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Baltazar the Mad (RP) in General
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OOC: WiseMan did not god-Play, neither did I and as you can see my character maybe a little god-like in combat but a weak mortal to magic, besides, I even let my character be used for evil!. Ok I admit I had to come up with that super Arcane Shield for Baltazar, but that was an excuse to keep you from killing him until my surprise. Besides, bosses should be allowed to be semi gods, no fun in killing a weak boss unless it had powerfull guards or something.

IC: As ShadowWolf entered in a risky one on one combat with Baltazar, Firedrake and Namothil still remained quite reluctant to start a battle with his former friend.

Firedrake: Kel-Aziz! Wake up! I know your still in there.

Kel-Aziz didnt even flinch. He remained static as a golem.

Namothil: It is no use, if we want to free him we must slay Baltazar...but how.

As they turned to Baltazar they watched as ShadowWolf was sent flying into the air in a small windwhirl that smashed his back against the roof and fell heavily on the floor. Baltazar inmediatly proceded to lightning strike Eve, who was now shaking with the pure energy sent at her.

Namothil: Eve!!...

As Namothil prepared to aid Eve a fast punch hit him right on his face then a knee kik on his stomach and a final upercut that sent him on his back, all to fast for a common eye to see. While he was used to receive fists and knees in his adventurer career, he could not help be somewhat surprised by the speed of the attack. Before him Kel-Aziz stood impatiently, waveblades still unused, while right behind him the small portal slowly regained its energies and Baltazar weakened Eve more and more each time.

Namothil: I guess diplomacy wont work with you...

As both Namothil and Firedrake took out their weapons, Kel-Aziz remained still, only staring them with his piercing eyes.

"I don't want to achieve immortality through my work, I want to achieve it through not dying."
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Reoccurring Dreams in General
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As a kid every nigh was a torment for me, I had the special ability of making a monster, demon, undead, you name it, after any object in my bedroom. My parents even thought on sending me to a psicologist...I had these horrible dreams that had a reoccurrent start, This start was the key to mi demise as a kid.
This was the start of all my nightmare (no joke here, I realy had a bad time)...

Black...(duh, Im sleeping)

Suddenly I hear mumblings and whisperings. As if I was locked in a closet juts by a huge coctel or social meeting of the like.(I mention these two cases because the whisperings and conversations are many and all had a small echo to it, as if they were in some huge hall for guests.)

Point is I never get to see these people only the chit-chat, wich quicly starts to grow louder as if many people joined in conversation simultaniously and me hearing ability get better and better.

Soon the volume of the whispers and conversation get to a peak.....

....and then silence...then the nighmare began...

It was always like that, almost every night for a year or so. Then suddenly I had no more nightmares. In fact I dont remember any nightmares sice that day, as If I had ran out of them or something.

"I don't want to achieve immortality through my work, I want to achieve it through not dying."
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Weird Dreams in General
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Odly enough I dont remember having dreams about getting killed. I dont dream often, or at least I dont remember my dreams often. The cool or strange part of this is that when I have a dream they are realy weird. These are a couple of weird dreams.

1- Desert. I arrive to some sort of ghost town, kinda like the ones in the wild west movies. I shout but no one answers. I feel someone follows me. Its one of those grabbers (worm like creatures that crawl under the ground and are big enough to eat humans for breakfast). I run for my life to the nearest Inn, only to find the inside was burning, I ran over a pool table when suddenly, the green mantle of the table turns into lava and it starts to burn my feet. That was a real fiery dream.

2-Definetly my weirdest dream. I was walking up some stairs, greek-roman style stairs, with pillars on the sidewalks. The wide and long white stone stairs go up a rocky mountain, its very hot. Suddenly I notice a trail of blood flowing from up the stairs. A few steps ahead I find a dead lamb with a cut on its cheast, apparently sacrificed, when I look up towards the bright sun I see the figures of men in arabic clothing walking across my path, high above near the end of the stairs. The figures, more like a caravan disapears exept for one man that remains there. From afar it seemed as if he turned to me, then he lifted his hand. Maybe in greeting of farewell, maybe a calling I dont know...I wake up........weird... IMAGE(Spiderweb Software Boards Weird Dreams1_files/confused.gif)

"I don't want to achieve immortality through my work, I want to achieve it through not dying."
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Baltazar the Mad (RP) in General
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OOC: MSW: good thing you pointed those things out. Its cool to do details in RP, just be carefull not to exeed in the importance you give to them. BTW, thnx for enjoying my RP, specialy considering my many spelling errors all over it. I try to learn as I go, these RP´s are a good way to practice.
WiseMan: I will give a sign when you or any other player may kill Baltazar. IMAGE(wink0007.gif) ...I came out with a cool idea.

As the rebels ran through the tower chasing the remaining rouge demons, the party surrounded the weak, but still growing portal.

ShadowWolf: There must be a way to disrupt this portal.
Eferas: Well, at least we know fire will not stop it.
Eve: But we must do something soon, we saw what crossed that portal last time it was almost ready, who knows what may come out once it is totally functioning.
Firedrake: Any Ideas anyone?
Baltazar: I have one!

Everyone turned to the new arrival. Baltazar came back, glowing in a pure aura of energy that almost hurt the sight and made every hair on the nearby adventurers stand.

Baltazar: Why dont you surrender to the inevitable and join my grand army. I strongly suggest you do so for when the demon horde bursts into this plane they will have little mercy with you.
Eferas: What makes you think we will ever serve a madman like you.
Baltazar: Well...your friend joined me...

Everyone looked astonished and surprised at Baltazars aseveration, staring at each other hoping to receive an answer from someone of the party.

Firedrake: Look! Behind Baltazar!

The party turned to Baltazar and noticed a humanoid figure behind him. Not so tall but not so short or small to go unoticed behind Baltazar.

Baltazar: Let me present you my new personal guard, the finest one I might add. A totaly loyal pet and the nasitest one I could find...come foreward Darubian Royal Guard.

