I am wed.

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AuthorTopic: I am wed.
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:) Congratulation!

Good fortune and bliss for you and Diana, AM (or is it Drew now?)
^_^ I hope you will not retire now into married life and stay away from Spiderweb ... like other members who disappeared with their wedding.

^ö^ vegetarians are sexy.
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Congratulations. :) May your marriage bring only happiness to both of you.

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Originally written by Drew:

Diane and I tied the knot on Sunday. Definitely one of the greatest days of my life! :)

Here's a poor photo:


Thats a hot lady on your arm there, think she's single? ;)

Fine Meal is people!!!
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Originally written by Mortimer:

Thats a hot lady on your arm there, think she's single? ;)
Roflmao! :D

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Live long and prosper.
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This is glorious news for you. And for many of us. Nerds are once again given proof that our lives aren't necessarily meant to be lonely.

May it all work out nicely, and your nights upon nights upon nights in the future be as good as the wedding night.

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Congratulations, Drew! I hope your wedding brings many years of joy. :)

I'll put a Spring in your step.

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