Deathmatch Tournament -- Round Two, Part Two

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AuthorTopic: Deathmatch Tournament -- Round Two, Part Two
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As per usual, feel free to vote in the poll and give your reasons why each fight would turn out the way you think it will. Slarty will judge my fight for fairness. Everybody say thank you to Slarty for finally getting this going again. And for providing the pairings. That made this a whole lot easier for me.

MATCH #1: -------------------- — Alorael, vs. the Silent Assassin. FIGHT!

MATCH #2: The big nose vs. the bacon strip. FIGHT!

MATCH #3: The RP player who gives himself infinite power vs. the person to whom everyone else ascribes infinite power for no apparent reason. FIGHT!

MATCH #4: Good Christian vs. Evil Overlord. FIGHT!

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MATCH #5: This one also goes way back. FIGHT!


MATCH #7: Intellectual elegance vs. fishy manliness. FIGHT!

MATCH #8: The mere existence of this match threatens the CoC. FIGHT!

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What an earth is Angband?

[Lays claim to first vote and first post]

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Dikiyoba must hold off on voting until Dikiyoba stops laughing at Arancaytar's card.

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Hooray for a new thread!

  • Aran over ADoS. ADoS may have turtles and brain-stretching images, but Aran has edit powers, and has the ability to observe the battle indirectly via Piperbot, ensuring that his eyes don't break from direct exposure.
  • Drakefyre over Goldenking. This was just an unlucky pairing for Goldenking. His only real shot was to convince Drakey to go work on RiB for long enough to take the match, and we all know that's not going to happen.
  • Dintiradan over Ash Lael. Okay, so creation and destruction may cancel out, but Dinti has more destruction than Ash has creation. Dinti wins with overkill.
  • Nemesis over Emperor Tullegolar. BoA skills versus big red feather. Erm, right.
  • Stareye over Zeviz. Zeviz fought the law, but the law won.
  • Salmon over SoT. Bait, hook, switch, repeat.
  • Jewels over TM. Initially thought to be a draw, TM eventually sought a state of altered consciousness, allowing Jewels to easily take the match while TM is busy fighting the munchies.
EDIT: And I believe that I claim first vote. :P

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And welcome back, after this brief commercial break of one year, to the Deathmatch Tournament!

Let's see those contestants then...

#1 Alorael vs. The Silent Assassin

A good match. Behold as the Assassin sneaks through the dark back alley, hunting his quarry. He moves with the grace of a shadow. No man could ever hear him coming.

Unfortunately, a laser scope does not depend on sound, and even a sneaky pedestrian is a pedestrian. This particular pedestrian is now a dead pedestrian. In a high up window, Alorael lowers his rifle and takes a swig from his hipflask.

#2 The Almighty Doer of Se---tuff vs. The Great, Brilliant and Awesomely Sexy Arancaytar who can kill you with PHP.

What bias?

Okay, recap. Basically, ADoS posts a browser-stretching picture of his nose, which I edit out through Piperbot (while using it in work-safe text-only mode). He then proceeds to sic his turtles on me. I can speak turtle.

t1, stop
t1, turn 180
t1, forward 10
t1, get ados
t1, kill
Things don't go uphill from there, at least from the Doer's point of view. Arancaytar wins the contest of ego-bloating.

#3 Goldenking

Goldenking: Hey, check this, I've got an aura of flames.
Drakefyre: Nifty. Looky here - ban button!

The ban button does not work on all creatures that walk this earth. Take Terror's Martyr, for example. Goldenking, unfortunately has no such power. Drakefyre wins.

#4 Ash Lael vs. Dintiradan

They both design nifty scenarios. However, Dintiradan has linking books. Enough said.

#5 Nemesis vs. Emperor Tullegolar

Oh come on.

What has that guy with the feather in the hat ever done except whine about the establishment and rant about canisters? Nemesis can beat him with ease.

