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Originally written by Dintiradan:

Ephesos: Druids of Krell. Surprise, surprise
Got a problem with it? :P

I happen to like my creation. It's not like it's overpowered... or that ambitious, really.


Brother Clearwater stood in the harbor of Oakton, surrounded by an honor guard of priests and warriors. The ships from Eos and Numindia had finally docked, and the emissaries strode up the docks confidently, each with a handful of guards trailing in their wake.

"Welcome to Krell, friends. I am Brother Clearwater, senior druid of the Order of Krell." he said, met only with the sound of the ships' sails fluttering on the wind.

After an uncomfortable pause, the emissary from Eos spoke. "I am Rincon, leader of the Republic of Eos. Why have you summoned us here, Brother?" The Numindian emissary made no move to speak.

The elder druid kept a smile on his face, but knew something was amiss. "What else but our mutual welfare? Come, the meeting is to be held with the remnants of the Council in Ivrel. We have prepared quarters for you and your guards there."

Briefly muttering to his men, the emissary from Numindia simply nodded toward Clearwater. The druid sighed, and waved toward a group of warriors with a group of horses a ways from the docks.

"Let us ride." Clearwater said, noticing that both emissaries seemed a bit calmer. Not much, but enough. This shouldn't be too difficult...


Sunlight streamed in through the windows of the upper Council Hall, gleaming off the armor of the assorted guards. The emissaries and Clearwater waved them all away as they sat at the massive oak table which dominated the far end of the room.

As the heavy doors thudded shut, the Numindian emissary spoke. "Okay Clearwater, cut the smooth-talk for a moment. We need your assurance that this deal is going to help us."

The Eosian emissary looked stunned, as did Clearwater. Over the course of the ride to Ivrel, he had reached an agreement bringing Eos under the banner of the Order, bringing the total to 14 island republics brought together.

"Well, what do you think?" Clearwater said, gesturing to the surrounding building, which had yet to be damaged in any conflict since it was first built.

"I think you may not be able to help us. Merchants-turned-pirates from the mainland have been harassing us for weeks, and you have little in the way of naval strength."

Clearwater smiled. So that's all... we can deal with that.

"I'll have to put you in touch with Brother Redscale. He's in charge of what passes for our defenses. He'll arrange for some of our men to go back and help you defend yourselves. You know of our priests' strength, correct?"

The emissary simply nodded.

"Then do we have a deal?" Clearwater asked calmly.

"Fair enough," the Numindian replied. "But betray us and we will raze your precious island to the ground."

"I assure you, we have no intentions other than peace in all of Vantanas." Clearwater said, trying to sound as reassuring as possible.

"Good." the emissary said curtly. Then he smiled, for the first time since he had arrived. "What've you got to drink around here?"

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I forgot about these
Type of Government: Autocracy
Religion: Sorta hard, once you're dead you kind lose faith in all that stuff


Krahn's thoughts were inturrupted yet again. It was one of his advisors overseeing the defenses in the far north this time.

The scrying attempts are becoming more frequent. If their magi find a way to slip through the illusions they will descover what we are doing, my lord.

Krahn did not, however, become a lich without practice at patience. Moderating his voice he responded with no sign of displeasure.

Thank you for alerting me to the danger, I will take care of it.

Redirecting his thoughts to Field General Hka'adh, Krahn sighed mentally, the living always rush plans far past the point of idiocy, often throwing his own plans askew.

Tell the necromancers to alter the shades, instead of returning once the messengers have been killed they will possess the human magi.

Yes, my lord.

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Drale stood in his private room, examining his recently acquired wand. As far as he could tell, it contained some sort of fire spell. He poked at it and prodded it, but he could find out nothing more.

The door opened, and a man entered. Drale had never cared much for trivial matters like privacy. He was a practical man. He knew that there were those more powerful than him, and he tried to compensate for it by being as efficient and ruthless as possible.

Drale looked up from his wand. The man was Fengis, one of his most capable, if not trusted, men. There was a long scratch down his cheek that had not been there before.
Fengis adressed him "Forgive me for intruding, but I have interesting news."
"Pray tell."
"There are rumors of a place to the south. A place that some call Redmark College. It is a center for magi."
"Interesting. And how did you come about this information?"
"Ah.... There was a man who dealt in secrets. He came to the village, and he said he had secrets to offer me. We dealt. There were some mercenaries, however, that I believe were hired by the College itself. They had some business up here. They overheard us. Then..."
Fengis fingered the scar on his neck, and Drale caught sight of his blade. It was stained red.
"The other man did not live. This College appears to be a worthy foe. Perhaps we should relocate."
Drale shook his head. "Fengis, you fool. Do you know what magi use to study their art?"
"Do you know where books are kept?"
"In libraries."
"Inside libraries, Fengis, there are also scrolls. And do you know what scrolls bring us?"
"Exactly, Fengis. This is not ill fortune. This is an opportunity. Imagine how powerful we would be with the scrolls of a whole library!"
"You are advising an all-out attack?"
"No, Fengis. That would be foolish and rash. But we shall watch these magi. Send more men down to the cities surrounding the College. Find out all you can."
"Yes, Captain." Fengis left.
Drale smiled, then returned to his wand. All those scrolls...

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For my own sanity, I've put together a nice chart of all the factions created so far, arranged by geography. I've included the more identifiable third-party factions mentioned (the city-states, the Vahnatai, etc). I will be updating the chart as time goes on. It also has links to the maps. You can find it here:

Conveniently, everyone seems to be near several other factions. Serith is kinda far, but Exile is small. Ephesos is the only one who's really isolated... careful, Ephesos, or you'll be doing an RP with your fist!

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OOC: Slartucker: Good work; that will come in handy for a lot of people.

And with the Nephils in Jsoulza: I just intended them to be a small group, not really a faction. If anyone takes them up, however...

