An RP in the World of Avernum

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AuthorTopic: An RP in the World of Avernum
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OOC: Yep, but the first version was based on me not reading Premonition's post properly. This second version is how he would react fitting his character.

Also, remember that just because Taron *thinks* the deal is a bogus doesn't mean he is right. He is just a bit paranoid, remember.

Oh, btw, I tried to follow the action of this rp, but I'm baffled as to where the cargo ended up. Do the Kylenians, Solarans or Ironclads have it, or did SAFT get it back? The ship was empty at some point, wasn't it?

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The Solarans have the entire cargo of the Falcon stored away in warehouses where it has all of its confiscated shipments. They'll get around to it sooner or later, probably sooner if Linda alerted someone about its specialness.

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OOC: Time for me to post again.

IC: Petoria and Belmont had been moping around the hovel for several days doing odds and ends waiting for the man with the horse and cart to arrive and pick up the potions they had made. On the sixth day of waiting, Belmont couldn't stand the suspense anymore. Petoria had said that she would tell him about the Prophecy when the man took away the potions, but he had yet to arrive. He finally got up the nerve to mention it to her and so he walked out into the garden where she was maintaining her plants.

Belmont: "I'm sorry, but I can't stand it anymore. My curiosity is taking over now. What is this Prophecy that you spoke of? I know you said you would tell me after the man goes away with the potions, but it is irking at me and I don't know if I can wait anymore."

Petoria: "It's quite all right. I understand. I will tell you about it, but not here. I am worried. That man has never taken this long to get here before, and knowing you would be here to make thing go faster, he should have been here three days ago. I think we had better take these potions to the guard outpost ourselves. I have a horse and cart of my own we can use. I keep it at the nearby Capleton stables. It's half a mile down the road.

Be a dear and run down there for me. Just tell the owner that you are there to get my horse, Desboroh for me. Show him this ring, and he should understand. Then bring it back here. I will hitch it up to a cart of mine. We need to get these potions to the outpost as soon as possible. They will be needed. Besides, I sense that something is wrong. Something must have happened to Burlap."

Belmont: "Burlap?"

Petoria: "Yes, that is the man's name that has the horse and cart who was supposed to be here to retrieve these potions. Go now. I will prepare for our trip to the outpost."

Belmont does as she asks and comes back 20 minutes later with her horse. She directs him to a cart outside and after a minute or two, the horse is hitched to the cart. They both then take the time to load each of the potions carefully into the cart. It takes them a good half hour to load them and make sure they are secured well enough, but soon it is done. Grabbing some supplies for the day and a half journey and a few weapons, Petoria has Belmont drive the horse 100 yards away from the hovel and then makes him stop. Getting out and turning around, Petoria starts chanting some mystic words and waving her arms about.

As she finishes the spell, Belmont looks back and sees a series of barriers form a dome around the hovel and the garden next to it. Satisfied, Petoria climbs back into the cart and they set off for the outpost. She explains to him what she has just done.

Petoria: "Those barriers will keep my hovel protected from all sorts of magic and intruders. No one else except for me can break those barriers. It is a spell passed down through the family from Descartes. It is used in the event where the guardian has to leave their post for a certain amount of time. The vault is safe now until we get back. Oh, that reminds me. You wanted to know about the Prophecy. It is a very simple one that has two separate outcomes.

The first outcome says that in the year of the Blue Dove, the vault shall be virginally opened and the one true king will come to power, inheriting the knowledge of the old kingdom. The other rulers will bow to him and become loyal, no longer fighting each other. He will be wearing robes of blue and gold and will end all oppression. He will tie the nations of the world together and peace, prosperity, and love will reign free. The land shall flourish and life will be abundant.

The second outcome states that in the year of the Red Skull, a king will come to the throne that is evil and harsh. He will be wearing red robes and will bring about constant chaos in the lands. Wars will be rampant that will result in the deaths of many of the people in these lands. A plague to end all plagues will sweep the land and wipe out all life. Blood will run thick over the earth and death will envelop the land. The vault will be ransacked and the knowledge lost forever in the evils of the ruler.

To tell you the truth Belmont, I don't want to be around if the second one comes true. I'd favor the first, but fate will decide the outcome."

They both sit back in their seats and try to pace themselves for their long journey.

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After a swift journey, Linda duly relayed Sol's adjustments to Vida. She could see that they were not liked, but now that most of SAFT's sailors were Solaran loyalists, it would be hard for him to reject it - just as she planned. Again, it would be a wait before their decision came through, but Vida would have less wriggle room this time.

The SAFT guards were friendlier than before, though security seemed to have been beefed off following Taron's escapade. As she passed, she heard mutterings of "infiltrator", and suspicious glares in her direction.

Never trust an adventurer to do something quietly.

At the moment, most of the attention was focused on Taron. He had been moved to new quarters "for his comfort" - and no window access this time.

It was only later that she found the slip of vellum that Taron had put in a shadowy corner.

"Contents of Falcon: x1 Doomguard (active)"

She immediately hid the sheet in her robes, since already some guards had begun turning towards her. She had heard of such things in the past, and though she knew few details, the connection with danger was strong. She wondered if SAFT knew what was on the Falcon themselves.

She must act urgently. She needed to get the message out, while Taron acted as an almost adequate diversion.

Trailed by the inevitable platoon of guardsmen, she wandered in as random a fashion as possible toward her chambers.

OOC: Note to Drakefyre... Red robes are very fashionable this time of year, no? :D
Are any non-humans still around at this stage in the history of the empire?

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Jehan Sol approves of red robes.

FZ, there are very few nonhumans on Pralgrad. The ones that are there are hostile and in hiding.

