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Mernal sat on a stone with two of his generals. They were studying the maps of Valorim. About three hours ago, Mernal had sent his silentest Nephil with a gift to the old man, the seeker of knowlegde. He couldn't remember what exactly was the old man's name, but he knew it was something with an "A". Alfred? Allegoria? All-letuce? Or was it... Alfrog? He shook his head. No, that seemed top weird to be true.

The Nephil returned by dusk. Most of the Nephilim were already sleeping, but Mernal was still studying the maps. I need to find a safe route for my people. Either way, we have to travel by night, not by day. By day we might be seen by either the factions to the south or that crazy anama church thing to the west. He took the map in his hands and stood up. He walked around the campfire which was now nothing more than a smoking pile of burnt branches.

That's it!

He sat down, took one of the burnt twigs in the fire, and started sdrawing lines on the map. The most important thing was to stay away from the Dominion. These highly evolved mages were dangerous and not to be trusted, or so he heard from several Nephil refugees that had come to him, asking for help. It was also best not to come into contact with the Looters, an other faction that might form a threat. the anama, however, might be helpful at some point.

A long time ago, when we still lived in Avernum, I remember there was a terrible undead problem. Something with a demon which was freed. Although killed, we are now 300 years furthe rin time. God knows what might have happened down there, and I think I can use all priests I can get.

He called for the nephil he had also given the assignment to give the present to the seeker of knowledge. He whispered to him:

"Take this letter (he gave the Nephil a leatherbound scroll) and bring it to Shayder, capital of the Anama church. Give it to the archbishop, but don't let yourself be seen. There are several ways to get into the city, and one is through the sewers. Be very careful. I know I can trust you. Deposit the letter on the archbishop's desk. We need an alliance. I can offer him spies which even in total silence and day-light won't be seen, but I would like a certain amount of a certain type of arrows. Arrows of life, and of light. Now go, and come back after you heard what the reaction of the archbishop is. In the letter I told the archbishop to write a letter, put the seal of the anama church on it, and place it very close to his window."

The Nephil nodded and started on his way, but Mernal called him back:


The Nephil turned around.

"Take this. Its a wand of flying. This wand is not enough to let people or animals fly, but it is enough to let small scrolls fly, such as the one I gave you. I'm almost certain that the archbishop wil have a whole hoard of guards in his room, guarding the letter the archbishop had written. They will most certainly want to know who wrote it. In summary: the archbishop will write a letter. If he agrees to my terms, he will put the arrows with the letter at the window. If he doesn't agree, he won't. Use the wand on his letter and the arrows, to let the fly out of the window, directly into your hands. The guards won't knoiw what is happening, and you will be safe. I hope I explained enough. If the archbishop has questions, I told him to write a letter too, but mark the letter with a big "Q." Now you may go."

The Nephil left, and Mernal turned around. he stood up and went to his sleeping mat. he lay down, and fell asleep, while some Nephil warriors were silently partolling on the hills.

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OOC: Just for continuity, I say we keep the Vahnatai presence that Serith mentioned in the eastern portions of the Eastern Gallery. Whether or not they are evil remains yet to be seen, but they did play a role in the destruction of Serith's group for one reason or another.


by Aran:
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Fort Emergence

Manech stood staring at this surface-worlder, this "Captain Bors". Finally, after weighing up his words, he spoke, bitterly:

"I care not for your corrupt ways, or for your promises of "mutual protection and trade", surface-walker. We, the people of Avernum, have no need nor desire to deal with... with... yourselves at this moment in time. We will, however, allow you to stay at the surface entrance to the Fort, where we are currently standing, until such a time I can recieve orders from my superiors."

He thought for a minute.

This is my chance...

He turned to an archer to his left.

"Go and tell Samuels of this."

Then, turning back to Bors and the Hunter squad, he smiled slightly, and began speaking again:

"Now, until we get orders, what say we take this opportunity to share news in these troubled times?"

Lets see if these filthy bastards are as stupid as they look...


Fort Emergence Bridge

Samuels was pacing. Things were proceeding faster than he cared for. His only hope was that the people in the Tower of Magi had seen the portal and were now mustering forces to aid him.

Lets hope that Morgain can do something useful...


Portal Fortress

Morgain was standing by the now permanant portal connecting the upper caverns with Avernum proper, preparing to go through. Deciding to leave a small force to protect the portal in case a retreat was needed, she selected two dozen men to through with her.

"Okay, let's go men. Remember - we need allies! Don't stick the first thing you see."

She grinned, and walked through the portal.


ToM Ruins

Morgain stepped through the portal, and immediately wished she hadn't. The Tower, magnficently rebuilt as it was before, now lay in ruins. Brimstone and ash lay everywhere. Walls had been smashed down, and the ruins looked as if they had been picked clean. Stooping down, she noticed heavy footprints in the dirt.

So somebody IS down here.

Looking around, she checked the area for anybody living. No luck. If anybody was here, they'd gone now. The last of her small group poured out from the portal, and stood around, surveying the carnage.

Morgain: "Right, we stay here for an hour. I want everybody rested and ready to march for the Great Cave as soon as I've finished making some healing elixirs."

I sure as hell hope that somebody comes before then. If they don't, then... it doesn't bode well for Avernum if huge swathes are as desolate as this. And it doesn't bode well for our revenge.

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As a footnote, it should not be forgotten that, while you are laughing gleefully over the many creative deaths the humans will face, they will be trying to kill you. Remember, you have to stay alive if you are going to kill the humans! It is where the plans of so many goblins have gone wrong...

-- The Great Authoritative Extra Great Guide to Killing, Slaying, Butchering, and Otherwise Disemboweling Humans

Kappa marched proudly at the front of his army. He bore a large halberd and a great round shield carved with a tortoise shell design, both unusual for a goblin. He also shunned the worgs that all of his lieutenants were mounted on. Kappa had been trained as a goblin foot-soldier, and he was devoted to that training. Indeed, he did not flail his appendages as he walked the way most goblins did, and he was as disciplined a goblin warrior as ever there had been. If he had only been born with the face and skin of a human, you wouldn't have thought he was a goblin at all.

He was proud, too, of his position as leader of the southern army. The old maps had shown an entire land south of the strait they were now marching across. Kappa was going to be the first Goblin Goblin to enter this land, and begin slaughtering humans there.

