which means we have to rescue him.'

Vor abruptly sat down.

'This makes things all the more complicated. You see, I had intended to have you steal the Stone of Thunder, and use it on Sylvian so that he could cleanse the temple. But now there is a mage...'

Before Vor could continue, Ray broke in.

'Vor, what does the Stone of Thunder do?'

'Many things. The demons have been using it to power the portal; now that they have brought it closer to the portal, they are probably bringing larger demons through, and if they can force this mage to channel it, they can probably summon a demon lord. Its purpose, though, was to create an avatar of Hiram. This is why I am so happy to have found Sylvian: only the priests of Hiram can be made avatars, and I wouldn't stand up to many demons even after I'd been made an avatar.'

Sylvian nodded. 'The first incursion was stopped by the High Priest. Wielding the Stone of Thunder, he banished a demon lord and his whole host, and established the temple.'

'I don't want to pit Sylvian against the demon lord, though', interjected Vor. 'But if they've captured a mage, they'll be trying to force him to channel the Stone, and doubtless the strongest demons will be in its presence. We'll have to wait until he's asleep. Even then, the ritual to empower Sylvian will take time.'

Sadith frowned. 'How long?'

'Oh, about ten minutes. If we could somehow free the mage first and gain his help, it would be less, but I'm sure he'd assume we were the demons trying to trick him.'

'So you want us to get into the most heavily guarded room in the temple, steal a vastly powerful magical artifact, run away, and hide somewhere where we'll go unnoticed for a full ten minutes with every demon in the temple after us?'

Vor shook his head. 'Actually, the ritual has to be performed in the temple. I know it sounds hard, but the fact is that even if we couldn't perform the ritual, we'd have to steal the Stone. If they can summon the demon lord, it'll wipe the valley of all life in a matter of hours, and then go on a war of conquest. That's what happened before, only then the priests of Hiram were powerful enough to stand up to them. Now? I doubt such a force exists anywhere.'

Ray shook his head. 'Vor, it's not just hard, it's completely impossible. Maybe we could sneak in there-after all, they won't be expecting us exactly-but they'll know when we steal the Stone. And we'll never hold them off for anything like ten minutes.'

The next voice to speak belonged to none of the four. 'Ah, did you say a mage could speed up the ritual?'

Ray turned, his spear launcher already levelled, but the face confronting him was a known one.

'Alex? How did you get here?'


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Having been quickly distanced by the survivors and seeing the man who followed him a few meters lower, Akhtar decided to wait. The valley was strangely calm, as if the world was standing on a edge. A chill ran through Akhtar spine.

Anees tongue was hanging out and the dog happily lapped in Akhtar's hand when he poured some of the water he had taken in the backpack on the cup he had formed with his hand. After putting the bottle back in the backpack he looked at the figure coming closer.

Having gone on a run with Anees through the wood had brought back good memories to him and he was smiling when the man came to his level.

"You are right, we must not waste our strength by running. I have the feeling that we will need it later. " said Akhtar, " I am Akhtar and in my back is Hispar, mouth of the spirits. "

He quicly continued "I would like to hear more about you while we climb to the temple. You bear the ice swan on your chest but your eyes and heigth clearly shows that you are not one of the hard men of Dyyan. "

Akhtar looked hard at the man for a second then turned his back and started walking slowly to allow his companion to catch his breath if he needed it.

OOC : Going through the woods to avoid demons on the main road, currently on the east side of the road and roughly at 200 meters of the temple as the crow flies.

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Alex joins Ray, Sadith and the others and speaks.

"I was separated from the group and knew some of you were coming here so I just kind of stumbled along this way. So, from what I heard, we are stealing the Stone of Thunder and making Sylvian into an Avatar of Hiram?"

"Yes, but the ritual must be done inside the temple. With your aid we can speed the process and lower the risks."

"Since the magic is within a stone it should react very well with my talent for earth magic. This may speed it up even further."

"Good, the shorter the ritual, the better."

"Also, I know the spell Stealth, which may get us past less powerful or less alert demons. So, um, what exactly am I supposed to do? And when are we doing this? I can use some magic restoratives I have in my pack to restore my mind and energy, but it won't be as good as if I can get some rest."

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'The fact of the matter is that we don't know how much time we've got, but it isn't long. They've got a mage captive, and sooner or later they'll force him to channel the stone and summon a demon lord through the portal. If that happens, we're doomed, but who knows how strong-willed the mage is. How much rest do you need?'

Alex considers.

'If you give me maybe six hours, I should be OK. Maybe you could use the time to scout?'

Vor nods.

'Yes, we can't start until the mage falls asleep anyway: the most powerful demons will be watching the Stone while he's awake in the hope that he succumbs. Ray, Sadith, do either of you have much experience in moving quietly? If you do, you could try and scout out the temple. Meanwhile, everyone may as well come to my hideout. It's stood up to a couple weeks of demon prying, so we'll be fairly safe there. Unless anyone else from the relief mission was likely to be coming this way?'

Ray frowned.

'I don't think so. Most of those I heard said they were going to regroup at Selger. Sadith and I only arrived here following Eferas, and Alex...'

Alex nodded. 'Well, I was pretty much lost until I stumbled into you. I was one of the last out of that tunnel, though, so the others probably stayed together slightly better. Most of them will be at Selger by now.'

'In that case, come this way. We've been out in the open long enough already. Hopefully anyone else who comes here will see the demon camp and turn back.'

Turning, Vor led the way to the side of the hill, where the valley walls sloped sharply up. Quickly waving his hands and muttering under his breath, he waved the party forward. Just before they began to doubt his sanity, a small opening appeared, and they quickly stepped through. As the last one in, Vor restored the illusion, before going to his storecupboards to look for food.


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"What is the problem?"

There is something about the man in front of Garath which made his gaze slide off, a sort of slipperiness that wrapped itself around his who profile. Garath blinked, and tried to stave off a headache.

"The... allies guarding the temple, they refuse to let me enter. They say that I have not acquired permission, that I should not even be here. Those fools..."

The figure moved forward a little, spoke with a rasping voice.

"Have they been corrupted by demons?"

Garath paused. Dangerous ground.