#6 Zeviz vs. Stareye

Speaking of the Establishment. Lookie here - two honest totalitarians duking it out. Well, Zeviz undeniably has some pretty scary tricks up his sleeve. Some kind of Command&Conquer-esque Russian mind control beam, perhaps. He's got esprit up to here.

Stareye, however, has a boot.

He uses it to stomp Zeviz's face.


#7 Student of Trinity vs. Salmon

I'll forego on the description of this match and just say that a fishing rod is not the weapon of choice when you want to fight off a black hole. The Student's control of the Hadron Collider proves very helpful.

#8 Jewels vs. Terror's Martyr

This one is really a tough decision. All bets are off. But I'm going with luck and pick the guy who's been banned more often. Terror's Martyr has lots of experience at not dying.

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  • ADoS over Aran. ADoS is of impressive stature, both historically and olafactorily. Aran is awed, stumbles, and quickly edits his enemy. ADoS is legion, however, and overwhelms the human Aran.
  • Drakefyre over Goldenking. Don't anger the disc man. One quick taunt from Goldenking is all it takes, and Drakefyre crowdsurfs over and deletes him.
  • Ash Lael over Dintiradan. Ash has more up his sleeve than just Creation, and his sultry sexy voice corrupts the airwaves, his dulcimer tones beguiling his enemy until he ends the match in one strike.
  • Nemesis by default.
  • Stareye over Zeviz. Any questions?
  • Student of Trinity over Salmon. Biased I may be, but Salmon's technique are always spotted and avoided by SoT, who proceeds to drop a bomb and obliterate his opponent. Nicely.
  • Jewels over TM. She's a mom, and they are always right, even when wrong. TM has no chance.

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Round One: Aloreal I'm sorry SA, but the ability of sniping bots while sleeping and skribbane is just to powerful.

Round Two: Arancayter Bacon is awesome and having a pointy nose and a big-ass flag (Which shut down my comp for an hour) can't face the Nature shots of closed topics.

Round Three: Drakefyre Drakefyre: ho hum, ladde dah, scripting ho hum, oh what? Goldenking insulted me? Oh well, 2-year ban for him. Now, what should I do for Geneforge 5?

Round Four: Oh god, this is gonna be really bloody, while Ash Lael will play Christan Rock on his chainsaw, Dintiradan will have the Lurker able to smash people with homeland. Eventually, everyone gets killed in the cross fire and they fight into eternity.

Round 5: ET Game Design is nothing compared to Tully's resurrection from banning.

Round Six: I have NO idea

Round Seven: Jumping I don't know why, but it is just a feeling in my gut.

Round Eight: Terrors Martyr HOLY ****! Jewels will start beating and provoking Terror into a ban, but when defeat is close, he will do a mixture of trapping, insulting, and REALLY disturbing tentacle attacks (clear the image from you head) and pull out as the winner.................And then gets banned :P

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Wow. I gotta say, the quality of explanations has dropped off a cliff since last year. Deathmatch is not about saying "ooh that ability looks strong so I'm going to ignore context and competing abilities and just say he wins." Nor is it a platform for making fun of people. Sigh.

In particular, neither Drakey nor *i get to ban people for no reason, so it does not give them automatic wins over deathmatch opponents.

Sheesh, this is awakening all my latent misanthropy...

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Edit - More info for the admin victorys

Some of these are too easy:

1. Never bring a dagger to a fight when your opponent brings a gun. Alorael's sniper rifle makes it easy to kill the Silent Assassin before he gets close enough to do damage. Although when Alorael goes downstairs for some more skribbande, he gets a bucket of water dropped on his head as he pushes open the door all the way to pass through.

2. Arancaytar just keeps sending his bots in to finish off the ADoS. This gives him time to deal with all the complaints about updating the archives.

3. Drakefyre has all the powers of an admin to overwhelm any lesser being. I'll wait to the next round for him to have a challenge.

Edit -Drakefyre casts divine warrior on himself and slices and dices his opponent.

4. Dintiradan wins as long as he keeps his helmet on to protect him. Plus his Deth Ray is auto kill if he gets to target it.