Kappa was joined in the front line by one of his mages, riding up on a tiny young worg that looked quite exhausted. "We've found something, Kappa Kappa sir!"

"Excellent. What have you seen?"

"Well, we haven't seen anything, you see. We couldn't find any scrying spells to spy on. But we detected something, we detected some magic on the strait, on the south end of the strait we did."

"Well, what was it?"

"We don't know. We've never seen anything like it before! It was strangeness to us."

"Gobfried! Grooltros!" Kappa called his lieutenants in. "My nose smells humans. The time for fighting may be soon, oh yes, goblins! But there is strangeness afoot that is strange to our mages, goblins." Kappa turned to the mage. "Tell me when we get close to the magic. I am a cautious goblin, gob! We will make camp a half-day from the magic, and we will wait until Gobubary is near us."

Gobfried giggled. Waiting was almost as good as killing humans, because it meant they would get to drink glug!


Dorga was the most powerful of all the Goblin Goblin mages. Glogroth had wanted him to stay by his side, but he knew that Dorga would be a great field commander, and could not deny his request to lead the western army.

In truth, Dorga had his own motives for heading west. He had seen notes about an ancient secret on one of their old maps, and he wanted to check it out for himself.

His troops splashed each other and played in the waters of the delta, but Dorga had more serious thoughts on his mind.


Gilgamegob trudged through the swamp, dragging a huge bundle of swampweed behind him that was malodorous enough to irritate even Gilgamegob's most forgiving nose.

"I know I have to set an exampular example for the troops, Enkigoo, but this is ridiculous," he whined. "Why do I have to lug the smelliest of all these stupid swampy things?"

Enkigoo glared at Gilgamegob from under the basket of heavy swamp nodules that he had balanced on his head, and sniffed unapologetically.


"Gobby Gods! Gobby Gods, how's it going?"

Glogroth's faith in the Gobby Gods was strong. He knew they would always be there. Still, it was a relief and a lightening of his heart every time he heard the friendly echoes come back down the Big Holy Hole.

"Gobbly good, Great Goblin. How are you?"

"I'm tired, you know? I'm tired!"

"Of course you are, Gloggy. You've been putting so much of yourself into the righteous battle against humans." A pause. "What have you done against them lately?"

Glogroth jumped. "Oh, so much, dear Gobby Gods! So much things to smite and crush and decapitapitapitate the foul human foulness. Riders have been going back and forth to the front lines. It's slow, but we know news, even if it's slow! And just the other day I sent out Grout, Goker, Augobus, Gobaruku, and Gobubary! And Gloofia is preparing the Goblin Family Corps! And it's exciting Gobby Gods!"

Glogroth took a breath. The voice of the Gods came down, full of concern. "I hope you're taking care of yourself, Glogroth. We care about you too, you know."

Glogroth sighed. "Yes, I am. It's just such an important time, you know..." he smiled. "I'm taking Gobriquet to the most romantic little pit tonight..."

"You're a sweet guy, Gloggy." Glogroth smiled again. What wonderful Gods. He was so lucky to have them to talk to.

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Selwyn was surprised to see a group of people marching his way. They're faster than we thought they were. His party was about halfway between Torfen and the Tower of Magi.

"Come on men, let's hurry it up. We want to find out who these people are."

"Yes, sir," said Lt. Mandon, the officer in charge of the troops.

They hurried forward, and the other group followed suit.

When they finally got close enough to speak, the woman leading the other column asked, "Who are you?"

I am Lieutenant General Selwyn, chief of the diplomatic core of majesty, King Lartaynior of Avernum. Am I correct in presuming that you have come from the Tower of the Magi?"

"You are sir, but not originally. I am Morgain, a representative from Commander Stephen Samuels of Upper Avernum. We have come from the upper caves in search of allies."

"You have come to the right people then. I have been sent to escort you to Torfen, where his grace awaits."

"Torfen? Why is the king in such a backwater. What's wrong with the Castle?"

"The Castle has been destroyed, ma'am. The Great Cave has gone through quite a turmoil. His majesty is attempting to restore order."

"Alright, well you can take me to him."

"Then, I suggest that we get on our way."

OoC: It's all yours Nikki. I'm willing to part with 2500 men if you want them.

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On behalf of GoldenKing:

Why so hostile? Some people's memories are far too long, though Bors. "Unfortunately, your isolation will lead to your downfall. There are other factions on the surface, raiders, war-mongering religions, and more. Do you think they will stop with the surface?" He gestured to his group. "We don't have enough men down here to conquer your underworld, even if we wanted to." He paused. "How bad is it, down in the pit? It may be, that in the future, you will need our aid..."


Tygra paused a moment over the letter he had just written, then pressed his seal into the wax. This one, and its other copies, would be sent to all the major cities on the south-west coast of Valorim. Soon, his training camps would be created, filled with citizens hoping to protect the glorious new empire of the Hunters. He rose, thinking. Earlier that morning he had sent a group of couriers to Fort Emergence. By now, his party should have made contact. Every few days, two couriers would depart from there bearing news, one to Krizan, and one to Redmark College.

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The meeting with the representative from Gebra and Gorst had not gone well. Their once-proud navy had been decimated when the Dominion had taken over the isles. The task of rebuilding had begun, but it would be long before the new fleet became capable of more than just self-defense.

Demetrius tapped his lower lip in his personal study. Now, it is the calm before the storm. As much as he wanted to send forces into Karnold, he had to wait. No matter what else, he must not appear the aggressor in this conflict. The Looters would be a problem once they moved south, but he had figured out a way to deal with the Anama if they decided to intervene. One of the primary rules of warfare, after know yourself and know your enemy, was know the terrain. Another was divide and conquer. He smiled. Soon, the crystals would arrive at Golddale.

Demetrius returned to his notes. New schools were being instituted in Libras and Storm Port. Not only would the youth be taught the true path to knowledge, but he would find the best, the brightest. He needed more magi.
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Teleportation range increased to two miles, my lord.

Very good, How far are you to controlling access?

Within weeks, my lord.

Carry on, Mhriun.

It was going as well as he could hope for. After another two days they had managed another mile. Unfortunately, it could not pass through solid rock. When they had pushed it's radius to it's limit they were going to have to build new ones with overlapping radii. It would be slow going as they would have to push the new ones as well.