"No. Do not take action. They are merely slow, foolish, and their folly does not concern us. Have you found the priest?"

The corpsman nodded. "He is here?"

Garath stood up in surprise, turning to delight.

"He made it here? Walked all the way across demon held territory?"

"There a demons here?"

There was a strange light in the corpsman's eyes. Garath changed the subject.

"It is useless now, though. The commander in charge of the temple must immediately have contacted his master, and anything useful to us must have been removed. This whole idea was never any good from the start."

"He has been met by companions, too."


"One of them was a librarian. He talked about a Stone that he could use. He seems to think the Stone is in the temple, and he is afraid that you could do something with the stone."

"But that's stupid. The Lord isn't going to leave something important like that out here. He had it specially transported to the demon cave, where he is trying to figure out how to make it work. All they will find in the temple is an empty pedestal, and a lot of guar..."

He stood bolt upright, eyes opened wide.

"You say this librarian knows how to use the Stone...?"

And then a broad smile spread across his face.
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The sun was starting to dip in the sky. By the looks of things there were only a maxium of two hours before nightfall. In the distance Terril could just make out the barricade of Selger.

Rey had pretty much recovered from his smoke inhalation and was walking along fine now; in addition, they had found three other adventurers wandering through the forest, though one died, being stupid enough to walk over the bridge without checking for traps.

The forest was clearing ahead into farmland. Burnt and scorched farmland, but farmland nonetheless.

What took the adventurers attention most was the smoke coming from Selger. "Some of the others, or demons?" piped up, one of the others.

"Might be some overconfident survivors, but I'm not holding my breath for it to be good." replied Terril.

Closing on on the barricade, they could quite clearly see that all was not well here; the gate had been torn off its' mountings and there were holes and scorch marks all across the wall.

Preparing for a fight they drew their weapons as they entered the town. It was quite clear that no sane person would start a fire in such an undefendable place. There were a few stone buildings that had obviously taken a knock. Though quite a few were still standing. Everything else had probably been wooden and burnt to the ground.

Everyone expected a horde of demons to come rushing at them any moment. Maybe some of the other adventurers to greet them.

The one thing they didn't expect walked out between the buildings - a man they didn't recognise, with five mugs of ale...

OOC: Not sure what next. Zephyr? Or even Tommy and MSW if you turn up here?

EDIT: It's changed. Loses a little dramaticism, but what the hey.

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OOC: I wanted to describe the town first, but I think you did it perfectly FBM. You covered what I wanted to. I am not going to be a part of the child thing though. I have my own idea.

IC: After Daniel and Oskoth finish with their short rest, they leave the secret cave with the scroll jars in the knapsack and Oskoth using the staff as a cane and start their long journey to Selger. The tunnel soon proves to be a very windy one, with lots of curves. One hour into their trek, they come across a section of the tunnel that has another shaft leading up towards the surface. To their surprise, the hatch at the top seems to be missing. Upon checking where this route leads, they discover that they are on the edge of Thunder River, right next to a very large wood and stone bridge. Looking back at the forest, they can see a large cloud of smoke and some visible flames.

"Oskoth, the forest is on fire!!! Shouldn't we go back and help!?"

"No need to. According to the map we have of this valley, each section of forest is like an island. The roads act like barriers, as do the rivers. It may jump over a road onto another section, but it will eventually burn itself out from lack of fuel. Anyway, we didn't come this far to have to turn back again." (Looking back at the tunnel) "Say... Look at this. The hatch was wrenched right off its hinges." (Looks around in grass) "Here it is. It definitely was ripped off. Moreover, it?s all clawed up on both sides. I am willing to bet that the demons found this hatch and entered the tunnel from here."

"That's perfectly plausible to me." (Sees the bridge again) "Hey, we have the bridge. And I can see Selger down in the valley a few miles away. Should we try the roads again?"

"I would rather not. It would be safer to get there through the tunnel. By the way, did you see how the main tunnel branched off into narrower tunnels in some places? Ones that had no support beams?"

"Yeah, I noticed that. I think they lead to uncharted areas. I saw crude signs sketched on the walls by those tunnels. I recognized the symbols on them as ones meaning, "Unexplored." Perhaps they lead off to the other ruins. Who knows?"

"Yeah, that would be interesting. But enough chatter. It's getting towards the late part of the afternoon. Let's get moving again."

They go back down in the tunnel and walk on for another two hours before they come across a reinforced stone stairway with a steel guide rail going up to the surface. Finding this to be similar to the one that led away from the bunker, they go up to investigate where it surfaces. When they reach the top of the steps, they come across a shut hatch, which they are glad, yet unnerved to see. Glad that it is undisturbed, yet fearful of what may be on the other side. They ready their weapons and carefully open the hatch as quietly as they can.

They find themselves staring at a stone wall when they exit the tunnel. Looking around, they see that the hatch is situated at the base of a large and very old tree, between two humongous roots. As they can see the river from where they are, they soon realize that they are outside the barricade. They walk left along the section of wall, which is battered, but amazingly still intact on this side and soon come across the southern gate. The portcullis is down, but a section of the bars have been torn away. They keep their weapons drawn as they enter the village.

The village is absolutely still and no sound can be heard. There are many many buildings in this small village, but the majority of them are crude wooden lodges, and most of them are damaged or destroyed. A few buildings remain untouched, however, and the back door of one of them seems to invite them for some unknown reason. They head to it and find it to be unlocked. Upon entering, they realize that they are in a tavern and head to the bar in search of something to drink.

(Looks around in the Study)
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Sadith slammed the mug onto the floor, almost cracking the brittle wood. "Vor, this is disgusting."

Vor looked up and laughed. "You're drinking the wrong stuff. I use that for cleaning. I'm surprised that you got it down at all."

Sadith shook his head, lips curving slowly upward. "I'm a miner - I've had worse." He drained the mug and handed it back to the librarian. "How, exactly, does one get out of here?"

Instantly all eyes were on the miner. "Why?" Vor asked.

"Scouting. I'm restless. How much do you know about this area?"

"Not much," Vor admitted. "I spent most of my time inside before the demons came, and I do my best to keep it that way now. A librarian can't do much against a demon horde, not by himself."

