The Abominable Glitch

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AuthorTopic: The Abominable Glitch
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I was at a friends house playing a racing type video game. Nothing unusual except when I crashed into a building I was suddenly up in the sky leaving skid marks in my airborne path.

Have you ever encountered an unusual glitch while using something electronic before?

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Originally written by Excalibur:

Have you never encountered an unusual glitch while using something electronic before?

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My hard drive failed. That was an interesting glitch.

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This reminds me of something I found amusing from a thread a while ago.

Alec: In early 2003, I believe it was, I was playing Fallout. I had just cleansed Antium by holy fire when something popped. Real loud, inside the monitor, and the screen flickered out. Then it came back -- upside down, at half the normal width, in grayscale. A split second later, I caught the most terrifying odor I've ever smelled in my life.

In a small room, illuminated by the hostile glare of a CRT that chose that moment to buy the farm loud, fast, and hard, I smelled roasting ham.

I was out as soon as it took to rip the surge protector out of the wall and run like hell. Days later, the monitor still smelled like ham. I imagine it still does, but have no way to check.

dareva: I am curious, yet horrified, about what caused the ham smell.

Saunders: Alec had been using the monitor to cook his morning bacon by irradiation for years. Unbeknown to him, a slice had fallen down one day into the dark recesses of the casing, and had mutated into a unique life form. As it began to explore its world, it accidentally shorted the power supply, causing havoc to the peripheral operation, and ending its brief existence in a blaze of ham smell.

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I'm glad you reminded me of that thread, as it bears far greater significance now than it did then; for now we can see that saunders has handed us the story of the immaculate conception of our very own bacon boi Arancaytar.

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I've had several games crash on me. One or two of them not only crashed themselves, but also froze up my operating system.

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I was playing BoE on a really old computer once. Then the hard drive blew-up. It was quite frightening.

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I was playing Halo, and something went terribly wrong... the grunts had Elite voices. It was scary.

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I think the old Ikari Warriors 2 NES game was unfinishable due to a bug at the end of level 3.
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In Super Smash Brothers Brawl, on a certain stage while playing as Olimar, if you throw your pikmin at a certain spot, they'll tumble in place forever until you fly off of the screen.

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I've had PS memory cards randomly become completely erased. It was… "amusing".

Ah yes. And I'm a BoA designer. 'Nuff said, I think. :rolleyes:

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Laptop died four, maybe five times on me over its total lifespan, usually taking a huge pile of work for classes or Blades with it. Screechingly funny, and it's being replaced as we speak.

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Last night, while watching TV, my computer suddenly woke up. I thought something had merely bumped the desk, but then it kept waking up at regular intervals. Needless to say, I was rather freaked out.

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Originally written by Emperor Tullegolar:

Sometimes in World of Warcraft... you fall through the ground. There is no Hell under there... just the void. You fall for infinity.
I share the suffering....mostly happens when you Charge at a higher elevation than the chargee..

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I was once playing Shining Force II for Sega Genesis, and I was quite a way into the game. I turned on the system, tried to load my save, and suddenly it played this frightening, jarring music and a message appears saying "Oh no!!! It appears this save has become corrupted!!!" and it deleted the save. Considering my computer error phobia, it was quite unsettling. My heart is racing just thinking about it.

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Pretty much every game has at least one or two interesting glitches or bugs. A couple I rather like on the N64: In 007:Goldeneye if you go into the Goldeneye room in the Bunker and use remote mines to blow up the monitors on the ceiling anything other than a bullet will hang in mid-air where you were standing when you used it - even rockets. In Perfect Dark in one of the warehouses there's a hovercrate. If you carefully push it all the way to the firing range and block the door with it, you can use any weapon on the guy standing outside although he doesn't react. You can also blow out the lights although then you can't see him well. I rather enjoy filling him with arrows, placing a mine on his crotch. etc.

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Battlefield 2142 has many of them, the ever useful building glitch, the random crashes, autoturrets sensing you through walls on the titan (a giant flying battleship thingy), seeing through the walls when you die on the titan, and an interesting one, where if you stand in a certain spot, you fall through the bottom down 100-200 feet. Thank goodness for parachutes.

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Legend of the Forbidden City..killed the Dragon Staff Blocker thingy then went back to kill the S. Virage..the game froze..@_@

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There was this rather interesting glith in Falcon 4.0. When you landed, also when you landed safely, gear out, flaps out, all the stuff needed to make it safe, you exploded. Something with the game not knowing your gear was out... Luckily, it was fixed eventually, but it was frustrating to keep crashing on landing and not knowing why.

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In oe of the many Star Wars games, it included a Lightsaber battle between Luke Skywalker and some Sith. The battle was not pre-scripted however, so how it progressed varied each time you saw it.

One time when I watched that battle however, Luke managed to get his Lightsaber hand cut off, and the game got horribly confused about where his Lightsaber should be attached too now. It ended up projecting out of the middle of his stomach. That didn't end it however, Luke now ended up contorting wildly as his stomach began to move in the same way his right hand normally would.

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I have remained remarkably free of serious and mildly entertaining game errors, however there is one that springs to mind.

Freelancer, TFL Mod 141 runs Realistic Battleship and Battleship Encounters mod. All fine and dandy, however in orbit around New Toyko the A.I gets seriously screwed when it sees the planet and star-port near the trade-lanes. Battleship and all escort swerve madly to avoid them, lose flight control, A.I does something like divide by zero then crashes, every nearby ship goes crazy and starts shooting each-other while the Battleship rams New Tyoko which because of other experimental scripts begins to spin wildly. Meanwhile me and a few other players are parked at the top of the star-port landing spire, placing bets as to were and when the next battleship will hit.

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Originally written by Nemesis.:

Ah yes. And I'm a BoA designer. 'Nuff said, I think. :rolleyes:
Dude, that was totally my joke.

I always run into a bug in A4 just before Fort Draco, which makes the game completely unplayable. I like to call it the plot.

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Give it time, eventually Avernum 4 will grow on you...

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And then you'll need a strigil.

Unfortunately, my errors are usually unamusing.

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