It was time to find out what was happening in the rest of the caves. The teleporters were necessary for expansion, so far nobody had found the cause for the undead's weakness to running water. He intended to be the one to do it. But before they had to rely on the teleporter, there was still one place left to take posession of.

You will send your troops west to Khoth's lair, Hka'adh.

Yes, my lord.

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Despite ongoing negotiations with the Guild, progress was not hindered at Fort Dolthar. Within a day the closest three outposts were already being established. With this came the first official experiment.

Master Krynt was a man filled with the wisdom of many years, but still a very strange fellow. It was his mages who first made the breakthrough on the permanent light spell. Now they had found a use for it. Before he set his students to work he gave them a few words of instruction.

"For many years now we have spent our lives in these caves; however, as of yet none have discovered how deep these lakes and riverbeds are. Two previous attempts have been made, none of which were successful."
"The first experiment involved the use of the spell icebolt. The caster would fire straight down into the water and measure the length of the resulting column of ice. Unfortunately, more often than not such an effort resulted in disturbing the local wild-life. Furthermore, such contact caused a premature dissolution of the spell, thus limiting measurements."
"The second experiment was attempted by the insane wizard Dextra. She decided that in order to truly the depth, one would need to remove the water. Thus she invented an ingenious spell which transforms water into air. On testing the spell on a glass of water, she completely dehydrated herself and died."
"Do not worry about such problems in this test. Simply enchant then stones you have been given with the permanent light spell and throw them into the water. Then as you were taught, estimate the distance, by examining how strongly you can sense the spell."

Various splashes surrounded the island as the glowing beads of light traveled under the dark surface of the water. With it came a long silence as the students began scrying for their enchanted stones. Suddenly Master Krynt heard screams down the shore. He looked up to see that two of the mages had fallen over. "STOP SCRYING!"

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Falko followed the mage as he purposefully walked back to the shrub that he had just fired the forcecage spell into. A low grumbling was heard, and sounds of struggling. Orson quickened his step. The spell won't hold long.

The foliage parted easily to reveal a green creature about half their length, tightly bound with glowing ropes of green light.

Falko suppressed a chuckle. Goblins! Goblins were not a threat. Serious adventurers hardly even bothered with the pesky creatures. They were dangerous only to inexperienced rookies, and then only in numbers.

A glare from Orson told otherwise. As if in response to her unspoken comment, he spoke.

"They have multiplied beyond numbers in those pits up north. They have grown strong and bold, some even report they have grown intelligent. The goblins here are a serious threat."

Gesturing for the archer to lend a hand, he moved to lift the captive out of the bush.


"Shmite you wewill, huminy-humans. Bind Gobrak loosh, yesh, orwe'll eat you, eat you dead!"

"The reports seem to be exaggerated, commander." Falko sighed. The goblin was proving talkative indeed, but not very eloquent, and hardly able to converse.

"I would not rush to conclusions," the mage commented. "Intelligence can be inhibited." The goblin made a loud *hick*. Orson grinned. "By drink, for example."

"You believe he is intoxicated?" As if to stress the point, the goblin burped and launched into a muttered ramble that they could not understand.

One word caught their attention, however.


The goblin strained against his ropes. "We kill you wif iron, we kill you wif magic, we aren't dumb now, we'll sh-show you."

"Clearly not that exaggerated. Falko, we need to bring him back to the halls somehow. We don't have time for more extended questioning here, and we certainly can't afford to let him return to his forces for now."

"Fine, but we're not dealing with his babbling all the way back." the archer looked the goblin over with a calculating gaze, then rapidly punched him between the eyes. The goblin went still.

She sighed as she slung the unconscious creature over her shoulder. It would be a long way back to the halls.


Alfgar opened the next letter, breaking the sealing charm on it and expecting nothing but the same kind of reports that were now arriving from all directions at once. Armies mobilizing, marching for war, distant battles.

"Ship under flag of Kaz entered Delta two days ago, on way to open sea."

He frowned in confusion. Fleets were moving everywhere these days, but what was a single ship doing on its own?

Time to deal with that later, he decided.

OOC: Apologies for stepping on toes. I'm awfully tired and should be sleeping as of 2 hours ago. Will fix errors if necessary tomorrow. Night.

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Jsoulza Mountains

As Hmethrrr and the Twin Guards climbed the mountain, one of the guards asked Hmethrrr something.

"Why is it that Mrrrhrth needs that locket?" he asked.

"For the same reason I need the ring under my gauntlet," Hmethrrr snapped. The Guard remained silent.

It was about an hour later that they spotted a campfire ahead with figures moving about.


The Bordrao

A Crew-Nephil approached Mhthrrr.

"Sir, I'm afraid resources are low, and we can't afford to lose any ballistae until we get more wood...a lot more wood. The crystal maintaining the dome is also glowing red, and we don't know what it means," he hesitantly reported.

"It means we should turn it off. Make sure it happens. We won't have to dive, anyway," Mhthrrr said offhandedly.

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OOC: Seeing as TM has not posted anything, I'll go on without him. He can join my mission later if he likes.

A fleet of merchant's ships set sail from Southpoint Lighthouse. Many men manned them, and each one carried a hefty load of barrels in the lower decks. Their destination was Krizsan.

From the lower decks, Drale watched as much as he dared through an enchanted scrying mirror. They were making good time, but it would take a while. The real challenge would be what happened when they arrived at their destination.
Drale had rented the ships from a group of neutral merchants that wanted someone to take care of their ships while they went to market to rebel groups in Pralgad. Drale neglected to tell them that the ships would probably be in bits when they returned. Then again, they might not return. Pralgad was a dangerous place these days.
Every man that had participated in the downfall of Softport was aboard the ships. Since the Anama refused to take any part of his plan, and the Guild had not responded, Drale was forced to alter the plan somewhat. He hid men in barrels, in closets, and put sailor outfits on the rest and had them man the ships. He did not count on the ruse to carry them too far in Hunter waters, but it was better than an all-out assault.

His plan was simple: sail as close as he could to Kriszan's harbor, and, when they were discovered, sail ashore in the ships and run a quick raid through Krizsan, and capture the spell that Tyrga had. The main part of Hunter forces would be distracted by an attack near Farport or some such area staged by the rest of his forces. Drale knew that plans rarely went off so well, but he hoped to make it through without too many casualties.