5. I'll go with Nemesis having more experience to take out ET.

6. Stareye is another powerful admin that takes the field and stomps his opponent into the ground.

Edit - Stareye glowers until his opponent is stunned and then stomps his boot until a firm impression is made into the fallen's face.

7. I went with Jumpin'n Salmon spamming SoT. Quantity overwhelms the quality of posts so SoT gets buried under as he replies in detail to why Salmon is wrong.

8. I was going to give this to TM until I remember that Jewels is used to all the abuse and flame that TM can dish out. Then she smothers him with love until he suffocates.

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Erm, sorry to throw a spanner, but Aran can't edit posts when he does it through proxy. He's said so himself. Which means that the nose, and the staff, and the swirly swirlies still get him.

I shall write reasons and vote when I am not half asleep.

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Match #1 (Alorael vs. The Silent Assassin) - Well, this is a tricky one. On one hand, The Silent one has a severe disadvantage; his attacks are limited to melee or short-range, while Alorael can hit from long-range. On the other hand, a rifle requires a couple moments to aim before he can fire, unless he just starts indiscriminately firing shots. Additionally, the aiming part requires him to not move, making him a sitting duck (again, assuming he doesn't fire indiscriminately) Thus, without the advantage of surprise, Alorael is in a sticky situation. I imagine the Silent Assassin is nimble enough to avoid just taking a shot, and is capable of dealing with Alorael in a melee fight, meaning that, if Alorael doesn't take him down before his adversary closes (or before his ammunition runs out), Alorael is done for. And I think Alorael just can't pull it off.
WINNER: The Silent Assassin

Match #2 (The Almighty Doer of Stuff vs. Arancaytar) - Despite Aran's considerable statistical power, one can't help but notice that hardly any of it has worthwhile offensive punch (while one might claim that editing is a pretty effective attack, don't forget that the rules of the deathmatch void it). Fact is, the only way to bring down an opponent in the deathmatch is to have some sort of offensive ability. All Aran really has in that department is a mail bag. And that's going to take a little too long to bring ADoS down.
WINNER: The Almighty Doer of Stuff

Match #3 (Goldenking vs. Drakefyre) - Drakefyre has Divine Warrior. No matter what Goldenking throws at him, nothing can trounce the invulnerability granted by Divine Warrior. So unless Drakefyre makes the brain-dead move of not using Divine Warrior on first move, he's got the match. And Drakefyre doesn't look brain-dead. Or maybe he is; he switched to the Anama, meaning that his spells are void. Coupled with Goldenking's Aura of Flames...
WINNER: Goldenking

Match #4 (Ash Lael vs. Dintiradan) - Dintiradan's insane levels of firepower completely overwhelm Ash Lael. Plain and simple. Even if Ash did multiply into several copies, Dintiradan has the summoning machine.
WINNER: Dintiradan

Match #5 (Nemesis vs. Emperor Tullegolar) - Fortunately for Nemesis, Dainslaifs equal ranged attack. Unfortunately for Nemesis, Tullegolar is a master in combat. And whilst the Tullegolite propaganda is lost on Nemesis, that slith spear is not.
WINNER: Emperor Tullegolar

Match #6 (Zeviz vs. Stareye) - Whilst Zeviz can get off a couple of really nasty shots, this match was already decided. For him, there's just no competing with Stareye.
WINNER: Stareye

Match #7 (Student of Trinity vs. Salmon) - Versus a razor, I doubt the fishing pole will be of much use. I just don't see Salmon winning this match.
WINNER: Student of Trinity

Match #8 (Jewels vs. Terror's Martyr) - ...Err... Let's just fast-forward to the conclusion, shall we?
WINNER: Terror's Martyr

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1. Alorael vs. the Silent Assassin
Sure, Alorael changes his name all the time. That's not too tough to figure out. It's Alorael's identity that's impossible to know. Is he an Alaskan pedophile in his fifties? A sweaty Korean businessman? An angelic transvestite? All of the above? The Silent Assassin's stealth is useless if he doesn't know who to attack. Fortunately, he has Lord Grimm to help him, and Lord Grimm has access to a radio. Together, they decide that Lord Grimm will announce a parade while the Silent Assassin hides in the spot Alorael will want to snipe from. Unfortunately, Alorael's skill at inserting himself into conspiracies means he knows about the plan in advance and is waiting for the Silent Assassin instead. Alorael.

