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AuthorTopic: An RP in the World of Avernum *Reloaded*
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The year 1135 IE was a turning point for the Empire. A turning point in the sense that, before the turn, the Empire existed, and afterwards, it did not. Rebel resistance had been brewing for years, but the Empire, having vanquished all enemies it had ever faced, did not take it seriously. As it would turn out, that was a terrible, terrible mistake. On the 13th of Remembrance, 1135, the resistance struck, assassinating Emperor Hadrian IV and all Imperial Governors on the four continents. The capitals were burned, coffers ransacked, and general turmoil spread across the land. Empire soldiers were offered a choice between fighting and dying for a falling government, or fleeing and offering their services as hired swords. Most chose to run. With no standing army, a ruined infrastructure, and no organization, the remaining Empire officials were slaughtered or went into hiding.

In Avernum, much of the same was happening. The government of Avernum had grown corrupt and the people were tired of the harsh rule of King Gideon. On the same day, partisans attacked the Castle, burning it to the ground and killing everyone inside. Soon Avernum was plunged into turmoil as well. The recently rebuilt Tower of Magi, in an attempt to protect its knowledge, burned its magical tomes to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands before the mages and researchers gathered there scattered to the winds, some in groups to the surface, some on their own to corners of the caves.

But this was no perfect revolution. The leaders of the revolution had agreed enough that the Empire needed to be brought down, but now that the deed was done internal strife broke apart the revolutionaries. Nobody could agree on how to govern the Empire, and each leader tried to gather up as much of a power base as he or she could before attempting to bring all of Ermarian under their control. But they found this a harder task than they had imagined. Not all of the people hated the Empire, and some that did hated the revolutionaries just as much. The people flocked to the leaders they felt could protect them and let them live their lives as close to normal as possible.

In the ensuing chaos of the dissolution of the Empire, local mayors or guildmasters had stepped up in the absence of authority. They kept town guards loyal, secured neighboring areas, and built up quite a personal following. In other areas, Imperial magistrates had gone underground for a few weeks before resurfacing and banding people back together. Still other places had fallen under the control of bands of marauders, groups of fleeing mages, or local universities and schools of magic. In short, Ermarian had gone from one government on the surface and one in the caves to more than that in a few square miles. A pattern of factions ruled Ermarian now.

Some factions grew stronger and began to hire remnants of the Imperial Army, or they began to train their own armies. Others were absorbed by stronger and more powerful groups. A more solid political landscape began to develop - hundreds of factions had turned to dozens. But now there was a stalemate. Other factions could not grow without encroaching on factions of the same size. Alliances began to form, and deals were made.

It is into this climate that you are thrown. You are a faction's leader in these terrible times. Depending on your faction, your goals are different. Some wish to grow, to control others. Others want to preserve knowledge, or gain money, or just live in peace. But, unfortunately, a lot of these goals come at the expense of others.
Suggestions for factions:

•Rebel groups
•Empire splinter groups
•Local coalitions
•Groups of wandering soldiers, bandits, etc. that have taken over territory
•Groups of mages or researchers
•Guilds, trade groups
•Sliths, nephils, other nonhumans (giants, troglos, goblins, giant spiders etc.)
•Other groups

Places available to play:

•Valorim (
•Avernum (and the rest of the caves) (
•Pralgad (
•Vantanas (

You should develop a general ideology for your faction or a reason for its existence, but it can evolve as time goes on.

Players are encouraged to develop alliances, treaties, etc. It is useful to talk to other players through PMs, email, and AIM.

Faction leaders can die or be killed, but it should not happen often. Factions should only be dissolved if their player has been severely outmaneuvered, in which case they can take up another faction.

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Dervish-Emperor Tarkun strolled the streets of Sarkagrad idly, passing from shop window to shop window while awestruck townspeople watched him from the curb. After Hadrian's death and the subsequent "revolution" (Tarkun chuckled softly to himself, thinking about how that had turned out), he had organized the few true Empire loyalists he knew - the ones loyal to the old Empire, not the new, soft, corrupt one - and set out to restore order to Ermarian.

As he passed by a pair of guards on patrol, the two men gave him a sharp salute and Tarkun gave them a terse greeting in return. He remembered the days when it was not safe for women and children to walk through cities alone, and stores were robbed almost every day. But back in the Empire's heydey nobody would have stood for that. And now, in Sarkagrad and Blackstone and the small cities nearby, it was back that way again. The right way again.

On his mind for the third time this morning was the matter of unifying the surrounding areas back under the flag of the Empire. Millions of people could not count on the security and peace in the areas the Righteous Return controlled. Those who had splintered the Empire needed to be caught and killed, despite the fact that they had unwittingly enabled the creation of a stronger, better Empire. There could be no mercy for those who would plunge the world into chaos and anarchy. The people of Ermarian deserved better.

For the first time in years, farmers were able to take their first harvest of the season directly to the town center and sell their produce. In years past, they had their food appropriated by the Empire and feared to venture into the dangerous open markets with their remaining goods. But now, anyone caught thieving would be branded on the hand as a criminal, and on their second offense would be Exiled. Yes, things were going well in Sarkagrad. And things were looking up for the Dervish-Emperor. Soon the rest of Pralgad would know who they were dealing with.

Name: Righteous Return (RR)
Leader Name: Dervish-Emperor Tarkun
Location: Pralgad, stretching from Sarkagrad north to the Gulf of Jazen
Description: Seizing the opportunity presented by the revolution, a group of Empire soldiers and officials dedicated to the old rule of the Empire, like in the days of the Ironclads and Hawthornes, seized control of the ancestral home of the Ironclads and found a somewhat willing population to rule. Those that dissented were killed or went into hiding, and the foundation for a new "old" Empire was established. Built on the principles of community, security, and economic success, the Righteous Return began to restore order, liberate towns from revolutionaries, and regain control of iron mines in the Ndovlu Mountains.

