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AuthorTopic: A place you'd like to visit...
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If there was one place you'd like to visit, what would that place be?

It can also be a fictional place if you so desire...

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Australia. I could stop by and see a couple of Aussie members if they want.


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Ben, you would not understand anything over here. You won't understand footy, pubs, and the general conversations we have.

Personally, I would like to visit Italy. My family used to live there (my great-grandparents), and I think it would be a lovely place. Also, I think I would like to go to Adelaide, Australia. Its about 6 hours drive from where I live, and I think it would be great.

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I'm with Spring. I would love to visit Rome. I don't know why, but I always wanted to see Italy, specially Venice. Besides, I love the fact that European countries are so close to each other (well closer than some American Countries). I'm thinking about studying in Rome for a year (probably my Senior or Junior year), so that should be interesting. Also, I always wanted to visit England, Greece, Spain, and France.

Edit: In America, I would love to visit Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Jamaica.

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Any place other than where I sit now.

But to be serious, Japan or France would be nice.

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New Orleans, because it would make my wife happy.

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I'd like to see Baghdad some day. Perhaps I'm just reckless though.

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I have been to places around the globe, but I have yet to explore my own country.

Northern Chile,Atacama desert, the driest place on Earth. I'm from the mid-south, I have never seen the desert or any desert for that matter. They say it's also one of the best spots in the world to see the stars because there are no clouds or light interference (no one lives there anyway)"Valley of the Moon" is one of the spots I want to see. They also tested the Mars rovers there, apparently it's the closest thing to Mars on Earth and since it is unlikely I will travel to mars...

Then again, I have yet to visit Easter Island. I really want to take a picture of me with one of those cool bigheaded stone freaks. :cool:
And then there's also the unforgiving but majestic south tip of Chile, "Estrecho de Magallanes" and "Torres de Paine", IMAGE(http://home.swipnet.se/conchile/imagenes/TORRESPAINE.jpg)

All in all, as a city bred person, I know nothing about my country whatsoever. That's why I want to visit those places. :P

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I'd like to visit the Old Kingdom(from the Abhorsen Trilogy, which is by Garth Nix).

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Candy land.
Atlantis well before it sank.

Catch poison arrow frogs in the Brazilian Amazon. Chase polar bears in the arctic. Eat stinky cheese in Paris.

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England would be good. Maybe Australia, they seem like nice enough people over there.
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I'd like to visit Chile or Argentina, and I'd also at least like to set foot on Antarctica, so that I will be able to say I've been to all seven continents in the world. :)
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You could get to the Antartica by Chile or Argentina quite easily, the trip there is also quite exiting...and cold. You may also learn why Magellan called the Pacific Ocean "Pacific" after sailing through those parts.

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Originally written by Arancaytar:

I'd like to see Baghdad some day. Perhaps I'm just reckless though.
It won't always be a wartorn land. Someday it'll be peaceful again.

I'd love to go wherever my heart leads me. At the minute it's Egypt. But I'd like to go to America for 6-12 months. And Portugal does appeal too.

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Somewhere in England. Especially over Scotland, a bit of Ireland and maybe some Wales travelling. I wish I had the money to dedicate a year to hiking all over those lands. It might be fun. ^^

As far as imaginery lands go, I'd love to go the one I thought of. It used to have a name, but now it's changed so much and blended with another land, I'm not sure which is which anymore. 'sides, it'd be useful, because from there.. I could go anywhere. Anywhere.

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New Zealand always sounded like a fun place. Plus I hear there is good skating there.

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Skating? Uh, maybe I'll leave that to Kingy or someone.

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I love Skating, and though I haven't been Ice Skating yet, I can't wait to try it. Is it the same? because I've heard is much harder.
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China and Middle-East. Don't ask why.

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I'd absolutely love to go back to Ireland. Australia and Japan are certainly on my list as well. Really, I just want to take time off from life and go somewhere I haven't been (unless it's Ireland).

Fictional... hmm... well, another inhabited planet would be nice...

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Anywhere but China.

Anywhere = Ireland, Papanewginny or Antarctica.

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I would like to go to Australia, Argentina or Finland.
Australia because it seems nice there, Finland because I would like to see the aurora, and Argentina I don't know, I just want to go there.

PS: would also be nice to visit the Apple campus.

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I would like to see the ruins of Karakorum in Mongolia—which consists soley of giant stone tortoises.


There's also a large Buddhist monastary there which would be interesting to visit—you can see its walls in the background. It's name is something like "Erden-tsu."

I'd also like to see Antarctica before I die. Not afterward.

And as for a fictional place—too many options! Even if I could go to one of those places, I'd never be able to make up my mind on which one I'd like to visit first.

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Originally written by Bender Bending Rodriguez:

New Zealand always sounded like a fun place. Plus I hear there is good skating there.
Are we talking about skateboarding, ice skating, roller skating or what?

Not that it matters as I hate them all, but it'd be interesting to hear of this reputaition I've never heard of. Personally I think this country has more of a rep for stoners etc. Also we were the first country to make drugs out of household products. I think thats one hell of a reputation.
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I'd Like to visit my homecountry Norway for a year or so. The last time I visited was 7 or 8 years ago. Norway has, in my opinion some realy great landscape. :cool:

oh, ya, and also Baghdad... My fathers whole family's from there...

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