As far as the party knew, Darubian could well be the name of some type of powerfull golem of some sort. They where not so far from the truth as the man that stood before them certainly showed, not a muscled, but a solid constitution. As he walked closer into the light they saw a man in a beautifull heavy golden armour, carefully crafted and designed. At first glance he looked more like a noble hero taken from old feary tales of epic warriors and battles, but one glance at his face was enough to turn the idea about him. His face had many scars from countless battles, but what was most disturbing was his eyes. Deep, dark, vicious, only comparable to those of the vilest assasins. On both hands he carried vicious looking waveblades stained with the bloods of various enemies and with a slight greenish glow about them, that was enough to reveal his identity to the party. At first they could have no clue whatsoever about the mans identity since they never saw him without his raggs and long cloak over him, the waveblades, however, gave him up.

Eferas: K...Kel-Aziz?
ShadowWolf: I totally forgot about him back at the battle with the Lich Lord.
Firedrake: I thought you were dead! Good to have you back...(aproaching to Kel-Aziz)
Eferas: Carefull Firedrake! this was what you carried under your raggs, impressive piece armour you got th...

He did not have the chance to finish his sentence when Kel-Aziz punched him in the stomach and left him out of air. Firedrake stared at Kel-Aziz in confusion. Kel-Aziz only reacted by lifting Firedrake and tossing him over old Eferas who fell under the weight of Firedrake.

Firedrake: What is wrong with you!
ShadowWolf: Wait!..(Holding Firedrake by the arm)...He is not himself anymore.
Baltazar: Thats right, he is now my servant and my servant for life!!
Namothil: What do you mean wizzard!
Baltazar: I mean, that unless you kill him...or me, you shall never free his soul from my control.
Firedrake: How...
Baltazar: So you see...releasing him from my control is impossible...Darubian Royal Guard, I command you to protect this portal as you once protected your Emperor! I shall take care of these fools one by one if necesary.

As soon as he gave the orded, Kel-Aziz firmly moved towards the portal and stood right in front of it, not a single movement in his eyes. Just as a feline he stood waiting, ready to give his life for the portal, just as once we was willing to do for the Emperor.

Baltazar: Let the games comence!

As he gave the scraeam all the exits or entrances towards the chamber were closed and magical barriers soon covered all possible ways of escape.

OOC:To all: I will need for all of you to get seriously wounded by either Baltazar or Kel-Aziz so that this ending works out cool enough for all. If there is no blood and suffering then there is no fun fighting a boss.

"I don't want to achieve immortality through my work, I want to achieve it through not dying."
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Baltazar the Mad (RP) in General
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OOC: Your post was fine MSW, but that was your last double post in this RP. A lesson you need to get for doing RP, is to play with the action-reaction. If you ever post in a scene were there are more players only post an action or a reaction to another players post. Dont do both of them.

Now back to the action, have to make a reason for Baltazars disapearence...

As Kel-Aziz grew closer and closer to the last level of the tower, he could hear the sounds of battle closer to him. Suddenly Kel-Aziz stoped.

Kel-Aziz: Who are you...
Voice: What! This is not possible.
Kel-Aziz: I can feel your precence.

Kel-Aziz inmediatly slashed his waveblade to his right. A scream followed the invisible strike as Baltazar himself apeared holding an improvised magical shield just fast enough to avoid being decapitated.

Kel-Aziz: I should have known it was you...Baltazat, am I right?
Baltazar: In person...who might you be...
Kel-Aziz: Your doom...

Kel-Aziz inmediatly double swinged his waveblades at Baltazar only to find he was hiting an invisible barrier.

Baltazar: Impressive speed!!...but futile I must add. This arcane shield is enough to protect me from you or any of your foolish friends. No magic in this plane is able to lower this shield unless I command it to.
Kel-Aziz: Nonsense.
Baltazar: Oh realy...then why dont you try a few of your swings again...

Kel-Aziz did not wait for him to end his sentence when he was already swinging his waveblades viciously at the invisible barrier surrounding Baltazar. The very barrier trembled at the savage blows.

Baltazar: Impossible!! How can you be harming my shield...the arcance shield...there are no weapons or spells in this world capable of harming it exept for...

As Kel-Aziz pulled back surprised of the archmages power, the also surprised Baltazar raised his trembling finger towards Kel-Aziz. Baltazar recognized the man in front of him.

Baltazar:...You..., it cant be, there are no are one of the Darubian Royal legends were true...there are still Darubian Inmortals wondering this world...

If Kel-Aziz was surprised before, he was even more now when he realised Baltazar knew who he was. He then noticed the man in front of him was more than a mad archmage as he first thought, but he was a learned one. Only a few couple of erudite elders he had met in his inmortal life had any recolection or knowledge of the Darubian Empire, let alone the once feared Darubian Royal Guard.

Baltazar: What would I give to learn the secrets of inmortality without having to sell my life for the are a lucky one Darubian...
Kel-Aziz: I would gladly trade this horrible curse with you if it was possible.

Baltazar was too facinated with the living museum that stood by him. Sowly he watched the intricate carvings on the armour, the simbol of the Silver Moon of Darubia with both waveblades crossing in front of it, his eyes glowed in fascination, marveled as those of a small child. For a second Kel-Aziz fell pitty for the mage, yet another mortal mage consumed with the greed for power. Baltazar was now observing his waveblades.

Baltazar: these are the famous Darubian waveblades, crafted by the Darubian smiths in times were the world was young. these are the only weapons capable of piercing the Darubian Kings, Arcane Shield.

Kel-Aziz staggered back in surprise. Baltazar noticed his reaction.

Baltazar: you remember them...Well yes, I now about this and many other matters of your culture thanks to the tome. Thats right, I have in my power one of the ancient tomes of the Darubian Kings.

Kel-Aziz eyes opened in horror as all the pieces made sense. The rapid promotion of Baltazar to power, the effective power he used to quickly remove the former King and gain total control of the Island, the Lich Lord, the former Darubian King who mentioned he arrived to this location for personal reasons. It all made sense now, he wanted the tome Baltazar had in his power, the same tome that gave him his power, the runic shields, the spells...everything.

Baltazar: Surprised! I found it on one expedition I made to your former lands, now only a huge desert. After much dungeouns and catacombs I made it to the tomb of a Darubian King, all of my students died on that voyage, but it was well worth all the trouble...just look at me now.