2. ADoS vs. Arancaytar
At first, it seems Arancaytar has a clear advantage. He has enough statistics gathered to know exactly how ADoS is likely to fight. Too bad all those statistics were fakes planted by the Flying Spaghetti Monster, rendering them all worthless. Arancaytar has some impressive coding too, but even he admits it will be another two years before he will be able to kill people with it. [Edit: Okay, so that was HTML only. But it does cast significant doubt on his ability to kill someone with PHP when combined with the blatant bias in his post.] ADoS summons his fluffy turtles. Arancaytar summons Cthulhu. The sanity-eating turtles get confused by the insanity-inducing Elder God and run away. Unfortunately, Arancaytar is now gibbering mad. ADoS is saved only by an outplant malfunction. Arancaytar tries to hide in a Terragen picture, but ADoS easily sniffs him out. In desperation, Arancaytar grabs a fluffy kitten and stuffs it up ADoS' nose. The resultant sneeze crumbles Arancaytar into delicious bacon bits. ADoS.

3. Goldenking vs. Drakefyre
Their respective religions are both so absurd they cancel out. Goldenking goes to edit the EE so that the Great Spider has more power. Drakefyre reverts it back and casts divine warrior. Goldenking uses a skribbane-infused canister. They duke it out for a while. Drakefyre is weak against Goldenking's not-grounded-in-reality attack type. He's about to go down when the police show up and arrest Goldenking for child abuse. Drakefyre.

4. Ash Lael vs. Dintiradan
1. In battles of good vs. evil, good usually wins in the end.
2. Evil Overlords always lose.
3. Chainsaws cause massacres.
Ash Lael.


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Originally written by Jeran Korak:

What an earth is Angband?

[Lays claim to first vote and first post]

It's here!

1. Me versus the Silent Assassin
If he approaches on foot, he's a pedestrian and therefore dead. If he approaches any other way, stealthily, he's a little better off... but no stealth can match the unblinking eye of the altered state. Besides, I can finish the job with a pithy one-liner as long as it comes in the form of a signature. What's he going to do? Appear in someone else's signature?

2. Arancaytar versus ADoS
All of the latter's images, sounds, scents, and scenarios are as naught before the preparedness of the man who has statistics on everything. He has already prepared an optimal program against this day. There can be no other outcome. ADoS's only hope is to get Aran stuck in a recursion loop over who is the creation and who is the creator between Aran and me, and I just don't see that happening.

3. Drakefyre versus Goldenking
Goldenking has a fighting chance of James is having naptime, which he apparently has been quite a lot recently. The power of the tantrum backed up with administrative authority is potent, however, and Goldenking is not particularly known for quietness or subtlety for getting in close.

4. Ash Lael versus Dintiradan
I foresee this one going in the Evil Overlord's favor initially, but everyone knows that Evil Overlords never triumph in the end. This is particularly true against the devout and those wish dashing accents. Despite Dinti's hard work in using the Evil Overlord list, Ash has a terrible advantage: bifurcation. He's done it before, and he could do it again. The small but plucky army of the light will triumph, as always against the hordes of the dark.

5. Nemesis versus Tullegolar
The Emperor's powers derive from his ability to turn others to his cause. Nemesis is unlikely to fall to such mind games, and the Emperor must then rely only on personal puissance and loyal followers. He's got power, but he's unlikely to get a horde of slaves and lackeys without drawing down upon himself an even bigger horde of irritated enemies. And then in the end, the battle is moot because the administration unfairly bans him. Such is life, eh?

6. Stareye versus Zeviz
Truly a clash of the titans, here. Admin against former admin. Uncompromising glowerer against heartless leader of EVOL. Physics against physics. I think scenarios will tip the balance to *i's side, but it is indeed a close match.

