How do we pronounce...

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AuthorTopic: How do we pronounce...
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...our Displayed Names?

I was just wondering. When I read your names, I come up with my own way to pronounce it. But how are they really meant to be pronounced?

Here's mine:

Archmagi Micael

I look forwards to seeing how you pronounce yours!

- Archmagi Micael

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AAAH-run-KIE-tar. Alternatively, AAH-run-KAY-tar.

The current one is pronounced "Ay Tee Tee Enn".

That reminds me...


The current one is now pronounced "EFF-air-russ Ceer-thine (unvoiced th).

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Not hard?

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med us in man
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Originally written by saunders:

Oh, that's right. The British have forgotten about the existence of the letter R. The first two vowels of Malachai are the noise doctors instruct you to make for throat-examination purposes, and the last syllable is a scrumptious variety of tea.
(Honestly, he's a biblical prohpet. Not too hard.)

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Doll fin

Current - Ah zool

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Split "Stughalf" up into "Stug" and "Half" and pronounce each phonetically according to American English, and you should be fine. I've found that people tend to see the name as pseudo-German and pronounce it as such. I believe when I posted a recording of my voice in a thread a few months ago many people were surprised at the pronunciation.

As for the shortened version "Stugie," it's pronounced stoo-jee. It's my favorite of the short versions, but Stug or Stuggy/Stuggie also work fine.


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according to The CMU pronouncing dictionary.

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Apparently "Evil_Tim" is now seven syllables.


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Exactly what you see. Anyone want to guess what it is exactly?

Oh, and ben-for-ate-o-ate.

Also, I've always pronounced saunders sawn-durs. Hmmm.


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I'll take this moment to remind you that Kelandon is stressed on the second syllable, kel-LAN-don, as if one took the name Landon and stuck a "kel" on the front of it. It is most definitely NOT stressed on the first syllable, as that would muck up the vowels in the rest of the word.

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Ummm yeah. don't pronounce the L.

Smoked Sammin.
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I should indeed think the L would be silent. Otherwise you'd be Smoked Salman, and while the Ayatollah might like that I don't think you would.

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cook. im not very complicated.

as for Michael, i've always been a mag-eye man, not a mag-ee or maj-ee

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It's Mar (Like sea in spanish,) next to the name Lenny, Pretty simple Mar Lenny.

Ps. That's Mar with a "R", most people forget about the "R" and pronounce my name: Malenny.
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Mine is pronounced "IK shee" with the emphasis on the "IK."

This is a shortening of the full name Icshicoath, which is pronounced "ik shih KOE ath" with the emphasis on "KOE."

This topic reminds me of some of the upperclass English surnames that are so messed up it's impossible to guess how they're pronounced—you either know how to say them, or you don't. Featherstonehaugh being pronounced "Fanshaw" for instance. (An exaggerated example created by P.G. Wodehouse, unless I'm much mistaken, but there are some reason English surnames that are about that bad!)

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Eggs Isle Mast Er

or, EE 'EM

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E Equals MC What!!!!
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My screenname is pronounced "Unbelievably cool guy".

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If you can't pronounce mine without help there is a good chance somethings wrong with you.
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Koth, except that the first h isn't entirely silent, just almost.

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My name is pronounced Sp - rung - Sp - ring -. Just call me Spring, and you will be fine.

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Both the 'o's are pronounced as the word 'oh'.

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My name is what it is. Pretty simple.
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I've always wondered if Alorael was pronounced:

a lo ray al (as is Real Madrid), is this right?

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I always thought Alorael was pronounced alo ray el, although I could be and probably am wrong.

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