naming a character in Avernum

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AuthorTopic: naming a character in Avernum
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I play a solo party, his name is *.

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I go for names that are four characters or less usually, like Bob, Sue, Joe, Fred, Ed, Lily, etc. It's a holdover from my NES RPG days.

I also sometimes use silly names, like Chickie or Miss Sassy.
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I usually take what's coming up into my head

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My Nephilim:
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My nephill's names : Furmur, Edrick
human names : Mycroft or whatever comes to mind
Slith : Ssschah

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Hmm. How does it work? I don't understand the motivation behind topic rezzing and perhaps I never will.

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Well, seeing as it was a complete newbie which re-started up the topic I can't rant and rave, so I'll have to settle for joining in.

I play human characters only now, as I found a good team I liked in Avernum 1, and I decided to stick with them.

So, my characters are:


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I still use the prefab names that came with E1. Anybody remeber what they were? :D

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Yea, I use Mycroft, Melissa, Philip and Kingy. 3 of those are the ones that are preset on one of the games and the last is me so I feel like I'm sort of in the game.
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For humans, I use normal finnish names like Pekka, Kari, Arto, Jouko, Irene, Liisa etc. For nun-humans, I use, well, imaginative names. Like the-One-Who-Ate-the-Furball, Herra Lisko, Mad Scale and so on...

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I play solo with the name Atropos.

Atropos is a greek semi-god, he determines when you die possibly for the gods as well.

Fits with my characters abilities :D .

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In reply to VCH, I just have to open my first ever E1 save game: John, Ariel, Nathan, Samantha, Allison, Erik.

Brings it all back... the sound effects in that game are, well dodgy.

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I usually have my party's names Jerry, Jessica, Nick, and Michelle. But when I played Exile 3, I used these names, can you figure where I got them?
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Let's see... I think I had something like this back in A3:

Zev (human mage)
Emerald (human priest)
Beryl (nephil rogue/archer)
Elerion (human fighter)

And then, a party of druids for BoA:
Roughscale (slith fighter-priest)
Longclaw (nephil rogue-archer-priest)
Bronzeleaf (human priest-fighter)
Magnolia (human priest)

Another BoA party:
Karhallarn (human berserking-halberd-wielding-priest)
Oryhara (human rogue-archer-mage)
Pinebranch (human priest)
Zev (human mage-archer)

Main BoA party:
Elerion (human fighter-priest)
Beryl (nephil rogue-archer-mage)
Ephesos (human mage)
Lisscha (slith priest-fighter)

A bit overlap between the parties.

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oh i remember a lot of similar posts...
i only use the default names, aldous, ssss(whatever) cordelia and microft, but usually i play with a nephil that is called Frrrr, in honour of the nephil default name in exile
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I use only humans, most of the time. Most of my naming scheme revolves around "what has a ring to it?"

Main BOA party:

Roman party:

A1 party:

A3 parties:
Mulita again
Tulir (yes, the three of them are brothers)


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Originally written by Kalnnas:

Originally written by Captain Uglyhead:


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heh toastmaster. i remember that logo :)

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Human (M) : Damascus
Human (F) : Gloria
Nephillim : Mroll
Slithzerikai: Thsssa, Tan, or just default Ssschah
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I often make up random names, such as "Ramiya Pyrope" for a woman in the original Avernum. They seem have elements of whatever I'm doing at the time; "Pyrope" may have come "pyrite," and I was volunteering at the mineralogy section of a museum at the time.

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Some more names I use are Michael/Michelle for my Priest-spell caster, Peter, and I also like to keep Aldous sometimes. There's Huckle for my Nephil, Leagare or Kass for my Sliths, and Phaedra.

Sometimes it feels like I'm naming children. :)

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Names I use are from David Eddings books. (Any of you read them)

For Singleton's I use Kal-Torak , and for other party configurations, I use the other main characters like Aldur, Zandramas, Barak, Nahaz
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naming humans is easy, naming sliths is ok (mine is usually Hss-Thss, descendant of the great Sss-Thss), but how the hell do you name a nephil?

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Change all the ssss's in any random Slith's name to rrrrrr's, add a few m's and w's, stir well, and bake at 350 degrees for 35 minutes. (Serves four).

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well, heyya after a long time(nearly 2 months)... its good to see my topic's still in circulation. anyway, my 9 year old sister was playing A3 for the umpteenth time and she put the names Nice, Sugar, Spice And X in honour of the Powerpuff Girls.. LOL ;) :D

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My first charac is allways a Nephil named Retrency (and in the first avernum retrency is covered with bandelets, so that noone can know he is a nephil), the second is always named thissa like the normal one and then I usually take celali(a priest) or jade(a nephil thieve priest) and the last one is always Mellia(amage or priest-alchemist-mage (that have all her spells at level 45!!!))

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