IC: Riner gathered some supplies and left quickly. Figuring that it would be at least a days ride, he travelled light.

Outside of Solaria, he looked back. Being the capital of the Empire naturally meant that it was large, but after the collapse, people had left. That effectively killed the outskirts. Looters had raided most of the area, and only the poor live there. The rising sunlight on Solaria made it look like the place was on fire.

Turning away from his city, he rode off.


When he got to the battle, what he saw dismayed him.

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One by one the boats that Acrio had sent out on scout missions weeks ago slowly returned. By the end of the hour all but one of the boats had returned. Concerned Acrio immediately went to the scrying chamber that was recently constructed on the second center of the fortress. An aged man stood over a small crystal in the center of the room.

"I'm glad I finally have a chance to --", before the wizard could finish Acrio had interrupted him.

"I'm sorry Denrich, but it will have to wait until later. I must know what happened to the scouts we sent into the Abyss."

"Very well, Sulfi." Acrio watched as the swirling gases in the crystal to responded to Denrich's incantation. Slowly an image of the final boat formed inside the crystal. "Oh dear."

The boat lay empty on the shores of the Western Abyss. Several dead bodies lay scattered around the area. More importantly, the scouts had been stripped of all possessions. They have stolen a rod of passage! Our defenses will mean nothing to them. Acrio was dismayed at this new information. Recalibrating the defensive network was a daunting task, and could not be attempted until they had managed to finish the magical enchantments on the gardens. If we don't finish the gardens, we will starve to death. If we don't fix the defenses, we will surely be killed as soon as this threat locates us.

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Well, some of the player-controlled factions are pretty tiny, too. I didn't mean to propose those "--" factions for new players necessarily, but just to make it easier to keep track of all the forces we've seen.

Humans, ever dedicated to their own deaths, have a saying: Divide and conquer. It's a great way to take them down. Humans are less dangerous when they don't have each other to reinforce them.

But what do you get when you split a big, chaotic, disorganized group of goblins in two?

Two big, chaotic, disorganized groups of goblins... each one just as capable of killing humans as the original group was!

-- The Great Authoritative Extra Great Guide to Killing, Slaying, Butchering, and Otherwise Disemboweling Humans

"It's been a super tough 20 years! Super tough for us!"

Glogroth's voice bounced and squeaked over the endless sea of goblins that filled the pits before him, all fidgeting restlessly.

"It's been tough... I have asked very really a lot of you! So very really a lot! I've asked you to make lots of little goblins... all the time, piles and piles of little goblins... it's a real chore, huh guys?"

The crowd erupted in raucous laughter. Glogroth heard a great belch of a guffaw come from below him. He looked down and smiled and the maiden who had uttered it.

"Well this year... this year, gobbies... the tough times are at an end! It's time for us to strike. The HUMANS, you see..." He paused for dramatic effect. "The HUMANS..." The big cave was filled with an enormous booing, punctuating by a few loud farts.

"The humans have lost their Empire! They are confused... they don't have guards to protect them any more. There is fighting everywhere. They are weak. So we are gonna take advantage of their crappy little weakness, yeah!" Sustained cheering. "And to do that... we are gonna hit them everywhere we can... we are gonna scatter!"

The cheering stopped. Now the crowd was confused... half the goblins started to scratch their head at the same time. Because of how closely they were packed, the other half of the goblins all got elbowed in the head. A good-natured brawl broke out.

Glogroth shrugged and picked some crumbling fungus off the cave wall for ammunition. He could finish his speech later...

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On TM's behalf:

"Mate, these incomers be pressing wide the berth of me flotanda," said a man wearing a black cape with six rapiers strapped to his back and a black bandana covering his face below his eyes. "Listen, Cagnazzo, I know this is inconvenient, but civilization has effectively collapsed. I don't want the Guild to be in one place just as much as you don't want your ship to sink into the water, but this is the whole reason why I bought out such an obtrusive vessel in the first place." The pirate spat, wondering how one of the ocean's most powerful barons got reduced to a servant for a mustachioed administrator. "Okay. I admit, your precious Barbariccia will be used more often. But the added benefit to YOU, Master Pirate, is that if you stay by my side, you too will know most things happening in the world as they occur. And so long as you don't create any massacres above and beyond what's tolerable-- as you've been fairly good at doing-- the profits in store for you are considerable." Cagnazzo continued to jitter about, twirling his shivs about nervously as another group of four adventurers walked in.

"Mmm... You're, what, Miguel? And that would make you... Ah! Yes, the 'Firebrands,'" said the slightly rotund administrator. "Master Rubicante," said the one in the lead, "we've come from southern Valorim." Rubicante slowly fondled his handlebar facial hair. "Yes... Go on." Miguel told Rubicante about "the Hunters," and how they had to flee east from Colchis.

"A mind-control spell? I will take your word on this... This worries me. Reports say that Carrie's unit is dealing with brigandry in Vantanas, but since reports are currently worthless or worse..." Rubicante picks up a golden horn from under his desk. His voice booms throughout the ship: "Carrie! Carrie May! Bring you and your 'White' to my quarters immediately!" A clattering was heard above the cabin, and the trap door was opened by seemingly nobody. Then, four "plop" sounds were heard in the middle of the room. "Master Rubicante, we're at your service." In typical theatric style, Carrie and her "White" unit dropped their illusions. Rubicante explained the situation in Valorim. "I want you," said an impatient Rubicante, "to investigate the situation. Do not do anything overly political until you get contacted by me-- I hope you remember the routine. Anywho, I want you to sneak about as best you can. No assassinations yet. Just reconnaisance." He pauses and turns towards Cagnazzo. "Oh, and Master Pirate... If you want, you can raid these 'Hunters'... After all, Krizsan is a coastal city." Cagnazzo smiles.