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"Damn the Emperor," muttered Lord Janson, as quietly as possible.
"We cannot build a navy ourseves, perhaps," he said to the council in a more audible voice, "But there are those who can. Not all shipwrights are under the Empire's control, or the control of the Kylens or the Solarans, or of the Sailor's Association. But all are under the control of gold," continued Lord Janson, looked at the other assembled lords. "If we cannot order the construction of a navy, we must pay for it."
"Pay who?" asked Lord Grandin. "Are there any neutral shipwrights with the ability to give us a passable navy before Kylen's fleet is finished?"
"We can find them," replied Lord Janson. "We will find them, and if we cannot, we can always make them neutral. Remember, Kylen controls many waterside towns; money can often break alliegance, and when it cannot, a show of arms can. And anyway, some of our eastern towns and cities have the ability, if not the resources, to construct warships. Why, our friends up north ((what's that island called?)) have been building sizable ships for years; we can send a message up there, and the Emperor can hardly protest the refitting or building of those docks."
"True," replied Lord Bahrain. "You are right. The Emperor's sudden interest in the war has already lost us our cavalry, but it will not lose us a navy. We have the resources, we will soon have the docks, and we have the will; before long, we will have the sea, whether the Emperor wills it or not."
"Yes, well spoken," drawled Lord Janson. "Speaking of our cavalry, I wonder how they fare down south?"


As he spoke, the remnants of the cavalry were making their way north. The leading knight had found a riderless horse wandering near the river; he recognized it as the horse of a dead comrade. He sent a rider galloping off to the north while he and his men followed slowly behind; he had no idea when Sullust would need him.

Unfortunately, Sullust had no idea either. He was in Lord Dekker's fortress, speaking with the man's steward, Forhault. From the tales he had heard of Lord Dekker, Sullust had expected the steward to be just as great. He was not. Forhault was, to put it kindly, an idiot. Sullust did not put it kindly. Speaking in hushed, intense tones in the privacy of his chambers, Sullust uttered many curses that his men had never heard before; their ears were ringing before their leader's tirade had ended.
"How could Forhault," Sullust said, almost spitting the name, "be so goddammed useless? The fate of the Empire could rest on his shoulders, and what does he say? 'Not enough food, sir. Not enough tents, sir. Not enough brains, sir.'" Sullust mocked. "By every god imaginable, how can he be so stupid?"
Sullust had cooled down considerably from his original tirade; the men were almsot relieved. He had arrived at the fortress this very morning, and had demanded to speak to the steward. It was now early evening of the same day, and he had made no progress whatsoever.
"What will the knights think? What will the Emperor think? We've got to get these people in motion. They are needed for a quick burst of strength, one hard blow to knock the Kylens flying, to cut them off from their traitorous leader back home; we do not need them for a long campaign. This is a battle, not a war. I don't know whether that moron of a steward just has the wrong kind of experience, or if his ego does not permit him to think of anything in terms other than that of a grand, glorious campaign. Ah, dammit, if he won't help, there must be someone in this lump of rock worthy of calling himself human," finished Sullust, stepping out into the hall in search of such a human. His men followed close behind.

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Captain Kevin and his unit pursued the retreating mercenaries, who had fled into a nearby plain. They were trying to reach the small town of Calvus to resupply and prepare an ambush. However to get to the town the enemy would have to find a way to cross the Alis River that ran through the plain. Kevin had taken a shortcut across a older bridge to get to the town first. He set up archers on the roofs and in buildings and maintained several lookouts so his troops could rest at night. They would be ready for the enemy commander when he reached town in the morning.
Morning came, and the enemy rode in a broken formation. Kevin made one last check to make sure the ambush was set. He signaled the archers to lay low to avoid being spotted. Kevin stepped back into the shadows. He told his soldiers the night before that all were expendable, but he wanted the enemy commander alive. The enemy rode into the center of the town, and dismounted the horse. He began shouting orders to his soldiers, and Kevin signaled for the attack to begin as he drew his sword and led the charge at the enemy. Archers fired down on the enemy and foot-soldiers clashed as the two sides meet. Kevin swung his long sword at an opposing soldier and knocked the shield out of his hand, then cutting him down with a well placed slice. A arrow hit another enemy in the shoulder and then the head. The enemy commander surrendered along with a few of his men. The rest were either dead or they surrendered. "This'll make Commandant Krilon quite happy," Captain Kevin though to himself. They put the captives in chains and set off at full speed towards the fort...

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[big ooc] A couple of people have asked me for a summary. Here it is.

Current Player List:

leader: Drakefyre - Jehan Sol
Firedrake - Kevin Daleris (warrior/knight)
FZ - Linda (apprentice mage)
Arancaytar - Taron Gregor Merallion (mercenary)

leader: Alec - Kylen
Shilaroud - Jeremiah Brax (lizard rider) - not playing?
MSW - Petoria Carmine (sage)

leader: Sir David - Gideon Ironclad
A guy with not so perfect grammar - Alex Marrow (archer) - not playing
Lt Sullust - Link Sullust (soldier)

Aizoan Front:
leader: Omlette - Corim Warderson (general)
Morgan - Londar (marksman)
Zephyr Tempest - Sejii
Exile Master - Red Warlock (mage)
Master Chief STD -

leader: premonition - Vida
Benevolent Slith - Allos Nogan (pirate) - not playing?
Undine - Sam (sailor)


- Kylens attack passes over the Central Range (Ironclads).
- Solarans fortify around their cities.
- Sullust (I) is cut off from main (I) force by (K) contingent.
- Kylen plans attack on southern (I) supplies.
- Petoria (K) makes potions.
- The Falcon (SAFT) is captured by (S). SAFT reclaims it, minus cargo and captain.
- Corim (Aizoan Front) organises scouting force led by Londar.
- Sejii (AF) wanders.
- Linda (S) does housekeeping.
- Colonel Karadas (I) loses the central hills to General Hugo (K).
- Red Warlock (AF) wanders.
- (I) politics. Gideon thinks about regaining power.
- Taron (S) housekeeps.
- Londar (AF) scouts. He finds treasonous note and map on goblins.
- Krilon and Nihat (S) move into Pralgrad mountains. (K) outpost is ambushed.

page 3
- Sullust (I) attempts to break through (K) front.
- Linda (S) discusses politics.
- Daleris (S) fortifies Fort Leaziz.
- (K) sends peace delegation to (S).
- Red Warlock (AF) meets Sejii (AF). They talk for several posts.
- Petoria (K) gets servant to help make potions.
- (I) politics. The Council bickers, and Gideon asserts himself.
- Sullust (I) makes it back to (I) territory with three others.
- Krilon (S) accepts (K) ceasefire offer. Naval bases are set up in the Gulf of Jazen (S).
- RW and Sejii (AF) fight gazers for several posts.
- (K) consolidates eastern frontier and rebuilds navy.