"Could I borrow some parchment and charcoal, then? I'll make us a map."

Vor searched for the materials and handed them reluctantly to Sadith. "Don't waste it - I don't have much to spare."

"Understood. Would anyone else like to come?" The priests and the mage are useless, Sadith thought. Useless for scouting, he corrected himself, at least until they've rested. Raymond lay on a pile of straw on the floor, far from consciousness. Sylvian followed his gaze.

"Best not to disturb him. He'll need the energy later. I'll come."

"No," Sadith said immediately. The suspicion returned to the group's eyes. "I mean, you must remain safe. Your arm... you should sleep. Heal. This ritual won't be easy."

"Yes. I suppose you're right," the priest responded, sitting down uneasily. "Be careful, and avoid the demons. Don't try anything heroic."

That's your job, Sadith thought, smiling inwardly. "You have nothing to worry about. Vor?" The hole reappeared. "Thank you. I'll return soon." He stepped out into the open, positioning himself to start on the map. The entrance closed behind him. With one hand resting on the sword and the other clutching the map-making materials, Sadith crept cautiously towards the temple.

A minute later, the entrance opened again and the librarian peered out. Seeing no-one and nothing around, he stepped outside and shut the door quietly, casting a spell to blend himself with his surroundings. He sat down to watch Sadith's progress, wishing that someone had gone with him. If he went over to the demons now, how could they stop him?

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"Not that way!" Hispar cried desperately. He rushed in the opposite direction as Akhtar and Shirr-Uth stared. Just as quickly, he turned around and ran back. There was something very large and very angry coming from the direction that Hispar had been headed

The shaman disappeared from sight. Almost immediately, a very large beast festooned with improbable spikes and barbs roared as it made its slow but inexporable way towards the two remaining men, who took off running for the temple.

"This is just a ruin. And not a very large one at that," Akhtar observed dispassionately. "I don't think we can defeat a demonlord here."

Shirr-Uth cocked his head for a moment, then sighed. "It is not the demonlord. It must be a minion sent to find out what we are and probably to kill us."

"And this is not any important temple," Hispar said with relief in his voice. "There's no one here at all. But look! That must be Selger!" He took off at a flapping run towards the town.

"Well? Are you coming? I don't want to wait for a demon in an old pile of stones!"

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OOC: My apologies for not posting anything for quite some time. I hope my absence has not excluded me from participation in this RP. After catching up with the posts, I placed Jay where I thought he would be, in light of recent circumstances. Currently NW of Selger, across the river in the farmland.

Jay waded into the rich farmland, not quite fully grown crops swaying around him. The gold and green sea spread out in front of him, and he worried what would happen should the fire burn outwards from the forest. The trees on either side of the fields were at least a dozen or so yards from the edge of the -

He bent down and plucked a stalk from the earth

- wheat, and a small irrigation channel ran around the field, fed by a man made ditch coming from the river, so at least there was a natural firebreak to protect him here.

'Everything just went to hell after the tunnel collapsed'.

He lamented his earlier conduct in the bunker, figuring there was something he could have done better. What if they were all dead ? What good did it do him to be a survivor, if he was alone ?
Alone, and a coward.

'No, not a coward.' Had there been a way he could have helped, he would have. 'No sense dwelling on the past', he reasoned. 'I just wish I had someone I could talk to'. The verdant field spread out before him to the south and east, filling his vision and calming him.

He couldn't remember how he got out of the tunnel, possibly one of the access ports had collapsed near him. With demons howling down the tunnel rending anyone they got their claws on limb from limb, and assaulting the bunker, he had raced into the forest. He was tired, more so than he had ever been in his life. Writing ration orders and equipment recquisitions had made him softer than he would have liked. '

At least there aren't any demons scrambling out of the forest after me' he said to himself.

He tried to get his bearings, lost somewhere between Selger and the bunker. He wanted a smoke. He wanted a drink. He wanted a soft chair to rest in. Figuring that the best place to get at least one of these things was in Selger he continued south, angling himself towards the river and he did so. He was watching his feet, trying to avoid gopher holes and sinkholes, so he was able to see things on the ground to either side. He caught something in his peripheral vision, a glint of white among green and gold. He walked towards it, intrigued by what could be out here in a field across the river from the town. It was a body, or what was left of one. He kneeled down and inspected the remains. The back and the ribs had been crushed, or cracked so badly that when the flesh had decomposed, they simply fell away.

'Could have been carried off by predators. Or maybe demons eat what they catch.' The thought made him grimace, and he placed the tattered rag that had once been a shirt over the head and torso of the skeleton. Best he could do in such a circumstance. There were others scattered around, all looked to have been pounced on from behind, their spines and ribs broken.

'They must have swum the river to get away from the demons.' Looked like it didn't work as well as they had hoped.

'Probably waited for them on the other side, and picked them off as the weakend and came in to shore.'

Off across the water he saw the town of Selger, sitting peacefully along the riverbank, unconcerned as to the fate of its inhabitants. He gauged his options, and figured if anyone had survived, they might have made it to the town. Now, all he needed was a way across the water...

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They were gathered round the bar drinking. Oskoth had gone upstairs to rest from his injuries. Terril looked around; the inn itself didn't look too bad. It had obviously been hit by something judging by the new stone in the far wall, but then, some of the taverns he had been in looked worse even without a war going on.

The people themselves... the people looked like they should - harried, tired but jubilant about the prospect of being rid of the demons, or at the very least, being able to escape from the valley.

But something just wasn't right. It wasn't anything major, just little things. Little things like... like... he just couldn't put his finger on it. It seemed to be exactly how it should be. But there was just a... a feeling of wrongness about it all.

Maybe it would be clearer in the morning. It was all but pitch outside. Tonight he would sleep - even if it was with a blade in hand...

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OOC: Ok, I have some discrepancies to clear up in the RP and I will try to here in my post to the best of my ability. Please try to follow my reasoning. I will make it as clear as I can. Oh, and Mordrith, I decided to go and use your idea you told me about. It intrigued me here and influenced my post. Sorry ahead of time for the long post, but I am trying to make it clear to everyone what is going on in the RP so it can start up again.

