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AuthorTopic: An RP in the World of Avernum *Reloaded*
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Ooc: By gar, it's been a while. Apologies, all.

New Cotra

A sharp knock broke the silence of Samuels room. The door opened immediately, and Morgain walked in.

"We sustained casualties sir, but we got her. She's being taken to New Formello."

"Good, I'll be there shortly."

Morgain lingered a second longer, pausing to consider whether she should ask why Samuels had wanted to kidnap her. Common sense caught the better of her though, and she left.

Samuels stroked his chin.

Jones should be back from Ghikra soon...


A few hours later, Jones, accompained by his men and three tomes rolled into New Cotra. Immediately the troops were marched back to the gates of town, where they prepared to march down to Fort Emergence. Jones himself took the books to the Old Bunker, where they would hopefully by translated.

Samuels caught up with him just as he was preparing to leave town again, and asked who it had gone.

After a brief report, and a little shouting, Jones was dismissed. Samuels fumed.

The surface-rat better have something useful to tell us.


Caves North of New Formello

In the caves to the north of the settlement of New Formello, Samuels had converted an abandoned mining town into an interrogation centre. Alexandria had been bought here the night before, and she was now preparing to be questioned by Samuels.

She was forced into a room, and strapped to a chair. Two magi appeared to the side of her, energy potions at their belts. The door to the right opened. Samuels entered.

"Why, hello," he smirked. "And what does the little rat have to tell us? Who do you work for?"


Fort Emergence Bridge

The bridge north of Fort Emergence was now heavily fortified. Wooden Palisade walls had been thrown up, and several small buildings erected. About 3,000 troops now manned the area, and a further 50 or so were hiding in caves to the south.

The Avernites were preparing for a war that would hopefully never come.


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Talyn entered the cave trembling, staring hard at the hole in the boot around his left toe. He'd weathered the wrath of Anthros before, but it wasn't a particularly encouraging prospect, nonetheless. Finally he stood before the dragon and cleared his throat.

"Talyn, look at me."

The man did so, all the while wishing he believed in gods again - one's self is difficult to pray to when it is literally shaking in its shoes.

He looked into the eyes of the dragon - and saw almost perfect serenity. Startled, he jumped.

"Talyn, there will always be times to fear me. This is not one of them. What did we lose in Mertis?"

"Uh... you, um... we lost - well, not really, but - um..."

The dragon clicked his claws together impatiently.

"...well, mostly goods, I suppose. Many Anthronites were in the Lair at the time - some sort of celebration - and the rest figured out or were told what was going on quickly enough to avoid the stampede. By the time the undead had taken the city, everyone of importance was out. Well, except Gabriel, who refused to leave his mother to the undead."

"Ah... Gabriel. Well, that's not so bad then, is it?"

Talyn was grinning idiotically. "No, sir."

"No, sir. Right. So what do we plan to do about it?"

The smile faded. "What can we do, sir? We can't risk the mages, and -"

"No, certainly not."

"-and I think the men are still too shaken to do anything of worth."

A tendril of smoke drifted from the dragon's nostrils.

"Perhaps if we contacted the slith-"

"No. This is not their battle. Restrict yourself to the Athronites."

"Then what can we do? There were thousands, sir, coming from all directions, and-"

"I know," Anthros said quietly. "I watched it."

"Then what are we to do?"

Anthros fell silent. Talyn waited, patiently, as he knew was expected of him, but he found it hard to think himself - he'd been in Mertis, evacuating good and people as quietly as possible, and still remembered the stench that pervaded the Mertis cave area. Hordes and hordes of undead flesh, unstopping, unthinking, un-

"I have been watching the surface," Anthros said suddenly, cutting into his thoughts. "There is a cult, I believe Ella told you of it, called the Order of Krell. It is a brotherhood of earth-worshippers, but somehow they have developed a method of destroying the force that maintains the undead. I will send an envoy mainly of the slithzerikai and the nephilim to the surface; perhaps they will take pity and send a priest or two."

Talyn frowned. "Krell? But won't that take days? Weeks?"

"In the meantime, you will spy on the Mertis area and attempt to discover the source of this infestation."


"Not you, personally. You are too valuable. Send a nephil. Send Rehar, and allow him to take assistance, if he needs it, but as little as possible."

"And if Krell refuses?"

"Rehar will make our path clear."

Talyn nodded nervously. His master knew more of the art of scrying than perhaps any other creature below Ermarian; if he wanted to see something, he'd take a look himself. To be forced to send a scout... whatever was behind this infestation was powerful, and it wasn't about to show itself.

"And while we are waiting, Talyn, you can organize a few more envoys. I will dictate the letters now." Talyn automatically want to the dragon's desk, a ridiculous twig of a thing compared to the rest of the cave, and found a passable piece of parchment. "One to Krell," the dragon continued, "one to this pretentious King of Avernum, another to Fort Dolthar, and - yes, prepare one for the Vahnatai. If those parasites insist on reentering the caves, they can damn well do their part in defending them."

Talyn smiled. Anthros' contempt of Vahnatai isolation was legendary to those who knew him, but it just might help Mertis. Suddenly, a thought struck him.

"Sir, where will Mertis' living residents go? The cave is teeming with Athronites, and there are still some outside of the Ascendancy living in the Honeycomb. It's not safe for us or for them."