7. Student of Trinity versus Salmon
There are very few who can stand up to Occam's Razor or biting wit. Salmon can give at least as good as he gets in the wit category, but he dilutes his barrage with too much spam. In the end elegance will somewhat ironically overpower brute force.

8. Terror's Martyr versus Jewelz
The King of Kings will lead forth his black mark cabbage legions, and no motherly instinct will be able to hold back the fuliginous vitriol of their frothing, diatribe-laden advance. The bourgeoisie cannot prevent the revolution forever! The banned will rise again!

—Alorael, who is pleased to finally participate in a match. It's been a while, hasn't it?
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Originally written by GVDT:

Wow. I gotta say, the quality of explanations has dropped off a cliff since last year.
I was thinking the same thing and worrying how I was gonna judge with so little to go on. But I have a few ideas.

In other news, I wrote out my own match last year in anticipation of who I'd be paired with. (It didn't take a genius to figure out what Slarty had up his sleeve.) And since I'm not judging that one I present it for his consideration. I don't think it breaks the CoC...

Originally written by Jewels a long time ago:

Jewels vs TM

While Jewels has many walkthroughs, TM has still failed to deliver the ones he said he'd write two(... er, three) years ago for his scenarios so her archive isn't going to help much here. Fortunately Jewels has "that which does not exsist" (even though it actually does exsist now and it's available to everyone) and is not afraid to cheat her way out of any scenario she's thrown into. TM has his insults of caliber class complete with an arsenal of astrical words, but Jewels has been to Desp. and back, so she's not easily distracted with that. Jewels is quite fond of his snappy dapper, though, and may be lulled into a false confidence in a battle of words over whether God deserves to be worshiped or not if he exsists at all. It wouldn't be hard for TM and his allies to bury Jewels six-feet-under an accusitory, theoretical, religion thread. Of course, Jewels always has a back-up dummy account incase one gets too buried to be dug out. Her parenting skills are not of much use against the grown man and her beer would be more of a hinderence. Neither of their elements is immediately life threatening, though Jewels may try to threaten taking him off the table as a distraction, he wouldn't care enough to bat an eye. In the end, TM has his legendary oldbie status and enough moxie to trip an army. While Jewels is trying to smother him with love hoping that she can cause him to explode from an overdose, TM does something so beautiful and horrible at the same time everyone is blinded, Jewels instinctivly turns the other cheek allowing him to do it again sealing her fate. With her final breaths, Jewels is finally granted that Holy Golden Shower He promised and TM wins.

Forever Always on Past the End

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Originally written by Dikiyoba:

...when the police show up and arrest Goldenking for child abuse.
By the time the abuse starts, the match'd be over.

1. The Silent Assassin is an assassin. So is Alo. TSA has a mastery of ninja-y weapons. Alo has a sniper rifle and some skribbane. TSA has pedestrianship, and as an assassin he does it slowly, as to not announce his presence. Meanwhile, Alorael's sniper rifle hones in on pedestrains...

2. Aran has EE and its scores of editors, including myself. ADOS has an infinite amount of stick-men. Really, the first one to realize that the Law of Wikiality can erase the other's allies wins, and sin Arancaytor owns his two wikis, I figure it'll be him.

3. This is an insanely unfair fight. ET, noting unfairness, protests the elitist nature of the Deathmatches, and that only oldies are in them. As Drakey goes to quell him, I bash his head in from behind. Either that, or we both buff to insanity, me with my massive reserves of pods and potions of all sorts, and him with Divine Warrior. First one to run out, *cough*Drakey*cough* wins. Still, I'm fully aware that there's not much in my favor, so I refuse to call it.

However, there's no reason to ban me, as I've always followed the rules. Plus banning gives them instant wins against the regulars.

4. One time, Ash was banned. Everyone changed their names to a variation of Nathan Ashby, including me as Nathan Ashbyking. When you've got that many followers, I think Ash Lael can crush some obscure RP'er.