With soldiers patrolling the streets, citizens can once again feel safe. Punishments for transgressors are harsh, and rarely are there second offenders. Misfits who damage the community spirit of the Righteous Return are given a choice - leave the area and never return, or die. Magic has once again been placed under the express control of the government. A Minister of Magic regulates all learning of magic and distribution of magical tomes. The "good old days" of a strong government with an iron fist have returned to part of Pralgad - it won't be long before it begins to spread further.

(As you can see, faction descriptions do not need to be long or incredibly detailed. They merely need to provide a groundwork and mindset for your interactions with other factions, where the real fun begins.)

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OOC:'s been a long time since a new RP has started. Don't worry, I've learned from my mistakes.


It was cold. It was always cold, and they've always lived with it. They've raided cities, and are on the move.
They're all stealthy. They had to be, or they'd be snatched up by remnants of the Empire more quickly than a mung demon can kill an unprepared mage. It was a ragtag group, a few cats, a few mages and priests, and a few bandits. No humans or sliths...just Nephils. It's always been only Nephils and cats. There was once a Nephar, and even an encounter with a Rakshasa, but other than that...just Nephils and their cats.

There was no established leader, but Hmethrrr usually led the way. He has, and always will be, a strange Nephil. Frost has always found its way to him, and ice has always been his friend. Hmethrrr's ancestors were the ones who helped them escape Upper Avernum during an attack from adventurers, and they even helped them escape from Valorim, and have since then wandered across all the lands. From the ships they've ransacked, they have reason to believe they are now on the northern tip of White Peak Island, not far from Pralgrad. They were where they wanted to be. They've heard of the empire reforming nearby, and they want to avenge their oppressed ancestors from so long ago. Although small, very few know of their exsistence, so they've always had the element of suprise.

Faction Name: Bandits of Bordrao
Current Head Wanderer: Hmethrrr, Ice Mage
Type of Government:
Religion: None in particular, but all elders are considered religious figures.
Location: Northern half of White Peak island, including the mountain, but the camp is currently on the northern tip.
Description: See above.

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Finally brushing off the aide that was pestering him, Demetrius strode alone down the corridors of Redmark College, carved snake-head staff in hand. The last few months had been hectic, but his mages had finally subdued the Isle Barons. Already, he had been told, surrender papers with the ink still wet on them were coming in from Gebra and Gorst. His lip twisted in scorn. The fools, that they would bring back the Days of Restriction. Too late for them to learn otherwise.

Now, the Council's rule was firmly consolidated. The fighting on the western borders had ended, the insurgents had retreated to Bolton, across the river. The mayors of Lennus and Squiggus had finally conceded to his demands. Golddale was slowly giving into his 'persuations'. Yes, the Council had things firmly in hand. With him as Magister, of course.

Faction Name: The Dominion of the Learned (DL)
Leader Name: Magister Demetrius
Location: South-east Valorim (the area surrounded by rivers, the mountains are controlled too).
Type of Government: Mageocracy
Religion: Atheistic
Description: Populated by the returning Avernites after the Time of Plagues (Avernum 3), the south-eastern region of Valorim had always chafed against the Empire's senseless restriction of magic and learning. Seizing the opportunity of its downfall, the Council of Archmagi at Redmark College hastened to make at least some of the world enlightened. Now, the Council is engaged in politics as well as teaching and research. All those who wished to return the world to its previous state in the area were swiftly dealt with by Agents of the Dominion.

EDIT: A few more things I wanted to point out tonight. The DL does not greatly rely on armies (it uses mercenaries if necessary). Instead, power is maintained by the Agents of the Dominion (parties composed mostly of mages; think Geneforge, though I've never played the games). Also, the DL is focused on magical research and creating artifacts.

I'd post more, but I need to eat and homework calls. Basically, think of the University in Alpha Centauri, with a lot more Realpolitik.

I have a feeling this is going to be very fun. I also foresee much conflict between the DL and the RR, and any Anama factions, if any.

Also, Demetrius is featured in my scenario-in-the-works, and I plan to have Redmark College in Scenario #2. Other that the name and magical proficiency, no similarities exist.

EDIT: (Looks down): Hmmm... the Hunters practically on my doorstep...

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First RP here, don't worry, I learn fast.
Tygra was a lucky leader. One of the original revolutionaries he was. He had overthrown Krizsan, and from ther took over Clochis and Silvar. Tygra hadn't really even had much fighting. His original thirty or so soldiers and himself. He had stumbled upon a spell in the ruins of Bojar's Tower. A spell that make you extremly convincing. Of course he took it.

He had his two mages cast it on himself and then using the spell took over. He was the starter of the Hunters. The Hunters took had a small magical library, and good farming. Most importantly was the devotion of his people.

Name: Hunters
Leader name: Tygra Nyrulia
Location: Krizsan-Silvar-Colchis and surroundin area
Religon: Church of Divine Independence
Description: First was the people, they loved Tygra, the spell had worked so well that they saw Tygra as a benevolent savior rather then the wicked dictator he was. They would gladly give up anything for him.

Second was the enemies. All foes that survived the battles were talked to by Tygra himself. The people either joined, being branded with a red eye which helped keep the devotion. If they refused then they would be slaughtered immediantly. No risk of rebels coming back to kill him later.

The Hunters are completly devoted to the destruction of all non-humans. They think of non-humans as a plague sent down by the gods. They think as humans as the blessed race, and the Hunters as man gods. A massive army of about one hundred fifty, plus gaurds protect them.

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For years they have hunted us. They have destroyed our families, stolen our precious treasures, and cast us into shadows and caves below. They have driven us out of the sunlight. They have had so much power; and we have been shackled down by our stupidity.

But the tides are turning. We have improved ourselves, while they wallow in their success... their minds degrade, and their discipline erodes. Someday soon, the day will come when we make them share our pain.

-- The Great Authoritative Extra Great Guide to Killing, Slaying, Butchering, and Otherwise Disemboweling Humans
"It's going to be a great year, huh?"

Glogroth von Oobula's voice echoed up the Big Holy Hole.

"Yeah, it's going to be a great year!" he added, for good measure.