IC: Oskoth lies in his bed thinking. Despite it being dark now with the red moon out, he refuses to go to sleep because something about the townspeople is bothering him. They seem... A little too friendly... A little too lucky to have survived. According to the king, the dying courier had said that the people were going to make for the ruined temple on Mount Thunder, never knowing what might lie before them. So why did they change their minds suddenly and head to the swamps? Of all the good sensible places to go, why did they choose to go to a swamp? With all the diseases and serpents and dangerous water creatures, and quicksand beds... What would have driven them to go there? He continues in this train of thought for some time, until he begins hearing laced voices coming from the bar room below him.

Curious, he sneaks down to listen in the shadows. He squats in a shadowy nook beside a bookshelf and listens. As he watches the small group of townspeople situated around a table, he can see and hear them arguing bitterly in the glow of the candles in the chandelier above them. He can see the children too, sitting amongst them, but as he listens to them closely, he soon realizes that they are not children after all, but in fact, dwarfed people.

This makes more sense to Oskoth, as this village was to be little more than a settler group. Bringing children to a settlement designed to do nothing more than prepare the valley for future colonization in a potentially hostile wilderness was foolhardy, and the king would have known that. The dangers to the mothers and children would have been paramount. No, these are all grown adults here before him. In all likelihood, the king would have sent explorers, good farmers, miners, architects, mages, priests, and other such people to establish Selger. He comes away from his thoughts and turns his attention to the entire group as a whole. What he hears both shocks and terrifies him.

Man 1: "Shhh. Quiet. We don't want the human to hear us. And speaking of that, let's turn our attention to the pathetic human creatures in our midst. The portal topic can wait until later."

Man 2: "Yes, how should we get rid of them? Should we kill them in their sleep or poison them or what?"

Woman 1: "I say we should ask Asher Ah Ehsran. He'll know what to do with them. He always has the answers."

Oskoth thinks to himself who this Asher Ah Ehsran might be. Having no idea, he quickly goes back to listening.

Woman 1: "?but we need to get in contact with him quickly, before they suspect us of anything. Any suggestions, fellow shifters?"

Oskoth gets confused. "Shifters? But they are creatures of myth. I thought they didn't exist. Demonic creatures that can infect a human and use their body like a host, speaking through it. Hmmm. If I recall correctly, they don?t possess the ability to absorb the host?s knowledge, which in our case is a good thing." He goes back to listening.

Dwarf 1: "Well, overland travel by our beasts would be fast, but not fast enough. I suggest that we use the portal and send someone through to the representatives at the temple. That's as direct a communication as we are getting to find."

Man 1: "That sounds like a good idea. It would be quick and effective and the portal will be up until that Garoth or Goarth or whatever he is called comes through. That said, whom should we send through? One of us?"

This statement stops Oskoth dead in his train of thought. He had left the bunker, with Daniel trailing him secretly before anything major had happened, and thus missed whatever must have happened with Garath. He begins thinking to himself again. "So, Garath is a traitor. It will be interesting to see what will become of him. I wonder what other events I have missed in my absence from the group...? Oskoth goes back to listening to them.

Woman 2: ", no. What if one of us was to meet with trouble at the ruined temple? We were placed here specifically to take over the bodies of the townspeople and use them to our advantage. We can't afford to lose any of them."

Dwarf 2: "Then I suggest we send through one of our guards. They are all trustworthy and yet expendable at the same time should something go wrong. All they do is watch the perimeter at night and they can easily be replaced. However, if any should go, I think the one at that vault in the headquarters building should. All that's in there is a bunch of official papers and maps and odds and ends that the sleazy humans left behind from the explorations of this soon to be demonic valley. He is doing a pointless job there."

Oskoth notes where the vault is located and continues listening.

Man 3: "Good point. He is a likely candidate for our message. We'll send for him in a minute or two. Now, as for the portal again..."

Man 1: "Yes, the portal. We had left off with what the plans were."

Man 4: "Right. The representative courier told me that that Garth person or whoever he is, was to come through the portal with a mage he had captured here to Selger. From there, they will head back to the demon cave so that the mage can help Asher Ah Ehsran activate the stone, whether it be by force or willingly. The two of them and a whole army of demons are camped outside of the temple at the moment because the representatives don't trust this Garth and won't let him enter the ruined temple. They refuse to let him in. I wouldn't either because he is a human."

Dwarf 3: "A human?! Why in the netherworld would the lord trust him?"

Woman 1: "I was told that he sold his soul to him or something like that. Asher Ah Ehsran has some sort of hold over him."

Man 2: "Well, I bet they found that amusing in the Bunker..."

Dwarf 1: "The Bunker?"

Woman 2: "Yeah. The courier said that Grath was amongst the adventurer party when they entered the valley. He went with them to the bunker after the Selger general, uh... That weird military man set up those traps to lure them there. Him and that priest that got away from us in the courier group."

Woman 1: "Yes, he'll be caught soon enough. Him and that other survivor that got away from our sentries at the ruined temple. We'll get all those weak humans soon!"

Man 2: "Yes, and about that tunnel... We used one of the humans to show us where one of the escape shafts was. Then we threw his screaming body into the river and watched the fool drown. Then our army snuck up right under and around them and attacked them after Grith or whatever exposed his true self and our representatives teleported him away from the bunker."

Dwarf 2: "So it still remains... What should we do about the humans in our midst until we send a messenger?"

Man 1: "Well, the smartest thing to do now is act innocent and like we are glad to see them. They will suspect nothing and will be our slaves in no time. Now, which one of us will go get the guard and bring him here?"

Dwarf 1: "I will go. In the meantime, you better check on the portal's stability."

Man 3: "Alright. Let's move fellow shifters."

The group breaks up and Oskoth starts to sneak back upstairs. Without warning though, one of the steps creaks under him and the shifters all stop dead in their tracks.

Woman 1: "What was that?!"

Man 2: "I don't know. Sounded like it came from inside the tavern."

Dwarf 1: "Oh, sorry about that. This one floorboard is loose here. I must have stepped on it. See, it creaks loudly."

Woman 1: "Phew! You had me worried there for a minute."

Dwarf 1: "Give me a few minutes to prepare. I need a drink first before I go out. I'm dead thirsty. Anymore of that distilled blood left from the humans that resisted?"

