If you could meet one person off this board..

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AuthorTopic: If you could meet one person off this board..
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who would it be?

Me, myself.. I'd pick Marlenny, maybe. How many people from here are actually worth meeting? :P

I guess Jeff could technically count, but that'd be lame, so he's not allowed. Neither are any Spidweb employees. You can pick that skank, Drakefyre, though.

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That's difficult. i gues it would be Kelandon, Thuryl or Arancaytar. Probably Kelandon though.

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Myself. Then I would beat the crap out of myself so hard that I wouldn't remember who did it.

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Thuryl. I just like what he posts.

How do we tell, other than names sometimes, who's male and female? I assume mostly male, since stereotypically few females like violent RPGs and retarded computer puzzle games.
Speaking of which, I'm M., 19 years 2 days ago. Happy birthday to me!

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Archmagus Micael. I would pick Drakefyre, except he's 7, and that falls under my definition of small children, and considering I'm terrified of small children......So, sorry Drakefyre!

EDIT: Happy Birthday! Or, at the very least, Mediocre Birthday! This falls under my pattern of being late with birthday greetings...

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Since I'm paranoid enough to believe you all want to kill me I'd prefer never to meet any of you in person... :)

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Lt. Sullust, man, I so want to kill that guy :rolleyes:

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Anyone who is a pedestrian. "Meet" isn't really the right word, but it'll do.

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#6068. Only ONE may have a birthday on the 8th!

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I think Marlenny is the new Rosycat.

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Could you please try not to compare me to Rosycat or anyone else for that manner? Thank you in advance.
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Originally written by Kelandon:

I think Marlenny is the new Rosycat.
You're just jealous cause more people want to meet her.

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You all should be ashamed of yourselves.

I personally would like to meet Marlenny, but only for the long conversations we've had on AIM. She's a great person, I can tell.

Otherwise, I doubt I'd mind meeting Stughalf.

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Probably Measle.

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Don't worry, Marlenny. It happens to be human nature. Now Rosycat needs to come back also.

I would like to meet Alorael. He seems like he has quite a fascinating life along with a few deep secrets too.


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*sends TM some love whilst hoping to meet someday*

It is only half a state between us, wouldn't be too difficult or costly to pull it off...

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Kel ( I always put in Kel becaus if I mess up his name I get yelled at)


EDIT2: Sorry Kel

EDIT3: Okay time to go to bed hawk'y

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Originally written by Mysterious Man:

Originally written by Kelandon:

I think Marlenny is the new Rosycat.
You're just jealous cause more people want to meet her.

Touche, MM.

But as for me, I would meet gamepu or TM.

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Alorael, assuming he's a real person and all.

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I think I'd most like to meet Alcritas. Or maybe Drizzt. I'm not sure, really.

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TGM. Failing that, Alec or Djur would be great as well. As would Dolphin.


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Alo, Drakey, Thuryl, TGM or any Australian on the boards. Meeting some of the females would be nice, too (not for any other reason than to discusss why they like the games, I assure you. They are too old for me anyway. ;) ).

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TM, I really want to see that guy and see if he's as funny in real life.
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I would choose Alorael. Possibly. Or Arancaytar,since I know him best. Or Drakefyre. Or Thuryl. No, wait! Spy.there! Or... Kelandon!

Ok, I'll make it easier.

Who would LET me meet them?

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