Glogroth had made a lot of changes during his reign. He instituted mandatory education in language-speaking and human-killing. He put the mages in charge of the military. He added three glugfestivals to the calendar. But getting rid of the demon-worship and installing proper Gobby Gods was the one he was most passionate about.

The goblins had enslaved themselves to demons in much the same way as they had allowed humans to control their destiny. Instead of forcing them to bow down, the Gobby Gods enjoyed talking to the goblins as equals. They talked to him through the Big Holy Hole, and he told the rest of the goblins what they said.

"They say they think it's time to kill many piles of humans in very cold blood!"

Cheers erupted from the crowd.

It was going to be a good year.


Faction Name: The Goblin Goblins (GG)
Leader Name: Great Goblin Glogroth von Oobula
Location: Somewhere in the Pralgadian section of the Ndovlu mountains
Type of Government:Benevolent dictatorship
Religion:Gobby Gods (reformed)
The Empire exterminated goblins; that's the theory, of course, but everybody knows that goblins don't just die. Well, some of them die, but the others have lots of goblin babies. They hide in caves and in cracks, and after a while, a goblin infestation is back.

Somewhere along the line, while the Empire was nearing the peak of its power, some of the goblins got smart. They don't know how this happened (probably because they were still stupid while it happened). If this were Avernum 5, then it would clearly be another attempt at retribution by the Vahnatai, but thankfully, it's not.

So these goblins got smart -- or at least, less stupid. They also learned how to use magic. Not great magic, but hey, magic is magic. Eventually, a leader appeared who harnessed millenia of built up resentment against humans. When their mages found out that the Empire was collapsing, of course it was a signal for them to butcher the vile humans.

Despite their lessened stupidity and decreased incapacity for magery, their primary strength remains their ability to procreate all the time... the Goblin Goblins seldom lack reinforcements.

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As fire rained down around him, General Valion retreated. His depleted forces, many of them injured by the enemies' defenses, ran after him. "Just one more mile to safety", he thought, and increased his speed. Fortunately, his few mages had come directly from the tower, and were extremely reliable. Dispite their hard work in the assault, they had just enough mana to cast a few final haste spells, and the shield potions that were distributed among the troops shortly before the attack were just strong enough to keep the enemy's spells from decimating his forces.

As he crossed the line of the ancient barrier site, the General allowed his troops to take a moment to rest. Fortunately for him, the Vahnatai never extended their forces beyond the location of their old barriers, only attacking those who venture into their newly taken land. This advantage, along with the apparent lack of any of the Vahnatai's greater mages in the new settlement, were the only reasons the General's forces survived at all.

Even with their considerable advantages, the faction was barely surviving. Every strike they made wiped out more fighters, and weakened them even more. As the Vahnatai shipped out more metal than the Avernites ever had, many of the neighboring human colonies were unwilling to help him, and some of the more economically-driven groups had even led attacks on his base. However, his headquarters, a set of abandoned caves just a few miles to the southwest of the enemy region, was easy to defend, and his traps and spellcasters had so far been able to fend off the few attackers that had already sought to destroy him.

However tough his foes, Valion knew he had to succeed. Northeast Avernum had been human land since the foundation of the original Kingdom of Avernum, and he would not allow anyone to prevent his people from moving back in, not even the unexpected colony of Vahnatai. The caves must be reclaimed, no matter what.

Name: North-Eastern Avernum Reclamation Faction
Leader Name General Valion
Location In and around the former bat caves from Avernum 1, just to the south of NE Avernum.
Just before the time of the various rebellions, a devastating quake shook Northeast Avernum. The land was deemed unlivable, and most of the residents were forced to evacuate. When the quakes had slowed, cave-ins had stopped, and the land was safe once again, the many refugees, living in camps to the south, prepared to move in. However, when they entered, they found that the land had already been occupied by the Vahnatai.

All humans who entered were forced to leave by the Vahnatai, and early assaults had no effect. Eventually, the exiles left, building themselves new cities, or moving elsewhere. However, much of one of the largest groups, located in the old bat caves, refused to move on and abandon their homeland, and became the North-Eastern Avernum reclamation faction. Their only known goal is to reclaim their homeland, by whatever means necessary. They currently work to achieve this mostly through the use of Guerilla Tactics. Few of them were originally fighters, and only about 10% of them were trained in combat before they had to leave their former homes, but many of them had wealth from the mining industry, and they have hired mercenaries and mages fleeing from the south.


Yes, I know, Vahnatai are overdone, but I plan on giving them actual motives, and I will not make them generically evil.

Edit; Also, if anyone wants to take control of the Vahnatai settlement, it's fine with me, as it would be much more interesting to have my faction's enemies be controlled by real people, instead of just controlling them myself.

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OoC: This is my first RP, so bear with me a bit.

As he paced along the walls of Fort Remote, Lartaynior, nominal King of Avernum and commander of the remnants of the once-mighty Army of Avernum, pondered his next move. As the last surviving relative of King Gideon, he had a very legitimate claim to the Avernite throne, but he somehow doubted that the mayors of Dharmon, Blosk, and Almaria will recognize that claim.

They've gotten a taste for power. Once you have power, it's hard to give it up.

Since the massacre at the Castle, the mayors had become kings in all but name, with the Great Cave divided into 3 city-states. He had sent messengers to each of them, asking for their pledges of loyalty. The responses he received were eloquently worded, but refusals all the same.

At least I have my men to back me up.

He had been a well-liked general before the revolt. He did not share his distant cousin's fondness for cruelty and was regarded as a brilliant tactician. He had a gift for inspiring loyalty in his men. His men would not be enough to take on the Great Cave however. The walled cities are tough nuts to crack.

If only there were a way to go north through the wilds and find a tunnel that connected to the Abyss....