Man 3: "I think so. Ah. Here is some. It's nice and warm."

Dwarf: "Oooooh. It's still good."

Oskoth sneaks back upstairs after this and tells Daniel, Terril, and the others. They talk it over for a few minutes and Oskoth volunteers to go out and follow the dwarf to the vault. He sneaks downstairs again and sees the dwarf just stepping out the front door. Oskoth stealthily makes his way out the back door unseen.

OOC: If I got anything wrong, let me know and I will adjust it. And FZ, I wasn't trying to make fun of your character. These people just never met him and just can't remember the name right.

(Looks around in the Study)
Colonel Mustard: "Just checking."
Mrs. Peacock: "Everything all right?"
Colonel Mustard: "Yep. Two corpses. Everything's fine."

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OOC: Looks good MSW. I think everything's there. No IC at the mo. Waiting 'til morning.

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In conclusion, quack, moooo and phenonemenonmenonnon... Oh Poo. Try it!
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OOC: You handled that well, Alorael. More so, I'll be off for about a week, so could someone control Shirr-Uth for a while?

IC: "I have been fooled. He can make me see anything he wants!" Shirr-Uth cried while they were running towards Selger. "Don't worry. As long as he can't control your thoughts, we can still use that connection for our advantage. Somehow" Akhtar shouted back. "I wouldn't be so optimistic. By the way, is that beast still following us? I don't think that it would be a good idea to lead it to Selger" Hispar replied. "Nope. It got what it wanted. Now Asher Ah Ehsran knows exactly where we are" Shirr-Uth answered. "If it's not following us, then why are we running?" Akhtar asked. "Because there could be others in Selger" Hispar said. "And the faster we get there the better. And that smoke looked suspicious." "Neverthless I need rest. And in my case, sleeping is not an option" Shirr-Uth sighed...

OOC: And this post has no purpose at all...

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OOC: *Rolls out of bed after hauling stone for 8 hours* Uuhg... need... starbucks... Can't think of... way to get... character... across ... river...

I'll post later today, after I've used a couple bottles of ben-gay and bought out the entire inventory of the coffee shop around the corner

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*glee* Someone liked my idea ! Wheee !... I'm done now.

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They quickly rushed through what was left after the fire, spotting bear traps here and there, carbonated corpse and dead trunks but keeping their eyes on Selger.

I hope Anees don't get ill running. The air is full of dust.

They crossed a few streams then, seeing the width of the next one looked around. It seemed all demons had retreated, from their position at the banks, the paysage was a fine example of desolation and the smell of burned wood and sulfur just added to the sensation of oppression Akhtar was feeling.

"Here! the bridge." said Hispar in a high pitched voice. Akhtar looked at him.

They must not be used to running. Shirr-Uth stumbles more and more

They quickly passed the bridge and still heading to Selger they noticed they were on the wrong side on the river and were creating havoc in the farmland.

No one was speaking, just racing until nearly falling into the river.

"What now?" asked Akhtar. Shirr-Uth was already sitting, and Hispar was catching his breath.

"The voices, there are demons and humans in town. " said Hispar looking at the partially destroyed town.

hein? does it change anything?

Not knowing what to do Akhtar started examinning his surrounding and noticed two small recess, placed almost symetrically on both sides of the river. He went to see what it was and was followed by the others from a distance.

it isn't natural, it is even reinforced with stone. Boats? Maybe the bridges weren't enough to bring back the grains. But I don't know how to use one. "It is simple do not capsize." weird, when did I heard this? I suppose it is true though.

OOC : The boat could be something between a felucca and a gondola.

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Right, I've waited two days for somebody to continue the temple storyline and I'm bored. I'll post my original post again. If you're one of the other characters at the temple, your characters will be controlled to a degree, but I wouldn't say excessively so. Here goes:

A demon reached Garath within 30 seconds. Panting excitedly, it hopped from foot to foot nervously "Master, the old man, the mage, he's escaped! What are we to do?"

"Calm down. He's not got the strength to go far. Alert the patrols ahead, tell them to cover the routes through the fire too, since he's a pyromage. They're to block the roads. Meanwhile, send out search parties comprised of-"

The doors to the temple burst open, hitting the walls beside them with an earsplitting crunch. Kenthred calmly strides in, carrying the severed heads of two demons. "Your guards are terrible. Really shoddy ectoplasm. You ought to complain to whoever you take your orders from."

"What are you doing here?" Garath reaches for a weapon.

"Well, aside from quality assurance, I sort I'd see whether you've got any job offers."

"You want to join us?"

"Sure. I'm not very keen on dying. You lot can't be any more incompetent than my current employers, so maybe I'll live a little longer."

Garath looks incredulous. "That's all you want? Isn't it more traditional to want immortality in battle, or the love of a beautiful woman, or a life three times as long as it might be otherwise? Is this a joke or do you really not understand evil?"

"Don't patronise me, grasshopper. I was raping and pillaging years before you were born. I've seen more men die than you've had hot dinners. Looking at you, that doesn't seem as impressive a boast as it normally is, but I think you get the gist.

"Of course I understand evil. If I had three times my allotted lifespan, I still wouldn't get through all the nightmares I'm due. But I also understand it's limitations. Maniacal laughter and megalomaniac plots are all very well, but being desensitised to violence is always going to be more effective."

Garath chuckles slightly. "All very impressive, but that sounds a little far-fetched for a low-level grunt like yourself."

"Mercenary, kid. Since I was fourteen. And three years as a murderer before that. I didn't get paid unless I actually went into the shield wall. Even then, I've had to use skulls as IOUs in the past."

"What? Are all your anecdotes so laughably false?"

"It happened, I swear. Battle of Capracchet. In the campaign against False Maxemnos. We were in the centre at the end of the first day in a temple. Dedicated to Sorov, I think. We'd taken it as the sun set and we were about half a mile in front of the rest of our forces.

"Casualties had been high and we were auctioning their personal effects amongst ourselves. Old mercenary custom. Weapons get doled out to those who need them, but all the rest you have to bid for. Trouble was, our cash was back in the baggage train. We couldn't go there, in case they retook the temple.