Morale was not high among the men. They were loyal, but they disapproved of the boss risking their lives for his own personal power. Let them dissent the plan, Drale thought. After I have the power, they'll listen to me. They'll listen, all right.

In the distance, Drale saw a patrol ship. They were about off the coast of Pergies by now, he guessed as he turned off the scrying glass. It will be interesting to see how this enounter goes.

OOC: Dintiradan, feel free to roleplay this encounter with the ship if you want.

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On the behalf of TM yadda yadda.

OOC: I actually did respond. I'm going to make a convenient adjustment that isn't objectionable, given the circumstances. (Plus, remember that the Hunters don't have ships.)


Off of Pergies coast. The patrol ship-- a Fourth-Rate-- shot off a flare. The merchants were a little shocked. The ship began sailing towards them in a B-line. Unfortunately, in the light of the flare, the Looters' crew found that they had been followed in the distance by three sloops of war and a few cutters. Then, the three other sloops all shot out flares.

Drale immediately clamored to the deck of his Fifth-Rate Frigate. "Damn! The Hunters can't have ships like these. And these sailors mean business. Let's hope they're pirates, that way I won't anger the local authorities." But then, the Fourth-Rate sent out a rowboat. A single flare showed a white flag.

Guido hoped that these 'Looters' wouldn't be stupid enough to open fire or think that he was actually surrendering. Messengers had gotten to Softport just as the Looters had already left, and it was by sheer chance that the pirates had found out about this brigand fleet before it hit southern Valorim. Not that Cagnazzo would have fired upon Drale, but knowing this allowed the two forces to collaborate.

"Oi! Drale of the 'Looters!' Emmissary from Master Pirate Cagnazzo and the Guild! Drop down a rope, that we might negotiate!"

Drale let out a sigh of relief. It wasn't everyday that his allies went out of their way to help him get artifacts. He ordered his men to let down a rope and prepared himself for an audience in his cabin.


Barbariccia. A sailor walks into the gigantic flotanda's cabin and whispers something to Cagnazzo, who is impatiently pacing across the room. Cagnazzo seems relieved and dismisses the sailor.

"What is it?" asked Rubicante. Cagnazzo clasped his hands together and sneered. "We've made contact with the Looters. Apparently, their leader is involved in this. We should be able to observe their activities."

Rubicante nods. "Good, good. The difficult part of the plan has ended. With luck, the Looters will want to get their operation underway immediately. We will assist them in this endeavor."
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Lord O’Leary sat slumped at his desk with his face in his hands. The peasants were certainly riled up since those fake Anama had spoken to them. Agents from outlying villages reported anti-Anama demonstrations, and mobs from these villages had marched all the way to the walls of Sharimik hooting and hollering about the Anama before finally dispersing. “They are simple folk, accustomed to milking cows and tending fields; curse whoever it was who put pitchforks and torches in their hands!”

A clerk entered and placed a letter on his desk. O’Leary could hardly bare to look, “Most likely its some fool demanding I march to liberate Soft Port. How the hell am I expected to do that?”

When he finally picked up the letter he was shocked to see the seal of the Archbishop of the Enlightened Anama. He opened the letter and read:

Lord O’Leary, the Church of the Enlightened Anama has heard of the problems your fiefdom has suffered. It should be known that these agitators parading themselves as priests are not in any way sanctioned by our Church. I believe we now share a common enemy, the devious wizard.
Unlike these men, the Enlightened Anama has respect for local law. We ask your permission and help in restoring order to the area. However; it will require a good deal of commitment on your part………

O’Leary read on, at first in horror, and then with growing comprehension and much head nodding. “I believe my prayers have been answered,” O’Leary thought to himself. It was better not to wonder what god would answer a prayer in such a twisted way.
OoC- Thralni, I’ll think about your request for arrows. However; I’m a bit confused, are you going to use them to fight Infernal’s undead forces in Avernum, or are they for use against some faction that isn’t controlled by a player? Either way I’ll probably bring it up in my next IC, your messenger needs time to get here anyway.

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OoC: Editing Description

Mistress Irnai pinched the bridge of her nose as she looked up at Sgt. Harris. His latest report was troubling. "You mean to tell me that the Hunters are heading eastwards? This is most troublesome, I have heard stories about how people act when under their influence."

Harris nodded "Aye, mistress and the Dominion may ally with them-"

"What? if that is true I hope that the mages don't try and change the trade agreements," she looked back down at her paperwork "You are dimissed, please send Mrrsa in will you?"

"Will do."

Irnai settled back to reading the reports from the more distant islands when her nephil mage strode in "You called?" Mrrsa asked. Irnai had always wondered how the nephil, a rather tall race could produce one that closer in stature to a 10 year old human child to anything else.

Irnai nodded and told her of the developments and ended with "I hope you have better news,"

"That I may have, one of the patrols on the most SE island say that they have discovered a very large stone building. Early reports suggest it may be a temple."

Irnai considered this "A temple, you say? But why hasn't it been discovered before. Our people have lived here long enough, to know about some bloody huge building."

Mrrsa's ears twitched "My best guess it was magically shielded and the ptarol stumbled on it by accident. Are you thinking of sending some people in to investigate? There still could be some interesting things still intact."

The human smiled "Ever the adventurer you are. You people gravitate to forbidden temples of doom.

The nephil did not deny this "It's just that we may be able to find some artifacts that we could use as bargining chips-especially with the Dominon."

"That is a good point. I'll recruit a party tomorrow."

"Very good, Mistress Irnai."

"Don't be patronising."

Faction Name:Karnold Isles League (KIL)
Current Leader: Mistress Irnai- former Head Fisherwoman of Gebra now leader of her very own faction. Second in Command is Mrrsa-Nephilim Shaman/Mage.
SpeciesHuman with Nephil minorities.
Type of Government: Well, Irnai tells people what to do and they (generally) do it.
Religion: The island people generally worship the local sea gods. Although there are records of an old Cult of Pain that existed at some point on the isles.
Location:This faction currently controls the SE island chain of the Karnold Province. Main towns include Gebra although base of operations was moved inland to a smaller settlement to prevent naval attack.
Description: After the Dominion destroyed the Naval fleet and forced the surrender of the island towns they rested easy safe in the knowledge that the area was under their complete control.
They were wrong.
Mistress Irnai, long time leader of Fishers galled at restraints Demetrius had put on her home. And she decided to do something about it. Gathering allies from all corners of the isles she was prepared to fight a bloody revolution when by fate she met one Mrrsa, nephil mage of considerable talent stuck in Gorst due to the Hunters. Mrrsa, seeing interesting possibilities in the situation persuaded Irnai to seek a less bloodthirsty route.
One night all people in the pay of the Dominion were subdued in a coordinated attack. Although their blood was demanded as payment by some, Irnai's hand was stayed by wisdom.
Instead she had all captured restrained and shipped back to Stormport where they were dumped sharply on the docks.
With their leader, she sent a sharply worded note stating that the Isles would be back under the control of their people.
Soon after she moved herself and an entourage to the smaller (And ignored) town of Garne. The Karnold Isles League was announced and Irnai was elected to lead. In turn she appointed Mrrsa as her second in command.