Name: Knights of Old Avernum (KOA)
Leader Name: King Lartaynior
Location: Avernum, Fort Remote and west.
Description: As a distant relative of the king, General Lartaynior had been given command of a sizeable portion of the army of Avernum and was clearing out a major clan of bandits in the lands west of Fort Remote. Upon hearing of the massacre in the Great Cave, Lartaynior crowned himself as king and wasted no time at all consolidating his position in Fort Remote. His goals are to eventually restore order to the Great Cave and perhaps the Eastern Gallery at some point in the distant future.

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All people who haven't specified if they have non-humans please check yuor PMs.

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OOC: Claiming my territory then editing in the first post...

Name: Khoth's Disciples (KD)
Leader: Acrio Sulfi
Location: Fort Dolthar
The disciples were once a small cadre of mages responsible for researching new spells in the Tower of Magi. They fought hardest to protest the destruction of the ancient tomes; however, were overridden by other factions in the tower. It was only through sheer luck that they managed to slip out a few manuscripts of Khoth. Despite initially large numbers, several were lost on the voyage to the island fortress. Only 40-60 members currently exist. Though occasionally a few more arrive at the docks.
It should be noted that the primary goal of the faction is to collect magical knowledge that was thought to have been otherwise lost.
"How is translation coming along?" Acrio questioned one of the more knowledgeable mages.

"It has been a long time since anyone has been exposed to dragon-script. I have no doubt that we'll be able to decipher it; however, I cannot give you a reasonable time frame."

"Very well, keep me up to date." The lack of progress irritated him, but there was nothing he could do. Curse those fools for having thrown such a treasure away. He quickened his pace as he walked downstairs toward the docks. While care had been taken to reinforce the old enchantments that secured this part of the fortress, progress was still to be made to prevent enemies from sneaking up on other parts of the island. The rebels could attack any day now, and yet we can only muster simple barriers.

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Brother Clearwater nervously paced through the upper chambers of the Council Hall. Emissaries from the islands of Eos and Numindi, as well as somebody from the mainland were all due to be here this evening, and the senior druid had not yet prepared any sort of greeting.

Welcome friends, and know that you are safe here... No, too pompous. He had to reassure them, lest they splinter off like the rest of the mainland had after Imperial Governor Brechil had been assassinated.

Clearwater had risen to the head of the Order after ten years of apprenticeship to the late Sister Onyx-Claw, the first nephil to rule the Order. He had learned a great deal, though he had never managed to best her at archery, even in her frail old age.

Brother Clearwater paused in front of a bright glass window, one of the masterpieces added to the renovated Hall in 975. Dedicated to Ephesos' memory, may he rest in peace, he thought, gazing down at the coast of Krell.

The Hall wasn't the only renovated building in the city of Ivrel. Most of the city had been renovated at this point, and it stood proudly on one of the few high hills on the island. Oakton lay to the south, with Feldspar to the southwest, and the old Aspen Mines off to the northwest. A new town had been built near the now-abandoned mine, and Brother Clearwater had proposed a mission to examine the cave life which had recently appeared in the abandoned mines.

Ivrel was originally an Empire fort known as Fort Quartz, back before the Order had peacefully transferred power to the Council. The Council Hall was built almost immediately after the Empire agreed to the terms, and it still stood proud and tall among the rest of Ivrel's buildings.

If only we could assemble a full council... Clearwater thought. The Empire representative who served on the council had disappeared a day after the assassinations, and nobody had heard from him since.

And then there were the walls. Ivrel was the only Order city which had walls of any sort, just as general policy. "Walls have their limits when the trees make such great allies," Ephesos had allegedly said back when the Order was founded. But the leaders of the Order had always insisted that the walls of Ivrel remain standing, as a reminder that Krell was not always free.

Brother Clearwater strolled downstairs, and then descended to the basement of the Hall, where the Council's scrying pool was kept. Crystals lined the edges, and a weathered old oak staff hung on the wall. Clearwater took the staff and waved it over the pool, relaxing his mind as he did so.

Images formed... ships. Two of them. He could see the banners of Eos and Numindi fluttering above the sails. Drat, I hope we haven't lost the mainland folks again... he thought agitatedly, as the images dissolved into complex ripples on the pool.

He left the scrying room, and left to stroll the streets of Ivrel. Huge oaks loomed over the houses, planted and cared for by the Order since the 850s. A breeze blew through in from the shore, and Clearwater felt at peace for the first time since the assassinations. It had been weeks since Clearwater had simply taken time to relax and breathe.

For once, everything is going smoothly. I will not fail in my duty... for who else will protect the beauty and peace of Vantanas?


Faction Name: The Order of Krell
Leader Name: Brother Clearwater
Location: Island chains to the NW of Vantanas
Government: Enlightened theocracy
Religion: Nature-worship
Description: The Order of Krell, whose members are commonly referred to as the Druids, was founded in the year 804 by a mage known as Ephesos, on the island of Krell (situated off the northwest coast of Vantanas). The order was founded on the principles of Freedom, Kindness, and Oneness with Nature, and began life as a resistance movement against the particularly oppressive Empire rule on Krell.

Three years before the Avernum-Empire war began, Ephesos was exiled into Avernum, which stirred the Order into a frenzy. The Order successfully negotiated with the Empire to stop the slaughter of the island's natives, and stopped the strip-mining of the island's center. Rule of the island was later divided between settlers, natives, and Empire officials, in order to preserve the peace of the island.

Apart from the occasional rebel or Empire bureaucrat trying to assert more power than they deserved, Krell remained relatively untroubled for decades. In the time after the Plagues, Ephesos returned to Krell and died there. Leadership passed along the priesthood, making sure that only the truly devoted could ascend to power in the Order.

Around the year 1020, the Empire began calling for greatly-increased mining, logging, and settling of Vantanas, and the Order set about trying to repair the damage wrought by overzealous entrpeneurs. Reports of violence by the Order were never proven, though particularly damaging mines and towns tended to fail quickly. Eventually, the Order petitioned the Imperial governor at Woodsmuir to set aside large areas of Vantanas as preserved territory. All territory under the Order's watch is kept pristine and clean, with ecological harmony maintained as best as possible.

