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AuthorTopic: What Are You?
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I'm looking for ethnicities here. What do you consider yourself? Lists of composing factions are good, and so's a blanket assessment, but whatever it is...

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Ethnically, I'm about half Southern European (Spanish and Sicilian), a quarter other Western European (British, Irish, French), and a quarter Northern European (Scandanavian, German), with a trace of Native American mixed in, tribe unknown.

Racially, I'm white/caucasoid/whatever un-PC term you want to call it. You know, that Indo-European thing.

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I identify as Australian.

One parent is Welsh, on the other side my family has been here since the first British ship arrived in my state in 1836. On that side my ancestry reflects the immigration waves of the 1830s and 1840s - English/Cornish and German.

EDIT: I'd say that means my ethnicity is either anglo-celtic or anglo-saxon

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Mostly Western and Eastern European: English/Irish on my father's side, Russian/Ukranian on my mother's.

I think there's a little German in there somewhere too. (Please, no "would you like a little German in you" jokes in this thread.)

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British. And I don't see the point in tracing back my family tree to discover that I'm 1/10000th Zulu and 1/e Icelandic, or whatever.

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Small blonde pale Scot. A lot of my family either lives or once lived in England, but most either were born or live in Scotland.

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Both Chilean and Spanish.
Ethnically? southern european, mostly mediterranean white, with a part of basque ascendance, plus maybe 1/16 of mapuche (ind... er, chilean native american) and a trail of jew. A fine mix. IMAGE(cool0000.gif)
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I'm a Finnish Swede. This often confuses foreigners as a better term would be Swedish Finn. Anyway, I live in Finland, am a Finn, and speak Swedish as mother tonge.

My family has belonged to the Finnish Swedes (a minority, 5-6%) for as long as I can know. This would suggest I ultimately descend from people from Sweden, real Swedes who conquered Finland during the crusades. The other posibility is that I descend from ordinary Finns who changed their names and language in hope of earning a better social position.

Here's a map of the areas inhabited by Finnish Swedes.

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I'm Filipino. Pinoy ako. IMAGE(biggrin0.gif)

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English. If you go back four generations, there are a few Scots and a Swede, but to all intents and purposes I'm just English/British.

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My mother side is pure Norwegian, my fathers side ay have some danish in it, but im not sure...

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I'm Finnish on my mother's side, Irish on my father's.
My name is Lena Suksi-McShane. O_o

However, since both my parents are third and second-generation Canadians, I guess I consider myself to be just plain Canadian.

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I am many things. Lets see... I'm French, Canadian, German, Scotish, Irish, Dutch and English. Mostly German and Irish. I'd tell you my family's history, but it would take awhile.

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1/2 Scottish, 1/4 Greek, 1/4 Cherokee.

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Russian Jewish. So, for political purposes, caucasion. Parents are from Lithuania and Ukraine. I'm German about 400 or 500 years back, I think, my last name has a Germanic origin, but my family tree stops in the middle of the good ol' USSR/Eastern Europe.

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I'm Israeli-American. Going back two generations, I'm 3/4 Polish Jew and 1/4 Russian Jew.

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Finnish, with a bit of Karelian from mother's side.

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Ethnically, I tend to class myself as Lebanese, solely because the most recent statistics form we got allowed you to decide your own ethnicity.

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English. Probably. Pretty much completely back along ways. Also at least 1/2 inherently stupid.

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Amer-Asian: 1/2 Korean, 1/2 mutt (French, Welsh, Norwegian, English, German)

The South Korean side is probably pure. The whole Country has a racial purity thing. The american side is more questionable. I am sure of the first 3. English and German come more from family names in the family tree.

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Fourth generation American, but 1/2 Polish, 3/8 German, 1/8 English beyond that.

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Originally written by Tentacle Monster Revolution:

*hours of endless, halfhearted laughing*

Ahem, yeah. Technically, 1/4 Sweed, 1/4 English, 1/4 German, and 1/4 Irish.

All but my English grandma have passed away.

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100% swiss made, with a little bit Italian blood from 16. Century. Which is expressed in dark curls, improvised life style and the tendency to baroque.
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