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The wind that whipped freed locks of hair across her face was heavy with the taste of salt and the open ocean. The mountains were a dark shadow that filled the horizon to port. Mareike inhaled deeply, enjoying - for the first time in her adulthood - the sensations of sun and speed and rolling waves that she had grown up with. It was refreshing, exciting, and she thanked Kaz again for this opportunity. Beside her, Captain Wilbrand stood a trifle unsteadily, pale and queasy.

"How far do we sail, cleric?" he asked, keeping his gaze firmly fixed on the bucking horizon.

Mareike was not quite untactful enough to laugh at his expense, but she did smile. "Halfway to Valorim," she replied. "There are smugglers' coves where we will be able to start our search." She knew where the most commonly used ones were; the old maps were a legacy, passed down through generations of fishermen and sailors, and her father had made sure she and her brothers knew every safe harbour from the far west of Pralgad to the treacherous reefs and mountain barriers of north Valorim. It was, she was certain, the reason that Kaz had chosen her for this quest.

"And how long will this take?"

This time Mareike did laugh. "Not long, captain," she said reassuringly. "We are not trying to reach Valorim, after all. Searching those mountains will take much, much longer."

But Captain Wilbrand and the majority of his knights could find no ease until they reached the promised shore. Just as they had begun to gain their sea legs, they returned to land, and spent a good hour staggering about while Mareike laughed at them. It did not endear her to them, but the open good humour in her expression and the numerous times she had healed their seasickness meant that the hardened warriors forgave her easily.

And so, with the ship secured in the middle of the safe cove, the small group of Kazians began the long hike into the mountains, hoping to find some sign of the direction they should travel.


The group of nephilim approached the main body of the army. It was a small group, well outnumbered, but though they all held swords at their hips and bows on their shoulders, none of the cats went for their weapons. On Enhard's command the perimeter guards let them through to the high cleric's command tent.

He stood still, watching the nephilim, and his men were wary and utterly silent around them, prepared for whatever treachery the cats might initiate. There was nothing to read in the alien faces - not that he would have been able to interpret any nephil expressions he saw anyway. For a long time the cats merely stared at him, and he met the gaze of the lead nephil without blinking.

Then the nephilim turned around and left.

Gerulf uttered a bewildered sound deep in his throat. "What was that all about?" he asked. The nephilim had already disappeared beyond the perimeter, and the camp was now buzzing with questions and confusion.

"I have no idea," Enhard replied slowly. "Kaz grant it's nothing bad."

They saw no more of the Jsoulza nephilim, and it was not until much later that Enhard learned of the probing attacks on the eastern border before that day, all of them easily repelled with little damage on either side, and the other encounters similar to the final one that he had experienced. He had an inkling then that the nephilim had heard his message and had tested its veracity. What they had decided he could only guess.


[ooc] This has nothing to do with Zephyr's group. He hasn't met the native tribes I'm talking about yet.

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After Mernal had sent the messanger to the Anama capital of Shayder, he couldn't sleep. He knew far to less about what was going on. Okay, so he had heard rumors of goblins, rascists killing Nephilim, and mages and such in southern valorim. It was not enough. He had to know more. he had to know exactly what was going on.

It was still dusk, but as he couldn't sleep anyway, he stood up, and awoke five of his best-trained spies. They looked at him, while he motioned them forward.

"Gernas, Sergros, Hralek, Fralsrik and Moternij, I have things for you to do. Gernas, I want you to travel all the way to pralgrad, and find out more about these goblins I've heard about. I want you to find out what they want, and if they may be a threat to our objectives. Sergros, I want you to go to this old man, the seeker of knowledge. See how they are doing. Hralek, like Gernas, I want you to go to the north. However, you must go all the way north, past the goblins, and see what is happening there. Fralsrik, your job is to go to the south, and spie on the Dominion, and maybe also the looters. However, the dominion must be your priority. I only heard rumors, but there is a big chance they are very dangerous and can pose a serious threat. Moternij, you go to the south too, but go to Kriszan area. These rascists, or whatever they are, sound dangerous. More importantly, I want you to see what's happening at Fort Emergence."

All Nephilim nodded. Mernal continued:

"Go to the supply hole we dug, and searh for a small closed crate. This is the key. open it, and take five of the robes in them. They wil keep you warm and dry on your journeys. When you got them, come back to me.

Mernal gives the key to Gernas, and the five of them walk off. After several minutes, they return and give the key back to Mernal. He speaks again:

"And now the most important part."

He pulls out a small box from out of his leather jacket. He opens it, and the spies look at probably ten beautiful, brightly shining cyrstals. they all are probably as big a small stone, and can be easily held in the palm of your hand. However, there is one bigger one, who doesn't shine. It is dull and ugly.

"These, my spies, are crystals of alertion. When one of these crystals break, this big ugly crystal here, starts emmiting a light. A light equal to the color of the broken crystal. ONLY break your crystal when something really bad happens for OUR objectives. ONLY then. Also break it when you are caught, although I can't imagine a Nephil will be caught very easily. You, my spies, are silent and trained in the arts of lockpicking and spying. You won't be caught."

He gives each of the spies a crystal. gernas blue one, Sergros a red one, Hralek a green one, Fralsrik a black one, and Moternij an orange one.

"No go. report to me when something happens that I need to know. That is: almost everything that happens. Use this pieces of paper. Write on them with a twig or whatever, and I'll receive the letter on this small scroll here."

He shows them a small piece of paper, after which he gives everybody a scroll.

"You have one for yourself, and I have five, one for each of the scrolls. It can also be turned around. I can write on the paper, and you will see it on your paper. Now go, and make me proud. Remember: I want to know everything."

