What magazines do you subscribe to?

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AuthorTopic: What magazines do you subscribe to?
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This thread is inspired by Schrodinger's appearance on Astronomy magazine's website, a magazine that I subscribe to. Congrats on that, Schro!

Anyway, another easy increase in post count coming up:

*points to question in topic title*


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Me, personally, PCGamer and Maxim.

I also have Time, Southern Living, and Readers Digest coming to my house.

Along with the newspaper, daily.

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Schrodinger made a magazene please post it

Oh uh lego macworld or watever it is and uh thats it

Why are you reading this ?
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I don't subscribe to any mags but I do occasionally purchase PCgamer and occasional PS2 magazines when there is something decent on the demo disk.
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I'm currently subscribing to Astronomy, Scientific American, and Sports Illustrated for Kids and intermittently buy PCWorld and anything else that looks cool.

Other magazines my parents get include Reader's Digest, various hunting magazines for my dad, and I forget what else.


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I pick up copies of Science and The Scientist, which really are two different magazines, regularly. I also admit to subscribing to MacAddict and borrowing others' copies of the Funny Times, which isn't really a magazine but which fits in.

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I don't read any magazine regularly, but many of them can be good reading when I'm bored and have nothing else to do. I'll confess to having a bit of a weakness for those trashy celebrity tell-all magazines (e.g. Us, People) and Maxim is quite humorous.


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Originally written by Kingy:

I don't subscribe to any mags but I do occasionally purchase PCgamer and occasional PS2 magazines when there is something decent on the demo disk.
Pretty much the same. I buy a couple of extra mags once in a while, but never subscribe.
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Scientific American

And that's all.

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I don't have any subscriptions to magazines… oh wait, my grandma sends me National Geographic, so kind of.

I used to get MacAddict, but sharing with others is easier, and I used to read Mad when I was younger.

Edit: And I get magazines like Science when a particularly interesting issue comes out.

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I got a trial subscription to Macworld when I got my iMac, and got so much out of those free issues that I decided to sign up for a two year subscription for only $24. Can't get much better than that!

I used to subscribe to Doctor Who Magazine but it got so expensive several years ago that I had to stop. It got over $110 per year! Ouch! Monstrous! But I didn't feel too bad about it because their quality of content had been going downhill for years.

My parents get a subscription to several magazines, only two of which I have any interest in: British Heritage and Realm (also a British historical magazine).

I also subscribe to Mad Scientist Weekly, Shady Publishers Semi-Monthly Except In Leap Years, Trendy Cults Magazine, and of course the weekly Necronomicon comic book put out by Jimminy Cricket's Chainsaw (I get a free subscription to that, naturally, since I run the bloody place).

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I subscribe to nothing, and as far as I know, neither do my parents. I see some Adirondak magazine lying around sometimes... that's about it. I go to the library if I need something. I read Time when I'm in a doctor's waiting room and I have nothing better to do. Can't stand those pop culture celebrity type magazines, though.

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I used to subscribe to PC World, but stopped when the amount of ads exceeded the amount of interesting content. And near the end I wasn't reading most of it anyway.

I prefer to read news online. ("Internet - the best way to expand your knowledge while the employer is paying." :) ) I guess scientific magazines could be interesting, but I could probably find that contents online too.

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New Scientist.
That is all.

(also, previously PC Gamer, but it became boring and repetitive).

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I don't subscribe magazines, but I buy regularly:

Computer Music (UK)
BGamer/MegaScore (PT) (whichever is more appealing that month, as they are concurrent magazines)
National Geographic Magazine (PT edition)
and... sometimes... FHM (PT). :cool:

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A scandenavian comic called "Pondus".

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The Economist
Foreign Affairs
Atlantic Monthly

I also have an online subscription to WSJ, and regularly read the NYT, Wasington Post, CNN.com, and my hometown paper, the Louisville Courier-Journal online (all free).

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Wired ($10 a year!!!)
Sports Illustrated
National Geographic
Arizona Highways

I also get the Star-Ledger every day, which I like better than the NYT. It's also prettier.

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Defenders of Wildlife.

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I don't subscribe to many magazines. In fact, I don't pay too much attention to the world at large. I'll watch the news at night, but that's it.

My dad, on the other hand, has subscriptions with various computer/car/economicy magazines.

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I seem to still get Physics World for free, due to the generosity of a company I can't remember that did it for all physics undergraduates in my year. I suspect they'll stop sending it soon, though.

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I used to read Nickelodeon Magazine, Ranger Rick, and Kid's Discover when I was younger, but I haven't subscribed to anything recently.

I never read newspapers. I get all my news from the New York Times and the BBC on my Google homepage. New York Times has annoyingly long headlines though. BBC headlines take up only one line, even when I have my AIM buddy list docked on the side of my screen. NYT always takes two per headline, meaning I can fit fewer NYT headlines on my screen without having to scroll. BBC is better than NYT anyway, so I don't care too much.

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