Baltazar suddenly opened his eyes wider from wich a fast and surprising lightnig ray hit Kel-Aziz and sent him to the other side of the corridor.

Baltazar: fears have come true. technicaly you are the only one capable of killing me, you know the Darubian Magic better than me!! What shall I do with you...Aha!!

As Kel-Aziz recovered from the shock Baltazar flew over him and fixed his eyes on Kel-Aziz´s eyes.

Baltazar: This is another of the few spells I have mastered from the Darubian Tome...Life Control!!

From Baltzars eyes a new slow purple beam shot out to meet Kel-Aziz. Both remained static as the beam remained. Once the beam disapeared Baltazar slowly desended by Kel-Aziz who was still inmobile, his eyes fixed straight forward, only with a slight malice about them that would stir the most hardened warrior. Baltazar smiled.

Baltazar: All too easy. I escaped the battle looking for some new trinkets to use against those foolish adventurers and look what I found. What better guard for me and the portal than a Darubian Royal Guard!. Once I finish with those fools I may use you for some translation tips on the tome and then maybe, I shall have the great power of the ancients Ahahaha! Darubian King Magic and a Darubian Royal Guards combat skills...all mine!.

Baltazar continued laughing as he walked back to his chambers, Kel-Aziz slowly but firmly behind him.

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"I don't want to achieve immortality through my work, I want to achieve it through not dying."
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Baltazar the Mad (RP) in General
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Somewhere else in the upper levels of the tower...

Kel-Aziz: Curse this tower!! I have been wondering for an hour without meeting any one.

Suddenly Kel-Aziz stoped. Slowly he leaned to the grown and placed his palm on the stone floor.

Kel-Aziz:, five men are running this way...the other creature is not human.

Kel-Aziz leaned even more, now placing his ear against the floor. asumptions were correct. Five men are escaping from a four legged creature, by the sound of it a big one.

Suddenly Kel-Aziz heard a distant scream and th houling of an infernal beast. He then noticed his waveblades were shining.

Kel-Aziz: That can mean only two things, undead...or...

Inmediatly four rebel soldiers apeared around a corner of the hall and came running in his direction, right behind them a huge horned hellish beast.

Kel-Aziz: Demons!!
Rebel: for your life...!!!

To the rebels surprise Kel-Aziz did exactly the oposite. He remained standing, totally still as the beast came running at an horrific speed, growling as he went.

Once the beast was only a few feets away from Kel-Aziz he inmediatly drawed both his waveblades and waitied in a strange combat position. What happened next was too fast for a common eye to see but as both human and beasts crossed path only a strong light could be seen, probably caused by the fast move of Kel-Aziz´s waveblades.

As the rebels turned to see what had happened they found the beast staring at them, standing totaly still, while Kel-Aziz was standing further past the beast, giving his back towards both the beast and the rebels as he lowered his waveblades.

Rebel: What are you doing!! The beast is still alive!!

Kel-Aziz turned his face to them and smiled.

Kel-Aziz: The best is dead.

He then disapeared running through the passage the rebels came from. The rebels stared surprised at the inmobile beast when it suddenly, and quite literaly, split in half, revealing all his internal organs and a fould smell. The surprised rebels ran back to join their group, still harrased by the remaining demons.

OOC: Nice to have you back Arancaytar, be shure to read, at least, from the intro of the final chapter.

"I don't want to achieve immortality through my work, I want to achieve it through not dying."
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Baltazar the Mad (RP) in General
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The fireball crossed the barrier and struk the portal with a mighty explosion.

Baltazar: Noooooo!!! You fool!!

The smoke slowly lifted from the portal area only to reveal the portal was intact and not only that, but there were two bulky winged demons, both holding two hell-hounds with some huge chains.

Demon: Baltazar, what is this!! You are supposed to keep and protect the portal until the link between the planes is established!! Our Demonic Lord has made a great effort to send us through this unstable portal.

Baltazar: I am carefull, it was just a lucky shot. Stop whining and destroy that scum!!

The two demons released the four hell-hounds as they flied over to meet the adventurers and rebels in combat.

Baltazar: Onyl a few more minutes...

Baltazar now proceded to mass haste his new reinforcements and mass cursing the rebels and adventurers. The effect was inmediate as the Hell-hounds leaped over the rebels and teared them off in seconds ready for their next prey.

Molek: Curse the beasts!! We cant waste any more time, the portal will soon be ready!! Firedrake, Eve, Namothil, ShadowWolf...all of your party must stop that portal.. I will take these demons attention away from Baltazar and the portal...

The party watched as the demons were skillfuly led out of Baltazars chambers. Now there was only a shok wave separating them from Baltazar...and quite a strong one.

"I don't want to achieve immortality through my work, I want to achieve it through not dying."
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Baltazar the Mad (RP) in General
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It took some time for Baltazar to notice de head was but an illusion, there was no demonic aura about it or any other sign of power emanating from it. Baltazar smiled at the illusion while the rebels broke in, in larger numbers.

Baltazar: You fools, your small weapons and pathetic trics are nothing more than pirotecnics. Let me show you the real power of Baltazar!!

Baltazar waved his hand throwing the nearby rebels and adventurers towards the tower walls. Then he turned to the illusion.

Baltazar: There is only one person in this Island capable of suck a trik...Delgar!!

Baltazar closed his eyes and right above him, what seemed to be a squared gate of some sort opened revealing the universe in the other side.

Baltazar: This magical technique will find the illusionist no matter how far or hidden he is.

Baltazar pointed his finger towards the stars on the other side of the portal and a thin red beam shot out of his finger and into the portal.

...Somewhere in Delgars secret cave.

Delgar:...that cant be possible...

Just as Delgar observed what Baltazar was doing an identic squared portal opened right above his current location, revealing the same universe on the other side.

Just as Delgar noticed the portal, the same beam shot a while ago came right down in front of Delgar.

From the outside of the cave a huge explosion could be heard.

Back at the tower...

Baltazar: If that did not kill him, it will shure keep him away for a, what will I do with you rebelious people until the demonic portal is complete and my horde slaughters you.

Molek: You are a fool Baltzar, what makes you believe the demons will listen to you. You are an archmage!! You should know demons dont respect anyone, not even their own kind!!