The spies depart, and Mernal walks once again to his sleeping mat. maybe he can get some sleep now he knows he will know everything that happens in this place.

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Mrundh, send one of your aides into the fortress, inform the inhabitants that I wish their aid.

The humans, my lord? Are they necessary for our plans?

Not everything must be resolved by destruction, Mrundh. When humans see those who have given up death, they see destruction.

Yes, my lord.


Outside Grah-Hoth's fortress:
Pathetic humans, incapable of proper, decent speech.

Speaking with a mouth that hadn't been used is hundreds of years was difficult to remember.

"I wish to speak with a human by the name of Xivuth," Kzar'rhd managed to say without making a fool of himself.

"Who are you to ask for a meeting with him?" asked one of the guards.

Humans, how tastey and sweet. When will I be able to feed again?

Making sure they could see his fangs this time, Kzar'rhd answered, "I am an emissary from Arch-Lich Krahn, and he demands an audience with your master."

Suddenly looking very pale, the guard went inside the fortress.

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Near Grah-Hoth's fortress

Xivuth and Kzar'rhd are sitting across from each other at a simple wooden table in a small, spartan room. The rest of it is taken up by a small magical laboratory, only big enough for one or two at a time.

"Your master's offer is obviously generous. A proper research lab and assistants would be quite an upgrade over this," says Xivuth, gesturing to his surroundings. "What I'm not clear on is what he expects in return."

Kzar'rhd does his best to smile charmingly. "Very little. Some. . . less enlightened peoples, people without the benefit of your experience, "he says, picking his words carefully, "distrust undead. Normally we have no dealings with such simpletons, of course, but once in a while they're. . . a sad necessity. That is where you come in."

"So you're looking for a go-between. I'm flattered, but our image is not exactly the best."

These humans sure do love to talk. It's obvious he's already made up his mind.

"Maybe not, but you are still humans, and sliths, and nephilim. And, as much as you try to hide it, it is no secret you have your recruiters scattered over Ermarian. They could serve as ambassadors, carrying messages to places we cannot. The cost to you is negligible, and what we offer is, as you said, quite generous." At this, Kzar'rhd drums his skeletal fingers impatiently on the table, and for the first time Xivuth's face betrays a tinge of nervousness.

"Very well. You may tell your master we have a deal."

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Khoth's Lair ruins. A hot breeze from the nearby magma fields sweeps over a small encampment. Six sliths and three humans sit about a round, collapsible table, studying a pile of items. A horned skull on a stake seems to keep a grim watch of the proceedings.

The humans are each wrapped in as little cloth as modesty would permit; the Sliths are bundled up warmer, in thick felt mage robes, some singed a little from flying embers. The ranking member of the circle, wearing a circlet over her sweat-drenched hair, hisses in frustration. "The dagger is enchanted, but not particularly so. Probably an artifact of the war."

One of her companions among the sliths takes the weapon she was studying and sets it aside. He then puts in front of her a scepter made of some manner of dark crystal - a scepter which seems to glimmer with a perverse, pitch-black relative of light.

She smiles. "By the damn slumberers, Az-ossath! We've had an onyx scepter here the whole time." The slith beams. One of the other sliths looks nervous for a moment. "We had better get back home, then, mistress Alaran," the second slith says. "No sssensse dawdling."

Alaran nods. "Teleportation with this thing would be fairly risky; there's a faint chance of the portal consuming it for stability. We'll have to hoof it; there's no comparing the value of our physical comfort to this thing."

The second Slith suddenly goes into a near-panic and darts off into a seemingly random direction. A low, rumbling horn sounds, first from the south and then echoing from every surface of the cavern. Alaran, bewildered, begins to curse by her demonic gods alongside her fellows.

Dozens of men in blackened armor surge from every nook and cranny, screaming and hurling javelins. Alaran cracked a wide grin. "Fools! With the Scepter, we'll make hamburger of -- "

At that moment, the pudgy archmage looks down at the pile of artifacts to discover the Scepter gone. She looks to Makhass and, sure enough, the black glow surges from his frame. With an anguished howl, she picks up the dirk and hurls it at him, and he gives a blood-curdling shriek and doubles over as it rips through his right eye and the bridge of his nose.

The man beside her is struck by three javelins and collapses in a writhing heap. His interrupted spell misfires, throwing out great gouts of power. Az-ossath catches a blast in the chest and stumbles; his thick robes catch fire, and his wailing, terrified screams begin to echo through the caverns.

Alaran surveys her surroundings again. Three of their nine down, and at least forty raiders bearing down on them on foot and lizard-back.

"There's too many! Gate out!"

Her companions do so. She grabs Az-ossath; through the sudden burning agony on her hand, she mumbles a spell and disappears in a flash of light.

One of the black-armored men on lizardback, armored in plate full enough to obscure any physical form, approaches Makhass, rolling around in agony on the cave floor, clutching his ruined eye.

A sonorous baritone voice with the slight sibilance of a Slith accent overwhelmed by decades of familiarity with the Imperial tongue sounds from within the black-plated figure's full helm: "Welcome to the Abyss Knights. Someone get the defector something to kill the pain so he can tell us what we've won here."

"Aye aye, Master Thissa."

The brigands quickly tend to the traitor's injury, and as soon as he is in a state to do so they move out, loot in tow, for the south.


Demon lands. The headquarters of the Cult of Grah-Hoth.

Four Sliths and a human appear in a flash, looking flustered. Xivuth immediately recognized them as the expedition sent to Khoth's lair to recover any useful artifacts. But... something was wrong. There were too few.

Then Alaran and Az-ossath appeared - the two ranking mages of the expedition - together each on some level of fire. Alaran, howling more with anger than pain, quickly cast a spell to kill the blaze; Az-ossath collapsed onto the floor, writhing in agony.

"Who is responsible for this?"

Alaran, understandably, was more focused on her flame-scorched hand than anything else, but she still mustered a response for her superior.

"Black armor. Riders from shadow. Makhass has betrayed the Onyx Scepter to the Abyss."

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OOC: Eeek! It's all starting to kick off now!