"It'd been desecrated. Virtually everything had been destroyed. Except the ossarium. They hadn't really bothered with that. So we used those in lieu of currency. With stories like these, I almost wish I had grandchildren."

Garath smiles thinly. "And the upshot of all this is what? My prisoner has escaped, you're telling me shaggy dog stories and I'm still no more certain I can trust-"

Sadith's aim was good. The potion sailed in through a broken window and bounced off a mung demon's head before shattering into a million pieces.

Black flames billowed up, burning with an otherworldly violence. Kenthred seized Garath. "Let's go. There's no way you can stop this."

The pair sprinted out of the building, with the demons on their heels. The slower members fell back into the black flames. They literally disintegrated, screaming in freakishly high voices.

Last to leave the temple was the demon carrying the stone of Thunder. It almost outpaced the flames, but not quite. As it leapt for the doors, it caught up with it. Its last act was to fling the stone out through the doors.

An act which did not go unnoticed by Vor, Eferas, Ray and Alex, crouched behind a nearby gorse bush. Vor sprinted towards it and fell on it, clutching it tightly to his chest.

He looked up to see Garath pointing a very small, very nasty looking crossbow between his eyes. "The scribe? How nice to meet you at last. And my scryers tell me you have information for me. You are indeed a valuable catch."

As the other three watched with horrified expressions, they missed the demons grabbing them from behind.

"Don't think I didn't notice you. You think you escaped on your own iniative, Eferas? It was a trap, you may be certain of that. Of course, my knowledge is not absolute. For example, I have no idea which one of you destroyed that rather nice temple. It was a work of art. Perhaps if one of you could explain how it was accomplished, I might spare his life."

Nobody saw Kenthred's arm move, but suddenly there was a knife held against Garath's throat. "Mercy is weakness."

That might have been the end of it, had not a crossbow bolt thudded into Garath's shoulder, causing him to fall from Kenthred's grasp. Ignoring the pain, he scooped up Vor and leapt through a waiting portal.

"Chadussid, what were you playing at, you idiot?" roared Kenthred. "I had him!"

"That wasn't me, Kenthred," Chadussid replied, appearing from the rough where you would have sworn there was nothing. "I suggest you duck."

The portal wavered. "After him," cried Ray. "There's not much time!" He, Eferas and Alex crashed through the portal, instants before it destroyed itself. (OOC: Garath has gone to Selger. The portal will have pitched you somewhere outside Selger but relatively nearby.)

"Think we should have gone with them?" asked Chadussid.

"Nah. We'd have been mad to. Could have been vapourised. We'll follow on later. First, we have to find somebody your lot really should call next time you need a demolitions expert."

Your move everybody.

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OOC: We seem to be having a time discrepancy here in the RP, so Arancaytar has suggested that we make the time for all the characters the same. Therefore, YUC's post occurred in the early morning around the same time as mine. Therefore, it is still dark. Which also makes YUC's scene rather interesting. If everything was lit up by torches that is. Which is very possible. So now, the RP will continue in the early morning with my post. FBM and Tommy, I want you two to post again soon after mine so I am not doing all the action. Same with you Zephyr. You are in Selger in the Tavern inn with them. Sorry for the length, but I want to bring Styx Obsessed Slith?s character back and give him another chance at being in the RP.

IC: Oskoth creeps to the corner of the building and carefully looks around the edge. He only sees the dwarf walking off towards the river, so he carefully follows him from a distance. As he reaches the safety of the shadows of a building, the Dwarf looks back, sensing someone or something is following him. Seeing nothing after standing for a minute or two looking, it turns towards a large, and intact building in front of the river. As he leans forward to look from a better angle, someone puts a hand over his mouth and a dagger at his throat and drags him in through the open door behind him.

A whispering voice speaks to him. One he cannot recognize. The voice is quivering and frightened, but at the same time stern and serious.

"For your own sake, Oskoth, you better not scream or make any noise. One move and you are dead my friend. I don't know if you and the others that came into the village are still human, but I know damn well that those townspeople are not. I have been here for days. Ever since I went ahead on the trail and somehow lost Garath along the way, I have been running from demons and have been trying to avoid these weird townspeople. Now, if I back off, do you promise not to scream or give us away? Because believe me, I can end your life in a millisecond."

Oskoth nods, and the figure releases him and shuts the door. Oskoth turns to the figure, but is unable to see who it is in the darkness. He casts a glow spell on his hands and hears the figure immediately cock something. Oskoth backs up and raises his hands in surrender. He can see in the green glow that the figure is a young man aiming a crossbow at him.

"Please don't fire, I am not going to try anything. I just wanted to see you and give us a safe amount of light. Wh-who are you? And why are you here?"

"Oh, sorry. Precautions you know. I am Glen. Glen Byrel. I came with your adventurer party. We were separated early, so we really do not know each other. Trust me when I say that I am not possessed, but I cannot be sure that you aren't. Unless you can prove to me otherwise, I am not going to put this down."

"Well, if I was, I would have immediately raised an alarm or attacked you here in this dark room. I promise you though, I am not possessed by one of those Shifters."

"Shifters, heh, I thought so. I had my suspicions that Shifters were possessing those people, but I couldn't be sure. Well, that means that it is almost impossible to save them now that they have been infested. And that reminds me. What are you doing following that dwarf through the darkness? You are lucky that he didn't see you."

"I eavesdropped on a group conversation and learned that they are going to send a message to the temple."

"A message? Pertaining to what may I ask, Oskoth?"

"They want to ask their leader about what they should do with the humans staying at the tavern inn. So they decided to send the message with a guard."

"And I suppose this guard would be the one that has been watching over the vault?"

"Yes. They figured that he was expendable and his charge wasn't worth guarding. So I got the news to the others in the tavern and volunteered to go check out the vault."

"Great timing. I was hoping to have a look at it myself as well. I heard them talking about it one day as I lay hiding in a crawlspace under this building. I am curious to discover what the settlers have locked in it. Maybe gold and treasure."

"Same here. I too want to see what lies within, but more or less to find weapons and supplies. And maybe some answers... But what's that!! I hear footsteps approaching! Quick, where's that crawlspace?!!"

