how did you find out about spiderweb games?

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AuthorTopic: how did you find out about spiderweb games?
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these cds actually came to good use.
unlike those aol trial cds i just use them as coasters =/
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I remember it well. It was a few years ago at my school and some kid had been downloading hundreds of megs of terrible games that he found from anywhere in the web and had been saying how great they were. He told me he'd found this one RPG that just terrible and the peoples feet didn't even move. Naturally, given his poor taste in games, this was the only one of the games I tried out of the ones he'd downloaded. Luckily it turned out to be A2 and I was instantly hooked.
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I had first found out about Avernum 3. I was just looking on a Dutch site where they had macintosh downloads. I come there sometimes to see if there's something new. One of these games I saw was avernum 3. The screenshot was a screenshot of the portal fortress in upper Avernum. I saw the screenshot, and it immediatly atracted me. I just looked different. No stunning 3D graphics, all simplicity. I decided to download it, and I started playing it. I was hooked. Then I discovered that there were more Avernum games, and I was happy.

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A friend at Uni introduced me to Exile 2, which I played on her iMac for a term. Then the vacation came round, and I was forced by my addiction to buy the Exile trilogy for my PC.

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I learned about Spidweb games when I stumbled upon the shareware version of Exile 3 on the internet. After a while, I ofcourse wanted the other parts too, and so I ended up in here.

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I found Exile 3 on a shareware CD that came with one of my Dad's computer magazines. It was about, ohhh... AD53, or some similar date, back when I was maybe 14. The disk also had a demo of Nethergate on it. I remember playing both, and loving them. I played the demo of Ex3 to death over a period of maybe 6-8 months, at which point I turned to Nethergate. I liked Nethergate, but not as much as Ex 3. Back then I was crazy like that.

A couple of years later, we got internet access, and I bought Exile 3. Then I downloaded Ex 1 and 2, didn't like them, and moved on to Avernum.

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Another one who had a CD full of shareware (good, bad, awful!, excellent, the whole gamut). Fortunately, it allowed you to sort games by type (card, board, RPG, etc.), and I found & installed the three Exile games, played to the shareware barrier & registered.
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It was in late 1999, and I found a demo for Nethergate from a gaming magazine. I'm pretty sure it was in PC Gamer, although it could have been another PC magazine. I was immediately hooked, but it wasn't til much later (late 2002, I believe), when I went to the site to buy the game. Of course, I discovered Avernum at that point, and I've never been able to stop playing spderweb games since. I know have the full version of every single Spiderweb game available for the PC (including Homeland - I thought it would get better), and consider them to be my best gaming investments ever. I only discovered these boards back in November 2005 when I was searching for help while playing throught Nethergate for the umpteenth time.

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When i was about seven or eight my family had an ancient macintosh laptop (which still works!), and my dad always brought a new copy of MacFormat every month. The first one i played was E1 but i couldn't get through the demo, but when i played E3 next i was completely hooked. Six years later my sister says to me "You are STILL playing that?!"

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Way back in the ealy 90's I ran a search on rpg, free download. Esile 1@2 came up (then down), I played. Around a decade later I actually came up with the money to buy the lot.

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Wow. Necro'd.

I'll have to go with one of those MacCube CDs. Exile 1 with the original graphics. Oh yeah.
Or maybe it was some random AOL search. Either way, I've been playing for a long time.

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I'm pretty sure this person could have actually necro'd a more recent threat about this same topic. But whatever. I got my first Exile demo along with the game Realmz. It blew Realmz out of the water, so I switched. Damn, Realmz was bad. Exile good.

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I got Exile 1/2 on one of those 1000 games for Windows CD's a long time ago.
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I read a review for Geneforge 2 in PC Gamer. That led me to check out Spiderweb's website. For some reason, not sure why... even though I had read a review for Gf2, I downloaded and played Avernum instead.

I got hooked on Avernum games... and I just recently bought all the Geneforge games and I'm getting ready to play them.


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I got the BoE and E2 demos on a CD for Christmas years back.

Played them, liked them, stuck around.

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i deiscovered it when i downloded the first geneforge demo from realarcade

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Long ago, it was probably 1998 when I was looking for shareware RPG games to try. I didn't think of this forum immediately though.
Exile 2 crystal souls was the first game I played and I absolutely loved it.

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I have said this many times but it's ok...I discovered them in a magazine, it was a spanish magazine called Home Pc, I think that it was about in 1999, but those magazines always arrived my country one year later...There I discovered some demos of exile 1 and 2, at the first I didn't liked them, and I couldnt understand them anyway, I learned to love them with time...
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Well, for me it started way back in the days when the Exile series was just getting started.
I happened to surf onto Spiderweb software while searching for shareware game on an old search engine called, it's no longer around. I downloaded the Exile demo and have been hooked ever since, I own or used to own; the Exile Series, Blades of Exile, Nethergate(which I still play), Blades of Avernum, most of the Avernum Series and currently Avernum 4.

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Geneforge 1 on "The Years' best Mac Games 2000" Or somewhere around there.

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I played a demo of of real player, hooked since Geneforge 1

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Hmm... I think my brother was looking online for more RPGs to play and he stumbled across A3. He didn't play it very long, but I got hooked and eventually bought the trilogy, BoA, and A4.

I still haven't gotten around to playing anything else.

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Oh, shame, Nemesis. The Geneforge games are what it's all about! The Avernums are remakes, the Exiles are old, Nethergate is lonely, and A4 was, well, [i]bad[i]. They're all the best games out for Mac right now, but Geneforge is the god among gods.

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I'll have to go with one of those MacCube CDs.
Same here, but by the tie a played the demos on the CD it was already four years old. It also had Exile II on it and later I found Exile III on a Macaddict CD. Of course, those games made all the othere ones on the CD boring.

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Originally written by Thralni, The flying Dutchmen:

I had first found out about Avernum 3...I decided to download it, and I started playing it. I was hooked. Then I discovered that there were more Avernum games, and I was happy.
So, what gave that away? The "3" in the title? :p

I found Exile 3 on a very early MacAddict CD around 1997, played it for an hour one night, thought, "This is kind of cool, but I bet it's one of those huge geeky fantasy RPG's I'd have to really focus on and play a long time to win." I had wasted a colossal amount of time playing Ultima IV through once many years ago with a friend, and it took like 45,000 turns to complete.

About three years ago, I came across it again and found it amusing for a few hours of playing. It had old school charm and seemed huge and intricate with characters and story. I started looking online for a FAQ about the game, and discovered the Averna with "updated graphics" on the SW site. I liked a lot of the graphic improvement, so switched to Avernum 3 and started over, but the first thing I said was, "Hey, I only have four guys now!" and, "Hey, where did all the spells go (like Scry?)"

Once I got going with Avernum 3, I promptly shelled out my money and was hooked. This was my first real taste of level-up addiction. Then I turned to the backlog of Averna, buying all the rest at once, except I never finished Nethergate due to interface irritations. I am happy to be able to replay it starting imminently. :D


P.S. I can't tell you how happy I am that Spiderweb is right here in Seattle. Screw Starbucks. Meh, Microsoft. Boeing bolted. Amazon...ambivalent. Google's great! But Spiderweb? Sweeeeeet.

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