Homeland : The Stone of Night is now officially a freeware game

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AuthorTopic: Homeland : The Stone of Night is now officially a freeware game
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I don't know why you keep talking about WinZip. The objection is having to use a stupid program to extract it at all. ZIP compression and extraction is integrated into Windows XP.

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(Forgive slight bump)

I can't find Clegg after an hour of looking, were is he?

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The characters don't wander too far from their original locations. It is possible (obviously) to 'loose' a character. I would just say to keep running around until he's found. :confused:

How is it when this game was here, most people (including me) played it past a few minetes. Those who did play it didn't give it good reviews. Now nearly 8 years later, it seems to finally be catching on. Is it because it's free? ;)

Also I'd like to mention that I've gotten the game from Lurker and have beat it. (He told me about it being freeware after I mentioned something about it about a month or two ago.) I have to say that starting out it is tough, but after a while you get the hang of it and it becomes easy!

I do enjoy challenges and this game does provide them in heaping amounts. :cool:

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Clegg is in the southeastern corner of the castle, in the guest quarters area with the ambassadors (Hroldis and Glurath). Like many people, he wanders around, but he should stay near the guest quarters. He's a child (with a purple shirt, if memory serves).
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Hodamn i reappear and i've missed something cool. Maybe i should start regularing the forums again...

But I remember trying this game not too long after it was released, and having issues cause my nice, new, Gateway GC-333 w/a whopping 64MB of RAM, couldn't handle it very well. God I miss the old days of Spidweb, before the closing of the Slith vs Nephil thread and when we still had the Misc board... fun times for those who remember them

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Spoiler !
I just came back from the sewer, (without the Stone of Night since I havent been able to find a way to go out otherwise giving it to the bad guy.) At first I been to the next town and made a bit of progress there, no worry at all, expect that I died whitout earlier save that the one I made right outside the sewers...

Worry now is that I can't trade anymore.
Each time I try it give me an "homeland.exe" error.
As I have read earlier about the game files getting corrupted randomly I tryed to remove then reinstall the game, no change, so what should I do now ?

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That's just weird. It's only supposed to happen in some demo versions. You did install the full version, right?
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Yes, the one downloaded using the link on the OP of this thread.

Ive applied the last patch (1.03m to 1.03z) on both installation, seems I cant correct this.

I might try a complete uninstal then seek my registry and seek theres ?

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I just tryed with a new game, its ok :(

Seems like I will need to start over, I dont know what has been wrong since I merely used the same savegame on both attempts (save > working > death, vs reload > "trade crash").
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Nevermind, painting and sunlight scroll used, thats fine, now its time to get out I guess :(

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Seden: we won't hold it against you if you use the Edit button. Just a reminder. ;)

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