Which Geneforge Game is best?

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AuthorTopic: Which Geneforge Game is best?
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Geneforge I - Most interesting and greatest potential of the four but it fails to keep the player immersed in the story.

Geneforge II - Great gameplay, tons of endings, tons of choices, I loved the idea of avenging Shanti's (is it Shanti? I can't remember...) death. A fine game, though Parry is broken.

Geneforge III - My favorite of the original three. Linear but more immersive than the other two. I liked the idea of islands and the different environments but the boat riding gets on your nerves, especially with the lack of inventory space to carry all the junk around with you (if you're a pack rat like me.)

Geneforge IV - Biased, only finished demo, which was excellent. Can't vote for it though.

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Geneforge 5 is the best because it still has potential and we haven't seen it for it's flaws.
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Geneforge 1 - Has one of the best Spiderweb plots. Gameplay is simple yet manages to be really interesting. Could use some more gameplay balance at times. Probably the easiest of all Geneforge games.

Geneforge 2 - Bodly introduced lots of new features, some of them being good, others being more problematic (like not being able to train if-you've-already-trained-twice-in-the-creation-or-spell-skill-twice). Parry is indeed quite broken, and Strong Daze can be pretty broken too. While I very much like G2, I feel it is the worst game in the series due to the fact that the gameplay balance isn't that good.

Geneforge 3 - Potentially the hardest in the series (along with G4). Lots of cool new features (elemental damage, islands, Alwan and Greta, anvils, dungeons...) and much more balanced than Geneforge 2. Really big, too.

Geneforge 4 - New graphics, new creations, new character classes, new features... This is currently my favorite game in the series. It really could use some more character balance, though - as I've stated before, the game is quite easy with a Lifecrafter, but can be hellishly difficult with a Servile. Singletons are definetely weaker in G4.
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Geneforge 4 wins it, by a country mile.

Geneforge 1 had the most originality, but a more primitive engine. 2 and 3 are no competition. 4 is a brilliant combination of intricate plot with whiz-bang engine.

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I thought Geneforge 2 was one of the best. It's between that and 3 for me. I agree with Enraged Slith; GF3 is very immersive, but I like the atmosphere and feel of GF2 better. I also enjoy the fact that there are many choices for storyline.

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G1. Something about the plot and atmosphere makes it a bit better than the others.


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G1: all about the atmosphere, story, and potential.

I'm biased agaist G4 because you don't have the satisfaction of being a Shaper to begin with, so much cooler to be in character as one of them even if you play through a betrayal.

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Geneforge 1 is by the far the best game, possibly a masterpiece of PC gaming. Geneforge 2 is a close second. Too bad it had that lame 'you have to train before using canisters to get maximum skill' mechanics. I wish someone would write a script to fix that.

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G1- It seemed kinda hard for me, but it had a neato atmosphere.

G2- It seemed kind of small and large at the same time. It had a feel to it, different from G1. And someone could play it multiple times.

G3- Annoying. But it had one of the best feelings I have ever gotten from a game.

G4- It is a...game. It didn't really have a special feel to it. But it is still great. I'm on my first play through. A lifecrafter is hard for me.

G5- It is very neat. So neat, it hasn't been made yet.

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I've played the first three demos. Geneforge was the only game of the three I enjoyed.

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I loved G2 because it let you do absolutely anything you wanted and the challege of satisfying the shaper council fully in the ending was quite enjoyable.

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G1-It has great gameplay.the first of a terrific series. A great game for it's time
G2-LOVE :) :) it.Many new featers introduced, though the "Can't train twice if you've already used the canister or learned it" get's anoying.You're Character gets the most power in General. only real complaint is that parry is really useless
G3-it was really different than the rest of the Geneforge saga. probuly the worst in the series,But still a good game. I really hated the fact that you're not as free to chose the sect to join. I really hope that Jeff brings back that feeling of freedom from G1+G2 in G5
G4-Really think that it brought Geneforge to its hay day. Solid Game. Deffinintly worth every penny

So my vote goes to Geneforge2. I say it's the best out of all 4 games
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G1: Very good, immersive story, balanced combat a hell lot of fun all round goodness.
G2: Fun, but frustrating, i like the many choices throughout the game, parry and strong daze is broken.
g3: played half an hour, didn't play again
g4: Awesome, new everything, absolute power, canister madness, you can be a god without barzites
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G1: Simply - the cutest, while it's rough to play when you've played others, but the story is very good. The endings are very nice, especially the taker one!

G2: The most open-ended. Much fun, much new stuff, but the new stuff is somewhat rough, although fun. All in all as good a sequel as paossible.

G3: The polished G2, with much more a linear plot - not that i like linearity, but another totally open game with lots of sects would just be lame. I see it as a plot buildup, a connection between G2 and G4. Could get boring at some places, but still very solid. And I loved the NPCs who joined you and stayed! Oh yeah, I also loved the fact that you could really directly hurt the shapers, not just at endgame, but also in the game!

G4: REVOLUTION! I love the story and special effects, although it lacks the cuteness of the first games. Could get repetetive as G3, but to a lesser extent than G3 due to the many special effects. I was disappointed that the Shapers seemed so naive and weak! I mean, it was no problem utterly destroying their rivergate keep (i admit it was quite late in the game, but i never even came close to reloading). Dillame itself was much harder. Too bad you couldn't do more against the drakons and survive, but at least we can hope for G5. So, a very solid game, but I hope that G5 brings back the non-linearity, even if it would be the last Spiderweb game to do so! I do hope, Jeff changes his mind on the subject!

G5: High hopes:
- Hope for non-linearity and a lot of different choices!
- Hope for PCs to be able to stay for the whole game!
- Hope to finally battle the whole Shaper council and that they are stronger than that pitful Agent Mouavad (i hope i spelled it right)!
- Hope for the return of Greta, Ghaldrig, Litalia, Khyryk, Khur and ofcourse Pol!
- Hope for another Servile class (the infiltrator?)!
- Hope for the dependance of canister side-effects on your intelligence, luck and/or endurance or leadership!
- Hope for other things I can't remember just now :)

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(apologies for the semi-necro)

Well, it's a bit of a tossup, but I'd have to give my vote to G4, for several reasons: better graphics (a minor consideration), much improved interface and mechanics (IMO, anyway), and it does a better job of not smacking you over the head with the linearity than G3 does :P Also, it's the only game in the series that wants to play nice with my new comp :mad:

Although I did enjoy G1 very much as well, and let's face it, you've GOT to love a game where one of the possible endings basically has you becoming an insane, all-powerful demigod and enslaving all of reality

( EDIT: I speel gud )

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The correct answer to this question is Geneforge 2.

Geneforge is all about choices, and this one had the greatest amount. It had the best characters, namely Barzahl. It still used all the old Geneforge graphics (old shaper, old servile, old battle alpha) which I am quite fond of. The fact that Geneforge has the best story ever makes the linear gameplay of Geneforge 3 and 4 acceptable, but I will still take the non-linear style of Geneforge 2 any day. Did I mention it had Barzahl?

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GF1, but only barely. I think GF4 has a better atmosphere, but it's too linear, and you only really get to make one choice (betray the rebels or not)...

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I have changed my opinion after replaying G4 and say that one was the best because of the spells and ability for a Agent to kick some major ass unlike the others.

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The theories about the ancients in G1 are interesting, but never go anywere (As far as my tries are concerned) but I like G1 the best.

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