This was the fifth major "non-political" decision Rubicante had made that day. He was a bit worried about the "Returners" in eastern Pralgad, but had sent a unit whose members could all teleport long distances as negotiators- the "Gliders" would be able to report a failure of negotiations if it were to go down that way.

The "Dominion" was a touchy subject- the Adventurer's Guild had taken jobs for many of its constituent members before they had formed a "Dominion," although Rubicante wasn't particularly fond of the realpolitik nature of the organization. He had reluctantly decided to recall all adventurers on jobs in the area, opting to wait to test their mettle.

He had heard of Avernites in the Eastern Gallery, but fighting Vahnatai wasn't something Rubicante wanted his organization to be muddled down with, and fighting the "Empire" was an even more pointless goal. His decision was to allow these factions to hire the Guild for non-Vahnatai missions at increased prices.

The "Knights of Old Avernum," having made enemies of the Knights of the Abyss, were not to be touched. Similarly, the undead in the Abyss were nothing new to Rubicante, and were also in an area which Rubicante had sworn to not set foot on.

The Guild and the Knights of the Abyss had an "edgy" relationship: Being clearly outclassed, the Guild had always opted to stay out of western Avernum, whereas the Knights of the Abyss had always found it difficult to commit any serious piracy on the surface when fighting the combined forces of Cagnazzo and the Guild. A "war" between the two organizations would be disastrous for everyone since it would disrupt trade and would be the death of western Avernum, and so Rubicante had always enforced a strict policy of leaving the Abyss alone.

"Khoth's Disciples" were-- somewhat like the "Dominion"-- made up of people who had contacted the Guild in the past. Unlike the "Dominion," however, they were not overtly evil. The Guild had already sent some representatives to negotiate potential jobs with the "Disciples."

The Druids had also enjoyed a healthy relationship with the Guild. Rubicante expects that this relationship would continue into the future.

The "Salaria [sic] Group" seemed to be having problems with nephilim. Rubicante had decided to send some representatives to the "Group" to negotiate prices, but was prepared to rescind this offer if the "Group" decided to become genocidal or oppressive.

Lastly, Rubicante had heard of troublemakers in northern Valorim which had managed to rough up a few of his units and kill one or two. His policy with these raiders went almost without saying: Extermination wherever seen. He had already sent in two stealthy units to investigate to see if the raiders were organized.

(If I haven't listed any other organizations, it's because the Adventurer's Guild has not heard of them yet.)

Name: Adventurer's Guild*
Leader Name: "Rubicante"
Sub-Leader Name: Cagnazzo
Location: Scattered by necessity, although the people of Northern and Eastern Vantanas have opted to lend shelter to Guild members. Plus, Cagnazzo's pirates, who are perpetually "hired" by Rubicante, tend to hold the waters between Vantanas, Valorim and Pralgad, although holding oceans often means very little.

(* Often referred to simply as the "Guild," since most other guilds are neither global nor influential.)

Description: The Guild as it's currently known can hardly be called the first adventurer's guild out there, but it may well contain shards of the first one. Nobody really knows at this point.

It was roughly 200 years ago when adventurers realized that adventure had been becoming fairly scarce, competition was becoming fierce and greenhorns were often walking into situations which got them butchered. The guilds around the world began sharing notes, and eventually began merging. The order in which they conglomerated has been lost, but the intent was clear: Adventurers deserved to be hired at decent rates, adventurers' jobs should correlate to their skill levels and fields of expertise, and adventurers should live above sustenance even in comparatively peaceful times in order to guarantee a healthy trade. Essentially, the Guild was the first labor union.

Its leader abandoned her/his old name and adopted the pseudonym of "Rubicante," a name which would be adopted by all following administrators of the organization. The current leader professes to have been a tactician before the previous leader had offered him a lucrative deal to take the name "Rubicante" and lead.

Rubicante-- the new one-- then consolidated the Guild, tying relations closer with Cagnazzo the pirate. Previously, the Guild had hired pirates for transportation simply because merchants either hated adventurers (and the Guild especially) or nobody else would go to certain locations. Now, Rubicante flexed financial muscle to wrangle Cagnazzo closer to the Guild, dramatically decreasing piracy-based slaughters. The result was Imperial Governors and merchants accepting higher prices for Guild services. (Cagnazzo too profited: Not only did other pirates lose the Guild's services, but most were blown out of the water when attacked by Cagnazzo's adventurer-fortified fleets. This has given Rubicante the muscle to order Cagnazzo to not butcher innocents.)

Since the collapse of civilization, the Guild has kept its "shops" open (save for those in the Great Cave). Being places where messengers occasionally go and pudgy administrators live, they've never been of particular interest to be destroyed by any rebel group. The Guild is now in the phase of evaluating the new "factions" (and the new forms of previously-existing ones), seeing which will be beneficial to business, which will not be profitable and which can be destroyed. The Guild tends to stand against organized evil in general; its ability to claim "neutrality" mostly stems from its never having butchered whole cities or anything similar thereto. Rubicante must be especially careful in this era not to enrage any of the new leaders and to play into most of them.

(If you want to hire the Guild to get anything done, don't assume that they'll do the job- assassinations of other factions' leaders/officers, for instance, will probably not fly.)

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Tygra listened to all the couriers deliver there messages. He waved his hand dismissively. He had to get to his army and lead them to conquer Delan. How did some many sliths get control of Delan, Delis, and Pergies? He had already given his speech to the people and now it was time for a bit of travelling.

At the head of the army Tygra sat on his horse. Now after a short briefing his army was mobilized. Our first militay assualt. Must have the human slaves rebel against those damn sliths.