"Fool! What better time to bring them in than now? Let there be no one outside of the Ascendancy in the Honeycomb. And send them..." The dragon's eyes lit up. "Has that dead end been cleared yet? Establish a camp there. Teach them to fight, and make sure they can defend themselves if necessary." A puff of smoke escaped his mouth. "If Krell refuses, we'll take Mertis back ourselves. Do you have a quill?"

The dragon began dictating without waiting for an answer.

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Krahn stopped from attempting to translate Khoth's scrolls - three liches and ten vampires were working on it, and none had the decency to study dragons in their lives - when he felt a sudden sharp pulse in his mind. It was gone as soon as it came but it confused him, he had never felt the like before.

Concentrating his attention on trying to detect something that would lead him to where it was, he felt it again. This time there was a faint vision, it left as soon as the pulse did and faded quickly, but he could remember two things. Undead milling around a small town and a face.

He was sure he had never seen that face before, but it radiated confidence and power. Directing Mrundh to take over the translation, he focused his thoughts in the direction the pulses came from. He searched for a mind powerful enough to have sent him the vision.

There. Far to the southeast, farther than the scrying was coming from, there it was. It was almost like a beacon, it was so strong.

What are you?

A potential ally. You will see more of me in the future. Just remember the name Ohvol.


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Irnai's assistant nursed his bleeding fingers as he played a dangerous game of wits with a particulary ferocious Messager Bird.

The bird moved and he leaped- with a desperate grab he managed to remove the message from it's holder.

Wincing as he walked into the room where Irnai was writing letters.
"Mistress, we have message and from the seal it's from no-one we have contacted before."

"Hand it over now," Irnai took the proffered letter and read it.

"By the way, what happened to your hand?"

"The bird attacked."

"Then you better put something on it, you're dripping blood everywhere," Irnai then put the letter down "But I do have good news, of course it may not sooth your sore fingers but it is indeed very good."

"A group from North Karnold called the Looters wants to make an alliance against the Dominion. This certainly is an inprovement on the last piece of news," she grimaced "The Nipper had to turn back, the hull was damaged."

--Fralsrik's Location--

Fralsrik was utterly miserable, wading through the filthy water and with no way to get the islands he could see. He then shook himself, no, he wouldn't succumb to those feelings- Mernal was counting on him to be successful.

He scanned the horizon and noticed that the ship he had previously seen was now a lot closer. Cursing his inattentiveness he got out of the water and hid behind a rock on the shore, wrapping his cloak around himself.

The ship land and Fralsrik watched as the humans jumped off, with his keen eyesight he saw that they weren't please at all.

"-ing shoal gas-hull"

"Patch up he-go back-the isles"

"Yeah, can't do-se here"

They were going to the islands? the Nephil thought excitedly. Mentally he thanked his stars that luck seemed to be back on his side.

As the crew started patching up the ship (It was temporary fix-they had to head back to get it fully fixed) Fralsrik stealthly climbed up the other side into the ship.
He snucked around ship picking up odds and ends- a blanket here a piece of salt-cured-meat there. The nephil then headed down to the hold, curled up in a dark corner and hoped that he wasn't discovered or that he got sea-sick.

After what seemed ages the ship started moving again.

To Drale, leader of the Looters,

I was most suprised to be contacted by you I must say. But your thoughts on combating the Dominion interested me greatly. Send me your terms and we shall discuss some more.

Mistress Irnai, leader of the Karnold Isles League

PS: Be glad that you are recieving the same bird back. After my assistant had a bloody confrontation with it he threaterned violence against said bird.

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Riner didn't see the nephil that day. Or the next. He wanted it to sweat itself out, to make it nervous.

He went to where the nephil was being held three days after it was captured, bringing the most luscious food he could find - all for himself, of course. He had Jalcom prepare it, and the young soldier was unexpectedly eager. Odd, Riner thought.

Outside the door of the cell, Riner caught a whiff of decay, blood and sweat. Pinching his nose, he went in.

The nephil was in the corner, and didn't look up as Riner walked in. He had to kick it to get its attention.

'Tell me, nephil. What are you doing?'
The nephils voice was very thickly accented, it had a very thin grasp on the English language. 'I come as letter-man,' it said, 'ally. Ally. We want ally to Solaria group. Don't take no. Ally. Ally.'
'And how do I know you are telling the truth?' Riner already knew - it had come bearing a message - which Riner had not bothered to read yet.
'Ally. We want ally. Believe us because we have proof. Read letter. Letter. Ally.'
Abruptly, the nephil went to sleep.

Riner ate the food that he wanted to be prepared as he read the letter.

"Solaria group," it read,

"we wannt yu tu ally us. we r nic. we from soulzer mowntins. pleeze. we neede helpe. danger from everywhere.

soulzer nephils."

All Riner could think was "Hahahahahaha".

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The messenger departed as soon as the emissary from Kaz arrived. He rode long, hard, and fast, around the edges of the Ndovlu mountains and towards the Jsoulza mountains. The western journey was hard on him and his horse, and they stopped to make camp about halfway to the mountains and dead tired. They reached the edge of the mountains the next night, but they did not stop.

Stealthily and yet not sneakily, he rode through the mountains until he reached the main camp of the Bordrao bandits. He calmly walked to the tent of the leader under the cautious eye of the other Nephilim. With no weapon drawn, he announced himself as a messenger from the Righteous Return. He personally delivered his message to Hmethrrr.

