Za-Khazi (overpowered creatures)

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AuthorTopic: Za-Khazi (overpowered creatures)
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Is it just me or does this scenario have alot of overpowered creatures?

I mean the Cave Giant Bridge, the Human Poppys, the Haakai Lord, those are all save/restart x100 challenges...I havent cleared any of them, i stopped at the tenth try. I dont even think the Haakai is beatable. Has anyone finished him?
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Perhaps you just need a review of tactics.

Save/restart x100 fights typically only happen when you must rely solely on the RNG to carry the day, and I don't believe Vogel's a big fan of those.
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Yes, I had lots of trouble with that scenario, and had to do many battles over and over again. I did eventually beat the Haakai, though. Also had lots of trouble trying to get the Melora Opal.

After I beat it, I went through it again with my party at level 25, and it was about the difficulty level it should've been the first tme through.

But apart from that, I enjoyed the very linear approach and the story was quite good. I also greatly enjoyed exploring previously unseen regions of Avernum.

By the way, what does "RNG" mean?
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Random number generator.
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There are at least a few invulnerability potions hidden through the run. Have a warrior chug one of those, give him a high-level blessing, and he should be able to take on just about anything, while his enchantment lasts.
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This works for a few battles.

The Cave Giant and the Humans notably...

Haakai too, although in that case I had to ressurect the rest of my party after the battle, and I had to use my blessed greatsword (this was my second Run), and I had like 10 Assassinate..heheh

The sliths at the end of the Run are impossible. Who gave that chief a wand of forcecage?

Anyone ever challenge Khoth or the Lich?
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I had to use an invulnerablity potion to get rid of those efreeti in Khoth's Palace, and even so I had to do that battle two or three times.

On my second time through the Run, I tried to take on Morog and Khoth, but quickly learned within the first few moves that even as a level 25+ party, it wasn't going to be very likely. So instead I just looked through the town script and dialogue files to see what would happen if you DID defeat them...

Not exactly cheating, but it did save quite a bit of effort!
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After I finish DwtD I'm going to go do the Run again and challenge everyone. Morog, Khoth, That Forge Efreet...Cave Giant Bridge...I will leave nothing alive in my wake of destruction!!!
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The rewards for killing Morog and Khoth are definitely worthwhile. As are the rewards for bringing Khoth more than one item he wants.

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I just wanted to chime in that the nastiest fights are generally avoidable. For example, you don't have to fight that Haakai at all. That's why I put those dire warnings outside his room.

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when you kill khoth you get his necklae and his eye, the eye heals 250hp (on the whole party?) once a day and the necklace i dont remember the stats on, but it was pretty sweet

the lich however doesn't drop anything...though you dont have to kill her to get her treasure....myyy prrecioussss...
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You'r not expected to kill the giants on the bridge, your expected to attack them then run across the bridge.
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I killed them... took a bit of strategy.. (especially considering that i have two party members: a human 'protector' and a slith 'sorceress'). I had to concentrate all of my efforts on defeating the 3 shamans outright before doing anything else. To do it, i had used 2 haste potions per character before i went in. I also used my fire wands and blessed bolts from my fighter and steel javelins for my sorceress and used level 4 war blessings on both of them and so on and so forth. I basically made it so that my fighter was picking off the shamans one by one, ignoring the others (i had also slowed down the shamans and others with level 4(?) slow. After they were dead, it was just a matter of picking off the fighters and the regulars. It took me a few tries to figure out the best strategy though.

My current trouble is the Dark Wyrm underneath the blood glee clan's hideout. But i know you don't need to kill it. (it doesn't breath darkness anymore. It attacks 3 times in a row, the second two are potent acid attacks.)

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I didn't try to take on Khoth or Morog--they reaked of fights I wasn't meant to do--but I did end up killing Haakai. I cast simmulcum on him five times and let the simmulcums summon beasties to keep the original H occupied. Meanwhile, I had my archer pick at the O.H. while everyone else hid.

The massed giants fell fairly easily with wands, lightning and an attempt to kill the shamens. The hard part was figuring out who was a shamen...
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That's what the 'look' button is for. ^_^

Although, personally, I prefer to just cast Cloud of Blades lvl 10+ on anything that looks remotely like a shaman in that particular battle. Get's rid of 'em quick.

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Yes, ZKR does have quite a few "You've got to be kidding" moments. I didn't go for any of the obviously insanely overpowered bosses (Khoth, Hakkai, etc.) My favorite was the Wormy hollow. Since my party was no match for the Dark Wyrms, the spawning pool, or the cavern of horrible sluggish death, I was forced to charm a dark wyrm and bring it along with me to kill everything in its path. Has anyone out there got through the hollow using another strategy?
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I had no trouble with the giants or efreet. :D I did have trouble with the poppy shrooms. My mouse kept clicking in the wrong direction. I would have taken the ward against the poppy shrooms, but Morog was trying to hard to get me to pick something other than the dragon scroll for me to trust her.

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Originally written by Errant:

I dont even think the Haakai is beatable. Has anyone finished him?
i'm rather new to play and edit role playing games, but i killed the haakai. it took several times of restart, but i manged with luck and simulacrum. in the end there were about 7 haakai batteling with the haakai, this works.
edit 1: now i made the mistake to not have the valuable stone for khoth. and i tried several times to get to him, but the laserbeams and monsters keep on killing me. have to try again and again, i think?!?