Baltazar: What do you know grunt.

Baltazar lifted molek in mid air and then threw him at a bunch of recovering rebels.

Baltazar: There is nothing you can do to stop the countdown.

Baltazar then proceded to summon a shock field around him and the portal. Sparks and lighting here and there blocked the path of the rebels as they watched the portal growing stronger every passing moment.

OOC: Omlette, if Delgar was not in his cave or somewhere else, then I will EDIT the post.

"I don't want to achieve immortality through my work, I want to achieve it through not dying."
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Baltazar the Mad (RP) in General
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The Lich had turned the tables. Kel-Aziz could not keep up with the Lichs speed and was slowly weakening at a faster rate than the Lichs draining.

Lich: Soon I shall break your defense and no combat move shall save you then.

Kel-Aziz did not respond as the Lich launched yet another strike. This time Kel-Aziz got hit several times all over his body. The Lich, to finish him off, casted one huge magic spell that created a small tornado enough to send Kel-Aziz flying. He fell like a rock.

Lich: ...Had it not been for your armour you would be dead by now.

To the Lichs surprise Kel-Aziz, yet again, slowly recovered and placed his waveblades in defense position, bearly able to hold the weight of his own armour. The Lich, filled in anger, prepared for one final strike. Energy flowed all around his body and the heat could be felt by Kel-Aziz as a tingling sensation covered all his body caused by the heavy aura of magic. The Lich made some handmotions as a glowing fire surrounded his bony hands.

Lich: You have an admirable resistance worthy of a Darubian Guard, but it is time you leave this world, I have other matters to attend.

As the Lich elevated and launched his last attack at Kel-Aziz from above, Kel-Aziz reacted. Faster than the common eye to see Kel-Aziz jumped at the charging Lich and slashed both of his waveblades at him. The Lich, unable to both dodge and cotrol his power, flied right past Kel-Aziz as his energy fields on both hands blowed just before the Lich hitted the ground sending the former Darubian King flying across the room.

Without wasting any more time Kel-Aziz dashed towards the fallen Lich and pierced both waveblades through his cloak and right through his rib bones.

Lich: How...I...I am a Lich Lord...a Darubian King...
Kel-Aziz: My boots, they are speed bots (see Zombie Attack RP). You only slowed me down back to my normal speed. I just waited till you lowered your defenses for a final attack.

Kel-Aziz took his waveblades back only to slash at the Lich once again, this time taking his bony arms off.

Kel-Aziz: Once you left the Darubian Kings for a life as undead, you left both the power and knowledge they had. I only realised later in the battle that you were not an enemy to be afraid of, just another coward with dark powers beyond his control.
Lich: Curse you Darubian Warrior...curse you to th...

Kel-Aziz did not wait anymore and smashed the Lich Lords head with both waveblades, followed by an inmediate desintegration of the creatures body. Only the Darubian crown and amulet remained, the objects of a former Darubian King. The crown was cursed beyond repair, he could sense it from were he stood, the amulet with the Silver Moon of Darubia however, was still curse removalble. Kel-Aziz took it with him. On the back of the pendant, written in Darubian it said:

"He who knows how to handle both superior and inferior forces will be victorious."

Kel-Aziz: Too bad you never learned that lesson.

On a small side marking it said:

Mal-Shazur, Darubian King. Servant ot the secret flame of Darubia.

As Kel-Aziz left the battlefield he could not help to feel somewhat sorry for Mal-Shazur, after all he was but one of the last remaining testaments of his nation and his past.

The rebel army had valiantly fought through the many battles and traps of the tower and finnaly made it to the last level. The chambers of Baltazar, the grand master of Siris Island. Of the thousand men that started this adventure only a few dozen would meet Baltazar in battle and even less would live to tell the story to children of Siris Island. This is how the final battle took place and how the turn in Siris Islands destiny was forged by the bravery of few and the aid of the foreing heroes.


The army finnaly made it to the top. From that point many of the Rebels stared through the windows and past the Castles walls. They stared at Siris Island and the many small towns and villages all over. Many of them wondering at the fact that before they would only see this tower from afar and cowering in fear. Now they were there, at the very gates of the Tyran ready to reclaim what was rightfully theirs.

Molek: This is it men. We have made it.

The few remaining rebels gathered around Molek together with the surviving adventurers.

Molek: Past these horrible gates...he awaits. Let us not lower our strength and courage for this shall be the battle were we shall need it the most. Let us never forget the crimes this mage has done to our kingdom, our lands and our families. Let us never forget...what this tyran has done to our brothers today. It is true, many of us shall not live past this day to see the new sunrise by the Siris Island coast, but let it be known to the world and the people of Siris Island that those who fought and died in this battle, died not in vain but for freedom....Siris Islands freedom!!!

The whole force screamed in joy as they clashed their weapons by the gate that separated them from Baltazar. At the other side Baltazar awaited calmy, sitting on his throne just by the fiery portal.

Baltazar: So...they made it here. Never mind, I shall hold them long enough myslelf, long enough for the portal to be ready and the demonic horde crush into this world. Ready to follow my command.

The huge iron door bumped every now and then as the rebels prepared their entrance.

OOC: This is it people...the end. Kel-Aziz shall arrive later in the battle. Lets make this a cool RP ending.

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"I don't want to achieve immortality through my work, I want to achieve it through not dying."
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I have an intriguing question for my fellow Spidweb users in General
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Im sorry if I offended anyone with the "sexual preference" term. I did not mean it that way, its just that I had not heard of the other more considerate terms such as "sexual orientation" before. After all, english is not even my first language.

"I don't want to achieve immortality through my work, I want to achieve it through not dying."
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I have an intriguing question for my fellow Spidweb users in General
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I cannot say I am not surprised to see there are quite a few gays here. Not that I have anything against them or anything. Here in Chile it is still something of a tabu, only in the last years there has been something of an opening in that matter. I am straight but I have a classmate in college thats gay and everyone seems to be ok with him. Only a few ocasional jokes at his expence, but then again those sort of jokes are common to everyone, regardless of their sexual preferences. IMAGE(Spiderweb Software Boards I have an intriguing question for my fellow Spidweb users (2)_files/biggrin.gif)

I am just curious, for those of you gays who have openly comunicated your sexual preferences, what was the reaction of your family, friends, etc..?