Dear Hmethrrr,

There has been a change of plans. You must marshall the other nephilim of the mountains and stop them from attacking the devotees to Kaz, Lord of War. Instead, they can focus their efforts in two directions. Moving north, through the lands of the Order of Kaz and attacking the Solaria Group. I would imagine that your group would prefer this course of action.

If you so choose, allow some Nephilim to remain and marshall the Nephilim still here to attack the goblins that plague the continent. Either way, Nephilim, the Order of Kaz, and the Righteous Return will work together to ensure the safety and security of our interests on Pralgad. My messenger, Imperial Dervish Attan, will remain with the group that stays to fight the goblins. The choice is up to you.

Together in peace,
Dervish-Emperor Tarkun

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Jsoulza Mountains-large Nephilim tribe camp

Hmethrrr and the Twin Guard were escorted into a nearby camp, where negotiations began and went well. Before too long, though, a messenger arrived and handed Hmethrrr a message.

After Hmethrrr finished reading the message, he stared up at the messenger.

"So, there are goblins not too far from here. expect me to attack them when they, too, have known the suffering your kind has brought upon us?" Hmethrrr spat at him.

The messanger began looking nervous. Hmethrrr stood up to his full height and walked over to the messenger. He began speaking.

"Tell your 'emperor' that we will NOT attack the goblins unless he can prove they wish us ill. And if they are who I think they are, then the so-called empire will have some grave trouble, indeed. There is ONE other condition, though. If your 'emperor' can undo a supposedly permanent binding between an ice and fire spirit from two Nephils' souls, then he'll have my attention. Until then..." Hmethrrr made a gesture, and the Twin guard escorted him out of the tent. Hmethrrr turned to a Jsoulza mountain tribe chieftan.

"So we have a deal?" he said. The chieftan returned with a nod and a grin. Hmethrrr took a crystal from his robes and whispered into it, and promptly hid it in his robes once more.


The Bordrao

Mhthrrr pulled a vibrating crystal from his pocket. He gazed at it as runes appeared. He read them:

Send-Ndovlu. Goblins-potential allies.

The crystal turned dark. Mhthrrr began speaking to a Crew-Nephil.

"Have the birdy ready to be sent to the Ndovlu mountains. I'll write the message myself. Be prepared to sound the horn at any moment. We are going to have quite the glorious battle before too long," he said. Mhthrrr dismissed the Crew-Nephil.

Mhthrrr placed the crystal on a nearby empty pedastal. The crystal was swalowed up.

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"We expected this," General Baskil told Dervish-Emperor Tarkun. "And now we do what we've wanted the entire time."


Troops deployed from the north coast of Pralgad and dozens of giant troop barges headed north to White Peak Island. Landing on the east and west sides of the island, the troops converged rapidly on the Nephilim in the middle of the island. Slaughtering scattered Nephilim, they did not encounter real resistance until the stronghold in the center of the island where many of the Nephilim had fled to.

Most of the soldiers under the command of Commander Helmut began to fortify the area around the stronghold and prepared for a long and difficult siege. The other soldiers went about the business of restoring human rule to the island, coaxing the terrified peasant farmers out of the woodwork.

Constant watch was kept for something frightened and angry Nephilim referred to as the "Bordrao."

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Fort Dolthar

It had taken a few days, but Sulfi finally managed to reach the gates of Fort Dolthar with the assistance of the Vahnatai. In fact, their knowledge of the caves made the journey go much faster than it otherwise would have. He was pleased to learn that information had already been obtained to facilitate the trade between the Disciples and the Knights of Old Avernum. That was one less thing on his mind.

One thing still haunted him though, Fort Duvno. On a brief excursion from their main trip, he decided to investigate the town. When he arrived he found the gates locked and boarded up with several signs threatening anyone who enters. The lakeside of the town had been surrounded with a wooden wall. Rather than disturb the townspeople, Acrio thought it would be best to leave. It wasn't long until Denrich burst into the room, glad to see his old student return, Master Krynt followed shortly after. "Sulfi, where have you been?! I spent hours scrying for you and found nothing." Denrich practically screamed.

"I apologize for worrying you Denrich. I have been exploring a great part of the Eastern Gallery. From what I have seen all of it lies in ruins."

Denrich stared in disbelief. "All of it?"

"Fort Duvno still stands, but it is not open to any of us. There is a great feeling of fear around that town. I feel it would be best if we were to avoid it in the future. The rest of the towns have been destroyed. Now if you don't mind, I am tired from my journey."

"Of course, Sulfi." Denrich walked out of the room. Master Krynt sat down in a chair near Acrio.
"What is it Master Krynt?"

"Young Sulfi, it is unfortunate that I have only known you for so brief a period; however, the time has come that I must leave."


"I am old...too old."

"I don't understand."

"This is a place of deep sorrow and regret for me. Too many have suffered because of my carelessness. I cannot allow it to happen again."

"Do not let your age show through Master Krynt, you are more skilled than any magi here. If it is truly your desire to leave this place then I shall grant it. As long as you are willing I will permit you and your finest students to set out for the ruins of Fort Dranlon. I would like you to begin constructing a fort there."

Master Krynt smiled. "Thank you young Sulfi. I knew you would understand."