page 4
- Linda (S) builds up navy and sets off to negotiate with SAFT.
- Sejii and RW (AF) finish fighting the gazers and go back to camp.
- Gideon (I) orders cavalry south against (K). The Council (I) makes naval protection proposal to SAFT.
- Sullust (I) discovers (K) building a trap for (I) cavalry.
- (K) threatens trade sanctions on SAFT if (I) offer is accepted. (K) cavalry, guerillas and army train.
- The Falcon (SAFT) is reclaimed. SAFT rejects (I) offer, brings Linda (S) to headquarters, and increases prices in (K).
- Linda (S) offers (S) navy to SAFT in return for joining (S).
- Fort Leaziz (S) is attacked.
- Sam (SAFT) explains about the Falcon.
- Linda (S) sends general order to (S) navy.
- (I) cavalry is defeated. Archers are sent to the region. Gideon loses more power. Some cavalry join up with Sullust (I).
- Hugo (K) is ordered to assassinate Karadas (I). Ardek (I) is ordered to assassinate Karadas (I).
- Sejii and RW return to (AF) camp. Londar (AF) reports to Corim.
- Jehan (S) sends Taron to help Linda negotiate with SAFT. The attack on Fort Leaziz ends. Gregan (S) fortifies the passes.
- Taron (S) receives his orders.
- SAFT stalls and increases fees in (S).

page 5
- Petoria (K) makes potions.
- Linda (S) waits for SAFT to move.
- Sullust (I) makes it out of (K) territory.
- RW (AF) is ordered into Londar's command. Senjii is sent to defend Tallport.
- Taron (S) is briefed. He goes to SAFT.
- Petoria (K) reveals herself as Kylen's mother. She and her servant head off into an ancient vault.
- RW (AF) is ordered to infiltrate native king's headquarters.
- Both Hugo (K) and Ardek (I) simultaneously attempt assassination of Karadas (I). Ardek dies, and Karadas is badly injured.
- Sam (SAFT) and the Falcon return to port.
- Linda (S) sends Taron to the library (SAFT).
- Taron (S) retrieves black book and documents. (SAFT)
- (S) builds ships. SAFT inspects ships. Fortified troops in the passes become restless.
- SAFT sends Linda with counteroffer to (S). Taron reads journal and deciphers documents.
- Vida (SAFT) puts Taron under tighter guard.
- Jehan (S) rejects SAFT counteroffer and sends Linda with counter counteroffer.

page 6
- Petoria (K) reveals prophecy to servant.
- Linda (S) returns to SAFT with new offer. Taron tells Linda that the Falcon cargo was a doomguard.
- Council (I) orders building of navy. Cavalry remnants go north. Sullust (I) finds fortress inhabitants to be useless.
- Kevin (S) pursues and ambushes mercenaries. He returns to Fort Leaziz.

I think that's about it.
edit: corrected

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You missed an important subtlety -- they both TRIED to kill Karadas. Ardek just badly injured him, and Hugo assassinated Ardek by mistake.

The time has gotten on -- and besides General Hugo's brief dissapearance and reappearance significantly frustrated, the Kylenians haven't really done much.

Until now.

From the ocean, the Kylenians came, seemingly out of nowhere. And they weren't just raiding, either; with brigands and corsairs granted clemency under an act of Emperor Kylen I, they were able to force control of all the major waterways on the Ironclad coast within days.

And then came the marines. From the Laurent River (OOC: far southeastern river) they poured by the thousands.

The guerilla rebellions steaming under the near-control of the newly-promoted General Karadas suddenly exploded into center-stage. All they needed was a good push to put the majority of the continent under Kylen's control, and thus put the chances of the Kylen Plan occurring into the levels that would lead to it being proposed.

(OOC: The Kylen Plan is good and public now, so here's how it goes:
A constitution (written by Kylen, of course) protects the Empire from actions of any given Emperor -- the first recognition of rights of the nation outside of those of the Imperial head, and probably the basis for transition from despotism to monarchy;
A split empire, with an inferior (and, as things are going, likely Solaran) Grand Duke in Aizo answering to an Emperor -- and perhaps smaller dukes answering to that Grand Duke;
And, finally, a Kylenian imperial dynasty.

The plan is obviously difficult to swallow for either the despotic Ironcladians or the Solarans, who obviously do not want to be consigned to an inferior role if they have any choice.
But if the Kylenians gain too much power in Pralgrad...)


"Hugo! Everywhere I look, Hugo!"
The word had become like the most foul profanity to General (at last!) Karadas, and it tasted like ashes in his mouth. He couldn't make it to Emperor Ironclad's court, even if news of his new rank had reached him. His forces were more and more isolated by the stronger guerillas along the rivers; now a Kylenian incursion threatened to stop even that.

His men were tired and hungry, and the winter was swift approaching; and yet if he abandoned this fight, he felt as if the entire Ironclad dynasty would be stricken a blow it would never recover of.

And he would be, too. He would always be remembered as a fool who retreated too often; he longed for glorious death in combat at times, to wash the filth of his past defeats off of him.
But he was not the sort of fool that would take a division into hell with him.

Which was why he had to take all the horse troops he could spare and leave the guerilla rebels to their own devices. When Hugo made his vaunted 'cracking blow', he would be there to kill him. He might not defeat the Kylenians -- if the Emperor had been lax enough to leave the Imperial city too undefended, he could not defeat the Kylenians -- but he'd kill General Hugo if it were the last thing he did.

Tomorrow's ride would be harder, but soon he would be in the Imperial City, and see for himself how the war had changed the core of Pralgadian civilization.


Ilai Hugo had never much cared for boats. They tossed and turned too much for him, and the fights were thoroughly unpleasant. The looks on the faces of the captains he had captured so far when they heard that General Hugo would hear their surrender was almost worth the whole miserable trip.

The look on the face of Gideon godforsaken Ironclad would make the last few years all worth it. He gave a seasick grin at the banks of the Laurent, and not only for the calm water of the river.


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Linda did not wait for the courier service to hear of the new Kylenian offensive. The smoke and flames could be seen easily by telescope, and word of Kylenian naval activities had long been circulating around the SAFT guards.

It was unexpected for the Kylenians to go on an offensive - she had expected the Ironclads to defeat them easily. But now the the tide appears to have turned in the Central-East war, a change of plan would be required.