It was a quiet rainy day in Delan. Only a small amount of sliths watched the human slaves. Most of the sliths were at Pergies. "Humans rebel!" A voice dripping with some sort of spell yelled out. Almost immediantly the humans all rose throwing rocks at the gaurds.

Tygra had his two mages send a blast of fire at the walls. In no time his soldiers were through. In even less time the sliths were over run and killed. Tygra stepped up to the former slaves. He preached out about the Hunters and in no time they all joined. Now for the other two...
His army moved fast, quickly doing to Delis what they did to Delan. From there the soldiers toke an all out assault to Pergies. By burning their javelins before they could get to them and killing their mages and priests quickly they held dominance. The human rebels combined wiht raining arrows killed the remander of the slith army in no time.

In less then a week he had started getting proper gaurds around his three newest cities. Those sliths who weren't dead were now his slaves, mining the mines. Tygra looked down at the pile of dead sliths in Delan. "We will feed the corpses to our slaves" he said to the slave master.

A mighty earthquake hit the mines of Pergies and shook Pergies up bad. The miners had reported that a massive shaft had opened up. It was worth investagating as it could have even more sliths...

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A figure sat near a fire, in an eternal quest in vain to get warm. He wore a ground-brushing blue robe, with a symbol on the chest resembling a backwards 'S' on its side with a horizontal line in both open spaces in the 'S'. A hood covered the head, with a mask hiding the face. He wore leather gauntlets and heavy boots. Despite this, he was still cold.

Another Nephil wearing the symbol approached the figure cautiously.

"I have news for you, Hmethrrr." the Nephil said,
"the Balm of Life has been brewed, but we have yet to find a priest skilled enough to use it. Not even our most powerful shamans can do it."

He stood up and stared at the messanger with icy blue eyes from behind his Rakshasa mask. Hmethrrr spoke in a cold, icy voice. "If we don't have a good enough priest, we shall simply capture one. We can spare no expense to restore Mrrrhrth. And be careful if you find a basilisk. I don't want anyone here to make the same mistake my father did!"

A voice called out from the shore. "Sir, we've spotted another ship!"

"You are dismissed, my Nephilim bretheren," Hmethrrr said as he waved the messanger away.

"But sir, word has leaked out that we exsist," the messanger said hesitantly.

"Raid the ship and bring it back like the others!" Hmethrrr shouted, and then he turned to the messanger. "Whoever knows of us without my approval must be eliminated."

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OOC: EDIT - Post removed for the sake of simplicity.

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Bargha. Grandmaster Vogt shifted uncomfortably on his throne. "Cavalier Morridan, I know you have rendered the Knights many years of service. But your latest request is baffling. How could you have lost an entire detachment?"

"The survivors reported a Slith ambush. They apparently jumped us from an extremely short range, peppering our forces with spears and then slaughtering them in melee."

"Very well. I will consider sending another detachment. You are dismissed."

A figure arrayed from head to toe in plate mail rocked a little at the Grandmaster's side, resting its weight on a faintly glowing halberd. "My associates have formed an opinion, master."

"What is it, Thissa?"

"Trickery. While the attacks described are consistent with Slith action within their own territory, it's absolutely impossible that a Slith army set itself up in Sector 7. And failing numerical superiority, the Slithzerikai prefer to break the enemy's spirit, engaging him from every direction and withdrawing into the caves."

"There is no way that what we are dealing with is a Slith infestation."

"But the messengers..."

"Liars. Either Morridan is a fraud and has been siphoning off troops to destroy you or he's a fool who has been taken in by an illusionist, probably sent by some law-and-order type to ruin us. Either way, we should not send a single man west."

Vogt sighed. "You know I trust your counsel, Thissa, but on what basis did your associates reach this conclusion?"

Thissa chuckled. "Whatever law-and-order type it is apparently doesn't know we have sliths, sir. No Slith officer we've asked has found their tactics anything but alien."

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(Sorry I’m so late with my description, I take a day away from the boards and something significant happens.)

Captain Keelfast kept himself aloof from the affairs of Kings and Empires. He certainly had no intention of getting involved in the upheaval on the Island of Bigail. An experienced captain knows that conflict rarely has good results for a merchant, and a captain as seasoned as Keelfast would avoid the ports of Shayder like the plague.
But Keelfast didn’t have the luxury of looking for a more hospitable port. The Salt Spray’s mast had broken in a storm off the shore of Southpoint Lighthouse, and he needed a safe harbor for repairs. He entered Shayder dreading violence or seizure of his ship. But at the docks his crew was greeted by normal port activities. The news that had been circulating about strife and unrest on Bigail was clearly much exaggerated.
The talk of the streets was the Archbishop Knor, who was to give his weekly sermon to the people this afternoon. Keelfast was hardly a religious man, but many of his crew were interested, and he figured it was his responsibility to make sure they didn’t do anything foolish.
The speech was given in the Temple of Shayder, and flocks of people came out to listen, many wearing rings, many not. As the Archbishop spoke, the crowd’s emotions soared to a fever pitch. It wasn’t surprising that Captain Keelfast was not the only man who left that day wearing Anama rings.

Group Name- The Enlightened Anama of Bigail
Leader- Archbishop Darius Knor
Location- Island of Bigail, Valorim
Government- Theocracy
Description- In the years after the plagues of Valorim, the Anama Church nearly fell apart. The religion suffered from poor leadership, and declining zeal amongst its followers. Over the years its policies had slackened to the point of accepting mages, and wizards slowly began to re-populate the island. Bigail no longer had an official religion, foreigners swarmed the island, and local leaders were helpless against marauding pirates and bandits.
Darius Knor was a powerful public speaker who had gathered a large following in Bigail. He preached a return to the religious conviction of the past, and establishing a new national religion. This religion would be his own, the Enlightened Anama, named because of his proclamation that the old establishment was weak, and had lost sight of the true purpose of the religion. Perhaps the most popular aspect of his philosophy was the expulsion of mages and foreigners from the island. He blamed mages for the problems of the world, and reminded the people of the peaceful times before mages returned to the island. All conflicts in the history of Ermarian could be traced back to the bickering of wizards, he claimed. His following swelled to become a large majority of Bigail citizens. The governor was helpless, and at Knor’s demand he gave Knor the position of Head of the Church of Bigail. Knor immediately proclaimed himself Archbishop of the Enlightened Anama, and assumed the powers of the governor for his own.
Knor was little more than a demagogue, and whether he himself believes his preachings is in doubt. His “sermons” are little more than war mongering and rabble rousing, but he gathers a larger following each day.