"I don't want to achieve immortality through my work, I want to achieve it through not dying."
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Baltazar the Mad (RP) in General
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Kel-Aziz and the Darubian Lich made a pause to consider their next move.

Kel-Aziz: Your bolts and magic are worthless and energy consuming Lich. My waveblades will never drain out, what are you going to do...?

The Lichs overconfidence was no more as he did not respond in words but instead responded in yet another spell. Inmediatly Kel-Aziz felt its efects.

Kel-Aziz: My...armour...its are my waveblades.
Lich: You see now warrior. What you have in endurance I have in spell variations, much more than all your pitfull combat moves.

The Lich then proceded to yet another hasted strike against Kel-Aziz.

Lich: Lets see if you can dodge this!!!

As he said this the Lich started shooting frost bolts madly at Kel-Aziz, many missed their target only this time many others actually found their objective. Kel-Aziz was thrown over exhausted by all the fierce cold bolts hiting his armour. Once again, slowly, Kel-Aziz stood into his defense position, frozen as a statue but sharp as a feline, his long lost memories now regaining precense in his body and mind.

Lich:...I admire the fortitude of grunts. So hard to not unbreakable.

The Lich launched yet another hasted attack on the slowed Darubian Warrior.

"I don't want to achieve immortality through my work, I want to achieve it through not dying."
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As the Lich staggered back the nearby rebel soldier saw their chance, unfortunatly for them the Lich was not as unprepeared as he seemed. As the soldier walked closer the Lich pointed his bony hands towards the nearby soldiers and out of every finger a small ray of light shooted out, piercing the forehead of the rebels. They stopped where they were. The Lich then spoke in some unknown language as if giving orders of some sort. The party soon realised that they were indeed orders as the rebels turned to face their own brothers.

Not far from there a few levels over the battle, the duel between the Darubian Warrior and the Darubian Lich Mage continued.

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As ShadowWolf waited paitiently for the Lich he started sensing a sudden cold around the hallways, so did the remaining hidden rebel soldiers.

Then from a dark hall, the figure of the Lich could be seen aproaching, unluckily for ShadowWolf and the band he was using Eve as a humand shield, magicaly binded to the Lich. Eve tried in vain to release herself from the magical chain.

Lich: Mortalsss....prepare to meet your doom!!

The cold in the air started to be unbearable it suddenly past from a simple cold to an unforgiving frost that slowly covered walls, celings and armour. If something was not done soon the skin would start to suffer serious consecuences.

Back at Baltazars chambers...

Baltazar: Soon they shall be here. Their punny forces have been greatly reduced by my Lich Lords.

He then turned to the portal he had opened before.

Baltazar: The gate is almost ready...once I get it open all the horrors of hell will aid me against these mortals and none of their magic or skill will save them then...hahAHAHAHAHA!!

Somewhere else in the tower...

Kel-Aziz had made quite an impression on the Lich in the first brief recon combat. Spells flied by Kel-Aziz and waveblades clashed on undead shields.

Lich: You fight well warrior. I should have not underestimated your abilities.
Kel-Aziz: You are lucky my poisons dont harm you. This battle would be over by now.
Lich: Do not worry my fellow Darubian, it shall be concluded soon enough.

The Lich the casted yet another lighting spell only to be once again dodged by Kel-Aziz´s increadible speed. Not only did he dodge the attack but was fast enough to even deal a blow of his own to the energy consuming shield.

Lich: I do not remember you Darubian Guards were so fast, but let me remind you something. While my magic energy is drained it is in no way compared to the fisical energy draining you are having with those moves.

Kel-Aziz smiled, confidence once again in his eyes.

Kel-Aziz: Your years in the nether have made you weak Lich! You are but a foul shadow of a Darubian King.
Lich: Nonsense!! You have not yet seen the hole power of darkness.
Kel-Aziz: Well lets see it then.

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Kel-Aziz: Why...why did you turn to the evil forces of the the nether, you had all the power you could were a Darubian King!!
Lich: Ah!! Let me teach you a little something about that power. I do not know what training you Royal Guards had, but we had to pass many years of ordeals and stupid testing to reach further plains of magic. We were not allowed to study many secrets of power and knowledge beyond our assigned level. Hundreds of levels were kept in the tomes of the Darubian Kings, hundreds of powerfull enchantments and secrets of the universe beyond your understanding kept under the close watch of my mentors, The Darubian King Masters.
Only they were alowed to see and use this power, while the rest of us would see how our life was wasted in the libraries and pointless classes. I for one, was not in the mood for waiting so much. You brute Royal Guards were allowed to obtain eternal life once you compleated your training, but we were kept away from it for considering us a potencial danger..bah, what did they now...

Kel-Aziz: They were right...just look at you are nothing but a shadow of your former self...a pitfull undead under the orders of a mad man. You have reached rock bottom.
Lich:Ah!! have no idea what it is to be a Lich Lord. I only follow this foolish mortal because that is the only way I can be summoned into this world and search for... that is none of your business.

The Darubian Lich then casts a lightning spell that surrounds Kel-Aziz who inmediatly screams in pain.

Lich: Do you see now? I searched in the nether for what my mentors would never give me. I escaped from this plane many years ago to join an army that realy apreciated power.

The lighting grew stronger as Kel-Aziz continued to scream and the Darubian Lich walked closer.

Lich: Were is the Darubian King and his power now, where is his mighty tower, where is his knowledge..

Kel-Aziz had stopped screaming in pain, but the lightning continued.

Lich: Dust...they are nothing but dust now...not even history remains to tell about them.

The Lich then stopped to see as Kel-Aziz body fall uncouncious to the ground.

Lich: Soon...there shall be no recolection at all from the Darubian Empire.

The Lich lifted his hand and reached towards Kel-Aziz heart only to be burned.

Lich: are wearing the Darubian Armour!!

Kel-Aziz slowly stood up.

Kel-Aziz: Here lies their the blessing the Darubian Kings made to my weapons and armour, in the work and craft of the Darubian Smiths and in the training and discipline of a Darubian Royal Guard. Here lies the power of Darubia.