She quickly appended a suggestion to send a confidential envoy to the Ironcladists, to at least control their collapse, and to deploy "expendable resources" (mercenaries, auxillaries, adventurers, people of dubious loyalty or competence) to covertly aid the Ironclads against the Kylenians.
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OOC: The servant's name is Belmont. He has a part too. But servant is okay for the moment. I want his name used later. I am controlling two characters, soon to be three maybe. I might let the one introduced in this post die from his injuries. However, not before he tells his story.

IC: Halfway through, the trip for Petoria and Belmont has been uneventful and peaceful. They reach a small river, which the locals call "El Azul Tranquilo." Translated simply as "The Blue Calm." They are fortunate to find a ferry at the dock and after paying the captain, they make their way across it. They go up a small slope, and it levels out into a beautiful vast plain with low rolling hills, cottages dotting it here and there, and a mountaintop off in the distance behind a high ridge at the other end of the plain. Petoria suddenly senses mass death nearby, but can't tell where.

It becomes all too clear as they reach the top of the high ridge. On the other side of the ridge is another vast plain with low rolling hills and must have once been beautiful. However, thick smoke now billows up from it and the smell of decay is everywhere. Every home in this part of the countryside is burned to the ground, with some still smoldering, creating a thick haze in the air that coupled with the smell of death is almost unbearable. Even the crop fields have been pillaged, burnt, and destroyed.

But that is not the worst of it. As they make their way along the road, dead soldiers can be seen lying on both the road and in the fields on either side as far as the eye can see in the haze. Judging by their armor insignias, some are Kylens, some are Ironclads, and some are Solarans. As they continue on their way, Petoria and Belmont take the time to pick through all the spoils of war lying on the ground around the bodies. They decide to salvage all the weapons and arrows that they can for the soldiers at the outpost, which will be very glad to have them.

After doing this for at least an hour, they salvage 97 arrows, 43 swords, 27 crossbows, a few pieces of gold, and some potions, deciding to leave the armor behind because the corpses are already rotting in them. It isn't long before they arrive at the base of the mountain. It is at that point that the fielded countryside ends and the wooded slope of the mountain begins. The outpost lies on the other side of the mountain in a valley, so it is mandatory that they go over it.

While going up the slope, they come across an empty cart with no horse or driver in sight, a broken wheel, and several arrows dotting its sides. Petoria suddenly gasps and tells Belmont to stop. She climbs quickly out of her cart and runs to the empty one. She looks it over carefully, scrutinizing every board and even sniffing at the wood. Without warning, she throws up her head and looks about at the woods around her. Belmont can see that she has a frightened look on her face so he gets out of the cart to see what's wrong. It is then that Petoria starts yelling out.

Petoria: "Burlap!!!! Burlap!!!! Can you hear me?!!!! Burlap!!!!"

Her calls are answered by a weak moan coming from within the woods at least 30-some feet in. She instantly dashes into them in the direction of the moaning. Belmont quickly follows her and soon catches up to her at a large rock outcrop. She doesn't stop there however, but starts making her way through the boulders to a small flat depression in the center of the rocks. When Belmont finally makes it to her again, he finds her stooping over a man who is mildly wounded and is emaciated as well. Beside the man lies a small empty bundle, which might have held food and an empty wine bag, which most likely held a ration of water.

Petoria: "Oh, god!!! Burlap!!!! Speak to me!!! What happened? Burlap!!!"

All the man can do is moan and mutter a few unintelligible words through his weakness. He has a small gash on his forehead, an arrow wound that has barely penetrated his left upper arm, a broken off arrow in his thigh, and a small gash on his right arm that has been patched with a torn piece of his clothing. He managed to put a turnicate on both injured limbs and successfully kept himself from bleeding to death. He has the first signs of gangrene appearing on his wounds and is obviously in a lot of pain. He must have survived on the paltry rations he had drug with him when he crawled away from the cart to escape his attackers.

She sees that he is in desperate need of food and water and with Belmont's help, they manage to carry him back to their cart. After giving him food and water and Petoria magically healing some of his injuries, he begins to come back to reality somewhat. Soon he is able to speak a little, but he is too disoriented and in too much pain to answer questions. They make room for him in the back of the cart amongst the arrows, weapons, and potions and decide that it would be best if they get him to an alchemist in the outpost as quickly as possible. Belmont takes over as driver alone while Petoria cradles Burlap's head in her lap, hoping that they can get to the outpost before too long.

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Rather than spend anymore time arguing within the hierarchy of the Empire, Sullust went straight where he needed. He threw open the doors to the barracks.
"I come in here to ask all of you one simple question, who does this land belong to?"
"The Empire," one of the many soldiers replied.
"No, this land belongs to those who fought so hard to claim it. Soldiers just like yourselves poured their blood and sweat so that we might call this land our own. Do you consider this feat worthless? Are we to simply stand back and watch as our lands fall down before us?"
"Our Lord knows best."
"Does he? Then why in the north do they prepare for a war and yet here the nobles sit idle as if nothing is happening. I have seen the mighty Empire struggle against the Kylenians."
"We cannot go against the wishes of our Lord, to do so is a crime of treason."
"Treason?! I say that treason is giving this treasure to our enemy! If we falter now, we might as well spit on the graves of our ancestors." After uttering those last few words Sullust stormed out of the fortress and made camp outside with his men.

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"So, Keimen, tell me why you are here."
"I... uh, I'm here because you brought me here, Kylen, sir."
"Emperor Kylen. Exalted sir. And that's part of what I've brought you here for."
"What? Not recognizing you as Emperor? I assure you, SAFT recognizes all Imperial candidates equally."
"I certainly didn't bring you into my court to lie to me, Keimen. You have been blatantly favoring the Ironcladder scum."
"The shipment of weapons we picked up here --" Kylen made a well-rehearsed gesture to a stretch of ocean where the Kylenians had swept through too fast or too quiet for the SAFT's normally dextrous ships to avoid them -- "...are certainly not the first."
"His money is as golden as yours, sir."
"Exalted sir, damn you!... I don't intend to push the respect issue any farther. I'm sure you know what came of our threats to embargo SAFT. Well, I'm not afraid to admit it was a bluff. But now I'm here to present you with an ultimatum: If you do not immediately cease shipments of arms to the Ironcladder forces, we will formally charge the SAFT with piracy."