5. Independent thinking is decisive against enslaved creations. However, I refuse to call it due to a bias on my part.

6. Zeviz most have a lot of radiation sickness from all the bombing and construction work he does. Just as the match starts, he pukes out his tumor-infected stomach, and Stareye moves on in a daze.

7. "There's nothing in the Bible against eating salmon." -Student of Trinity

8. TM is a powderkeg surrounded by an aura of fire. Jewels is not so naturally predisposed towards war. TM scripts himself into the system, before exploding violently.

P.S. I for one don't think that the younger members should have as much sway. After all, too many of these names are not around anymore, and going by the character cards isn't to helpful.

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Originally written by Goldenking:

P.S. I for one don't think that the younger members should have as much sway. After all, too many of these names are not around anymore, and going by the character cards isn't to helpful.

Anyway, it's up to the judge(s) to make a final decision, so the sway of the arguments will (partially) be based on the accuracy of their claims.

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Jewels: "Grown man"? I suppose... oh, and I'm very glad you remembered the golden weather :)

Anyhow, I suppose I'll have to write up my opinion on the first seven then, if I get to be not-judge.

And yes, of course the sway of an argument is based entirely on its accuracy. Although I have to admit the suggestion that arguments should be evaluated by some other criterion tempts me to devalue your own arguments accordingly... luckily, seven of them aren't for me to judge, so I can call them rubbish in good ethical standing.

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Alorael vs. Silent Assassin: As much as I would like for Alorael to die, the Silent Assassin is outmatched here. He always comes up with brilliant plans that more often than not involve humiliating rather than lethal consequences. While it would be funny to see Alorael pelted with pies or mousetraps or whatever, his rifle is equipped with bullets. Reminds me of that one scene where Indiana Jones shot that ninja guy with the big sword. Ouch.

Alorael wins.

ADoS vs. Arancaytar: I don't understand the bacon references, all I know is that Aran likes to program things and keep records and crap. Boring. ADoS has creativity on his side, and a few crazy symbols will overcome an army of 1s and 0s any day.

ADoS wins.

Goldenking vs. Drakfyre: While skribbane canisters may seem powerful, I'm still conviced they would make the user weaker than before he used them, whether it be by suffering withdraw or having your skin fall off from using too many of them. While I would like to award this round to Goldenking anyway for simply being more active than Drakefyre (which isn't saying much), Drakey is Drakey. I'm not saying no one can beat him, but I don't think Goldenking is among those who can.

Drakefyre wins.

Ash Lael vs. Dintiradan: I have no idea who Ash Lael is. This person either hasn't posted since I joined, has posted far too little, or has changed his name and doesn't stand out enough for me to notice him. The fact that Subterra is in his list of items certainly doesn't help him in my book. Dintiradan wins by default, I hope his next opponent is more worthy.

Dintiradan wins.

Nemesis vs. Emperor Tullegolar: He may have killed me with his flying weapon things once before, but I wouldn't fall for the same trick again. Plus, I rarely play a game without cheating first. My maxed out stats can take on anything the designer can throw at me.

I win, I always win, I am the Emperor

Zeviz vs. Stareye: Maybe Zeviz was a big player once before, but since I have joined, he has not posted much of interest. Stareye hasn't either, but he has made up for it with PM discussions he has had with me, and those have been ugly. Stareye fights dirty, he would kick Zeviz in the nuts with his boot and then go after his family while he lies cringing on the ground.

Stareye wins.

SoT vs. Salmon: I've never had a debate with with SoT that I can remember, so it is difficult to gauge his skills. I have noticed that whenever he does post, his words always seem well thought out, which is more than I can say for Salmon. Sometime Salmon says clever things, but more often they are just crude trollling. While that may work on newbs and other members, SoT doesn't even respond to my own trolling remarks, so I think it is safe to say Salmon's would have little effect as well. I'm not sure how SoT would finish Salmon off, however. Logic certainly doesn't work on the fish man. SoT would probably just have to wait for Salmon shoot himself in the foot (or face) by saying something that makes no sense.