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Originally written by minor:
now i made the mistake to not have the valuable stone for khoth. and i tried several times to get to him, but the laserbeams and monsters keep on killing me. have to try again and again, i think?!?
You only need one artifact for Khoth, the dragon scroll, the melora opal, and the crystal of purity will all complete the quest for him. You do have to go through the beams no matter what though, it's the only way to him. There is a secret entry to the beam rooms in the lower right corner of the entry room of Khoth's dungeon, which you can take if you didn't bother to pick up any of the three treasures, but that does also require a much longer walk through the beams. If you have to take the second method however, you can use the two movable mirrors to aid your passage to the west.

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Has anyone here realized that the mirrors are far more usefull than just helping you get past the beems? :confused:
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My Singleton got through the lasers easily. You just have to be patient and know a good level of Move Mountains(And maybe a few Invulnerability Potions/Elixers).

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While fiddling around with the beams I somehow managed to zap one of the efreet dead, even though I hadn't even seen them yet. So, you could aways try that if you can't kill them.

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I'm not sure what exactly youre doing Errant, but I think you need to re-examine your tactics and decisions in battle if you find you have that much difficulty defeating the monsters.

1) Fights with Khoth and Morag are definately avoidable if you know what youre doing. I didnt fight them myself the first time through. The 2nd time I went through, I eliminated them both. Frankly, I didnt find them terribly hard - Khoth in particular should have been much harder IMHO, since well.... he IS supposed to know just about anything and everything, and happens to be amongst the most powerful dragons around (storyline wise).

2) If youre using simulacrum/any other summons, dont. They are, with very few exceptions, not necessary beyond their novelty value. Plus IIRC you lose out on valuable experience that allows you to level up faster (I think you dont get any experience/less experience for things summoned monsters kill. Can someone verify if I'm correct?).

3) Unless I'm mistaken, the gave giant bridge is also avoidable (use your boat). Of course, if you want to avoid it, you must sacrifice some time. In my first attempt at ZKR, I found this to be the hardest fight in the game (I didnt kill Morag or Khoth though). Use an invulnrability potion or two to survive until your mages/archers can kill off the shamans before they kill you off, and get your fighters to hold off the rest of the horde. The only reason I found this hard was I tried repeatedly to win without using any potions...... what can I say? I was being particularly conservative with my potions and felt like a challange =P

4) The Hakkai fight also shouldnt be a problem as long as you know what youre doing. You only really need to do the same thing you do with just about any other fight actually.... bless and haste your fighter & archer character/(s) and send them in to slaughter everything. Heal when necessary, and thin out the horde with spells. Modify as necessary depending on the situation. It has been said that cloud of blades is a very useful spell that does plenty of damage. I personally havn't really used it much, but if it works and youre having trouble, use it!

5) The 2 efreet in Khoth's palace are easy if you come around from the right (as opposed to the bottom). If you do this, they dont see you coming, and hence dont blast you to death before you start attacking them.

6) Tose beggar-looing people in the poppy shrooms. Avoid them! They dont give you anything great, and theyre likely to kill you off. They killed me off anyway lol. In my defense, I was half dead and short on time the first time around, so I went straight to the exit. Saved, and went back to check them out.... got slaughtered, loaded and went on my way =)
2nd time around when I had the poppy charm, I gave them the spanking they deserved.

7) Dark Wyrms. You encounter them every so often in plenty of scenarios. If youre low level, they can easily kill off one or more of your characters before you do them in. So until you have alittle more hit points, just drink an invnulnrability potion and kill them off before the potion runs out. Once youre a decent level, they should not be a major issue. In terms of the scenarios that are provided with BoA, I used an invulnrability potion the first time I met one, and by the time I met my 2nd(or was it 3rd>) one I could kill it off without using a potion. Certainly you should be able to kill the one beneath the castle without too much trouble. Apart from the standard haste and bless, make sure you "cure" (get rid of acid) every turn in addition to healing (haste your priest so that he/she can cast 2 spells per round). Otherwise, the acid damage stacks up and youre in big trouble. If your characters are set up right - and by right, I mean you didnt put 5 skill points in everything and concentrated on their core abilities - you shouldnt have a problem.

On the other hand, If your fighters have 3 points in priest, 2 points in mage, 5 points in pole, 4 in swords, another couple here and there.... I cant help you beyond saying you better have alot of invulnrability potions handy.

Best of luck,
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I did the Za-Khazi run last after finishing VODT, RSA, and DWTD. Finished the first two then did the last one. Started by sweeping the surface off in DWTD then going down and finishing each dungeon one by one before facing Vahkos.

When I went into the Za-Khazi run my party was strong enough to finish off Khoth, Morog, and the Haaki easily. Didn't find the Za-Khazi run overpowered.

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i took morog out the first time through, didnt find it too hard, but i had at least two characters with preist skill high enough to use repel spirit-

i hightly reccomend this, if you can spare the points for now, give _every_ character level 3(?) priest, and repel spirit(heal is helpful as well...) it will make short work of any undead(or demons at higher levels)

i just sat back out of the range of here crystal traps, and zapped her and all the other undeads with repel spirit.
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