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AuthorTopic: Collections
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Someone collect something as hobby?

Personally, I collect keyes and locks. This is my collection, just to show it.


(Click to enlarge)

PS: This is my last topic. :P

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I collect coins, interesting glass jars, novelty mugs, and metal trash.

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I collect my wits frequently.

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I collect maps of all kinds. I have about 500 different maps.

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I collect trivia. I will swap for wits if they are trivial enough.

Oh, and souls. (easy to forget)

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I collect historical and scientifical facts. Not trivia, stuff that could actually do stuff. Like knowledge about the Little Ice Age, and how the world could get significantly colder.

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I once collected stamps, napkins and even miniature models of ships (I still have all those collections...), but not anymore.

Nowadays I collect paper, but more out of an aversion to throwing it away. And I collect tons upon tons of data - as long as the diskspace is enough, I will store every email, every text document, every picture, every piece of music that has ever been on my computer. I've even kept a keylog archive for three years...

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I collect plastic dinosaur models. I think I have almost 300.

Dikiyoba also collects interesting rocks, bones, feathers, more rocks, etc. that Dikiyoba finds.
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I used to collect stamps... Heck, I collected everything I set eyes on when I was 8. Also Winebottlecorks, shells, model airplanes (which i put together myself) and you could go on like that for some time. Half of this stuff probably lies on some heap of garbage on a landfill.

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I collect e-mails. I save nearly everything I get (I usually delete college e-mails on sight =D). I can never bear to delete e-mails from my friends, because, well, I have so few friends. XD It makes me feel cool to have e-mails from my friends in my inbox.

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I collect soda cans and bottles - not all kinds, but either foreign cans and bottles or domestic ones that have changed recently, like when Diet Sprite changed to Sprite Zero.

Not very interesting, but if I end up traveling a lot, it may become interesting eventually.

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I collect deer bones and rocks. There are a lot of deer in my best friend's backyard and when we go for walks we find the bones.

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I collect things that cost money. TVs, computers etc, then I sell them at discount prices. :cool:

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I collect pencils and stuff, but nothing too amazing.

EDIT: Oh, whoops, I used my brother's account. :eek: :o

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... See above post ... ^^

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I collect blown glass, and stuffed animals.

I have something in the range of 500 stuffed animals, and about 30 pieces of blown glass.


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I collect money.

Sadly, I fail miserably at it.

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I collect baseball cards, pictures of baseball players, and other miscellaneus(sp?) stuff. My favorite baseball player is Nolan Ryan. I have over 300 cards of him, 6 of which are signed. I even have 2 autographed pictures of him too. :cool:

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Recently I've started collecting texts about the Almighty Turkey Gods, and also my the Nine Headed Bull, bless His and Her Hearts. Oh and artifacts of Richard Pink and John Vogel. (No offense to any of the respective deites)

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I used to collect bottle caps to see how many I could get. I stopped that when I got to 2000. Then I started seeing how many different types I could collect. I stopped that when it prompted me to drink as many different kinds of beer as possible and meant that I was actually drinking the expensive stuff. Now all I collect are dints in my car.
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I collect PC games. Does that count?

I also collect drum sticks and Spawn action figures.

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I collect saunders and trolls

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I collect toes. So far I have about ten of them. We'll see if any more turn up.

Besides that, I contributed ardently to the Pokémon craze back in the day. I still only need a Basic Set Raichu and Hitmonlee to have the complete collection.

I also collect dust.

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I used to collect stamps, coins, and books. Now it seems to be games, DVDs, irritated responses to postings.
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This thread collects posts.

By Diki:
Dikiyoba collects plastic dinosaur models. Dikiyoba thinks Dikiyoba has almost 300.

By Aran:
I've even kept a keylog archive for three years...
(Compares sizes of hard drives, then whimpers.)

I, on the other hand, collect lists containing witty quotes. The Evil Overlord list isn't going to last forever, you know.
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