For the first time since he set foot on the Island Kel-Aziz took his cloak off and uncovered his face. A toasted face from the years of wonderings and small wounds here and there, markings of a veteran from many battles, stared into the Lich´s empty eyes.
To the Lich´s surprise he was wearing a golden helmet, quite plain but also quite beautifull.

Lich: What is this!! A Darubian Royal Guard with helmet...I do not remember that...
Kel-Aziz: That is because this was not original to my armour (See Tower of Babil RP), only this part was...

Kel-Aziz then took off the rest of the burned raggs over him to reveal a bright golden light. It was the Darubian Royal Guard armour. A beautifull piece of art and efficiency carefully created by the Smiths of Darubia. In the center of the breastplate the simbol of the Darubian Empire could be seen proudly. The Silver Moon of Darubia and the twin waveblades across it showed quite clearly the crafty hands of the Darubian Smiths.

Lich: So...this is it.
Kel-Aziz: Let the battle comence.

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OOC: Two Lich Lords down, two to go. I am fighting one of the Liches in some dark place in the tower with Eve, although I dont know how she got there but I will fix that in the following IC. The other Lich is wondering somewhere, maybe preparing an attack...I will leave that Lich to you people, just dont kill it in one post.


As the Lich form of a former Darubian King walked closer to Kel-Aziz, the fear within him grew stronger. The Lich felt his fear.

Lich: Ahh...what is this...a Darubian Royal scared?!

Kel-Aziz could not deny it, he was scared but he was not ashamed of being so. Specialy considering the formidable fow he had in front.
Suddenly the Lich Lord stopped a few meters away from Kel-Aziz.

Lich: This is close enough...I may not have fear like you do, but I am no fool. I wouldn't feel safe around a Darubian Royal Guard if he was buried upside-down in ice with a knife sticking out of his thoat. But there are precautions I can take.

The former Darubian King started mutering strange old words as a golden aura of light surrounded his skeletical body. He then quickly proceded to cast a small firebolt, to Kel-Aziz surprise he threw it somewhere into the darkness of the room. From the other side a female scream could be heard.

(In common language)

Lich: What do we have over there...brought some frieds with you Darubian Warrior?

Making a hand motion he slowly draged Eve near him with an invisible force. Eve tried in vain to free herself but the magical binding was too strong for her.

Lich: That foolish Lich Lord. I told him I wanted the Darubian warrior and no one else! Why would he transport this weak female here...good thing he is dead, he did not deserve the title of a Lich Lord.

The Darubian Lich muttered some other words as a magical blue aura surrounded Eve. A brief scream followed the light...then she was not there.

(In Darubian language, translated)

Kel-Aziz: Where did you take her?

Lich: Oh..dont worry about that mortal, she is safe with a Lich friend of mine. Now...lets have a little chat for old times sake.

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OOC: Sorry for not posting in a while. If we defeat the four Lich Lords I will start the last chapter.


Kel-Aziz slowly moved in the darkness, he was somewhere in the tower for he could still hear the battle cries of the Rebels against the undead. The last thing he remembered was moving to strike the Lich Lord, then all was darkness to him. The Lich sent him throug the nether and then transported him into another location. His slow movement was abruptly interrupted by a voice in the darkness. It was a cold raspy voice.

Voice: Hashfall, Darubian Raz Galum?

At first he did not understand the message, only one word cought his attention "Darubian". He knew well the meaning of that word, how could he forget since he once bowed to protect Darubia with his life.

As he remembered this his mind opened to the strange language, suddenly the words started to make sense and order came to his mind once again. The word triggered a revelation in his mind, memories long lost in the dephs of his mind now resurfaced. Long forgotten locations, people, feelings...language...they all came back.

The voice spoke again, this time he understood his native language:

(conversation below is translated)

Voice: I said greetings, Darubian Royal Guard? Have you lost your manners? do you now that language, how do you know who I am...who are yourself!!

Voice: many questions, yet so little time for a good conversation. This language is my own...after all I once was a Darubian. Tell me, what is a Royal Guard doing so far away from home.

Kel-Aziz: Home?

Suddenly new lost memories came back to him in flashbacks. The Royal Halls of the Darubian Kings and the Silver Moon of Darubia came back in all their glory...for a moment.

Kel-Aziz: There is no home...were once a mighty empire stood, nothing but sand remains. A large desert covers my land now...that is the curse that comes with inmortality.

Suddenly the origin of the voice came out of the darkness and stood before Kel-Aziz.

Lich Lord:...So much time has passed, has it not, fellow Darubian. You should not feel so bad with inmortality, it was a great act from the Darubian Kings to grant you such a gift...after had to protect the "ever lasting" Darubian Empire. The rest of us had to gain inmortality through other pacting with the netherworld as you can see...

The Lich laughed at Kel-Aziz.

Kel-Aziz:...Ahh...curse your tormented soul for speaking the noble language of the Darubia. How dare you speak those words, you have sold out you sould to the devil and you WILL pay...I do not care if you were once a Darubian (taking waveblades out).

Lich: Ahh...the Darubian Royal Guard waveblades...the "fangs" of the guards if my memory does not fail me...those Darubian Smiths were quite crafty were they not?

The Lich moved his skeletical hands towards his neck and under his raggs they came out with a golden pendant. The creature then moved to remove the cloak covering his head revealing a golden crown with crafty carvings and a peculiar silver gem in the middle.

Suddenly it struk him. Kel-Aziz was paralized as he knew that silver gem...the silver moon of Darubia, that was what it represented.

Only One class in the Darubian social structure used a golden crown with the silver gem of the Darubian Moon...the Darubian Kings.

The Royal Guard of Darubia were intended to ensure that their Emperor was immortal, that he could never die, for that they were given the gift and curse of inmortality by the Darubian Kings. As far as history could tell, they never failed, whether they were facing enemy armies, or powerfull beasts. Their only weakness was magic, but the Kings of Darubia were the greatest mages in the known world. The mortal combination of Elite Combat Warriors and Master Mages were the pillars of the Darubian Empire..and one of them was standing just before Kel-Aziz.

Lich: It is a strange feeling. After so many, many centuries of not meeting any of my kind here I am facing one of my equals in mortal combat...oh, the irony...