Keimen begins giving yipping laughter. Then he stops suddenly. "Charges of piracy. Against the SAFT. You know how catastrophically stupid that would sound, don't you?"
"That would constitute the first legal attack on the organization since the civil war began. Imperial law has never condoned piracy, Kiemen. Which means that once my comrades from Aizo arrive, whether or not they side with me, will rid the world of you miserable wretches."
"But me no buts, Kiemen. You may take this to your cap'n, or your adm'ral, or whatever the devil you thieves call your master. Tell him -- or is it her? I never could remember or much care -- what I have told you, and that I intend to keep my promises."
Kiemen scurries out of the room.

¡Viva Chile!
¡Viva el Pueblo!
¡Vivan los Trabajadores!

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OOC: FZ, who did Linda suggest sending the mercenaries to? If it's the Solarans, I might have my character called back from SAFT and sent to the Kylenian front, or something. It would at least put my character into action again...

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OOC: Well, anywhere. Simply that the Solarans shouldn't stand about while the kylenians clobber the ironclads. Perhaps send help secretly to the ironcladists (like the chinese did in the korean war), that we can deny the existence of if killed/captured, whilst maintaining the ceasefire on the west-central front. Deploying that doomguard would also be interesting.

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"My package did not arrive at its destination."

"No." Vida tilted her head to one side as she looked at her guest. The man was hidden beneath a hooded nondescript cloak, but she'd seen enough of him before to know him as a mage, and a rich one at that. She did her best to hide her disgust. "The Falcon was boarded and her cargo taken by the Solarans."

"I did not pay you to give it to the Solarans. I paid you to deliver it to Kylen."

"We do our best, but nothing is certain in times of war. The cargo is lost; if you wish, we'll attempt the delivery of another one free of charge."

The mage shook his head. His voice was tight with anger. "It was very difficult to make, and almost impossible to replace. Do you have any idea what it is that you lost?"

"Armour, a few weapons. Magical, I assume, but nothing out of the ordinary." Vida shrugged. "We made an effort to retrieve it, but the cargo was already gone when my captains reclaimed the Falcon."

"Nothing out of the ordinary?" The mage laughed in frustration. "Lady, you are an ignorant fool."

Vida raised a brow. Other than that, her expression did not change at all, though she seethed inside. "Would you care to enlighten me?"

"It is a doomguard." The mage paused for a reaction. When there was none, he continued. "A magical construct, the deadliest and most difficult to build. No enemy can stand against it for long. Lop off a limb, and it will grow into another doomguard. It is unstoppable."

"Everything can be destroyed, one way or another."

"Of course, the art is far from perfected. There is a limit to the number of reconstructions, and the need for maintenance is constant and prohibitive in cost-" The mage stopped abruptly. "And you lost it! Were I certain it was deliberate, you would already be dead and your ships burned to the water."

Vida returned his glare, assessing his mood and how far he would take his anger. She reached a decision quickly. "We may be able to retrieve it for you. According to my sources, it's sitting in a Solaran warehouse under heavy guard. They don't know what they have, yet. It is an extremely risky undertaking and quite expensive, but it is possible."

The mage reached into his cloak and pulled out a heavy pouch. He tossed it to Vida, who caught it deftly. "See that it reaches its intended owner, and I will reward you with more." He strode out of the room, removing the scry-blanketing spell with a mutter and a wave of his hand as he went.

Watching him, Vida thoughtfully hefted the bag heavy with gold. She had not missed the flash of insignia revealed for an instant as his cloak had opened. An Imperial mage, directly connected to the Ironclad court. He must be both politically and magically powerful. An Ironclad selling to Kylen? Vida smiled with grim amusement. Always knew you can never trust a mage.


Linda was sent home with another offer:

Let SAFT have control of all sea trade to any port and control of all port facilities, including warehouses and shipdocks.


The bed was comfortable, at least. Taron sorely missed having a window, not to mention other escape routes. The guards at his door were no longer friendly, and he'd been stuck in this room for most of the day with nothing to do but read the journal. The documents had been taken off him very quickly. Someone knocked on the door. Taron had just enough time to sit up before it opened, and Vida entered the room. Her expression was neutral; he could read nothing in it, just as he hadn't been able to when she'd abruptly left his room that night.

"How do you find your accommodations?" she asked pleasantly.

Taron made a noncommittal reply.

Direct and to the point, Vida turned to the reason for her visit. "You must be quite good, mercenary, to have found those documents. Tell me, how much does Jehan Sol pay you? I may be able to offer you a better commission."
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*Sejii arrives at Tallport with some other soldiers.*
Sejii: I wonder what kind of things go on here. *He looks around. Some houses are fine, while others look like they've had to have been repaired many times.* I'd better start looking for Captain Moran.

OOC: That's all for now.

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'I do not commit treason,' Taron blurted out, trying to sound resolute. In a way, that was his only chance to satisfy his morals while working as a mercenary.

'That would be a pity, you know. You are not exactly in a safe or comfortable position, and I certainly will not allow you to go free with the knowledge of our associations recent shipments just like that.' Vida said, her thin, predator-like smile becoming smug.

'You surely did not think I would have kept it to myself, did you? By now, Sol will know what you were going to deliver to the Kylens', Taron said in a confident tone, hoping as he did so that Linda had picked up his note while she was here. He knew that she had been here again, in part because he was sure Sol would never accept the deal Vida had sent Linda back with, and in part because the guards had taken positive delight in letting him know that she had been here without even knowing of his predicament. Sol must hear of it at once. This abomination had best be destroyed. Having studied the theory of all the powerful spells, Taron knew what foul magic ((ooc: anything goes, really, but Taron wants to destroy the doomguard for some reason)) was involved in constructing a Doomguard. Of course, once Sol gets to hear of it, he will want to use it for his own ends. Well, I guess that cannot be avoided. He spoke again.

'Besides, you can only keep me here so long. Sol will recall me to my post in the army eventually, and he knows that I'm here. If I die, the negotiations will be over.'

'What makes you so sure about that?' Vida replied sweetly. 'You know that as a mercenary, your status is "Expendable".'