Since its founding, the Order has remained open to all races, boasting that even a goblin chose to enter an apprenticeship in the year 1074. The Order has consistently preached cooperation between races, both magical and non-. Controls on magic are minimal, though mages working in Order-controlled lands are careful to avoid polluting the local landscape. The exceptions, unsurprisingly, are any work done with undead or demons, as the Order has a particularly hostile streak towards them. Necromancy is punishable by death.

When news of the assassinations of the Governors reached Krell, the Order immediately reached out to protect its neighbors, the surrounding islands. Mutual defense agreements were reached, and nearly all of the islands surrounding Krell have united under the Order's banner. The Order's islands began to welcome refugees from strife-torn areas of Vantanas and even Valorim, particularly those non-humans who had met with fresh victimization. All in all, Order-controlled territory has fared very well since the revolutions began, and peace has been solid. Attempts to calm tensions on mainland Vantanas have met with mixed results so far, but the Order remains hopeful.

Most of the Order's members are trained in priestly and natural magic, and many of its priests have trained extensively as warriors.

EDIT: For the record, I'm not going to let MoS die. I'm just going to try and balance the two.

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The Abyss is a unique place. It is where Ermarian's criminal underworld sends its intolerable, cursed to grapple with miserably infertile soil, powerful and predatory monsters, and one another.
Its very presence poses a number of philosophical questions, but that's neither here nor there.

It used to be that Scimitar kept something like order in the Abyss. With the Empire-Exile hostility a thing of the past, the organization lost most of the rest of its purpose.
Its old-order members grew dissatisfied with that. The Exile government, recognizing that it served no purpose a wing of the Exile militia couldn't, officially disbanded it around 891 IE.

The officers in the organization went various ways. Some tried a career in the military, but could usually not get far, given their backgrounds. Some went directly predatory, but their martial prowess was matched by their lack of finesse, and the Exile militia quickly tracked down and murdered most, with the few remnants assisting in slaying their erstwhile bretheren, desperate to save their own hides.

Somewhere near Bargha, 914 IE. An ancient man in Scimitar armor watches a roaring fire; his men, a band of haggard-looking fighters, stand behind him. More groups arrive.

Each of them was bullied by the Scimitar band into paying protection. Otherwise, it served as eyes and ears for the bandit-hunting Exile militia; without their help, any small group of brigands would be destroyed. With it, they were nearly invincible.

Eventually, some bandits got around to comparing notes.

After significant internal strife, the inevitable conclusion was the centralization of the affair. By now, the organization had existed for several years; it was rapidly becoming the foremost den of villainy on Ermarian. What, then, is unusual about this meeting?

The Scimitar officer steps forward. "Grandmaster Abrikov has fallen in battle. I witnessed it with my own eyes; once his murderers were dealt with..."

The old man pulls a mailed hand from his bag and throws it on the cave floor.

"I have called you together to assume leadership of the brigands. As I have fought at Abrikov's side, and I have returned a relic first to prove that I fought closest to him, I am the legitimate leader; any who contest me shall fall by my sword, and those of my band. May the next Grandmaster be as strong and loyal as I."


South of Fort Spire, 945 IE. Colonel Braddon stares angrily northward. "Where in the hell is the signal? Commander Tal said the signal to reveal ourselves would come an hour ago. If we keep dawdling, the Abyss bastards are going to overtake us all in the Goddamn dark."

A crimson-tinged bolt of white streaks into the sky, briefly illuminating dozens on dozens of men climbing from the chasm, a flag of a blood-red sun on black flying above Fort Spire, and a thousand arrows streaking towards the Avernum relief army.

"Treason!", came Braddon's final, miserable cry.

East of Dharmon, 1135. A merchant caravan, loaded heavy with spider silk, is returning from a profitable journey to the far caves.

A journey which, unfortunately, claimed half of the caravan's guards. No matter. The maps said they were out of spider country. They also recommended against the route they were travelling, but it was short and easier than the patrolled one, and they hadn't seen a living thing the entire time.

Then came the javelins.

From every shadow seemed to rush men in bloodied armor, full of a terrible bloodlust; one, mounted on a giant lizard, bore the black and red flag that all of Avernum had learned to hold in dread.

The one they left alive would return home, ruined, to Krizsan, bringing word of the terrible scourge of the Abyss Knights.


Faction: The Abyss Knights
Leader: Grandmaster Karol Vogt
Note: Leadership is determined by the first person to return to Bargha with a relic of the past leader upon his passing, and is absolute. Grandmasters tend to rule for very short periods.
Location: The Abyss; significant presence throughout western Exile, with ties to pirates and brigands throughout Ermarian
Type of Government: Military Dictatorship
Religion: No special preference; leaders who attempt to impose one tend to rule for but a brief time.
Description: The Abyss Knights comprise a hateful horde of predators on humanity, the laborers under their protection, and their slaves. Each group has members of all races and creeds. They are known and feared for their viciousness and brutally effective tactics; while a reasonable government would have destroyed them a century ago, a good portion of their extreme ill-gotten wealth is spent on bribes to powerful officials.
An interesting side-effect of the Abyss Knights has been to pulverize the mercenary market; while a career with the Knights does entail becoming a hoste humani generis, the pay is excellent; as such, internal loyalty within the Abyss Knights is surprisingly high, with very few groups having historically fallen to bribery.

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eh, i got ****ing beat to it. nevermind.

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A knock at the door alerted Riner.
'Come in,' he said shortly.
A soldier came in and saluted quickly. 'Sir, I have some important news for you,' he said.
'Ah yes, I've been expecting're name is Jalcom, no?'
The soldier Jalcom nodded.
'Sir, I have a report from Captain Spencish, out on the south border. He sent me to inform you that we are being attacked by a largish nephil army numbering about 300[*]. Our men are dealing with them easily, but we have already lost about 75[*].'
Riner sat up sharply.
'Nephils? Any location of where they are coming from?'
'No, sir, but they appear to be coming from the Jsoulza Mountains. We are dealing with them, as I said. It is under control.'
This was bad news for Riner. In the past, he had offended a nephil chief, causing that tribe to retaliate. This must be a renewed attack.
Dismissing Jalcom, Riner started to pace.
Being the leader of a large faction, Riner had a lot to think about, thus a lot to pace about. Attacks by nephils. Corruption in his faction. Those bastard religious factions. All stressing matters.