SoT wins.

Jewels vs. TM: TM was banned before I joined, so I have only legends of him to go by on this one. Jewels seems whiney to me, and if she whines over the stuff that goes on without TM, I can only imagine how great it would be if he were here.

TM wins.


By the way, the cards seem a bit dated to me. Can they still be edited?

You lose.
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Originally written by Nikki.:

Erm, sorry to throw a spanner, but Aran can't edit posts when he does it through proxy. He's said so himself. Which means that the nose, and the staff, and the swirly swirlies still get him.

I shall write reasons and vote when I am not half asleep.

Right that does it; I'm going to code it in right now! Damn my procrastination. :P

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What an earth is Angband?
Angbad is a city fortress built by the evil Melkor or Enemy of the world. For further knowledge read the Similarion by tolkeen.

You can jump off a bridge, fire a gun in your mouth, drink poison,or going in to the tiger's pit but you will still end up dead it's a mater of time and how .
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Match 1: Alorael vs. The Silent Assassin
Between name changes, a seemingly limitless supply of skribbane, and the power of talking in third person, Alorael pretty much had this made. However, on a fluke, one of TSA's previously set traps goes off as Alo is about to take his shot, sending a barrage of rocks falling from nowhere on top of him.
Winner: The Silent Assassin

Match 2: The Almighty Doer of Stuff vs. Arancaytar
ADoS smelled the bacon boi from miles away. But although fluffy kittens are no match for fluffy turtles, Aran also has the power of teh Internets way over the considerable graphic skills of ADoS. As ADoS is busy drawing what is surely Aran's demise, Aran simply baleets him.
Winner: Arancaytar

Match 3: Goldenking vs. Drakefyre
Goldenking stood little chance against Drakey. As Goldenking casts Aura of Flames, Drakey casts Divine Warrior. He then proceeds to use his wave blade to slice up Goldenking's golden gun, pizzashield, and drugs, before finally taking him out. Then, just to be sure, Drakey whacks Goldenking with the Encyclopedia Ermariana.
Winner: Drakefyre

Match 4: Ash Lael vs. Dintiradan
Dinti starts off with an elaborate scheme to see Ash slowly and painfully to his ultimate demise. Surprisingly, all goes according to plan, right up to the end, when Dinti has Ash right where he wants him. Ash is helpless, so Dinti takes the opportunity to describe his evil plans in full detail. However, it takes so long, the Creator comes to the rescue before the end of Dinti's monologue. Good triumphs once again, and Dinti vows to get them next time.
Winner: Ash Lael

Match 5: Nemesis vs. Emperor Tullegolar
"I've beaten him once, I can beat him again."

My Dainslaif companions fight Tully's slaves to a stalemate, and all allies are called off. Now it's my sword versus his slith spear, so he has the reach advantage. I can evade some strokes, but am wounded by others. In frustration, Tully insults my disadvantage. In doing so, he breaks the CoC and is banned.
Winner: Nemesis

Match 6: Zeviz vs. Stareye
Zeviz starts the battle by preparing to cast Nuke. Which Zeviz is preoccupied, Stareye creates a script which inflicts him with Tourette's Syndrome, which will allow him to make use of his admin powers. However, because he hasn't designed for BoA in a while, he runs into Avernumscript complications, causing the script to take longer than expected. Zeviz finishes casting Nuke before Stareye can complete the dreaded script.
Winner: Zeviz

Match 7: Student of Trinity vs. Salmon
SoT begins the battle with a couple of sharp one-liners, which remove Salmon's legs. He then begins work on the most deadly physics equation EVAR! However, Salmon is able to drag himself to where SoT is working and spam up his work. SoT manages to clean most of it off, but misses a spot. When he tries to use the equation, it backfires and causes him to never have been.
Winner: Salmon