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Mayor Kramer looked around quizzically as he left his offices. That's funny, no one's about. He began heading to the only inn in Angel's Rest, preparing himself for his customary three drinks. When he entered, he stopped dead. He had found where all the people had gathered.

"... have always been lying to you, always been misleading you," the nondescript man at the front of the inn was telling his audience. "The Empire had always held your fate in its hands, yet it never defended you! Where was the Empire Army when your lands were being ravaged by the Troglodytes. Had the senseless restriction on defending yourself, on using magic, been lifted, you could have fought back! Now, they are trying to bring back the old days. Will we return to those days of unenlightenment?"

Far too many of the citizens were nodding at the man's speech. Kramer began sweating.


Demetrius smiled as he looked at the report from his Agent at Angel's Rest. The battle was joined. Oh, there was no swords, or spells, but it was a war nonetheless. He would have preferred planting his ideas west, at Bolton, but he doubted Nyrulia and his Hunters would approve. How did the man gain so much support in so little time?

Demetrius tsked as he looked at the next report. His Agents up in the northern mountains had lost contact with another mercenary group. One group stopping the daily correspondence could be negligence, but two... There was someone who didn't like his involvement up north. He briefly considered hiring an adventurer group to investigate, but then decided not to. The only ones less reliable than mercenaries are adventurers. It would have to be Agents, someone who could watch silently without being caught, to be the eyes and ears up north.

Demetrius rubbed his forehead. He hated not knowing. Need a scry pool built, but need power crystals for distance... He made a mental note to get in contact with a faction in Avernum, and proceeded to the next report.

An Anama faction... Vahkohs is back (again)...

Slartucker, I'm recreating the Xian Tome in my scenario. Can I include your excerpts in it?
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Tygra was considering one last attack before marching north. Bolton was the last city he wanted to claim before heading north. The Dominion of the Learned has foes in Bolton. Taking it out might imptove relations. Tygra wasn't sure if the Enlightened Anama would like that. Being sandwiched in between two opposing groups was difficult.

A band of scouts had been sent down through the tunnel an hour ago on the fastest horses. I wonder if the tunnel goes anywhere... Tygra bit his lips, thinking about it. The best thing would be either the slith homeland or Lower Avernum. That way he could slowly kill two great foes.

Finally coming to a decision about Bolton, he decided to spare it for the day. Instead he would go to the magical library...

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An army without discipline is a rabble.
A warrior without honour is a brawler.
A man without god is an animal.

-- from the Scrolls of Kaz.


Without carpet to soften the footfalls of metal on marble, the cleric's nail-studded boots created great echoing clashes that reached from one end of the great hall to the other. There were no tapestries hung upon the high polished walls, no cushioned chairs for the weary to rest upon, no gold adorning the ceiling in filigreed finery, nothing to call to mind the opulence and the soft corruption of the building's previous owner. The great Temple of Kaz had been purified and blessed over every stone and every inch of the grounds, until all taint of the deceased noble of the Old Empire had been removed. Clerics clad in full armour, with cloaks of silver and white, stood motionless but alert at intervals, and those without armour walked softly in the pale blue robes of a cleric at rest.

The cleric reached the end of the hall and went down on one knee before the dais. Embossed upon his breastplate above the sign of Kaz were the symbols of his rank, and his cloak was pure silver. "My lord," said High Cleric Enhard, "the Third Army awaits your blessing."

The solitary figure upon the great throne looked up at his words, and Enhard lowered his gaze so that he did not look upon the holy light shining bright enough from the Avatar of Kaz' eyes to blind the unworthy. "You have done well, Enhard," said the Avatar of Kaz, and his voice rolled and echoed like thunder in the hall, filled with harmonics that only those hollowed and infused with the divine light of a true deity could hold. "You shall command the Third Army, and you shall take it north, even unto the source of the river, and you shall bring order to the orderless. Let no injustice be done, and address all dishonour in accordance with my tenets. Go now, and join your army."

Enhard bowed until the white plume of horse-hair upon his helmet brushed the ground. "Your will be done, my lord."


Name: The Order of Kaz, Lord of War
Leader Name: The Avatar of Kaz
Government Type: Theocracy
Location: Pralgad, based in Imperius and reaching down the river.
The collapse of the Empire brought about the downfall of any law or decency in the city of Imperius. In the dark chaos of the following years, a small group of clerics and warriors returned to the teachings of the ancient gods, most particularly Kaz, Lord of War. They were the only protection that the common people of the city and the nearby farms could count on with any reliability. Preaching the ideals of honour and discipline, the following of Kaz grew to become the major religion and, eventually, ruler of Imperius.

Three years ago, a High Cleric emerged victorious from forty days and forty nights of ceaseless battle against a nearby warlord. Judging this to be the most worthy of his followers, Kaz offered him the greatest honour. The High Cleric accepted gladly. Filled with divine power, nothing familiar remains of the man the High Cleric had once been, and he is now known as the Avatar of Kaz.
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Curse the Knights of the Abyss! Curse them to... well, the Abyss.