Sighing to himself, Riner went to get ready. He would have to go to the battle.

Faction Name: The Salaria Group (SG)
Leader Name: Riner
Second-in-Command: Captain Spencish
Location: Large area around Solaria[**]
Description: Riner was fed up with the Empire on Valorim, so he fled to Pralgad. There he made friends, and deicded, once the Empire collapsed, to take control of things, to put things the way they should be. His army numbers approx. 750[*], and he has many followers.



* Because of all the division around, I made the number small to compensate. If it is inaccurate, let me know.

** Why is Solaria pink?

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It was a cold day in the caverns of Upper Avernum, but then, it always was. Commander Stephen Samuels watched from his office in New Cotra as a flock of cave bats went squealing down towards the Portal Fortress. Turning back to an old map spread across his desk, he surveyed the lands he had managed to seize during the revolution.

The last week had seen bloody battles and heavy losses, but the Western Gallery of the Upper Caves were now secure, from New Formello right down to the Portal Fortress. Heavy Brigand resistance lay to the east and scattered to the north of Formello, but Samuels was sure he could take both Erika's Tower and Fort Emergance soon. Then, he would have a viable route to the surface...

As soon as we could afford the soldiers, he planned to try and use the portal to Avernum. It was a mess down there, from what he had heard, and it was high time that his homeland was reunited against the Empire scum once again...

Name: Avernite Protection League
Leader Name: Commander Steven Samuels
Location: Upper Avernum, from New Formello, to Portal Fortress. (Nothing East of New Cotra)
Description: A small group of Magi and Warriors determined to unite Avernum under a single flag and to put the Empire that had exiled them to the sword.

When the revoloution had hit, Samuels was a soldier in the Fort Emergence area. From a young age he had been told stories of the Scimitar, an old organisation of Avernum who held the single aim of escaping the pit. Enthralled by these stories, and the courage with which the Scimitar fought with, he become bitter towards the Empire, and the Avernite bastards that had sold their soul to them. Uniting a small group of magical users and soldiers from the Portal Fort, he took New Cotra and New Formello in quick succession, in the hope of bringing about a new order to the land.

The ultimate aim? To reunite Avernum in a war with the weakened surface-walkers, and the Avernites who had deserted thier homeland.

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OOC: Just so you know, I had planned for 'Scimitar' to refer to the inner cabal at the helm of the Abyss Knights, but they can have another name. No biggie.

Given that last we heard from them, what little was left of Scimitar was turning the countryside of western Exile into a warzone, it's not a particularly illustrious group to associate yourself with. Your call, though.

EDIT: Because I did it again, and apparently can't help myself, consider Exile and Avernum interchangeable when reading my posts. Thank you.


West of the Castle ruins: overlooking Lartaynior's camp. An astoundingly pale, red-haired man wearing light, black armor approached the camp, waving a pole with the white and gold messenger's banner - ripped and stained with blood.

A lieutenant of Lartaynior came out to respond. "Who are you, and what business do you have here?"

"I bear a message."

The lieutenant looked to the banner and, seeing the blood, drew his sword.

The visitor cracked a wide grin. "You do not understand. I am Master Opus Xao of the Abyss Knights."

Lieutenant Sardin looked the man up and down, and his expression changed quickly, first becoming a mixture of terror and rage, and then an infuriated resignation.

Someone unfamiliar with the Abyss Knights, or someone only familiar with them as vicious predators, would have attempted to spit Xao on the spot - and may well have succeeded. However, anyone familiar with their officer corps knew of the Masters. They were the most durable members of the Knights; generations of grunts and ten or more Grandmasters had known each of them.

From what little could be gleaned about them as outsiders, they preferred amassing power to exercising it, but when they did exercise power, it was always with an amount of force in dramatic excess of that needed to achieve what they desired.

Xao certainly had them surrounded; while it might not have been with sufficient force to destroy them, the Abyss Knights replaced casualties with dreadful speed and the Knights of Old Avernum did not. With barely the strenth necessary to force control of a single city, such losses as an ambush would incur would certainly doom Lartaynior's faction to obscurity.

Sardin shot Xao a resentful look. "What in the hell do you want from us, scum?"

Xao adopted a serious look. "Leave."

"Pardon me?"

"Leave. Go east with all speed."

"East to where?"

"The Knights do not care in the least, but the west is our realm."

"Why should we listen to you? You're just a bunch of jumped-up rabble, accusomed to ambushing fattened merchants. If anything, we should be ordering you around."

Xao smiled. "You have been offered a free hand in territories within which we would normally operate. One of my lieutenants wears the teeth of a former guard captain of Almaria around his neck. We offer you that free hand, and we offer to forego the pleasure of scourging you to the last man. And we offer you all of this because we have better things to do than condescend to crush you like an insect."

The man in black bowed deeply. "That is all we have to say. I would advise you abide by our demands; counsel your king otherwise at your peril."

There was shifting in the shadows as countless silhouettes became visisble around Master Xao as he faded into the north.

Lieutenant Sardin felt lucky to be alive for the first time in quite a while.

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Originally written by The Worst Man Ever:

Just so you know, I had planned for 'Scimitar' to refer to the inner cabal at the helm of the Abyss Knights, but they can have another name. No biggie.

Given that last we heard from them, what little was left of Scimitar was turning the countryside of western Exile into a warzone, it's not a particularly illustrious group to associate yourself with. Your call, though.

Okay. Erm, you can have the name if you want. All I use it for was to kinda show the similarities between my group and the Scimitar of Av1 and 2. They both despise(d) the Empire, and still feel they were unjustly Exiled. And they both want(ed) to destroy the Empire.