Expendable. Taron hated that word, especially if it was applied to people of his profession. He tried to keep his face under control, but shivered with rage. She had him then, and she knew it. That was his one weak point, the distrust and the indifference of his employers. She only needed to say that one single sentence, just a few words, and he would become a traitor. Honor. Recognition. A good post, a safe assignment and respect.

'I offer you twice as much as he pays you.'

Taron gazed at her face, and was enraged as well as relieved. Wrong answer. Vida as an employer would offer him the same distrust and expendability as Sol, and that was enough to remind him of his morals. He would not be bought.

'I do not commit---', he started slowly, as he finished thinking. He looked up. What people tend to forget is that anyone who can be bought once is available for purchase for again as much from another, the words of a long-dead companion went through his mind. He broke off in midsentence.

"You would trust a traitor?"


OOC: My character is going through an ethical dilemma at the moment, and I identify with my characters too strongly to make this an easy decision. This might go on for some time, rp time as well as real time.

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OOC: I'll try to come up with a way to make my character more involved.

IC: "So anyway, from what I hear, the cargo you folks lost, it's more important than just armor and weapons," spoke Gan.
"Really? They never told any of us about it," replied Sam, and took a swig at his drink. Gan was probably his closest friend, also an all-ears person.
"Of course not. They can't share something that important to just anyone."
"What about Captain Kode? The Solarans took him. I bet he knew what was inside. I mean, he's the captain of the [i]Falcon/i]."
"I don't know, lad, I don't know."

OOC: I have to cut it here.

You go girl!
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Linda thought that this was getting rather repetitive.

There and back. There and back.

Again, she delivered Vida's reply.

Perhaps it is time to break the cycle. "My liege, I believe that on a strategic view, this offer is indeed beneficial."

"Consider recent dealings of the other factions towards SAFT. The Kylenians are on an offensive, I there are strong indications that they are taking agressive measures against SAFT. Ironcladists are similarly pressurising them to insert an additional layer of bureaucracy, which would be severely damaging."

"While they are pushing SAFT, we are the only side pulling them. I suggest we take their offer, and provide a further offer to relocate their headquarters from increasingly hostile kylenian land to Solaria or neutral land, and to help them against the ridiculous Kylenian piracy allegations. Thus we can best take advantage of the other factions' dealings."

Leaving Sol to ponder this, she rode to the Solaran military warehouses, stopping en route to pick up a few tomes from the library.


The Doomguard stood still, a glittering mass of plate and crystal. A few craftsmen surrounded it, taking various measurements.

A word to the guard in charge, and they left, leaving her alone in the room.

Linda had heard of such things only from rumours. Supposed created by various mad, or brilliant mages far to the east, it was a stroke of fortune that it fell into Solaran hands, now to stare coldly at her from within a pine crate.

Linda quickly browsed through her tome on "Magical Constructs and Their Uses". Though doomguards are too new to have been included, their makers are almost certain to follow some ancient and cherished production standards.

Finally, she paused, and said a brief spell.

A front plate popped up, revealing a big red button. Traditionally, this button would initialise the golem, making it follow its inbuilt commands, and then to be available for user orders.

She stopped. Too easy. High level combat constructs are never transported in simple pine crates by independent trading groups. There was too much risk of damage, too high stakes involved. Yet this one has, and was apparently packaged without any documents for use.

She spoke another word of command. Nothing.

Finding another spell in the tome, Linda incanted again, and slowly the Doomguard responded.

It spoke, in a hollow, metallic tone:

"Activation orders are as follows:
Initiate peripherial systems.
Lockdown command reception.
Activate combat mode.
Eliminate surrounding life forms and material assets to 10 mile radius.
Deactivate to await retrieval."

Linda snatched her hand from the initialisation button, and stepped backwards a few paces.

The Doomguard did not move.


Later, when she was sufficiently drunk, she managed to think clearly. It was plain enough now what the doomguard was - a trap, designed to strike a terrible blow into the heart of the Kylenian faction, as well as destroying SAFT's claims of neutrality by making them the deliverers of a deadly payload - thus opening them up to conquest.

It was an ingenious plan, really. The Solarans were all that got in the way, though if the doomguard was initialised her, it would still be to the senders' profit.

But since Taron had found out what was onboard, he may well have also known who sent it. That puts him as a witness, and a prime target for elimination.

And much as he was annoying, he was also useful, and may continue to be so.

Sol can send his negotiations by courier. Right now, she had to warn Vida, and save Taron from his own idiocy. Leaving a note on the doomguard's booby trap, she left by the fastest horse.

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"Here it is, gentlemen -- the prize we've been after for the whole of the civil war."
"Heh. Who'da thunk that a simple peasant like me woulda seen the Imperial capital?"
Those words stung Hugo deep inside. He knew Kylen had no legitimacy as Emperor, but that didn't mean he had to like it. Even most of his own faction thought of Gideon Ironclad as the Emperor.
No more, he thought. Ironclad was still in the city, and it would fall in minutes.

The first gate guard of the Imperial city was struck by an arrow flung by a hasty Kylenian soldier. Then came a sea of arrows, into and over the city walls, with fire discipline the Aizoan Imperial Army would have discipline. The war has made soldiers out of even Kylen's men, General Hugo thought.

Then he saw him. "Karadas! What in God's name is he doing alive?"
He wasn't the only person who thought that. The majority of the Kylenians had been operating under the assumption that Hugo and Kylen's magi had killed Karadas so thoroughly that there wasn't enough left of him to bury. That assumption shattered, many of the soldiers dropped their bows and ran. Not enough, though -- the Kylenian steamroller drove into the Ironclad imperial city...


"Hugo! At long last, General Hugo is before me!" Karadas thanked the fates for their generosity and rode with his elites into the crowd of Kylenian troops. Quite a few broke down and ran at the sight of General Karadas charging them. Hugo was infuriated beyond belief.
"Cur! It ends here!" Without missing a beat, Karadas lobbed a bottle of something fizzing into the crowd of Kylenian troops. A blast of fire and smoke; horses and men writhed on the ground, but neither Hugo nor his were among them. "Coward!", Hugo shrieked, his sword in the air, charging his rival.