Glen directs him to a hole in the floor in a dark corner and he quickly enters it, with Glen directly behind him. They crawl along the ground away from the hole and then lie still. A few seconds later they hear the door open, and steps above them. Oskoth hides his glowing hands in the soft earth and listens intently.

Dwarf: "Now I could have sworn that I saw a faint glow in the window. Hmmmph. Must be my tired eyes again. That blood must have human alcohol in it. Ugh!! Nasty stuff. I don't see how they can drink it. Come on guard, the tavern is this way."

The dwarf leaves the building and shuts the door. Glen and Oskoth wait a few minutes and then make their way back out the hole. Going to a window and looking around, Glen can see the tavern off in the distance and the dwarf and guard in a window conversing with the others.

"Is the coast clear?"

"Yes. Now's our chance. Just hide you hands in your pockets until we get inside the mayor's office. Let's go."

They both creep out of the building and down to the mayor's headquarters. When they get inside, they shut the door and lock it. Glen goes to the windows and closes the shutters so they have privacy.

"Ok. You can take your hands out, we are safe."

"Rats, the spell wore off. I'll have to cast it again."

Oskoth recasts the spell and when his hands start glowing again, they can see their surroundings with clarity. The room is torn apart and papers and maps are scattered everywhere. Tables, desks, and chairs lie in pieces or overturned. As they search the room for the vault door, they literally stumble over it. They find a large metal door situated in the floor in a corner with a strange lock on it.

"Damn!! It has a magical lock on it! Now what do we do?! I am unable to crack these"

"Hold on, I need to think of how the Unlock spell went again. I haven't cast it in years."

"You are a mage, Oskoth?"

"Well, retired wizard actually. I got someone killed and was jailed for it. I vowed to never use my magic again unless the situation called for it. So, I just need to remember my skills again to use them. Hmmmm. Aha! I remember now."

He chants a few words and his hands glow a crimson color. He places them on the hatch and a loud CLINK is heard as the hatch unlocks itself.

"There, its unlocked. Would you like the honors of opening it?"

"I'd love that. Well, here goes nothing."

Glen stands beside it, turns the handle, and pulls up on it to open the door while Oskoth stands in front of it. In the next instant, a crossbow bolt hits Oskoth almost square in the chest, another hits him in the left shoulder, and a third strikes him in the right thigh. From sheer horror and shock, he collapses on the floor in front of the open vault and passes out. Glen grasps what has happened within a few moments and hides behind an overturned table.

As the crimson glow from Oskoth's hands lights the grim scene, some haggard looking people crawl out of the vault and survey the room and Oskoth's unconscious body. Glen's crossbow is on the other side of the room and his only means of defense now is his supply of throwing knives. As he looks on from around the edge of the table, he quickly realizes that these people are more survivors that had probably been hiding in the vault amongst the stored rations and water, where they could survive for a while.

More than likely, they were half, if not completely insane by now. Probably out of sheer terror, they had lashed out in their insanity at Oskoth. Glen decides that he is temporarily safe behind the table, so he sits back and watches the unfolding scene, unsure of what to do.

Meanwhile, Garath and the representatives step out of the portal in a building in the center of town, completely unaware of the others in the tavern and them unaware of him.

The adventurers come out of a separate portal tear off the main one in the middle of a field just west of the village try to get their bearings as to where they are.

(Looks around in the Study)
Colonel Mustard: "Just checking."
Mrs. Peacock: "Everything all right?"
Colonel Mustard: "Yep. Two corpses. Everything's fine."

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Both men whirled around, Chadussid's crossbow leveled at Sadith's chest before he could blink.

"It worked."

Chadussid snorted.

"We noticed," Kenthred replied. "Nice aim, by the way."

"Mining's not so gods-damned boring when you know how to have fun. Where did that portal lead? Don't tell me-"


"Damnit! Why didn't you follow?"

"Because I-"

Chadussid threw himself at Kenthred. "Duck!" A bolt sailed overhead, exploding against a tree; Sadith jumped just in time to avoid the chards of glass.

"Kenthred, Sadith, run! Gods damn that man..."

Kenthred jumped to his feet and grabbed Sadith. "Where?"

"To Selger," Sadith replied, drawing his sword. The map-making materials had already been lost. "If they're alive," he said, trying to figure out where Chadussid had gone, "they'll need our help. If not, there's not much else we can do, is there? If... if they found them..."

"Why?" Kenthred yelled into the wind, stumbling as he ran. "What's in Selger?"

Sadith shot Kenthred a look, slowing briefly. The soldier's heart jumped; what could the demons have done to him?

"Just hope that you never find out," Sadith yelled back, remembering the shadow and the lightless man. He shut his mouth as they reentered the forest, heading once again for Selger.

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Hispalgia: "I think we should just try to kill them all now. If we move fast enough, we may be able to kill most of them before they know what's going on."

Terril: "Too risky, there isn't enough of us to do it. Besides, the townspeople are possessed, not evil. We need to find a way to drive the Shifters out."

"Problem is that we need some powerful magic for that and none of us can do the slightest thing."

Daniel: "Let's find Oskoth... he's been gone too long."

Walking downstairs, the adventurers found that Brant was already up and at the bar, talking with some men. He... no, it is up early. It went to bed after us. Perhaps they don't need sleep.

Noticing the adventurers walking in, Brant stopped talking with the other men, "ah, my friends! How are you this morning? Rested? I'll start cooking some breakfast soon."

Rey: "Yeah, we're all rested, breakfast you say?"

Brant: "While, for safety's sake, we don't farm outside the town barricade, we have extensive reserves. And we managed to take some of the livestock with us when we fled. Toasted bread and eggs sound good?"

Loki (the second of the two NPCs): "Sounds great. By the way, have you seen Oskoth?"


Brant looked nervous, "erm, no. Where did he go? If you want, we'll go look for him..."

Rey: "No, no. Don't worry. He was just feeling a little queasy and went for a walk. He'll probably be back soon. We'll go find him and be back in time for breakfast."

Brant: "Well... if you're sure..."

Terril: "Yeah, we'll go find him. Be back soon.

The adventurers filed out into the dawn air and started to walk down the street to find Oskoth.

Loki: "Do you think they suspected something?"