As for being illustrious, I know. We aren't a big group. We hold very little land. Thats deliberate. We aren't going to change the world, unless we get allies. But we believe that it's right that the Empire pays for all the lives it took through both Exiling and then the War.

Erm, so yeah, I'll change the name to something else, if you like?

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Nah, it's yours. You have a better use for it anyway; my Scimitar would just be powerful jerks. :P
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Originally written by Nikki xx:


Originally written by The Worst Man Ever:

Just so you know, I had planned for 'Scimitar' to refer to the inner cabal at the helm of the Abyss Knights, but they can have another name. No biggie.

Given that last we heard from them, what little was left of Scimitar was turning the countryside of western Exile into a warzone, it's not a particularly illustrious group to associate yourself with. Your call, though.

Okay. Erm, you can have the name if you want. All I use it for was to kinda show the similarities between my group and the Scimitar of Av1 and 2. They both despise(d) the Empire, and still feel they were unjustly Exiled. And they both want(ed) to destroy the Empire.

As for being illustrious, I know. We aren't a big group. We hold very little land. Thats deliberate. We aren't going to change the world, unless we get allies. But we believe that it's right that the Empire pays for all the lives it took through both Exiling and then the War.

Erm, so yeah, I'll change the name to something else, if you like?

Just so you know, nobody has been Exiled in more than 300 years, and traffic between the surface and the caves has generally increased as time went on.

EDIT: Spring, Solaria is pink because it was the capital of the Empire.

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The reports from his eyes and ears filtered in slowly. A group of Nephilim on White Peak Island? How they managed to find themselves there, he had no idea, but no ragtag bunch of Nephilim would bother him for long. Rogue mage centers sprouting up across the globe concerned him a little more, but they would be subdued sooner or later. Some other groups that professed to have the same goals as the Righteous Return. Whether they were sincere or not would be determined soon enough. And of course, Avernum in turmoil. That news pleased him the most. Let those Worms fight amongst themselves. Divided they are conquered, he muttered under his breath with a smile.

"At times discretion should be thrown aside, and with the foolish we should play the fool." - Menander
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OCC: Is is too late for me to join? I did do one of these things before, under a different name.


A small collection of buildings, barely a village, stood at the foot of the mountains of Valorim. Relatively untouched by the swirling chaos around it, the village had managed to go on farming. The only reminder from the massive wars that surrounded them was a single Empire Mage, a refugee from his army when it collapsed.
And, of course, a wand that he carried.
A man on a horse stood higher in the mountains, overlooking the village. He wore a black cloak that had been torn and patched many times. Men in similar attire stood behind him. Some held crystals. Some held scrolls. Some held wands. But each one held a sword.
The mage's name was Gidor. It was an ancient name, passed down through his family from generations. The first Gidor was a very powerful mage. His son was, too. But war and weariness had drained Gidor Junior. He was certainly no longer the mage he had once been.
Which was sad for him, because at that moment three men, dressed in black, tattered robes, kicked his door down.
Gidor summoned a feeble bolt of lightning, but his anxiety and fear made it go wide. Two men grabbed him and had him on the floor before he could utter anything else. The third walked over to where he lay, and looked down upon him.
"Hello, mage." His voice was guttural. "I be thinking that you owe me something."
"I d-dont k-know you..."
The third man nodded, and one of the two men who pinned Gidor put a knife to the mage's throat. He gasped.
"W-what do y-you want?"
"Just give me your wand, nice and easy, and we'll leave. It'll be as though we were never here."
Gidor's face hardened. "N-no! Not the wand! That wand was my father..." He stopped as the knife pressed down harder.
"I don't care if it belonged to the Emperor, old man. You give me the wand, or you die. It's rather simple."
Gidor looked at him, and then handed over the wand reluctantly.
The black-robed man put the wand in a bag. Despite being far too big, it fit easily in.
"Now, was that really that hard? Come on, boys." The two men who were pinning him got up, dusted themselves off, adn moved out the door.
"And before I forget..." He reached into his bag and drew a single knife. He threw it.
Into Gidor's throat.
Drale, the black-robed man, rode off from the village. His new find was quite powerful indeed, even if he couldn't tell exactly what it did. He looked forward to getting back to headquarters and examining it.
It had been a successful raid.

Faction Name: The Looters
Faction Leader: Drale
Faction Size: About 500 people, including families of soldiers.
Faction Headquarters: A hidden cave somewhere in the mountains of Lorelei.
Faction Location/Area: The Looters execute raids in the mountains of Tinraya and Lorelei, and some villages and cities near there.
Description: A former memeber of the Cult of the Sacred Item, Drale became an Imperial captian shortly before the Empire's downfall. When the Emperor died, Drale recruited fellow cult members, members of the Divine Lucre, and assorted mercenaries to create an army. He acquired a magical bag of holding and became obsessed with collecting magical items. He has hundreds that he can fetch at a moment's notice from his magic bag. Artifacts, Drale believes, are power.

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OOC: great! A new RP, and this one seems very interesting. the idea is a very good one.


Mernal sat at his table in this small room. The candle was shedding a sweet light, just enough to see what he was writing. After some time, one of the nephil warriors came in. he had said to the warrior to go back to his room. Tomorrow was an important day, and this might be the only chance to do it right. Everybody needed to rest.

Through a tiny opening in the ceiling of the cave that formed a cosy room, mernal saw a small ray of sun light. This may very well be the day that everything will happen. he stood up from his small rug. He looked at the rug, and shook his head. No. Not anymore. Today it must happen. He walked over to his small wardrobe, and took his boots and leather armor.