It was then that Karadas saw, much to his horror, Gideon Ironclad riding out of the Imperial headquarters with two guards. "Gods damn it, no!" He barked an order, and his men went to pursue the Emperor. So did a cadre of Kylenians. "No! It can't b--" Searing pain shot through him as the sword ripped into his leg. More calmly than any other man would have, he assessed the damage: he didn't seem to be losing too much blood, but there was an uncomfortably jarring feeling in the leg that indicated it was broken. He grimaced involuntarily. Odds were bad that he'd ever move at more than a brisk walk again.
He had a choice. General Hugo was a masterful tactician, but he was no fighter; he left himself wide open. If Karadas wanted to, he could kill him on the spot, but it'd take him quite a bit out of the way...

He threw his sabre, and there was shrieking, inhuman cry as General Hugo's horse collapsed in a writhing pile. In the few seconds it took for the Kylenians to regroup, Karadas was already on his way to try and rescue the Emperor.


"Sir, I'm afraid that he got out of the city. But it may well do the Ironcladians worse that he did; we have several confirmed surrenders and deaths from the best Ironcladian generals. The only man who can tell his ass from a hole in the ground in the entire Ironcladian army seems to be General Karadas."
"With the wound I gave him, unless he finds a damn good priest, Gideon is going to need another professional ass detector."
The colonel smirked. "And we've also captured a good portion of the Ironclads' archives. It's also a morale-significant victory; plenty of Ironclad guerillas have surrendered because they felt it was their only choice, with Karadas in the north and Ironclad on the run."
"Well, Colonel, let me be the first, but not the last, to ask: What now? The Ironcladians are going to fade into the scenery, sure as hell, unless the Gods themselves intervene in their favor. What does that leave?"
"Well, Kylen's plan of Empire does suggest that we could cooperate with the Solarans to a degree..."
"Yeah, but to what degree? You mark my words, the war is going to become three-way before long, and then what will we do? What CAN we do?"
The colonel shrugged pointedly. "What about the Aizoan Imperial Army? Why can't we cut a deal with them?"
Blank silence. "Colonel Hawthorne, you are a genius. Why didn't I think of that before?"
"Well, there is the obvious problem of their being in Aizo and our being here..."
"Which is why we need to go and get them. I have a war to fight here; there's only one General Hugo to go around. You, there's plenty of colonels -- there'll be no problem replacing your post here. Go see Kylen with a plan to rope the Aizoans onto our wagon -- he'll be unopposable as Emperor if you can pull it off."


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Vida smiled. "I run a guild of merchants and sailors. Or, as some would put it, thieves and pirates. How much trust do you think I have in my members? No, I do not trust traitors. What I trust is opportunity and survival. You have an opportunity here. Take it and be true, and you will have a better chance of survival than otherwise."

Judging Taron's expression with the ease of long practice, Vida changed tack. "I am not asking you to fight against your current employer. The cargo of the Falcon has nothing to do with him; he is far better off without it." There was nothing feigned about her obvious distaste. "I am not asking you to fight against any of the Imperial candidates. SAFT is neutral in this affair; our sole concern is trade."

Vida began pacing, slow and steady. "Of course, I expect a certain amount of fidelity from my members, and I discourage disloyalty quite strongly. I do not care about the past of anyone who joins SAFT. All that matters is what they do after they sign the contract." For an instant, her expression turned grim, and Taron remembered the journal. "And my members expect the same from me. What SAFT offers is the benefits of a large organisation - protection and advantage. SAFT is not built on trust. It is built on survival. Were I to let us be crossed, or were I to betray any of my members, SAFT would dissolve in an instant.

"I have never gone back on any commission or contract. If I did, I would not survive very long."


"I assure you, sir, that SAFT does not condone piracy. Nor do we support one Imperial candidate over another."

The new SAFT representative did not have the scurrying sycophancy of Keimen. She also did not seem the type to call anyone by a greater title than sir.

"Your charges of piracy have no base. And, though you may not admit it, you depend on trade. Whoever becomes Emperor will depend on trade. If SAFT were to be disbanded, you will find that the instances of piracy will increase; it is only through our vigilance that the trade lanes have been relatively safe in recent years."

The representative paused. She appeared to consider the issue dealt with, and moved on to another. "It has come to our attention that you intend to send an expedition to Aizo. We are prepared to offer our services on this endeavour - for a fee, of course."
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As dawn broke a strange, cloaked figure approached Sullust's camp. Even with the morning sunlight there seemed to be an unaltered darkness in the hood. As he drew closer only the sparkle of his eyes was reflected by the light.
"Who goes there?" One of Sullust's companions asked.
"I have not come to talk with you. In fact, I think it would be best for you to be silent." With those words suddenly the mouth of the soldier disappeared. Sullust raised his sword in horror, only to find it dissolve in his own hands.
"I have not come to trade blows with you. That is a competition which would certainly lead to your doom. Rather, I have an offer."
"Why should I trust you?"
"My dear man, you have no choice. Now will you hear my offer?"
"Out with it."
"What if I told you that I could get you all the men you required to retake the river to the north?"
"I have already been refused from the Fortress of Lord Dekker. There is no other reasonably sized army in this region."
"I know of a creation greater than most armies. From its own wounds it creates itself anew. For a reasonable price I could create such a creature for you."
"A reasonable price? How could we be able to help you get anything?"
"There are some things even beyond my grasp. Are you willing to accept what I would ask of you should the time come?"
"Very well then. Our deal is complete." The mage snapped his fingers and instantly a dark, armorclad figure appeared. Its creator soon disappeared into the distance as strangely as he arrived.
"Well then men, get prepared. We shall ride into battle soon."


"Has he taken the bait?"
"Yes, the second doomguard has been positioned. Has the first been recovered yet?"
"There has been a slight miscalculation; however, I trust it will be in place when it is needed."
"Do you think they suspect anything?"
"Not at all."