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Drale sat at a bar in Squiggus. He had forsaken his regular robe for a plain brown tunic and boots. Hopefully, this would prevent him from being noticed by any passing Agents. In the event that one did notice him, the guards strategetically placed around him would kill that Agent quickly.

In any case, Drale only needed to be here for a while longer. Long enough to recieve word back from the League. Just as he was thinking to give up on them, there was the sound of an axe thumping into wood. That was the signal.

Drale and his men strolled casually outside, then ducked behind the building. A scrawny young soldier of Drale's army waited for them.
"Here's yer message." He handed them a tightly bound letter. "We got some trouble with them Agents back at the port, but the message got through."
Drale was not listening to him. His eyes scanned the parchment. This was good. The League occupied a prime position right behind his enemy. With their help, a devastating two-pronged attack could be orchestrated.
Drale scrawled a reply on the back.

My only demands are that we both fight the Dominion. It is the enemy of everything on Valorim.
I will send a soldier to you to discuss tactics. Valorim is gearing up for a devastating attack on our enemy.

Drale finished writing. He gave the message to one of his most capable men, Berr, with instructions to seize a small boat at nightfall and sail to the isles.
Drale then instructed another man to contact the Anama, whose devoted armies would be very useful in an attack. There was the matter of the weather disturbance, though. Drale frowned, but sent the man anyway. Perhaps it would clear up.
He also sent a man to contact the Guild. Guildsmen were slippery folks, and he did not trust them entirely, especially after their slaughter of his men. However, the organization certainly held power. And power, not trustworthiness, is what he needed most.

Drale smiled as the last messenger went. Enough of this waiting. Enough of these covert agents. Enough of riling up the masses. Finally, it was fighting time.

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Gernas had waited for some time at the rock, observing what happened. he had also got an irritated message from mernal, saying roles were switched. He, gernas, was now to go to Pralgrad. And so he did.

After sitting for some time behind the rock, he sneaked from behind the rock, and made his way to the Goblin army. Luckily they weren't all spread over the narrow landbridge, or things would have gotten difficult. They weren't on the eastern side, so he naturrally went through that way, and with succes. he was halfway when he heard some goblins approaching:

"I have thought to had heard something here, Gobrava!"

However, they left quite soon, when they discovered that there were nu mushrooms that one could stick in his nose. Sergras' body relaxed, and he sneaked on, past the fires, past the goblins, past Hralek. He eventually got passed the goblin camp, but it was still a long travel along the bridge. He expected to see goblins scattered over the bridge too, as remnants of the army. He had to stay low, and look out, for he could be seen easily in this treeless, empty place.

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New Cotra

Sameuls was pacing about. He had just interrogated Alexandria, and was angry. She'd told him practically nothing. He paced over to his desk, and pulled out an ancient battered old book - his great-great grandfather's diary. Inside were extracts of entries from around 300 years ago - during the Empire-Avernum war. Samuels read them. And the more he read, the angrier he got.

Fort Emergence

The passages leading to Fort Emergence echoed with the sounds of marching. Samuels had decided to march towards the surface.

The surface-worlders hadn't known what had happened until the first men in Samuels 2,500 strong army reached the southern gates. As they reached the Fort proper, Samuels blew a trumpet and called his men to an halt. Immediately, the surface-worlders ran out to see what was happpening.

The handful of tropps that emerged were jumped on and bound, and prepared to be taken to the holding cells where Alexandria was.

Samuels called out to the soldiers still inside the fort.

"We, the people of Avernum, demand that you surrender to us, now, Empire scum. You have 30 seconds. What say you? Do you wish to die today?"

Somewhere in Avernum.

Morgain was back in Avernum. She was heading roughly north-west, towards the Abyss. Looking around, she frowned. She'd been here before...

She pulled out a map from her satchel. Then she groaned. She was in the Honeycomb. And, which is more, she was lost.

Desperate, she pressed onwards, only to return to the place where she realised she was lost. Sshe sighed and leant against a wall. Then, inspiration hit her. She aimed her hands upwards and cast a bolt of lightning upwards towards the cave ceiling. Hopefully someone would see her.


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It was now ten days since the creation of the portal. Ten days and five miles radius. The diameter now ran from the cave wall west of Erika's tower to slightly across the river to the east. Now Krahn's attention could be focused on more important things.

Leave two hundred fifty of your best troops defending Khoth's lair and begin construction of a dam at the cave wall northeast of Erika's tower, Hka'adh.

For what purpose, my lord? There is nothing south of there worth our intrest.

Sulfras' lair. We need a way to translate those scrolls we found in Khoth's lair, perhaps we can find it there.

But that's through miles of solid cave rock. How will we get through down there?

Do you not have competent magi? Do you not have expendable troops usable as miners? Next time, assume I know what I'm doing. Otherwise we may have need for another to take your place.

Yes, my lord.

That was one problem dealt with. Krahn had suspected that Hka'adh was growing restless. He had made comments on crushing the humans in the Abyss on several occasions. Now he had a project to take his mind off of them.

Mrundh, you will aid Hka'adh in his expantion to the south. I want you to report his progress and make sure to collect any bodies and gems you find down there. We need to progress in the alteration of the ruby skeletons.

Yes, my lord.

At least Krahn knew for sure that there was one lich in his program that was utterly loyal to him.