Fort Emergence

A fruitless half hour had passed before Manech's man finally came with orders from Samuels. Handing over his message to Manech, the soldier fell in behind him, slightly out of breath. Manech gave the Hunters a quick glance, and unrolled the scroll:

"Tell them we mean them no harm at the minute. They, at least aren't attacking us now, and we may be able to use them to defeat other factions on the surface. Eventually they will fall, but they need not know that. I will see an envoy of them, immediately."

Manech turned to face the party in front of him.

Well, may as well see if they want to meet.

"I am under orders to allow a delegation of your men see my Commander, in the hopes of making an alliance. Your words ring true, and I apologise for my earlier anger. Would you come and see my leader?"

Bors thought for a minute.

"Of course. I will also bring Alexandria, if that is okay? And a small portion of my troops?"

The poor girl might wet herself if I don't let her get to her crystals.

Manech nodded sharply.

"Very well. We will march immediately."



Morgain sighed inwardly; a sigh of relief.

So there are still some Avernites left. And a nice amount, at that. Samuels will be very pleased.

She was waiting outside King Lartaynior's throne room, preparing to see his Majesty. The news of the Castle struck her deeply indeed, and she was still moved by the fact. On the journey here, she also learned of the many factions from Selwyn. If she could get an envoy to the Abyss, she might be able to recruit even more men... But that would wait.

A voice called to her from the air.

"You can enter now."

She approached the door, and waited as it opened for her...


Lartaynior was seated on a plush velvet throne, on the highest point in the room. Serious looking guards watched like hawks as she approached, collected.

"Greetings, sire. I am Magi Morgain Yorke, an emissary from Commander Samuels of the Avernite Protection League. We, the people of Upper Avernum, would like to propose an alliance, one of mutual benefit."

Lartaynior mused for a moment. Then he smiled.

"Well met. As you are probably aware, Avernum is fragmented, split apart at the seams, with many factions fighting for power, dominance over one another, and for wealth. We, however, wish only to return Avernum to the glory it once held. An interest I sense you share as well. Tell me, what treaty would you propose?"

"Well, my lord, my main mission was to secure military backing to strengthen our position in the Upper Caverns. Even as we speak the Empire is launching an onslaught on our people."

"You want me to commit my men to fighting the Empire? We have been at peace for centuries!"

"Yes, sire, I am aware. But, with respect, the facts speak for themselves. As I left the upper caverns, surface forces were marching on Fort Emergence. They have forgotten the alliance, and will probably attack Avernum proper. I'm not asking for men to assault the Empire - that would be madness. I ask only that you spare 2,000 men to help defend our homeland - YOUR homeland."

"And what would we get?"

"Well, my lord, safe passage to Upper Avernum for one. We have established the portal in the ToM ruins, and would be prepared to allow you to use it. The upper caverns are also rich in magic - both Ghikra and Erika's Tower are sure to house artifacts that we could share with you. And, of course, you would gain an ally. A rare thing indeed in these times of turmoil. What say you?"

"Hmmm. Very well. I will allow you to take 2,000 of my men with you to Upper Avernum. As well as this, I give to you this orb, as a means of communication between our people. see that your leader recieves it. Now, let us forget business for a while and eat."

Morgain smiled, both inwardly and outwardly. She had secured troops. Now the bastards above would pay...


Ooc: Dini/GKing - over to you. Samuels will speak, and will offer to let you use the portal (in small numbers) if thats what you want. We can't offer troops, and any magical equipment must be bought fairly. Also, you can have a garrison in Fort Emergence.

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The town of Caledon was barely a town. It was actually a collection of miners' shanties and ore storage bins with a general store and barracks. Pushed right up against, and spilling into, the Ndovlu mountains, Caledon was one of many new "towns" the Righteous Return was promoting. To re-dominate the world economy, iron and precious metals were key, and the mountains were full of them. Most of the miners were somewhat inexperienced, but all were eager. Until the Righteous Return had come and set up the mining towns, tens of thousands of men were unemployed and living off of the kindness of their neighbors and communities. All were happy to get back to work.

In the back of one of the mine shafts, men were hacking away at the walls, searching for a vein of iron or even gold. One of the miners, Jolian, was pounding away at the walls with his pickaxe when he noticed that he was about to break into a hollow area. The reverberations grew louder with each stroke, and he pressed on excitedly. A new area to mine could bring untold riches to him and his wife and baby. He finally managed to break through to the other side, although the falling rock and dust kicked up prevented him from seeing much. When it all finally cleared, he stared through in shock. He was face to face with a goblin, who was just as startled as he was. It looked like he had just been awoken by the breakthrough.

"Aiee, goblin!" "Aiee, human!" they shouted simultaneously. Some of the other miners ran over to Jolian's aid, while some others ran back out of the shaft, to "get the guards" or save their own skin. Several other goblins scrambled towards the first green devil. For a while, both sides just stared at each other, sizing each other up.

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Demon Lands:
"Send a runner out to the vampire that just left. Tell him that I need the aid of his master."

Immediately three nephilim ran out the doors.


South of Demon Lands:
"I will relay you message to my master."

The humans have attacked the demon cultists, my lord. Xivuth wishes your aid in destroying them.

Where did it happen?

The ruins of Khoth's lair.

Too soon, I knew they would raid it, but not this soon. Inform them that Field General Hka'adh is marching on Khoth's ruins.

"Inform Xivuth that a force of undead is en route to Khoth's lair as we speak."


Khoth's Lair: 10 hours later.
The humans have fled across the river, my lord.

Look for any signs of human presence, some may still be there. Exterminate any threats you find.

Immediately, my lord.


We found no humans, my lord. They took everything of material value. However, they left a large amount of magically valuable artifacts, we found scrolls detailing several magical rituals.

Have the vampires under your command look them over and pursue any that may aid us. Also, begin the augmentation of the classic ruby skeleton design. If we find threats that are immune to fire, we will need to use other means.

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--SE-est Karnold Island--

The next day, a small group of armed forces as well as two acolytes of one of the island churches were ferried over to the building.

Harris, who was leading the team looked up at the forbidding stonework which had been over-run by undergrowth and took out a small stone.

The kitty mage had taken a sapphire (Which had been obtained by unknown means) and had enchanted it with a true-sight spell. According to her all he needed to do was to say the magic phrase to activate it.

"Chaikha," he muttered and the stone glowed. Suddenly he could clearly see in his mind every nook and cranny of the building. Taking available paper and ink he quickly sketched a rough map.

"All right people, let's go," Harris said as he led the way in.