As Kel-Aziz watched the undead Darubian King walk closer he felt something he had not felt in a long, long time...


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OOC: It is not unfair and I did not pretend to kill SW. Namothil said earlier that it was too dull to have a fight against normal undead, so I decided to add a little more enemies and action. WiseMan, Eve and Namothil responded great to the new scene however Firedrakes Holy Spell was a bit of a spoiler but then again its your character so do what you will.

IC: (I will post this later)

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At Baltazars chambers...

Baltazar had watched all the fighting between Alcove and Arcadia and was quite surprised at their progress in battle but he was also quite pleased to see both mages shock themselves dead in a mind-duel.

Baltazar: Everything is working as I planed it would, soon they shall all pay for their insolence.

He then glanced back at his throne. With a hand gesture the wall on his back slowly turned, revealing a fiery red portal on the other side, with ocasional fire bursts comming out of the fiery gate.

Baltazar: Soon those pathetic mortals shall meet the minions that served in my conquest of Siris Island...

Back in the middle levels...

Kel-Aziz moved forward and back with incredible speed, swiching with ShadowWolf in a perfect timing as he Phase Shifted around the Lich.

Suddenly, to ShadowWolfs surprise, the Lich made its own Phase Shift and apeared with its cold hands around ShadowWolfs neck.

Lich: You mortals play with the arts of the nether world as if they were simple toys for amusement. I shall show you the real power of the VOID!!!

The Lich Lords hands started to cover in frost wich quickly moved over to ShadowWolfs body, who in vain tried to Phase out of the Liches mana shield that now surrounded both of them. Kel-Aziz inmediatly charged towards the Lich but as he was a few steps away from its shield the Lich Lord turned towards him and shouted.


To ShadowWolfs surprise, Kel-Aziz vanished out of the battle in a second. One second he was charging towards the Lich but the next thing he knew Kel-Aziz was not there anymore.

Lich: You see mortal...none of your friends can help you.

As he said this a band of Rebel soldiers who had managed to pass the Undead force now slowly surrounded the Lich Lord.

Lich: You mortals never learn...

As ShadowWolf was almost totaly covered in frost by now, the Lich Lord opened its skeletical mouth imposibly wide. A low keen sound could be heard, it abruptly turned into a high pitched scream that made all Rebel soldiers in the Hall scream in unison as the unholy shout hurt their very souls. This was a great chance for the unaffected undead who slashed at will the suffering mortals.

But this was not all, as the sound decreased in volume it turned into a more wind like sound. To all rebel soldiers near enough to witness the horrible scene it was a total shock to see as tormented souls came out screaming of the Lich lords mouth.

The souls flew into the battlefield moving between the dead as if searching for something, then one of them found what it wanted.

The sould pierced a nearby rebel soldiers, the soldier screamed and then fell on his knee as the soul came out of him this time in a new form...the form of the rebel soldier. As if following the example of the first soul all other souls pierced nearby living bodies and came out as their copy, only in ethereal form. Soon the odds turned against the rebels as a whole army of their doubles was now supporting the remaining undead force. Even Molek and the Slith had to stop their combat since they now had a new enemy in front of themselves. The dark side of their own soul.

Lich: Do you see now mortal...(speaking to ShadowWolfs ear as he tightened its grip around his frozen neck)...that is the difference that separates us from you pitfull mortals.

ShadowWolf: mean we...we...hav..e...not the demon...?

Lich: Insolent fool, I do not know why you were not pierced by one of my tormented souls but that makes no difference. I will deal with you personaly.

As the Lich gathered much more frost around ShadowWolfs body he screamed in probably the last scream of pain before he lost all sense of pain in his frozen body.

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Kel-Aziz was about to strike the Lich Lords when a huge slith bursted into the battle hall and standed on the undead commanders way.

Molek: Its the Lizzard beast!!!...It killed Pachu back at the rebel base!! Kel-Aziz, leave her to me, I have scores to settle with this beast.

Molek smashed the undead forces waving his broadsword viciously, smashing skeletons and decapitating zombies as he went for the kill.

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Why dont you just refer to a female dog as "perra", its the "B" word in spanish. It seems less offensive that way.

Usualy when I´m pissed I curse in some other language rather than my own (spanish) it is too bad that people always seem to learn the insulting words for every language.

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OOC: Uh...Baltazar summoned only four Liches, and not common ones but Lich Lords. Dont worry I will fix that.


As the mist disipates a few humanoid figures can be seen waiting at the other side. Once the mist is totally gone the rebels can see clearly who they are...

Molek: Undead!!

A formidable force of zombies, skeletons and ghasts are waiting at the other side, ready to clash in mortal combat with the rebel forces. Behind of them however, there was a distinctive figure, Firedrake recognized it.

Firedrake: Its a Lich!!

The party carefully stared behind the enemy forces to see a tall calmed undead figure dressed in mage robes.

Kel-Aziz: Not any Lich...that is a Lich Lord!! No wonder there are so many undead here.

Suddenly Kel-Aziz notices ShadowWolf is standing with his eyes closed.

Kel-Aziz: What is you sense something else...?
ShadowWolf: That Lich...that lich is not alone.
Molek: What! You mean there are more of them.
ShadowWolf: I can not tell exactly, but there is at least two more in the upper levels.

Molek suddenly turned to his men.

Molek: Comrades!! Listen carefully, we do not have much time. Baltazars forces from the castle are at this moment trying to find a way into the tower. They will brake in any moment now and we do not have the numbers to fight them. Only this army of undead is blocking our progress to Baltazar...are we going to let these foul creatures take our freedom!!
Remaining Rebel Army: NOOOOOO!!!!
Molek: Then charge like there is no tomorrow!!

A loud battle cry filled the bridge as Rebel forces clashed against the undead like a human wave. The battle for the middle tower levels has started.

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Kel-Aziz and the rest of the party gathered around the beast. Its body showed a series of horrible cuts, but the poisons had caused the more morrid markings on the corspe.

Firedrake: Is he dead?
Kel-Aziz: I would hope so...unless Baltazar revives him as some sort of nether creature. Wich would be a problem since poision does not work against any undead.
ShadowWolf: He cant come back straight away, all departing souls must first travel to the nether and only there do all living creatures see if they roam the world of the living, go to eternal peace...or eternal torment.