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Looking south for a moment, Diego could see the rowboats emerging from the morning mist. At long last, his Battlemagi were moving into North Karnold. He turned back to the matter at hand. "Captain, you are sure that the route to Angel's Rest is clear of enemy forces?"

The mercenary leader nodded quickly. "Yes, Archmage. The Anama and the Looters do not have a major presence this far south. My group should be able to escort your men north with no problems, sir."

Diego cocked an eyebrow. "And what of the marauding forces, the ones acting on the authority of the Anama?" He had heard of them while waiting to move in Golddale. Men on horseback, riding into towns and hanging those who disagreed with the teachings from Bigail. 'Enlightened' Anama indeed.

The Agent leaning against a rock to his right - he had introduced himself as Jakob, and left it at that - perked up at this, a small smile flitting briefly across his lips. "I don't think your boys need worry their little heads about any yes-men. Trust me, the passage north is clear." Diego grimaced inwardly. He despised the Agents, the complete disrespect they showed towards authority. An Archmage should deserve better. Still, they had reason to exist for the time being, until the masses were educated. Once everyone was learned, there would be no need for such crude methods for control.

Diego glanced back at the river. The rest of the boats had reached the shore, and his magi were getting off the boats. "Well, Captain, it's time you and I march north."


It had begun. Demetrius sat in his chair thinking, the last of the Council members leaving the room. Archmage Diego should be able to handle North Karnold well enough. The reports given to the people of the menace in the north were over-exaggerated. Most of it was due to the marauders that Agent Jakob had hired. Demetrius smiled at that thought. Not only did it give the people up north reason to distrust the Anama, it also gave his Battlemagi all the more reason to fight against the Bigail scum.

It was the Looters that worried him, among other things. Agent Denise had sent word that her infiltrators suspected a fair portion of the Looters were no longer in the area, and they had not been able to find exactly where they were now. With the Anama, it was relatively easy enough to reduce their power in North Karnold - being based on an island had its detriments. With the Looters, it was more difficult; they had no power base, they were little more than a band of raiders as far as he could gather.

The news from the west was even more disturbing. His only ally, if the term could be applied loosely, was no more. Moreover, he had no idea what had happened with Fort Emergence. Was his group betrayed by the Hunters? Was it the forces in Upper Avernum? Or some faction he had no information of in Lower Avernum? All he knew was that he could no longer depend on an army at hand to protect his southern and western flanks. He didn't want what happened at Krizsan to occur at Libras, or Storm Port.

He settled into a more comfortable position. This campaign was going to require a lot more thought, now. No matter what happened, he had to ensure the survival of the magi in the next Empire. He had to!

Grrr. I accidently closed my browser window while writing this the first time.

I really, really, really need to know what's happening with the Hunters/*Army.

EDIT: Yep, the dam's too damn overpowered. :)

Lazarus, with my luck, I'd probably accidently close the Word window.

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The air was crisp and the sky was clear of clouds. The soldiers’ armor and blades shone in the morning sun, flashes of sunlight danced across the Anama insignia on each man’s breast.

General Cyril wiped sweat from his brow with the back of his hand. The trip had been hot, but fairly uneventful. They had brought along several wagons to eventually carry ore out of Aminro, and one of these wagons had broken a wheel. It had caused a short delay, but travel over paved roads made it easy to make up time.

The troops reached a fork in the road about midday. The sign was faded, and had become unreadable. It didn’t matter, he already had a map of the area. He gave orders for the troops to rest and eat; then went in search of Lt. Trey.

It didn’t take long, as he only had a couple hundred men. He found the Lieutenant sitting apart from his soldiers, polishing a looking glass. He was a nondescript man, if you were to ask someone to describe him, they would probably say, “Well, erm……. He has dark hair. Black I think, or wait maybe brown. And well…. average height, lean but not skinny, he might have worn glasses I can’t recall.” Perhaps the reason he chose to wear an orange scarf tied around his arm was to counter his plainness.

“Lieutenant, take your scouts north to assess the situation in Aminro. I want to make sure we aren’t walking into anything.” This was unlikely; Aminro was a simple mining town with a few local guards.

“Yes general.” He wasted no time, and immediately began shouting orders to his scouts.

The general walked away to consult with some more of his officers. This was going well, soon his objective in Karnold would be achieved.
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"I joined this army to gain prestige... Indeed, the chalice has been dropped and my cupped hands are ready to take it. But if I do decide to step up and lead the anxious and jittery officers, then I will most certainly be the target of many assassinations, and I risk being alienated from any troops abroad. And yet, to remain in my current position almost guarantees an assassination..."

Tygra was looking idly at a map of Krizsan, plotting to himself where dissenters might pop up. Just outside of the room, the rising din of the officers continued to grate at Tygra's nerves.

"You two," Tygra said, "are the sole two people upon whom I can truly rely." Lyonard smiled and walked around Tygra, standing behind him while leaning on his sword like a cane. "Sir, it might be possible for me to help relieve you of the stress of dissenters, if you would allow me to do so." Tygra's eyes lit up as he put both of his hands on the table. "Whatever ideas you have, commander, I support wholeheartedly." The commander snickered. "Very well, Tygra. Then, with your permission..."