Match 8: Jewels vs. Terror's Martyr
Jewels smiles at TM. This angers him. A lot. He immediately begins flaming. Jewels graciously thanks TM for the warm response. However, before TM can react, Imban locks the topic. TM is taken to the admins and banned, and Jewels writes another Blades walkthrough.
Winner: Jewels

Originally written by Emperor Tullegolar:

My maxed out stats can take on anything the designer can throw at me.
I wrote a script that says otherwise.
beginstate DEAD_STATE;
// Set the appropriate stuff done flag for this character being dead
if ((get_memory_cell(1) != 0) || (get_memory_cell(2) != 0))

As you may or may not be able to tell, if I use this script, you can kill me, but you die too. In fact, you die first, from what I've seen. Luck doesn't apply. Two can cheat, ET. :P

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Do not provoke the turtles.
They do not like being provoked.


ET reminds me of myself before I was taken into a small chatroom by TM, Alec, and various other members. They then proceeded to beat some sense into me...
-Lt. Sullust

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This is gonna be hard. Now let me see...

1 Alorael vs The Silent Assasin

Our lordship of skribbane has take not one, but two skribbane potions, making him stronger and more alert. However, if you can't see your target, can't hear your target, this is of no use. The Silent Assasin quickly gets round Alorael's back and while he creeps in his direction, suddenly a wild flash of light throws him to the ground: the might of RW is not to be underestimated!

Winner: Alorael.

2 The almighty doer of stuff vs Arancaytar

As soon as the match starts, The doer of stuff send his inspector to inspect things and see if they can come up with a succesfull tactic for beating Arancaytar. In the mean time, The doer of stuff uses his almighty nose to punch and hurt Aran, with some succes. However, Aran uses the magic flut to tone the nose down and seduce the inspectors, who now tell Aran about all Doer's weak spots. With a huge piece of bacon, Aran tries to squash the doer of stuff, but just on time, the doer blow his nose in it and send it back to Aran, who is squashed under his own bacon.

Winner: The doer of stuff.

3 Goldenking vs Drakefyre

Not only is Drakefyre older and therefor wiser, he also has the power of the waveblade on his side. Using Divine wrrior on himself, he gets hardy and a tough opponent, who easily defeats Goldenking with Aracane Blow the moment the match starts.

Winner: Drakefyre

4 Ash Lael vs Dintiradan

Music is best. Always. nothing better than music. There is just one problem: Dinti here is an evil overlord. BUT! Ash is older and wiser and has endured much, he knows the evil overlord guidebook by heart and knows what Dinti will do.

Winner: Ash lael.

5 Nemesis vs Emp Tullegolar

Tullegolar tickles Nem with his big feather, and laughing, nem falls to the ground.

Winner: Tullegolar.

6 Zeviz vs Stareye

Using his antmatter machine, Stareye creates an anti Zeviz. now's the time to wait till the antiZeviz gets to the real Zeviz and touches him. then they're both gone. In the mean time, Zeviz tries to dodge the antiZeviz with a bolt of fire, but to no avail.

Winner: Stareye.

7 Student of Trinity vs Salmon

What, RW and physics against forestry? That sounds weird at first, but then salmon plants trees around SoT, that SoT can barely move. Salmon does that in such a speed, that within seconds, a forest is planted around SoT, who can't escape. But there comes the mighty hand of RW, who starts to remove the trees, and in five minutes, all trees are gone again. So Salmon plants some more trees, and RW removes them. this goes on for some time, but not for eternity: Salmon gets tired, RW not. When the time has come, SoT throws rocks at Salmon.

Winner: Student of Trinity

8 Jewels vs TM

TM starts a barrage of insults, but Jewels can cope with that all to well. TM then does it himself: he bans himself, while philosophizing about uncomprehensible stuff, including the fall of the world as we know it.

Winner: Jewels.

DISCLAIMER: Anything I say in this post is not to be taken seriously. If I let you lose, it doesn't mean I don't like you, it only means it was funnier to let the other one win, either because the match'd be funnier, or it'd be a surprise to let that one win.

EDIT: typo

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read the Similarion by tolkeen
No you didn't. <_<
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