--Garne (KIL Headquarters)--

Irnai was now in a foul mood. The source of this was another letter from the Dominion. Basically saying that they would quite gleefully walk over the islanders.
"The pretentiousness of those-mages. How dare they believe that we are at their beck and call!"
Her paperwork assistant looked up from an armoury report "Mistress, in terms of magical force they outnumber us utterly. You do know that."
"Of course I do," she snapped "I realise we only have one mage-a very good one-but one noone the less." Irnai halted pacing and looked up sharply "And that is why we must prepare to fight them in other ways,"
"Often enough mages find themselves vunerable to poisons. And our isles contain a host of poisons, the swamps to the SW have asps and other venomous beasts and plants. These very waters contain the paralysing Bloatfish and sea serpents-both deadly."

"You want us to poison them?"

"No, not yet anyway. What I want to see is the poisons harvested and the archers practising. I am not interested in open hostility with the Dominion but it pays to be prepared for suprises."

Her assistant quickly noted these orders. "Anything else?"

"Yes, have the guards on alert for mages. Tell them to leave the obvious ones alone. They are not anywhere but in Gorst and have business there.
Instead search amoung the citizens. The Agents like infiltrating. Have them escorted to the closest town cells and I'll write a lovely long letter asking them to pick up their mages and please not to try it again."

"Forgive me for saying this, but how will that convince them?"

Irnai gave a knife-like smile "Our people have indulged in sacrificing thinking creatures to Welku for years. And he always did like magic folk."

Meanwhile Mrrsa was writing a letter to some old friends, a particular guild.

To the guild. Interesting developments in the Karnold Isles have developed...

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The humans think we are stupid. Eventually, they will learn. But do not dissuade them of their belief. The longer they underestimate us, the longer we can take them by surprise, and lead them to wholesale slaughter.

-- The Great Authoritative Extra Great Guide to Killing, Slaying, Butchering, and Otherwise Disemboweling Humans


A huge wad of spit emerged from the darkness of Dorga's face. He always wore a red robe with an oversized hood that cast his face into shadow. He liked to have an image of mystery.

"Don't spit on the messenger, oh most honorableness of Dorga!"

He needed more time to search the delta, and now he was being called away to the north, to advance flank Glooramza. They were fighting some stupid warrior cult. Well, he could return later. But Grout and Goker were coming, too. Why did he have to go? Weren't they enough?

"Gobdammit. I'll repair the gobmic balance myself, if I have to!" Dorga muttered under his breath.


Glooramza was not happy.

This whole nephilim deal had seemed like a diversion from the beginning. Of course, the nephilim of the Jsoulza mountains had been quite hospitable. They were more than happy to let Glooramza and his men get comfortable in some of their coziest little pits. And their tunnels were beautiful. They were gracefully sloping passages and galleries lined with mushrooms. It would have been a nice place to live.

However, when they finally came through the mountains, the nephils there -- the ones who had actually been attacked -- were hesitant to fight. The humans had offered them some kind of fake truce, and many of them wanted to take it.

Glooramza regaled their leaders with stories of the persecution they had suffered at human hands, hundreds of years earlier. He told them the legends of Blue Gdobda, and he told them about the extermination campaigns of the Empire. Finally, finally, they were swayed.

"We will not sacrifice ourselves to attack these men," their chief had told him. "But our archers and our shamans will lend your their support."

Glooramza thanked him profusely, of course, but he was not happy. The nephil warriors ought to have been leading the charge. They were stronger, and they knew it. The cowards!

As they began to march west, towards the lands of Kaz, Glooramza began to cheer up. At least they would soon get to kill humans!


"Aiiieeee! Death to humanitarians! Death to humans and death to humans!"

With shrill cries the goblins charged into the mine shaft, swords and clubs swinging at the miners. Jolian swung his axe clean through the head of the first goblin, but that didn't stop the rest of them, who charged with intemperate bloodlust. "Fall back!" shouted one of the miners. They moved backwards in a leapfrogging pattern, with a few holding the line against the goblins, then falling back behind the others once they had gotten a good position. It was a makeshift tactic, and it wouldn't have worked with untrained and unskilled men, but for the fact that the miners knew the layout of the mine and the goblins didn't.

By the time the guards rushed in, a few more goblins had fallen, and most of the miners had taken a beating. There were only a handful of guards, but they wore tough leather hauberks, and had real weapons. They slaughtered another eight or nine goblins before the last four ran shrieking back into the caves. No casualties, and no serious injuries; they were lucky.

That night, the town of Caledon, such as it was, was on alert. The miners had tried to pile rubble in front of the passage the goblins had come through, but they couldn't really seal it off without risking the collapse of the whole area. So they posted guards by the mine entrance, and they sent a runner to Greenfield, the nearest city (and one loyal to the Righteous Return), to ask for assistance.

They were wise to post guards. In the middle of the night, a larger group of goblins came charging through the mines, with the same shrill cries of "Death to humans!" These goblins fought more defensively, so the guards pushed them back into the mines. They figured they could trap them in a dead end, and then take them out without too much danger.

And that was when the guards heard a whizzing sound coming from outside the mine. It was followed by an explosion, and a howling chorus of shrieks and roars.

One of the guards ran to the mine entrance. He could hardly believe his eyes. The roof of one of the shanties was on fire. The fire illuminated a terrifying sight. Caledon was surrounded by goblins on all sides.

Some of the miners put up their arms and tried to surrender. A group of goblins moved forward to meet them. The leader growled. The goblins ran them through with spears. The rest of the miners tried to fight. Ordinarily, they might have taken many goblins with them. But it was too dark for them to see well, and with goblins closing in on them from all sides, they had no room to maneuver.

The guard by the mine entrance shouted in a warning to his fellows, but it was too little too late. The mob of goblins jumped him, and then swarmed into the mine. Soon enough they found the guards, and with goblins on either side of them, they fell too.

The goblins were jumping up and down with glee, growling and laughing and swinging their weapons jauntily at the walls. Gloodelita smiled as he surveyed the destruction. There were a few dead goblins, and a pile of them in the mine, but not very many on the whole. And the humans were all dead.

He barked out orders to his troops. They would loot the town, if it had anything of value, and they would bury their dead. As a reward to his men, he would probably allow them to burn the rest of shanties down, too. But they would be gone by daybreak. Let the humans wonder what happened to their town!

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