Lyonard pulled back his sword. McCallister's look of shock signaled to Tygra what was to occur. Swiftly, Lyonard drove his sword through Tygra's spine, through his brain, and out again through his forehead, causing the sword to crash out of his cranium like a bloodied, metal horn.

"There. Now, we shall see how all shall turn out." Lyonard turned to McCallister, who was too shocked to speak. With a shaking head and a gentle smile, Lyonard said, "Commander McCallister, you and I were the only two truly competent officers on that battlefield. You are intelligent, yet naïve. You always had wanted to lead in the Imperial Army, correct?"

McCallister slowly came back to his senses and nodded. Lyonard clasped his hands together. "Good, good. Then you will lead this rebellion."

Shocked yet again. "No, no. I don't expect you to agree to the position immediatley. But to be fair, I trust you more than I do myself to be best-suited for the position. After all, while you are young and can claim ignorance, I am old and was one of the principal supporters of Tygra. Besides, it will be a way of catapulting your career. Whereas I might be content to do good with the power I have, you could truly help rebuild a sense of order on Valorim."

"This reasoning would not hold with anyone but the most gullible of men. Fortunately, McCallister is such a man. All officers will know the moment these doors are opened who is truly in command, especially seeing how my sword is the one buried in Tygra's head. However, McCallister is one whom the people will believe-- and, in unfortunate circumstances, blame."

McCallister pressed his lips firmly together and clenched his eyebrows, causing wrinkles to grow on his forehead. "Okay! I will do it. I will lead the rebellion. We will put down resisters from the cities untouched by the well-water." McCallister got up off of his seat and triumphantly entered a room filled with officers already expecting the inevitable.

"Courting the officers should be no problem for me. Now, my only problem is purging the Guild members from the corps. I will not allow any foreign entities to have their fingers in my affairs. Also, under the premise of peace, I will have to make ammends with the Order of Krell. Hopefully, their political muscle will force Rubicante into removing his naval presence from my lands. I also doubt that the Guild fielded all of the foot soldiers who used the magical items in the land battle, or else the pirates would not have fired on them. In that case, I will want to find out who the Guild's allies were. My first priorities will be to send soldiers north and east, to prevent the Anama or Dominion from snatching border settlements."

McCallister burst back into the room. "Sir, the officers approve of Tygra's downfall! I'm about to make a proclamation to the people!" Lyonard smiled. "Good job, Commander McCallister. Or should I call you, Knight-Protector McCallister of Krizsan?"

McCallister seemed to become slightly giddy at the thought of such power. Lyonard shook his head. "If the kid can restrain his enthusiasm just a little when speaking to the people and soldiers, they will flock to him."


Meanwhile, on Northern Vantanas, a black-robed humanoid sitting before a campfire grinned expectantly as an armor-clad, red fiend lept out of a crater with a large spiked ruby in his hand.

(OOC: I will outline this portion of the plot very soon. All factions can expect serious changes for a brief period of time.)

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Lyonard sent McCallister to tell the news to the people, and also they're plans. He watched from the Tygra's office what would happen.

Meanwhile McCallister gave his speech. He broke the news out immediantly. The crowd looked at him with a funny look. Then they started to cheer.

McCallister waited for them to quite and then said, " Now, we promise to protect you! What's more we will not use magic! Magic was the thing that like locusts attracted war to our lands. NO! Instead we will use science! We will research science and use it against those who wish us harm. Yes and what's more the Alliance of Science and Education wishes an alliance with the Enlightened Anama."

Both Lyonard and McCalliste were relived to hear the crowds roars of approval. However as Lyonard celebrated with the other officers a gaurd came rushing in. "Hunter resistance against the Alliance sir! There are only fifty or so, but they're swift!"

OOC: I'm going to let someone else control the Alliance of Science and Education whoever wants it, it's all yours. Plus you can share it with someone else. I personally think that it should go to the Enlightened Anama.

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Krizsan. Lyonard was covering his face with his hand while idly kicking Tygra's still moist corpse as he listened to the speech above. Then, another one of the commanders walked into the office.

"Ah, Citizen Lyonard. Good to see you."
Lyonard chuckled. "Same to you, Citizen Malphis. So, how does it feel to be a part of the Alliance? The Alliance of, um, feel-good, enlightened magic-hating?"

Malphis ceremoniously spat on Tygra and took a seat. "Well, at least this way, we have nothing to lose-- after all, we have no real magi."
"True. My only problem is, I think Magister McCallister actually believes what he's saying."
"Well, I guess he'll be happy to hear that the Hunter remnants gathering support outside of the city contain most of the magi remaining."
"My only other concern is that the Dominion might take McCallister's claims seriously. Someone will have to tell them..."

Malphis got up, tossing the chair aside, and kicked the wall. "Is that why you called me here?" Lyonard sneered. "No, 'Citizen' Malphis. I have a different task for you, one more suited to your abilities."
Malphis glared at Lyonard, sizing him up.
"Your mission, friend, is to find all of the Guild agents in the Hunters' army. If Rubicante wants to make himself a pro-Guild organization with his fingers in the pies, he'll want to have his agents ingratiate themselves with higher-up officers. Superior performance in combat, brown-nosing, towing the political platform, that sort of thing."
"So, you're saying...?"
"I'm saying that you were, up until the revolution, an Imperial Interrogator. Fear is your weapon-- and that, to be blunt, is why I don't want you anywhere near foreign delgates. But you will be my scalpel."
Malphis pounts his fists together and grits his teeth. "I'll do your dirty work for you, 'Citizen...' but you must promise me this: I have made enemies among the officers for the things I did in Tygra's name. Furthermore, Tygra paid me handsomely for keeping many 'Citizens' in line."
Lyonard nods. "Yes, yes. I'm well aware of this. And if you continue to work for me, I will guarantee you pay and safety. Don't worry; I know who your enemies are, and I already have them being watched."
Malphis nodded and left the room.

