What are you addicted to?

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AuthorTopic: What are you addicted to?
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I just realized today that Washington, DC is addicted to Diet Coke. During my lunch break, I walked to Borders to buy the new Coldplay album (listening to it now - not particularly impressed so far), then went into the nearby CVS to grab a Diet Coke with Splenda on my way back to the office. The section of the freezer where the Diet Coke products would have been was gutted - completely cleared out, though there was plenty of every other product available, including Diet Pepsi.

I am a part of the problem. Since switching to diet soda pop (SuperSize Me scared the hell out of me), I've been drinking it off and on - generally the aftertaste would sour me on it after a while. But now that Diet Coke with Splenda has been introduced, I can't get enough of it.


Anyone else have stuff you're addicted to (aside from skribbane - that's a given)? Doesn't have to be illicit or consumable in nature.
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I have an addiction for chocolate and social activities. :P The chocolate-addiction is bad but the social-addiction is... err... better? :o Err... *Said too much*

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Goat milk and apples.

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Originally written by Unpleasantness for its Own Sake:

A grave addiction…

One of my addictions is dioxygenium.
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Diet fruit drinks. (Mountain Dew, Sunkist, etc.) I don't drink much in the way of colas.

Then again: diet fruit drinks take better to being sugarless.

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Diet Coke with Lemon


My brother's a Diabetic. He's also "addicted" to insulin.

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Doom 2
(Potato) Chips
Computers in general
And a lot of other things
oh, and lemonade as well

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Seems we now have more than just one diabetic hanging around these parts. I wouldn't consider it an addiction, more of a never-ending attachment to a continuous cycle of eating. I would have thought that after 12 years, it would be better. To bad it is not.

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My MP3 player, watre crackers and a nice, juicy steak are what I crave the most.

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Originally written by Dervish Malachai:


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I'm somewhat addicted to social interaction. Whenever I'm not around friends for more than two or three hours or so, I begin feeling a bit down. Make it a day or two, and I start to feel as if I'm going insane.

Unfortunately, I fear I've become psychologically addicted to alcohol after less than a year of drinking. It seems that if I don't get drunk at least once every two or three weeks, there's a little something missing from my life. However, I don't crave the alcohol by itself, which I suppose would be the sign of a true addict. Getting drunk in a mellow setting doesn't really do it for me. I just crave the party, I suppose.

Other well-established addictions of mine include ferrets, mustard, vinegar, lemons, pepperoncini, and a whole host of other sour and salty delights.


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The Spiderweb Software message boards.


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Pepperoncini are awesome. Also awesome are those little tiny dill pickles, but I don't like them enough for them to be an addiction. I am, however, addicted to Strattera and Risperdal, and therefore cannot become addicted to alcohol without severe health risks (even besides the usual risks associated with alcoholism). Also I'm addicted to the message boards, old fashioned fancy assorted hard candies, and music. I start to get fidgety if I'm using the computer for too long without music.

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Pizza. I can't go a week without eating pizza.
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One of my biggest addictions is dihydrogen monoxide. I feel uncomfortable going for more than a few hours without it, and I'd die if I went too long without it. I'm also addicted to videogames, but I won't elaborate as I have probably already advertised the Zodiac too much here.

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Honey (raw)

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I might as well add the other things that I immensely enjoy.

Barbeque sauce: I really enjoy its smooth taste on steak and also in turkey sandwhiches.

Turkey: See above. I simply love it.

These forums: I'm not really addicted, but I get very stressed after a couple of weeks wihtout reading this board, partly due to the fact that I miss out on a lot, and I may miss a couple of milestones.

Polaris: Pretty much the same as above.

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Originally written by EviL_TiM:

hydrogen dioxide
HO2? You fail at chemistry.

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these message boards I literally start feeling sick after an hour or so if I don't check it unless I am really concentrating on something hard.

yes I know it's sad

EDIT: Some more things Orbit Gum 'keeps my teeth clean' and of course Spiderweb sofware Message boards and lets not forget Spiderweb sofware Message boards and of course Spiderweb sofware Message boards but the best is spiderweb software itself

and swimming and watching movies favorites are tremors 1 2 3 and 4 Aliens Aliens Alien 3 and Alien resurrection. But star wars revenge of the sith was the best

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Thuryl, hydrogen dioxide is H20. One hydrogen, two oxygen. For the layman, which I don't think we have much of, around here, that's water. [/retracted]

Diet Coke, I can't go more than a couple of days without it.
Kittens, they're too darn cute.
Love, safer to not ask.

EDIT: Aye, fair do's. Retracted.

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Originally written by Enceladus:

Thuryl, hydrogen dioxide is H20. One hydrogen, two oxygen.
Eh, no. "Dioxide" means it has two oxygens. H2O would be dihydrogen oxide or something to that effect.

EDIT: Evidently hydrogen dioxide is H2O2, though, better known as hydrogen peroxide, a mild bleach.

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Uh... water only has one oxygen. Hence, it cannot be reffered (sp?) to by hydrogen dioxide. Dihydrogen monoxide, however, is perfectly fine.

I am addicted to salt-and-vinegar chips, programming, and text-based games other than Nethack.

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