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AuthorTopic: Spiderweb IRL
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There should be an option for how many you would like to meet, I think. Just for fun.
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None, but I don't get out to play with others that might be members.
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I've never met any Spiderwebers IRL, but I did befriend a Motrax on KOL. He's pretty cool.

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Three, I believe. Here I'm counting anyone who I've ever spoken to in person who also has an account on these boards, regardless of chronology, so I'm counting that I've met Slarty, for example, even though we met looong before I was on Spidweb (and even before NK0P).

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Only one, and I hardly think it counts since we know each other independently of Spiderweb. I came probably within 20 feet of another Spidwebber but didn't get a chance to talk.

—Alorael, who did see someone who looked so much like Aran that he had to say hi to verify that it was not in fact the bot made flesh. A Southern drawl coming from what was apparently Aran's mouth seemed very, very strange.
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Apparently, Arancaytar must be based on a common model, because Dikiyoba has met someone who looked exactly like him as well. But since he went outside for a smoke break, it clearly wasn't.
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You all live in the wrong country.

??? ??????
???? ?????
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Id like to meet a few people off here, but being in New Zealand, Id say thats an impossibility

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Major geographical issues here as well. I have met one person though.
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Zilch, although I have also seen an Aran-clone. I stared a lot, until he swore at me :(

Also, I have plans to go across to the States soon, and plan to see Brody and Lenny when I do.

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Originally written by Being of Alo:

A Southern drawl coming from what was apparently Aran's mouth seemed very, very strange.
Thank you for giving me new material for nightmares.

Personally, I've met one person in real life who was not me and who I knew to have registered an account here.

However, he was related to me and in fact wouldn't have heard of this place if not for me. So that doesn't count.

Someone else sat next to me in the computer lab when I visited the SW site and commended me on my choice in games. But I don't think he ever joined the forum.

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Noone that I know of, but it's hard to tell seings how people tend not to give their real name, image, and location for obvious reasons. One thing I can say though is noone I have mentioned Spiderweb Software to has never heard of it or any of its games. BTW, anyone else here from eastern Ohio (USA)? Or western West Virginia (which isn't far off)?

edit: Maybe Spiderweb Software should get into the T-shirt business, that would certainly assist the identification proccess.

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Originally written by The_Other_Guy:

Maybe Spiderweb Software should get into the T-shirt business, that would certainly assist the identification proccess.
Honestly, who's going to wear a fluffy turtle t-shirt?

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Fluffy turtle? What are you talking about? :confused:

Ignorance Is bliss -Cypher (Matrix)
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sanity is overrated :)
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I wish. But then again maybe I have... STAY AWAY YOU STALKERS!!!!!

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I've never even met anyone in real life that likes these games, let alone would post on a board about them.

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I'd buy and wear shirts with Alex cartoons. Spiderweb doesn't have anything else that's immediately recognizable but its logo, and wearing a boring logo is, well, boring.

—Alorael, who would be overjoyed to have a shirt entirely covered with all the stick figure antics that fit. He would then be not safe for work, of course.
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I'd wear a shirt with some of those stick figures too. I've never met anyone on these boards though. A spidweb convention has been talked about many times though, and unless everyone brought their computers to chat away with, it probably would be a failure.

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People would need their computers to look up quotes and random wikipedia information to fill up conversation with and correct each other, otherwise it just wouldn't be the same.

You lose.
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Um... The other five members of the RLMB.


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I have not met any members within real life. At least, not to my knowledge.

I tried to think of something witty to put here.

Needless to say, I failed.
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Originally written by The_Other_Guy:

BTW, anyone else here from eastern Ohio (USA)?
I happen to live in North-Central Ohio,

I actually have met two other members, but since they live in the same house as me I don't think it counts.

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I didn't meet anybody. The closest I came to meeting somebody was regularly emailing a memebr and eventually receiving a package of him, but that was all.

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Ooh! I'd wear a fluffy turtle t-shirt!
I'd also wear a shirt that says "You're Cute" with spiders on it.
I also tend to wear odd t-shirts.

I've never met anyone in real life, though I had been tempted to track down Tyran a few times.
Strange as the trend sounds, we have an Aran look-alike on campus, though I've never spoken to him.

And yes, oddly enough, I too dwell in Ohio; for most of the year, anyway. Kinda mid-southwest... I'm an hour east of Dayton, fifteen minutes south of Springfield.

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