how did you find out about spiderweb games?

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AuthorTopic: how did you find out about spiderweb games?
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I found Exile 1-3, in order, on MacAddict CDs probably around the time E3 was released. I registered, uh, none of them due to lack of funds, but I did register Blades. And now I'm here, some ten years later, for unrelated reasons. Huh. Wow.

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I found Exile 1 and 2 on a demo CD and hated them and never thought of Spiderweb again.

Then I got Blades of Exile somehow and found out about the Arena. I've been stuck here since.
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I used to have a Mac. At the time Spiderweb games seemed like the only good games for my Mac... Exile 2 was excellent, so I became a life long addict.

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Originally written by Dr. Strange:

Oh, shame, Nemesis. The Geneforge games are what it's all about! The Avernums are remakes, the Exiles are old, Nethergate is lonely, and A4 was, well, [i]bad[i]. They're all the best games out for Mac right now, but Geneforge is the god among gods.
Well, I did play GF for a while. Basically until I ran out of demo. But I decided that Avernum (particularly Blades) was more important. ;)

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