Lartaynior was in his command tent in the middle of his army's encampment outside the western gates of Almaria. He had bypassed Dharmon and Blosk and was now trying to negotiate with Stannwyk, the mayor of Almaria. After abandoning the two western cities, he had received an urgent message from Renlo, the mayor of Blosk asking for his help. The Knights of the Abyss were making him quite nervous. He dug his own hole. Let's see him get out of it. At least Roband isn't coming crying to me. Of course Dharmon is one of the most defensible cities in all of Ermarian, above or below.

He had made a tactical decision to move on to Almaria in the hope of garnering more support before attempting to take on these ruffians from the Abyss. I'm not afraid of these uncivilized wretches, but I'll lose a sizeable amount of men trying to dispatch them. His 34,000 men were a sizable force, but compared to the almost inexaustable supply of men that the Knights of the Abyss could field. For every man we kill, two more brigands will take their place. These dregs of society have ruined all my well-laid plans.

A voice came from outside the tent. "Sire? Mayor Stannwick is here to speak with you."

"Thank you, Meryn, send him in."

The tent flap was pulled back, a tall, thin man in his 50's with gray hair and a very solemn face stepped in and immediately got down on one knee. "Your grace, I pledge my fealty to you as the rightful king of Avernum. I realize that I gain nothing by resisting you. Almaria, the surrounds, and the garrison 1,500-strong is yours."

"I don't suppose this change of heart would have anything to do with the army I have outside you gates, would it?"

"Are you questioning my valor, sir?" said Stannwick in a prickly tone. He was a very serious man of the sort that considered honor to be the most important thing.

"Certainly not. A jest, in bad taste perhaps."

"This is no laughing matter, sire."

"Of course not, I apologize."

"In that case, the matter is forgotten."

This man has one huge mushroom up his arse. I'll have to be carefull what I say about him. All the same, I finally have one of the great cities under my rule, and another 1,500 fighting men. Most importantly, he had access to the only bridge across the river running through Great Cave. Now he could move eastward and hopefully gather more support.

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Ouracasos, Laessos, Tanan, Halitarn, Skarrifisk, Ona, Numindia, Eos, Krell, Trobi, Isidar, Freslari, Polir, Ysanto, Sipan, and Teguka... Brother Clearwater repeated to himself, trying to keep the names and leaders straight.

Fifteen islands. All the major players in the archipelago northwest of Vantanas had united behind the Order. And then there was the Guild, which Clearwater was happy to accept as an ally. He just hoped they could dispatch some of the pirates troubling Numindia... as the island farthest south in the chain, they'd be an important outpost should trouble seek the Order's shores.

Truth be told, the Order had maintained token religious presences on all of the surrounding islands, along with a few churches on the mainland (Clearwater had finally renewed contact with them a week prior, much to his relief. Nobody had died, by some miracle). And if the legends were true, there was still the temple originally founded by Ephesos himself, somewhere. None knew its true location... Ephesos had never said much about it when he had returned. Order historians had mostly discarded it as legend, but Clearwater held out hope of finding it one day. Maybe not in his lifetime, but someday...

"Brother, how about another round?" the Numindian emissary's voice shook him out of his head. He had thankfully turned out to be fairly personable.

"No thanks, Encras. I think I'm going to take a walk," Clearwater replied. "Don't forget about tonight's meeting."

"Wouldn't miss it for the world!" Encras shouted above the din of Ivrel's tavern, the Floundering Crow. Clearwater dearly hoped that he would sober up before the meeting.

Stepping out of the noisy tavern and into the surprisingly-cool evening air, Clearwater took a moment to soak in the tranquility that was Ivrel. Hopefully, nothing would disturb this.

Clearwater was still surprised to see the plans work so well... fifteen islands, fifteen new republics, all getting used to life without the Empire. Well, fourteen once you leave out Krell. And they were all present here. And they were ready to make peace. A dream come true... something must be wrong.

Without realizing it, Brother Clearwater had reached the remains of Ivrel's old walls. He climbed them with little difficulty, still fairly young and strong. From here, he had a magnificent view of the ocean, with a hint of the Vantanas mainland peeking over the horizon. Tomorrow morning would be a glorious sunrise...

Then the senior druid noticed something out of place. A ship was approaching the coast of Krell, and it looked like it was headed directly for a landing east of Ivrel.


The boat was full of nephils and slith, with a few humans acting as crew. They had sailed from the south of the mainland, and they had fled from some revolting Empire soldiers who had turned on the non-humans. Brother Clearwater gladly extended sanctuary to them, but had to depart before he could hear their full story. The meeting was at hand.


The moon's light shone through the Council Hall's upper meeting room, illuminating the sixteen faces which sat at the table. Nine men, three women, a slith and a nephil. One representative from the Guild, who looked rather out of place among the other more heavily-decorated emissaries. And then Brother Clearwater.

The druid cleared his throat. "Friends, we have gathered here in the interest of peace on Vantanas. The first issue at hand is clear: who here has strong contacts with the mainland?"

Hands shot up, including the emissaries from Numindia (who looked unusually happy), Skarrifisk, Polir, Sipan, and Freslari. Not surprising... they were all the closest to the mainland. The Guild's representative also raised a hand.

"Alright, then we can begin probing the mainland. We need to find out the current situation fast. The Order has a few temples on the north coast, all of which have been untouched by trouble so far. And the Guild has agreed to cooperate with us for the time being," Clearwater said, courteously nodding to the grizzled adventurer who represented the Guild.

The emissary from Isidar spoke. "So what now?"

"We wait, and carry on as best as we can. Keep our defenses strong, lest some outside force tries to reach us. We don't know what's happened on other continents, and I doubt we will for some time yet. Beyond that, all that remains is to regain contact with mainland Vantanas."

He scanned the faces of the room, and saw no objections.

