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AuthorTopic: Yet another senseless poll
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How many people here play D&D, GURPS, or RIFTS?

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I don't have a life, I have an existence. That's why I'm here.

I played GURPS when it first came out. Then a friend pointed out an early flaw that all you needed to do was put all your points to dexterity to break the system. We never played again.
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Apparently I have a life. I've only heard of D&D, and never, before now, heard of RIFTS of GURPS.

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Life? What is life? Is that what Nalyd hates? Must be. Anyway. . . Nalyd has heard of D&D. The others appear to some kind of acronyms. Awesome powers of elimination, no?

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No, no, no, and yes. And this is a senseless poll.


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What makes roleplaying games incompatible with a life? I understand that there may be correlation, but there's no causality.

I suppose this all depends on your definition of life. Many definitions seem to revolve around not being a nerd/geek/other word, and those in turn are defined as not participating in certain activities. If a life is a restriction, why would anyone want it. Alternatively, some define life as participation in non-nerdy/geeky activities. Again, that is not incompatible with also being nerdy/geeky.

—Alorael, who presents the above paragraph of a shining example of a red flag for being a geek and/or a nerd, although he still can't quite understand what either one means or what the difference is.
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go take a hike.
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I tried D&D once and didn't like it all that much.

This poll raises an interesting question. What do people mean when they say "get a life?" Do they mean do something more productive or interact with more people? I think the common definition of life is fraught with chip crumbs, frequent use of myspace/facebook, and the occasional party, due to the fact that I've seen plenty of productive people cut down by party-goers.
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Heh. Always kinda interested in D&D, but never knew a group that played. Perhaps it's for the best, in retrospect.

Haven't the slightest clue about the others.

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I have played D&D. I have seen people consumed by it, so that it ate their life. I had no life to begin with, so I could go on to other economically and socially lacking activities after a session without feeling like it was my only true calling.

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No, no, no, and... no?

Yeah, Dikiyoba thinks that sounds about right.
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Luckly for us this isn't what Spiderweb games are like. But I miss gathering with friends for a game around a table.

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"Sittin' in front of a computer in your underwear sendin' text messages isn't role-playing."

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Originally written by Twelve Motion:

—Alorael, who presents the above paragraph of a shining example of a red flag for being a geek and/or a nerd, although he still can't quite understand what either one means or what the difference is.
Geeks are considered less socially apt and more fashionably clueless where I live. Some actually venture to call nerds "cool" (like I do), but I'm still working out what "cool" means.

Edit: Forgot the word "more."

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Originally by Shard of Fire:

but I'm still working out what "cool" means.
It means you need a jacket but not a coat when you go outside. :P

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No, no, no, and pretty much no.

Out of those I've only heard of D&D, but have never played it.
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See above.
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I've played D&D, and I've been trying to get a group to play again. It's sad how difficult this is.

I haven't heard of the others.

And no, I don't have a life. I have friends, family, school, work, church… and yet, still Spiderweb. :P

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PDX is caught between hip and retro. I forget the name of the place, but over near OMSI is a computer nerd store that must be heaven for them. It has a giant Linux penguin sticker in the window, and a lot of serious people in shades of gray walk in and out. You know the type, right? Grey t-shirt over black long sleeve t, with serious square glasses and Doc Martens. I wish there was a coffee bar across the street, because they are just hilarious to watch, and I sometimes feel conspicuous just sitting there in my car, laughing.

So, the poll. I've ventured into D&D before most of you were born. The rest I know nothing about.

Originally written by Kelandon:

Well, I'm at least pretty sure that Salmon is losing.

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I answered two of the questions positively, and it's up to you to determine which two!

Speaking of that, White Wolf's tabletop RPGs seem an odd omission from that list, since they're by far the second most popular game in the industry.
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What's a gurp?

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GURPS - Generic Universal Role-Playing System. It is a point-based RPG system that is designed to where you "Can do anything", however, to this day still horribly imbalanced and flawed. Also it takes almost the entire day to do anything that resembles a decent(with the system's randomly estimated point-value system) character.

RIFTS - an RPG system that uses these things called OCC(Occupational Character Classes) that aren't very balanced(especially anything outside of the Core Book) and a damage system that has 3(or so) different types(SDC, MDC, and Hit Points)

For the Record: I play D&D and have played GURPS & RIFTS. The D20 system, while not perfect(nothing is) is overall better than GURPS(which I hate) and RIFTS(which I don't really care for either)

To the White Wolf People: Never played White Wolf, and I forgot it even existed(much like that one about Vampires)

To the D&D people: I know what some of you mean by it being hard to find people. Within 2 months, I managed to loose 2 of my 3 gaming groups. Unfortunately, most of the people in gaming group 3 aren't ones I'd like to play more than 1 game session a week with, so I've had to look for others. Unfortunately, the only player's I've found either aren't very good role-players(and/or have no real idea how many of the rules work, but pretend to) or are unable(or unwilling) to get together on a scheduled day. As a result, I have had to resort to playing with people whom I would normally(and a I few I actually have) stab with something. All I need is one more person who's stupid, a jerk, and/or completely unreliable. Oh well...

To everyone else: Your input has been enlightening and I apologize for not making the poll more applicable to y'all.

To the D&D People(Again): Would anyone be interested in scheduling an online D&D(not playing Wizard's online game, but actually playing table-top) with me? PM me if you're interested.

"I don't understand a word you just said. Try speaking American. It's the only language I understand."
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No, no D&D. Yes, I (not play, but instead collect) GURPS. No, no Rifts.

I have instead chosen to dedicate my life to Traveller!

And yes, I have a life, because you want me to indicate that I don't.

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haha, gurps

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I have played D&D for a number of years, and I'm going to start playing AGOT d20 in two weeks. A few people in my gaming group used to play in a RIFTS campaign, and one of them is working on a GURPS setting. A couple have dabbled in the Tri-Stat system.

And I like to delude myself into thinking that I have a life.

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GURPS was definitely one of the things I don't miss from before my HDs got wiped.

EDIT: On a sidenote, technically, there's more social interaction in RPGs like D&D than at parties and such.

Also, it should be noted that Myspace is like a forum site, only more pretentious and with less usefulness.

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"I don't understand a word you just said. Try speaking American. It's the only language I understand."
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