Lt. Sullust
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"Emperor, Emperor Ironclad, my liege, Emperor, quick, we need to - Emperor, let's go, they're -"
"Erland, calm down and tell me what's going on!"
"They're here!"
"Kylen!" screamed Erland, his voice rising in terror.
"Who? Kylen? Here? What? Where's my council?"
"They're coming! Oh, God, oh, put this on, we need to -"
"Erland, calm down!" snapped Gideon Ironclad. This news shocked him; he had never even heard the reports of Kylen's initial invasion. But, to him, the boy's hysteria was a bit excessive.
"How close is Kylen? Where's my council? What are they doing? Who's defending? What's going on?"
"He's here! We need to go!" screamed the boy.
"Well, help me get my boots on, at least -"
"Let's go!"
Two men came running.
"Where are the rest of you?"
"Fighting, exalted sir. They council disbanded them, but they're still fighting. We stayed to protect you."
"The council what?"
"Disbanded them, my liege! The council plans to surrender to Kylen!"
"Quickly, exalted sir, we must get out of here before Blackstone is taken."
"Are there horses for us? Where do we go? Erland!"
"Yes, my liege?"
"The council is surrendering to Kylen?"
"Yes! I heard it from Lord Janson himself! He plans to work with Kylen until the soldiers return from Aizo, and then to somehow get their support to take over the Empire himself!"
"You said he would do this, didn't you."
"I don't know! Let's go!"
Emperor Gideon Ironclad, along with his page Erland and two of the Imperial Guard, ran to the stables. Outside they could hear and see the battle; arrows clattered against the stone, and shouts of victory and cries of bloody defeat ran through the city. With his guards' help, the Emperor scrambled on top of his beautiful white horse. He had always been terrified of horses, but even Gideon Ironclad had the sense to control his fear when faced with a greater danger. The guards quickly mounted two other horses, and one pulled Erland up beside him.
"Wouldn't it be safer to stay inside the city?"
"No, my liege, not if the council has betrayed you."
"Oh, right... would my men fight for me, or for the council?"
"Let's not find out! Yah!"
The three horses lept forward at their riders' commands. The stable boy turned to watch the Emperor ride out, out towards the gate and towards the battle, but did nothing. Seeing their Emperor desperately hanging on to a galloping white horse, straight towards the battle, gave some of the city dwellers hope; the rest, it drove into despair.

As they neared the battle, the Emperor began to see the sights one usually find in war; decapitated bodies, horses twisted into impossible shapes on the ground, bloody, mangled suits of armor with a bit of meat left inside. Here, his lack of horse-knowledge quite possibly saved his life; he could not make his mount stop, only his guards could, and they forced him to press on into the carnage. They veered off to the right when they got through the gate; Gideon Ironclad had his eyes closed, by this point, and was trying to decide why the gods had never given people a way to close their nostrils while hanging onto the hair of beasts that constantly tried to throw their riders off. Neither the carrion-stench nor the action of riding a horse appealed to him; yet he was forced to endure both, in order to save his ill-protected neck.
"Gods damn it, no!" he heard, somehow, above the din. He briefly opened his eyes to see his general, Karadas, sending men after him.
'So the council has him, too,' the Emperor thought, misinterpreting their purpose.
His guards did not. They turned themselves, and therefore the Emperor's horse, towards Karadas' men; the Ironclad soldiers intercepted Kylen's cadre yards away from the Emperor, and battle was joined.
"What are they doing!" yelled the Emperor.
"Come, my liege! We must hurry!" responded one of his guards, the one Erland was sitting with.
At that moment, an arrow sailed overhead; the Emperor ducked, and it flew into Erland's neck.
"No!" screamed the Emperor, watching the boy's stricken face, watching the blood run down his formerly clean tunic. "No! No!"
"Come, my liege!" yelled the guard, letting go of the page's body. "We are -"
As the Emperor watched in horror, a spear flew out of nowhere and implaed the guard's horse; the guard was thrown headfirst into the fray, where he was trampled, screaming. Completely losing control, Gideon Ironclad directed his horse towards the dead guard.
"No! Leave him!" shouted a man in Ironclad armor. "He is dead, we must go!"
The Kylens had been killed by Karadas' men, but more were coming from the main battle. The Ironclads fanned out around the Emperor, with the remaining Imperial guard directly in front of him. The white horse, eyes rolling in terror; followed the guard's horse at a gallop.
"Where are we going?" screamed the Emperor, at this point just as terrified as his horse. Either his voice was lost in the wind, or the guard simply ignored him; either way, Emperor Gideon Ironclad was on to a large white horse, hanging on for his life, while an Imperial Guard and a contingent of Imperial Knights rode protectively around him off into the countryside, closely persued by a slightly larger force of Kylenians. For the moment, the Ironclad reign was ended.

And though the musicians would die, the music would live on in the imaginations of all who heard it.
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The first troop ships arrived at dawn. Completely SAFT independent, three galleons with 500 troops each, and five transport ships carrying 1500 troops each came ashore in far north Ironcladian territory. 8000 troops marched south, under the command of General Frederic. In the first village they came across, the Ironclad guards were slaughtered, farms were raided, and the troops moved on. The first large city they came across was heavily guarded, but they were distracted by Lord Janson's news of their surrender to the Kylens. When the guards saw the Solaran banners galloping towards the town, they opened the gates and threw down their weapons. Several were killed to make an example, and the rest were bound and tossed into the dungeon.

General Frederic met with the mayor of the town and Lord Janson. The meeting seemed to go well - General Frederic came out of the meeting with blood on his sword, the mayor came out smiling, and Lord Janson didn't come out. At all. Leaving more troops back to secure the city and the surrounding area, the Solarans headed south, towards the heart of Ironclad territory.
Jehan Sol, in his council room, finally accepted SAFT's offer. Upon learning of the doomguard, he immediately sent mages down to study it. If they could, he'd want them to make it his personal bodyguard. Along with the mages, he dispatched Captain Kevin from Fort Keaziz, along with a team of men to secure the warehouse and keep it safe.
The Solaran contact in General Warderson's army received a message from back home to deliver to the General. He resigned himself to capture for the good of the Solarans, and he opened the note.

"General Warderson,

It has come to our attention that your are being besieged by offers for your allegiance upon your return to Pralgrad. I can tell you that Kylen has no plans for you at the conclusion of the war. He plans to give Jehan Sol Grand Dukedom over the continent of Aizo.

Gideon Ironclad is fleeing his cities on horseback and the Ironclads are being sneakthieved from the north and south. There is no future for you there.

His Imperial Majesty, Jehan Sol, would invite you to fight with him to secure the throne from the pretenders, and then he promises you dominion over all of Aizo.

Jehan Sol"

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