"So now, we plan. Does anyone have contact with Woodsmuir?" he said, pulling a few map scrolls from out of his cloak and spreading them on the table.

EDIT: Added Woodsmuir to the meeting, and moved the Order's mainland temples from east-side to north-side.

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On the behalf of TM.

Barbariccia, off of the northern coast of Vantanas. Rubicante had just gotten finished dismissing his 203rd unit (give or take) since the collapse of civilization. Cagnazzo had taken off his rapiers and was dozing off in a chair towards the far corner of the room. He wasn't going to get his flotanda back until business was finished, and Rubicante stood to lose far too much by withholding information from him. He'd hear whatever news was news to him when he'd wake up.

Or not. Pirate's instinct doesn't wear down, ever. "Rubicante." He wasn't listening. "Hey, Rubicante! There's--"
"I heard you the last time. Try not to interr--"
"No time. We've been boarded. Must be a mage."
"And how in blazes do you know that?"

Cagnazzo was vindicated when a man in a black cloak dropped down from a trap door in the ceiling. Everyone stood still. "You... Geoffrey, get your group out of here. I'll call you back in... In a little bit." The man in black shook his head. "You're too trusting. I could have killed you right now, Rubicante." The administrator in question clasped his hands together. "If you were out to kill me, you'd have already done so. Heck, I've got a few magical wards myself." The man in black laughed. "Listen, I've scried your wards... You're right, though: I could kill you. Right now. And then I'd be gone. But truth be told... I do require your help."
"Help? You mean you want a job done?"
"Yes. But I want to come to you, and you alone."
"Why? What could you possibly want, and why waste my val--"
"This is a job that will require Scarmiglione."

A pause. Rubicante and Cagnazzo eyed one another nervously, trying to decide whether to oblige the man or to order him off of the ship, never to return. Rubicante slowly turns towards the man. "You want him- what do you want him for?" The man produces a map from the shadows of his robes. "I want a set of items which can be found here. There are some... Otherworldly powers who have found the power of these items to be a considerable draw as well."

Cagnazzo had too big of a mouth for his own good. "Effing hell- that's a goddamned demon's lair! Hey, Rubicante- ain't that where you said that ancient people left some of the most dangerous stuff on the whole bloody planet?" Rubicante turned to him angrily, but the man in the black robe interjected before Rubicante could, sounding all the more stern this time. "You're right, pirate. What I want is in those very ruins. And I will pay- oh, will I pay. Rubicante: Your people like gold, right? Well, I apologize for not bringing any with me, but I can split the difference." The man pulls out a black silk pouch and tosses it on the table. Rubicante dumps out the contents.

"Holy hell- diamonds! Sir, I don't know who you are or how you got these, but--"
"My name is Satsujin, and how I got these is of no concern. There are more if you wish, it is of no concern to me."
"Great. Then get me twenty more sacks of this size- or one very large sack that's twenty large, I don't really care- and Scarmiglione is yours."

The man kneels to the ground and produces a large, circular piece of silk cloth. He also takes out a piece of green chalk and writes out some inscriptions. Soon, the inscriptions glow brightly and disappear. A teleportation sphere envelops the cloth, and leaves a pile of diamonds on it.

"There. My end of the bargain. Now, Rubicante- get me Scarmiglione. Now. No excuses."

Rubicante shakes his head, still not believing what he's seeing. "You want him, don't you? Okay. Fine." Pulling a golden sphere from within his desk, Rubicante traces an intricate design on its surface and tosses it to Satsujin. "That. That's him. I know it doesn't feel like much, but all you have to do is burn off the golden shell. But I warn you, he may still attack you. I can guarantee you nothing. But since you know him by name, you know this, I trust?"

Satsujin laughs. "Phaugh! What nonsense. He will listen to me. You see..." The man takes the hood of his black robe off of his head and unhooks the veil over his face. Rubicante jumps out of his seat. "What! You're... No! Go! Begone! You have what you want, now go! I have my ways of retrieving him. He will last twenty days before returning to my posession. Now go. Forever. And don't come back."

The man in black puts on his veil and hood again, takes the golden sphere and teleports away. Cagnazzo is still a little stunned. "Hey, what was--" Rubicante interrupts him. "Silence. We aren't going to speak of this again. I only hope that whatever that... thing was looking for, he'll take it and leave this world."
"But why'dya give it to 'im? Scarmiglione to whatever that thing was, I mean."
"Because... If the stories about his people are true and if he's old enough to know of such an ancient place, he's not a person we'd want to mess with."
"Okay, but how do we know of such things if they're so ancient?"
"We were asked to recover some historical scrolls from there once. Not even anything magical! Fifty years ago. We lost twenty-some units attempting it... Anyway. This matter is forgotten."

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The necromancers have informed me that the humans have decided to stop sending us bodies, my lord.

Do not press them, allow them to retreat. They are of no concern to us until the project has been completed.

The lack of bodies would hurt, but the army already had close to two thousand. More was not necessary as long as they could avoid going on the offensive.
Finally, things would return to a calm pace. With the area secure and the humans posing no threat, they could continue as planned.

The portal is stable, my lord. We are working to expand it's radius.

At last. After years of work, they could progress.

Make sure our friends up north don't hear of this, we don't want them using it for themselves.

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The Righteous Return does not sit around idly, waiting for the world to change around them. They go out and make sure the world changes the way they want. The few legions of Empire troops Tarkun had been able to secure were split into two groups - those who could teach, who set about recruiting and training more soldiers from the promising young men, and the rest, who formed an immediate defense force. With goblins to the south and nephilim to the north, the only humans in the area had to stick together.

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Drale and several of his most capable men emerged from the mountains on fine steeds. It was a long way to Softport, and an even longer way without been spotted by that cursed college's Agents. But he would get there eventually.

