What's your favorite board game?

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AuthorTopic: What's your favorite board game?
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I have recently discovered Wise & Otherwise. A game of guessing the end of thousands of never-heard-before sayings, usually with hillarious results. While Life and Payday hold many fond memories for me, this is my new favorite.

What's yours?

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Settlers of Catan.
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Fireball Island, while definitley not a contender for best board game by any criteria, is unintentionally hillarious and has somewhat interesting mechanics despite itself. So it's my favorite for more or less than same reasons that Captain Planet is my favorite cartoon.

Of mores serious fare, I'm a fan of Tongiaki. I was going to mention Guillotine and Bohnanza, but those would technically be card games.

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I got a lot of mileage out of Monopoly and Backgammon. But for a game as an adult, and one that was actually invented recently, I'm with Drew: Settlers of Catan.


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I still need to play Settlers... it sounds like so much fun. But for now, I have to go with Risk and Apples to Apples.

Actually, I and a few friends are working on a board game version of Dead Rising, and it's pretty fun. We just need to refine it so you don't just die because you got stuck with two chair legs.

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Stratego. Or Scrabble, but only when everyone is manipulating the rules instead of playing by them.

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Scrabble is loads of fun, and I play Risk a lot too.

My favourite, though, is an electronic version of "Deal or No Deal" we have.

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Risk is lots of fun. I need to learn the real rules though.

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I have Risk: LotR Edition, but no one will ever play with me. :(

I also enjoy Monopoly, Stratego, Chess, and Scrabble.

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Hmmm... the last real board game I've played was Shadows Over Camelot. Settlers of Catan had its glory days, but most people in my circles got tired of it and were too lazy to learn the expansions (C&K FTW!). I've been playing a lot of Bang! games lately.

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EDIT: Forgot Go. Don't play it nearly as much as I used to, and haven't picked up the KPA for ages, but still...

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Risk is the ultimate board game. and everyone knows how to play, to boot.
Parcheesi tends to lead to interesting and unexpected conversation, even if the gameplay is somewhat basic.

I do still have yet to play Settlers.

Apples to Apples is not a board game. But it is the world's greatest party game.

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Rivers, Roads, and Rails!

Only the greatest "board game" of all time.

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Chess is the greatest game, as it involves no randomness. There are many others, and Go is a contender, but I like chess more. (Why is Go capitalized unlike other non-proprietary games?)

For recent games, TransAmerica is simple, quick, and fun. Carcassonne requires a little more detailed thought. The winner, though, is Settlers. What's not to like? It has all the backstabbing, deal-making, and feuding you could want, and it's not even a game about war!

—Alorael, who will also give recognition to Diplomacy, which he likes more in theory than in practice, and Apples to Apples, which is actually just an excuse to sit around, chat, and be witty. Results of Apples to Apples fortune telling are not guaranteed.
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I prefer chess, Risk, and Monopoly (not necessarily in that order).

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Scrabble (played by the rules), Apples to Apples, Risk, Cranium, and Carcassonne (played not by the rules).

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Blokus can be quite fun sometimes.
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Scrabble is tops, though only because I can convincingly lie words into acceptance. Risk is a favorite too, but frankly I have little time for board games. Too much to do living out in the country, especially now that we have electricity!

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Monopoly. Because Nalyd is a cold, heartless businessman.

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How about Hounds and Jackals?

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Doesn't anybody here actually play real board games? *cry*

Settlers was fun for a while, but the robber started driving everybody I played with insane after a while, and the expansions weren't too much better.
Carcassone is a fun over-lunch game.

At the moment my favorite game in the "decently-heavy-but-not-too-much-so" set is definitely Puerto Rico, which kicks both of those out of the park. But I like too many games to have a favorite...Modern Art, Adel Verpflichtet (sp?), Through the Desert, Elfenland, the one I can't remember the name of where you play as a dynasty leader in the fertile crescent...

Oh, and I forgot Power Grid! Actually that might be my favorite right now. And Scotland Yard will always hold a special place in my heart because I beat my dad and his college friends at it when I was ~6 years old, and it's a real game.

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Originally written by SNM:

Doesn't anybody here actually play real board games?
Like you peasants could ever understand.


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I'd like to second Alorael's shout out to TransAmerica. It's a great game. In my old gaming group it was our default backup game whenever we couldn't agree on what to play. It's fast, it can accomodate numbers of players that most games don't, and unlike every other game, I've never met anyone who hates it.

Speaking of hate: I really despise Elfenland. It has so many decision points, and they're pretty much all meaningless. Plus, the capital of Elfenland is the Elvenhold, which is just phonologically repulsive.

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I always liked Risk. I enjoyed a two player game to see if luck could beat strategy. Luck lost, but it was fun.
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Strange Synergy. I probably play it about every other day. I also like Risk and Stratego, but haven't had the chance to play either in quite a while.

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Monopoly, Clue, Checkers, The game of life. No particular order. There's nothing like sitting in a table and playing a game with a whole bunch of cheaters. It's frustrating, annoying, and usually ends with someone quitting. But so much fun.
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