Molek aproached from behind.

Molek: Lets not waste more time here, the rest of Baltazars army may get into the tower any moment now and there is still much more left to climb.
Firedrake: It should be easier, I cleared the lower levels from most of the deadlier traps.
Molek: Well done. (turning to the rest of the troops) Men, lets get moving, we have a tyran to slay!!!

Back at the highest level...

Baltazar: So...they defeated my men and two of my best mutations...thats too bad. Sadly for them their journey shall end in the middle levels, the Lich Kings are almost there...hehehehehehahHAHAHA...BWAHAHA!! I love this power...

Walks back to the crystal sphere and observes the battle between Arcadia and Alcove.

Baltazar: How foolish, they are having a mind matter who of those mages wins, if they do they shall be too drained and tired to go on. That shall be the moment when both of them shall receive their punishment. I shall show them what a real mage is made of and they shall pay the price of rebelion!!

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Kel-Aziz was slightly impressed by the beasts ability and to impress a former Darubian Royal Guard in combat you need to be quite good.

Kel-Aziz: (moving ShadowWolf off him)...that puppy shure is strong (standing up)...but, he wont be able to continue like that for much longer.

To ShadowWolfs surprise Kel-Aziz lowers both of his waveblades and puts them back somewhere into his raggs.

ShadowWolf: What are you doing...the beast is still alive!!

Kel-Aziz just smiled as he watched Firedrake and wounded Eve battle the beast with great ability.

Kel-Aziz: Take a closer look at the Werewolf. If you are a veteran warrior you will notice.
ShadowWolf: Notice what...
Kel-Aziz: This battle is decided, the beast is allready dead.

ShadowWolf did not understand his words at first but as he watched the combat he noticed. The wolf beast was not the same as before, somehow, it seemed slower, clumsier in every move.

ShadowWolf: What did you do to it?
Kel-Aziz: He has been touched by the bite of Hazka and Mishka.

ShadowWolf stared waiting for an explanation.

Kel-Aziz: ...My waveblades, that is how we call them.
ShadowWolf: We?
Kel-Aziz: There will be more time to explain that later. My waveblades are not common ones...they are poisonous blade.
ShadowWolf: I now about posion and a beats like that can bearly be harmed by such a thing.
Kel-Aziz: It is not any poison...and it is not only one...
ShadowWolf: What do you mean...
Kel-Aziz: I was taught to always avoid killing another living creature, for that I was given these blades, simbols of my peoples beliefs. Hazka, my right waveblade, is enchanted with the poison of the Velthia flower, grown on the highest peaks of the Darubian Mountains. Mishka is augmented with Mothbel Root, it grows only in the deepest and oldest caves of the world.
ShadowWolf: I have never heard of such plants or mountains.
Kel-Aziz: That is because there are no more Velthia blooming on this world, and the Mountains I mentioned earlier are no longer called that fact, they have not been called like that in a long...long time...

Kel-Aziz suddenly seemed distracted, distant, as if traveling in his dreams, until a loud roar waked him up, back into reality as Firedrake had just been sent flying through the room.

Kel-Aziz:...As I was saying, both Velthia and Mothbel root are extreamly poisonous, each in its own particular way. Usualy one cut with any of my both waveblades is enough to paralize or to leave my opponent at my mercy...but both of them reaching the same wound...

Suddenly Fluffy screamed, Eve was pushed away as Fluffy started having a series of strong convulsions, the roaring continued as the beast suddenly started pouring white bubbling saliva out of its mouth and shaking madly.

Kel-Aziz:..are a lethal combination. No known brew or healing spell can save him now.
ShadowWolf: When did you strike him with both waveblades?
Kel-Aziz: In his right leg...The first strike when I made him follow me into the enemy force and the second one I did just now...just before he threw me over here.

The soldiers and adventurers observed in horror as the beast fought the poison within its was loosing.

Kel-Aziz: Three minutes.
ShadowWolf: What?
Kel-Aziz: That has been the record of someone resisting the double bite. This beast is huge and enchanted, he may brake that barrier.

In a last mad attempt to serve Baltazar it prepared one last move before expiring...

Kel-Aziz: Or maybe not...

OOC: I will leave it for Enraged Slith to decide his fate. If he changes his mind and wants to live make him loose his madness. I can come up with something to save him, although it would be cooler if he died. Then again, thats your call.

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Back at the tower base...

Kel-Aziz had sucsesfully managed to lure the beast into Baltazars forces, decimating them greatly. As Eve got into a personal fight with the enraged beast, Kel-Aziz had enough time to finish the remaining enemy forces with the help of a few rebel soldiers.

Now only the huge Werewolf standed between Baltazar and the rebels who now watched from a safe distance as Eve and Fluffy battled to death. All the rebels together could easily kill the beast but not without a great cost of men, a cost Molek was not willing to pay.

Molek: There must be an easier way to stop the beast!! I am not going to waste many of my troops in the fight with this beast. Baltazar is still up there somewhere and we will need the numbers to fight him.

Soldier: Well we must think of something soon or Eve will die.

Suddenly, just like a heavenly present, Firedrake fell from a hatch in the ceeling of a nearby room.

Kel-Aziz: Firedrake! Where were you!
Firedrake: I´ll explain later...what is THAT!! (pointing at fluffy)
Kel-Aziz: Its a magicaly enraged Werewolf, thats the only beast blocking our progress.
Firedrake: Well, what are we waiting for, lets help Eve before it too late!
Kel-Aziz: I was hoping you would say that.

With that said both Firedrake and Kel-Aziz, blades drawn, moved in for the fight as the rest of the rebels watched what these mercenaries were made of.

As they charged another adventurer fell by the same trap nearby. It was ShadowWolf.

Molek: ShadowWolf!! join your party they are fighting the best!! Quick, I will charge with you!!

OOC: I hope I played your character right Firedrake, I read you wanted to fight fluffy. We are good to go.
Enchanted Fluffy v/s Eve, Firedrake, Molek, ShadowWolf and Kel-Aziz.
I think its fair enough.

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