"'And I already have them being watched?' Malphis actually believed me. One thing I've figured out about interrogators is that they're never actually stoic; it's a myth they put up to trick their victims. Truthfully, they know the depths of fear that they cause. Malphis will be useful to me for as long as his paranoia continues. And if he suspects anything, he can be executed publically for political capital. I see no losses here.

Also, McCallister's 'manifesto' will make it that much easier to court the Order of Krell, allowing us to begin building a Navy. We may have to steal mercantile vessels to organize the most basic of defenses, but it should be relatively simple to justify, given the aggressiveness of the pirates as of late."

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gernas had moved along the Goblins safely, and was now coming across several other goblins, who seemed to have lost the way while marching towards the seeker of knowledge's citadel. It was easy to avoid them, as they seemed to be half drunk anyway, but still it would be best to try hard not to be seen, even though the oponent can barely open his eyes.

Sneaking from bush to bush, from bush to rock, and from rock to rock, Gernas reached the end of the landbridge in three quarters of an hour, and the sun started to rise.


It was quite different from what he had imagined. he thought of the "New world" with high, pointy trees, and rocks as big as the nephilim gods themselves. Instead he saw fields. Fields with corn and lettuce, with here and there a lonely tree.

How disappointing.

He walked on in fast pace, as to reach the mountains he could see from far before noon. given his swift and stealthy movements, that wouldn't be too difficult. however, before continuing, he decided to write Mernal a message, as to tell him what he had done in the meantime. To do so, he climed in a nearby tree, so he wouldn't be seen, broke off a branch and took the scroll.

gernas writing,

Past goblins, at the new world. its called Pralgrad. A small sign, lying on ground in field said so. continuing to nearby mountains, there before noon.

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Krizsan. McCallister sits on the old throne of the Hunters; he looks astoundingly small and uncomfortable in the great, elaborate seat on which Tygra once held court.

A man in blue robes stands waiting, tapping his foot. He is old - far older than McCallister - and wearing foreign regalia.

A door opens, and a man in star-spangled purple enters. If the audience were anyone but an Anama elder and an anti-magic generalissimo, they would be awed by the presence of an order mage.

The priest hissed. McCallister cleared his throat angrily. "Gentlemen, I require order. The public policy of my faction has been decided in broad strokes, but you have both expressed an interest in changing my mind on policy. You may make your cases now."

The Anama priest, glaring daggers at the order mage, proceeded to speak. "McCallister - may I ask what your official title is?"

McCallister gave it a moment's thought. "Director."

"Director McCallister, that you have even invited a mage to these proceedings brings into question the sincerity of your convictions. Magic is an unconditional evil leading the minds of men into darkness; it can only be overcome with a strict policy of containment and destruction."

The mage sighs. "Director McCallister, allow me to introduce myself. I am Eghan, order mage at large and member of the resistance coalition that put you in power. Unlike this foreigner sent by Bigail to convert you to their insane religion, I understand that the origin of your policy is in concern for the people. Although I am disappointed by its direction, I am willing to accept the implications of it. Allow me to propose a cordial understanding between the professional magi and the government."

"The enemy is to be amateur mages - hedge-magery, the kind of which has been forbidden by the Empire for decades. Professional mages can contain their studies and limit the use of their power. Hedge-mages are inevitably a mix of village dogmatist and snake oil salesman, working for power and profit at the expense of the public good."

"While I understand your position on magic is such that some would construe it as a war against mages, I would counsel you to allow the practice to continue within the Alliance's borders. The few mages who were not stationed in outlying towns when Krizsan fell to the revolution are generally librarians or scholars by trade; their aid would be invaluable in setting up a mundane, secular --" here Eghan shoots a nasty look at the Anama priest -- "university."

"We wish to assist you in building a better society. Those of our number who do not wish to participate in mundane teaching can keep well enough to ourselves, and if you are of the opinion that magic is a bad influence on the populace - so be it. I wish it were different, but it isn't. I'm fine with compromising."

The Anama elder, scarlet with rage, finally seized on his turn to speak.

"Compromise, hell! The God-damn witch wants to convince you that his deviant kind are of any use to a functional society. You can drive them out without any real harm; if you allow our priests to instruct yours, you can readily replace any function the mages in your territory would have served. While the Anama appreciate your sentiment, they do not traffic in half-measures and will not be particularly pleased to find that you have rejected the true path in favor of a chimeric perversion."

McCallister stared at the elder. "Let them traffic in what they wish. Inform your leaders I will be accepting the proposal laid out by Eghan; we will neither be exterminating the mages nor making any effort to convert to your religion."

The Anama hissed again, turned on his heel, and withdrew without a word.