When he eventually arrived in the dining room (it was another cave like room, with candles all over the walls), almost everybody was sitting at the tables and eating breakfast. mernal looked at his chair, which was empty. he then looked at the other nephilim, and then at the cook, who was standing behind a big pot with a boiling soup in it. The Nephil cook nodded. Mernal nodded too. he walked over to the cook, and took the bowl of soup. he then went to his chair, sat down, and ate.

everybody had finished the soup, and the pot of soup was empty too now. Mernal stood up from his chair, and spoke in a loud, clear voice:

"Today, my friends, is the day. take your arrows and bows, and we shall conquer and win."*


Faction: Fãhif Nephilmerhas fiãnas (Army of the beating Nephilim) (or just FNF)
Faction leader: Mernal
Location: The very north of valorim, at the borders of the Blackgrag forest.
Description: Ever since the Avernites came down to Avernum, the Nephilim were beaten, harrased and killed. A small group of Nephil youngsters, already after the Nephil war in Avernum ended, when Nephilim were excepted in Avernum and were left to be, went to the surface. They went all the way north, there where terrain is rough and traveling is unsafe: the perfect place for Nephilim to have their hide-out. From here it is that they make small raids on merchants. They are determind to gain more strength, and when the time comes, go back to Avernum and claim the nephilim lands back.

* This sentence should have been in the nephil language, but translating it to it and then back to English would have taken too much time.

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First creating the group then the IC.

Name: The Disciples of Death (DD)
Leader Name: Arch-Lich Krahn
Location: Stretching from the ruins of Erika's Tower to the ruins of Garzahd Fortress
Description: A group of undead liches and vampires gathered together by the combined death and magic centered on those locations they formed into a sect of magical research and necromantic power. When the troubled started and the Abyss Knights started encroaching on their territory they stuck back killing hundreds and turning their bodies into undead to fuel their now growing army.


The humans are pushing again, my lord.

Krahn had forgotten when his people had perfected the art of telepathy. His Field General was miles away, guarding the eastern passes. He could have been on the other side of the world and Krahn would still have heard him. The humans relied on messengers still, primitive. Summoning shades from the netherworld prevented them from causing any damage. Shades never rest and can travel through solid rock.

The Abyss Knights didn't know what was happening, they were being fed information by shade infested automatons that used to be their messengers. The bodies were still alive, which allowed the bluffs to pass so well, the bodies still knew what they would do in the same situations. The shades used this information for their controllers purposes.

You know what to do. Keep them occupied, allow some to return. Inform them that the Slith Infestation has grown out of control and more men are needed to repel them. We need the bodies.
We are close to finding the answers to our latest project.

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Originally written by Drakefyre:

Just so you know, nobody has been Exiled in more than 300 years, and traffic between the surface and the caves has generally increased as time went on.

EDIT: Spring, Solaria is pink because it was the capital of the Empire.

OOC: I know. I'm playing on the facts that resentment might still exist.

At least, it does in Samuels.

And I changed the name. The past is still the same, but the Scimitar aint back. It's just inspiration.


A group of around 50 soldiers, heavily armoured are lining up outside of New Cotra. Samuels is making a speach to them:

Samuels: "Okay. To recap: The situation in Avernum is unknown. We've lost all contact down there, and I don't like it. We need to establish a small base down there, have a look around. You are to go the Portal Fortress, and try and use the portal to get down into the lower caves. Once there, you are to make contact with the first representatives of Avernum you can find. Alright? Dismissed."

The soldiers file past. One of the magi assigned to accompanythe group walks across to Samuels.

Morgain: "I don't like this. We could be walking into a death trap. We've had no contact from the pit for weeks now."

Samuels: "Still, we need to try and find out whats happening. We need an army. We need to destroy the Empire whilst it's on it's knees."

"But why?"

"Because they are bloodthirsty bastards. They exiled thousands upon thousands, casting them to their deaths. They hunted your family too! Can't you see? The Scimitar had it right. We need to take the battle to them. We need to avenge our fathers."

"But, Steven. That was centuries ago. We're at peace with the Empire. This is ridiculous!"

"We may be at peace with them. But do you think for a minute they wouldn't attack us if we got too big to handle? The Empire still butchers the asocial, those who don't fit in. I'm doing, We're doing this because it's right."

"I know... I just, shouldn't we focus on surviving for now? Bringing peace and order to the Upper Caves?"

"I'm assembling a group to try and recon around Erika's old haunt. Hopefully she'll have somthing we can use. And Morgain, you know why I need to do this."

"I know.... I."

"Good luck, friend."

Morgain leaves for the Portal Fortress.

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"Redouble our efforts on the construction of defences around our research facility." Demetrius told the Council. "With these 'Looters' to the north, we cannot take any chances, even as far away as they are."

"And what of this new proclaimation?" Archmage Diego asked on his right as he shifted uncomfortably. Being an Avernite mage, with all the ideals entailed, he could only be meaning one.

"The Nephilim deportation?", Demetrius asked, curling his lip. "I'm afraid we have little choice. "With the Hunters growing in strength every day, doing otherwise would be fatal. Tell the Nephilim that they are welcome to flee north to Mernia, or through the mines of Golddale to Gidrik. If they linger, the Hunter attack is inevitable, and they will be wiped out anyway." In all likelihood, most of the Nephilim would join the massing army to the far north of the continent. Demetrius stroked his chin. Those who refused to leave would have to be dealt with.

"If that is all...", Demetrius said, then without waiting for an answer, left the Council Room. Annoying meetings, but necessary ones. He continued walking to his private chambers. Soon, he would send orders to his Agents to 'spread the word'. Then the true fun begins...

For my clarity, and everyone elses:
Drakefyre: Reactionists in Pralgad.
Zephyr Tempest: Nephils in Pralgad.
Dintiradan: Mageocracy in Valorim.
Redwallking: Racists in Valorim.
Slartucker: Goblins in Pralgad.
Serith: Self-defense in Avernum.
Tyranicus: Monarchists in Avernum.
Lt. Sullust: Mages in Avernum.
Ephesos: Druids of Krell. Surprise, surprise.
The Worst Man Ever: Dictatorship/Raiders in Abyss.
Spring: New Order in Pralgad.
Nikki xx: Reactionists in Upper Avernum.
Wonko The Sane: Item Raiders in Valorim.
Thralni: Nephils in Valorim.
Infernal666hate: Undead in Avernum.

Wow. Fifteen.

EDIT: A slith or Anama faction would be cool. Also, Serith's Vahnatai faction is still open.

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