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AuthorTopic: Active Players?
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This is for survey purposes:

Who here still plays (or would play if new scenarios were released) BoA? If this applies to you, please reply with as much or as little info about yourself as you would like to give.

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I would most definitly play it if it came out before A4 and Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Otherwise I'd have to wait until I beat both of those to play it.
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I would continue to play BoA if the community was a little more active.
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I would play scenarios as they come out.

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I'd maybe even get around to making a scenario one day, when I rediscover the incentive to teach myself all the necessary things.
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I would gladly play any new scenarios. I still play BoA every so often.

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I still have a few BoA scenarios I'll be beating in between NWN sessions once I get back to school and a real computer.
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I would play most anything by an experienced or unknown designer.

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I would play new scenarios if they didn't suck.

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I still do play BOA scenarios (in fact I'm in one now). There's some scenarios that I haven't played yet, and some I haven't downloaded yet because the skill level is too high for my party.
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Yep. I'm always anticipating new scenarios, and I'd make some, too, if I wasn't such a horrible procrastinator. :rolleyes:

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I will gladly try almost any scenario. I'd love to see some new ones. However, I will only keep and replay good scenarios (a semi-reasonable plot, no major bugs, reasonable enemies, no profanity, no racism, no sex, etc.)

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I would play more often if there were new scenarios.

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I would play scenario's, if i weren't bussy designing my own.

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I play BOA and am designing a scenario for it.

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I play the scenarios that provide an entertaining way to pass the time(or annoy my sisters-take your pick :P ) and any new scenarios that chance to come out(hint, hint). I'd make my own, but my school goes longer than most and requires me to practice for at least an hour a day as well as do any homework I might have.

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As long as people keep making scenarios, I'll keep playing them. It's as simple as that. I might even make my own scenario someday.

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Every now and then I'm the first person to rate a scenario on CSR. I like to play scenarios that we don't know anything about yet, as with Cresent Valley or Nephilim Mystery.

So yes, I still play.

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i play all scenerios, doesnt matter if they are bad or good. It just takes forever for the new ones to come out :(

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Heck yes I'll play any new scenarios made --- until then, I'll keep busy playing Dragon Quest 8 for the PS2 -- o'course , there is JV's A4 for windows --- in about 4/5 months ---- or more after fixing all bugs you Mac people keep finding... :P


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I'll play new scenarios.
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I still play.

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I'll play any new scenarios, even the terrible ones.

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If any new scenarios come out that provide a competent storyline, then I'll certainly be playing them.

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I haven't finished the four scenarios that come with Blades of Avernum yet. I got stuck in the river scenario which I don't remember what it was called.

Good game though. I haven't played it in almost two years I think. Gotta pick it up sometime.
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