"Eghan, do not labor under the delusion you have won today. You have skillfully convinced me that mages can coexist with a society of progress. However, you will not convince me that they are a useful component of one. Inform your fellows that if they have no interest in teaching in Krizsan's new university, they are to register with the government and establish a settlement suitably removed from the remainder of the Alliance as not to pose as an obstacle, and keep to themselves as much as absolutely possible."

"Oh, and I plan to levy a tax on the mages to support our efforts to build schools and stamp out hedge-magery. It will be light, but it will be there."

Eghan balked. "But we're a fiercely independent lot, Director. I doubt if they will be willing to pay, especially without something in return."

"They will have access to the University's libraries, albeit heavily regulated and monitored. In addition, it will provide any of them with useful knowledge with steady and profitable employment and access to a society that will otherwise be mostly closed to them. Acceptable?"

"I suppose. You have not taken a heavy hand with us, Director McCallister, but understand that your goals are ambitious and will ruffle more than a few feathers."

"I understand. If you have nothing further...?"

Eoghan bows. "Thank you for your time, Director."

In a moment McCallister is alone again, mind buzzing with thought.
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OOC: Scrap the old letter I was going to send you Dintiradan.
A minor usurping had happened in the Alliance's army. About 500 soldiers who had belonged to the Church of the Bright Star had joined some new charity group. The "charity" group in question was the Army of the Bright Star.

Saint Kelvin had lead the military section to battle off the Hunter resistance outside of Krizsan. Unfortunately he died in the attack. That left Saint Martin in control. He had, with McCallister's permission, created a Order of Krell temple in Krizsan. What's more the none military half of the Army of the Bright Star was working on rebuilding Krizsan.

Saint Martin sent couriers to all cities that belonged to the non-existant Hunters to tell the news. Saint Martin's final deed was to go to Director McCallister's throne room to give him some advice. "Director McCallister," Martin said as he bowed. "I would like to urge you to abolish magic in your territory. After all, was it not magic that Tygra used to mindlessly control us? Also with magic you can more easily tap into the powers of science, whatever powers those are. With magic your people would be more likely to take the easy way out. Why would they want to research science when they could use magic? That is all Director." and Martib left without another word.

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Krizsan. Director McCallister sits in the great throne; Lyonard enters unannounced. If he were anyone else, that would have been unacceptable. As it stands - well, McCallister owes Lyonard a lot.

"How has the business of running the Alliance gone?"

McCallister sighs. "I've had various religious orders try and get me to abolish magic altogether. I've had several mages coming in to convince me to reverse my policy. The only one I've actually consulted on any level with was one by the name with Eghan - had a number of interesting proposals to moderate the policy of the Alliance."

Lyonard nods. "Well, McCallister, think of it this way. The efforts to abolish magic - however well-intentioned, will make an enemy of every mage and a potential enemy of every other group of influence on Valorim. And that's assuming the Anama don't colonize us as they did Bigail - moving in to replace the parts of the social architecture destroyed by a sudden exodus of magi, converting everyone in Krizsan and leaving us under their thrall."

McCallister frowns. "I dislike allowing matters of convenience to interfere with my convictions."

"Then don't. You want to eliminate magic? The best way to do it isn't outlawing it. It'll just drive the rich mages out and the poor mages underground. The best way to eliminate magic is through our program of education and isolation."

McCallister nods. "I suppose. I have a lot to think about. Inform the guards I won't be seeing anyone else on the matter."

"Perhaps I could assist you in promulgating your official policy on magic and the university...?"

"Thank you, but I think I'm fine on my own."

Lyonard opens his mouth as if to speak, but is stunned by the response. He nods his head shakily and withdraws.

I need to figure out how to keep him on a tighter leash before it's too late...

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An hour after the meeting, Lyonard walked into McCallister's chambers with a somber expression.
"Ah, Lyonard, um... What's your title?"
"Who cares? I don't even know yours. Anyway--"
"I'm Director."
"Very well, Director. And you may call me 'Guardian.' I have grave news for you."
"Guardian," Lyonard thought to himself. "I'm starting to sound as naïve as the Director."
"Well, one of the Hunter rebels whom Martin fought against--"
"You mean, Saint Martin."
"Yes, Saint Martin. At any rate, he has been slain. Regretfully. It is a tragedy. Now, if you'll excuse me, Dire--"
"Inside of the city walls?"
"No. We would never allow such a brutal act to occur within our jurisdiction. At any rate, with your permission."

Lyonard briskly walked out of the room. "That's one more favor I owe Malphis. It will be that much more regrettable when I have to distance myself from him and his ilk. Now, to reel back in this ragtag splinter group. Step 1 will be killing off their 'Saints.' After that, McCallister can sweet-talk them back into line. Heck, if I'm lucky, maybe I can blame their deaths on the Guild agents in my military. If Malphis can get them to admit that much, assuming he finds them, it will be priceless to my organization."


Delan. A messenger in green robes walks into the city.

"Dear citizens of Delan! The Hunters have fallen, and I come representing the peaceful Order of Krell, come to liberate you from-- AUGH! Oh, the agony--"

A second swipe from a guardsman's blade instantly fell the messenger and his corpse was tossed into the water.

(OOC: The Hunters' cities will not hear anything about the Hunters' having fallen. Your messengers don't stand a bat's chance in hell of being listened to, especially if they're part of this religious "Bright Star" stuff that your men slew without mercy only a few weeks ago.)

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