I am wed.

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AuthorTopic: I am wed.
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Diane and I tied the knot on Sunday. Definitely one of the greatest days of my life! :)

Here's a poor photo:

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May I be the first of your online cohorts to wish you congratulations!

I trust the day went without major hiccup?

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Congrats! May you have a happy life together. Where is that place? Looks like there is a nice garden back there. Did you do any outdoor activities?

...any plan for kids? :D Had to ask.

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Well, congratulations, which is far more worthy than a congrats to the newest member at 1000 posts.

Anyway, are you the first married member of the boards?


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The day went flawlessly. I was married at a manor house near Leesburg, Virginia. No plans for kids yet! :D Hopefully that won't happen for another five or seven years.

I know SoT is married, and I'm sure that several others are as well.

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Congratulations! I hope you both have great lives together!

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Congatulations and may you live happy lives! (now were did I put that presesnt...).

When i came to these forums, I really didn't think many members here were already so old! Am very young compared to all you quys.

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Originally written by ben XIII:

Anyway, are you the first married member of the boards?
Haw! No, not at all...

Congratulations, Drew! May only death part you, and may you enjoy a long and happy life together in the meantime.

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Congratulations, Drew, may you live very happily. :)

Originally written by ben XIII:

Anyway, are you the first married member of the boards?
Definitely not, he couldn't be, because Member no. 1 is married.

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I congratulate you, sir.

Tis a bright day on Earth when weddings can go without a blunder.

I give you ***** (out of 5) stars. Meaningless, unadulterated stars.

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A better question is, is he the first to be married while a member of these boards?

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Schrodinger married, didn't he? Congrats, Drew. May your ship glide steadily and safely through the waters. :)

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Congrats from your favorite toenail.

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Congratulations, good sir. I wish you only the best, and the sentiments of the attack ferret army are with mine.


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Congrats Drew! May you have many years of marital bliss! Northern Virginia is a fine place to raise a family, when you decide to do so.

Yes, I too am married (My wife and I were wed on May 28th of this year), but I don't think I'm the first member to be married while here. I seem to remember there was one fellow at a Utah University who just got married or was getting married shortly after joining.

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Awww, Congratulations Drew. The place looks wonderful, and the wedding looks amazing. Your new wife is gorgeous (she looks young, how old is she?), and you both look adorable. I don't know you that well, but I wish you the best with all my heart.
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I'm 27, and Diane is 25.
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Originally written by demonslaeyr:

I congratulate you, sir.

Tis a bright day on Earth when weddings can go without a blunder.

I give you ***** (out of 5) stars. Meaningless, unadulterated stars.

You may have been looking for IMAGE(http://www.ironycentral.com/cgi-bin/ubb/ubb/user_ratings_5.gif). ;)

However, it just seemed that those of us who are married don't mention their marriage all that much.


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Congratulations, Drew. May it last as long as... something that lasts very long (don't you hate it when you can't find an analogy).

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Congrats Drew. Looks like you had quite a few friends and family around to share in the joyful occasion.

*this message smooshes wedding cake in your face*
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Although I do not know you that well, congratulations nonetheless on tying the knot. May your marriage life be full of happiness and wonderful memories for years to come.

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Congratulations Andrew/Drew! Mh, for some reason I thought you'd been married for a month already - but that was just when you said you were going to. :)

May your wife and you never regret the decision. ;)

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Congratulations, Drew, May you have long and happy lives together :)

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Congratulations! I wish all the best for you, your bride, and your union. :)

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