Earlier that day, Drale had recieved the news from his men scattered along the southern citites that Redmark College was spreading propaganda in Angel's Rest, against order and the Empire. Drale didn't care much for order or not himself. All he knew was that it was the enemy spreading it. The citizens seemed to listen, however. He figured that city was as well lost; it was too far from his base and too close to the enemy's.

But Drale had recieved more troubling news as well. There was another faction who were allied with the College: the Hunters. Apparently they were extreme racsists, led by someone named Tyrgan. This Tyrgan had taken three cities from sliths in a day. A day. Drale was not over-optimistic; he knew that he could not fight a winning war against both. But there were rumors of Tyrgan having some sort of magical knowledge or power, and Drale was determined to investigate, and, if it existed, to seize it.

And so Drale headed for the Isle of Bigail. He did not agree with the Anama's outrageous zealotry, but they well and truly hated mages of all types. From what he had heard of the former Anama having a huge treasure hoard, he figured that they were not averse to magical objects. Perhaps he could form an alliance of necessity and against a common enemy.

OCC: An official offer of alliance, Lazarus, against Hunterking and Dintiradan. Whaddya say?

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Originally written by Slartucker:

For my own sanity, I've put together a nice chart of all the factions created so far, arranged by geography. I've included the more identifiable third-party factions mentioned (the city-states, the Vahnatai, etc). I will be updating the chart as time goes on. It also has links to the maps. You can find it here:

Conveniently, everyone seems to be near several other factions. Serith is kinda far, but Exile is small. Ephesos is the only one who's really isolated... careful, Ephesos, or you'll be doing an RP with your fist!

You might want to edit Tyran's location and my motivation, I'm all about magical research and .... power, but through magic.
Also, after talking to Alec a little, I was more under the impression his factor was motivated by greed rather than power, but I could be wrong.
Originally written by Drakefyre:

The Righteous Return does not sit around idly, waiting for the world to change around them. They go out and make sure the world changes the way they want. The few legions of Empire troops Tarkun had been able to secure were split into two groups - those who could teach, who set about recruiting and training more soldiers from the promising young men, and the rest, who formed an immediate defense force. With goblins to the south and nephilim to the north, the only humans in the area had to stick together.
Was I the only one who read this and thought "where is the description?" It clearly states what happens, and this is good, but I couldn't picture it happening. It struck me as more of a list than a story.

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With the security of Mar Atha (what the disciples decided to rename Fort Dolthar) at risk, Acrio had no choice but to further investigate the death of the mages in the Abyss. However, as the leader of this small group, it would be unwise of him to take upon such a dangerous mission himself. Instead he turned to his long-time friend Denrich.

"You cannot ask me to do this Sulfi!" The older wizard shouted.

"Think of the consequences if we don't retrieve that rod. From the moment it was found everyone of us has been placed in grave danger." Acrio could see that this was not helping to convince his friend. "Besides, you are more than skilled to handle any threats you might encounter."

"I have seen things Sulfi. I meant to tell you sooner; however, you have been too busy with other details. In my scrying I managed to catch sight of a great legion of undead in the far northwestern tunnels. It was then that I felt a presence."

"A presence?"

"Something ancient and powerful. It took all of my strength to prevent it from shattering my mind. I dare not attempt to head into it's dominion."

"I understand your concern now. It would be foolish to send one of our own men. See if you can contact the Guild. This matter requires further investigation, but I am unwilling to sacrifice more mages."

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Mernal entered his room to take his bow, arrows and his small iron dagger. You just never know if you could need it. He closed the door, and sat at his desk, took out a small paper, and wrote on it, in small curly letters:

He who seeks, shall find. He who believes, shall succeed. He who trusts, shall win.

He put away the pencil, and took his cloak. it was a cloak of dragon leather. he had gotten it from the chieftain of his former tribe, before the fleeing started. A tear had difficulty finding the correct path downwards, through the hairs on his cheek. He wore his cloak, put his dagger in his pocket (hardened with a piece of metal), and put his arrows and bow with some strings on his back. he left the room, and closed the door.

Everybody had gathered by now in the dining hall with all their stuff. arrows, bows, some had daggers, too. However, they were all wearing the same clothes, which marked them as members of the "Fãhif Merhas Fiãnas:" dark, brown boots, a cloak with brown and green stripes, a small leather helmet, brown pants and a leather jacket. the leather jacket was the thing one could recognise each other: it had a small yellow "A" with a brown arrow through it. mernal went to the center of the dining hall, where the pot of soup had stood before, and spoke to his men:

"Nephilim, the day is there. today we will succeed, and start our journey back. Fight well, my nephilim, and don't be afraid to kill them!"

The nephilim started shouting, cheering, applauding. This was the day.

"Nephilim! Follow me out of this damp cave!"

The started shouting a second time, and all got their stuff together, as to follow Mernal. he too, got his stuff together, and headed towards the exit. The nephilim followed, and once outside, they became silent again. A calm wind blew across the fields and river in front of them. mernal went to the shore of the river, lay on his belly, and looked. the other nephilim had taken cover, or were lying on their bellies too.

Its there. in the distance. I can see the smoke coming from the houses. We must be quick and very careful, so the foolish humans at the gates and walls to the south of us wouldn't see us. that shuldn't be too difficult. then, we get to the city, and the humans will know what nephilim can do when angry.

He crawled back to the rest, still on his belly, and then stood up when in the shades of the nearby trees. In a soft, but for Nephilim well-to-hear voice, he spoke:

"The city is close, but we musn't be seen by the guards of the city, nor the guards at the gates and walls of the big eerie human forest."

All Nephilim nodded, and they slowly started their journey.

OOC: Slartucker, although the objective of the FMF is of course power, the main goal is to get revenge on the Avernites, for slaughtering Nephilim. For the rest, good work. I already used the list in theis last post.

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