Damn fool. We'd better hope that one of the magi who knows something about this sort of thing turns up. Otherwise... well this isn't going to be pretty, that's for sure "Well I know one thing for sure. We'd better find Oskoth and get back there soon. And for the sake of the person following us - no don't look round you idiot! He'd better be somewhere that isn't suspicious."

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Garath groaned. The bolt had lodged in bone, and the wound bled incessantly. The barbs dug in to his flesh, and the shaft was near impossible to remove. He feared an infection. Without healing, he feared that he would not last a day.

But the demons would not provide healing. Apparently, the Demon Lord's patience had run out, and he was dragged instead to a bare and windowless room, lit by the glow of fire-hot eyes, and the ruby sphere that hovered in the air.

"I should kill you, Garath."

It was speaking into his head. An image of an immense figure appeared in his mind, of a creature in a land of fire, one claw dipped into a glittering pool. He tried to shut his eyes, but the image only grew brighter.

"You have failed me again."

He saw the burning temple, a beacon in the night. Waves of pain eminated from it, poured over him. His head throbbed.

"And I know you intend to betray me."

Garath froze. He felt as though he could sense the violation, the wrench as the demon reached into his thoughts. How much did he know, he wondered. How far had he gotten.

"But know this. Anything you try is futile. I hold the Stone now. You know this. I am gaining skill with the artifact, and soon I will be able to use it to bring myself fully into this world. I am already invulnerable. You are alive, because I find you so pathetic."

Garath allowed himself a little relief. He opened his mouth.

"I care nothing for your whining. You will not approach the cave of my great gate without my permission. I give you a task, so that you may redeem itself for my great coming. So that I may offer you the reward of a swift and comparatively painless death, for your incompetence."

"What is my task?"

"Your task is to prepare a grand sacrifice, for my coming. Destroy the town of Selgar. Destroy it down to the last man, woman and child. Prepare a shrine to me with their blood. I have done most of the task already."

The image faded, and Garath stood. A hordling crawled over, offering a spell of healing, charged by the blood of a victim. A first victim, he told himself. A sacrifice, one of many.
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OOC: Alright, because this RP is not as confusing as it was and because I was asked, I'll roleplay my character again. If I mess up somewhere, cut me some slack and correct me.

More than likely, they were half, if not completely insane by now. Probably out of sheer terror, they had lashed out in their insanity at Oskoth. Glen decides that he is temporarily safe behind the table, so he sits back and watches the unfolding scene, unsure of what to do.

The people slowly circled around Oskoth, many wore large grins over the lines of pain and sorrow, that now scared their faces. Every one of them carried some sort of crude homemade weapon, varying from broken-off table legs to rolling pins, a few men (who Glen determined as the only decent warriors of the group) carried small crossbows. They made no noise, all were completely silent, Glen even had to slow his own breathing to keep hidden.

It was all too strange, they just stood there silently, staring at Oskoth, with the same large grins. Glen couldn't put his finger on it, but there was something else strange about these people he hadn't touched on yet. Something about them didn't seem right at all. It became apparent. Glen wondered why he hadn't noticed. Every one of their stares were blank, as if they didn't even notice they were there, as if reality meant nothing anymore. He couldn't tell, for sure, if they were insane, but they definately looked the part.

Then something happened. One of the men slowly reached down and wiped his fingers in Oskoth's slowly forming puddle of blood. He then brought it up close to his face. His eyes grew wider and his grin broadened. Seeming satisfied he showed it to everyone else. "Look... shifter... dead." The unearthly howls and shrieks of, presumed, laughter that followed terrified Glen, he now knew that they were insane. The only good news was that Oskoth was alive and breathing (he could tell by the way his chest rose and fell) and the people were certain he was dead. Glen would have to somehow distract the people away from Oskoth, long enough to drag him to a safe point.

Unfortunately the laughter was a bit too loud. As it died down, slow footsteps were heard outside, gradually becoming louder. Every head turned as the door slowly creaked open.

OOC: Again, please correct any mistakes.

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Jay scouted the riverbank, looking for drifting logs, another bridge, anything to help him get across the river. What he found, to his delight, was a servicable skiff, a flat bottomed boat for bringing small loads across waterways. He felt the mooring line, secured to a small stone anchor up on shore. There were two of them, one untied by the shore and one untied when in the boat. The shore line was a double hitch, strong, but as Jay was someone who occasionally enjoyed fishing, it posed no problem. He threw the line into the bottom of the boat, and holding fast to the rim, hopped in.

The boat tipped wildly, throwing him to the deck. His head caught the edge of one of the seats, but luckily for him it was made of wicker, and didn't smash his brain around like a hard wood seat. He rose unsteadily, and prepared to cast off the second line.

OOC: On a completely unrelated note, YAY CANADA DAY *dances* *drinks* *dances and falls down* *drinks more*

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"Get down!"

Rey dived, pushing Daniel out of the way of the volley of bolts that came flying. Everybody dived for cover and... nothing. They could hear frenzied mutterings from inside.

"Were they Shifters?"
"Shifters! Shifters Shifters!"

Puzzled glances from the adventurers were quickly cut short by some-one jumping out of the window just behind where Daniel and Rey took cover behind some barrels. Some-one with Oskoth over his shoulders.

"Glen! What are you doing here?" exclaimed Daniel.

"Don't ask. Oskoth's not looking good. We opened some sort of vault that the demons were keeping prisoners in, presumably as food, and in thanks they shot him. We need to get out of here."

"Probably a good idea," said Terril crawling up to them, "there'll probably be some demons here soon and I don't fancy fighting two fronts at once. Back to the tavern is probably a bad idea," looking around, he set his eyes on a fairly-intact looking building just down one of the nearby streets, "that place looks deserted and defensible, good a place as any."

Nods of assent replied and they all made a dash for the safety of the building. Hearing the growls of demons they ran faster. As the last man leapt inside, Terril slammed the door and put the large wooden bar in place. Turning to look around for something to barricade the door and single window, he finally noticed what the others had actually noticed upon their entry... a man standing at the bottom of some stairs... a man with a gargantuan demon either side of him.

Terril, along with many of the others drew his swords, "You...!"

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