Last Will and Testament of Slartifer M. Tuckersworth

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AuthorTopic: Last Will and Testament of Slartifer M. Tuckersworth
Raven v. Writing Desk
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I never thought I would have the ego to start an entire thread about my impending disappearance. Well, say hello to my ego :P

So, I'm leaving. I'm actually leaving, as I am moving several states away for a great new job. I will be working pretty much all day every day this summer, so I can guarantee I won't be around. After that, I don't know how much free time I'll have, or how much net access I'll have. And there's always the possibility that three months away from this place will make me realize how much happier I am without it :P

So, I may or may not be back.

I was going to make some kind of witty departing comment on Slarty vs. Desk, but haven't had time to come up with one and am rather busy moving out right now.

Instead, here is my last will and testament. I, Slarty, hereby will:
- my stupid, pointless, but nonetheless incisive analogies to Dikiyoba
- my inane, pointless, but nonetheless correct analysis of game mechanics to DeVlish and SoT
- User:Slarty to Aran and Drakey -- get cracking!
- a humble one-line signature, to Aran and Magma
- a life, to Tyro and Marl, who will need it now that they can't spend their evenings stalking me on the telephone
- a thesaurus, to Alec and TM, who could stand to spruce up their cybering
- the foot in my mouth, to Salmon and Dareva, with love

I'll be back this evening to mop up all the tears.

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Bye, Slarty.

Hope you return soon!

Good luck with your new work!

We all miss you!

Before sleeping, in your bed, think some others GF theoryes! :)

I'll take care of your sig while you are away, I swear! :cool:

(I would give you a *facepalm*, but I promised... :P )


That is all. ;)

EDIT: New sig. :)

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Well, so long and take care! I am saddened, but not overly surprised. And I expect you to be gone for a while now. After all, people whose appellation starts with "S" have had some recent success in staying away.

May the Nine-Headed Cave Cow be with you.

- my stupid, pointless, but nonetheless incisive analogies to Dikiyoba
Thank you. Dikiyoba will take good care of them until your return.
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We will wait for the return of our king.

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Farewell, Slartucker. You livened up this place with your acid wit, and if you had stayed another year, you would be counted among those who have been here "forever".

The Encyclopedia might cope without you eventually, but not well.

I hope that you have internet access from your new place very soon and that you will miss this place as much as you will be missed.

(*wipes tears* :P )

Edit: One line sig! At least it was until I added the MoS link...

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Finally, a use for my rainbow handkerchief.

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See ya Slarty, and have fun in your new job.

May the incessant lure of the fluffy turtles forever pull you back to the boards whenever you get the chance.

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... hello ego.

Crap. The last vestiges of hope for a new Slarty vs. Desk comic have disappeared. Oh, well. Good luck with the new job, and may you return in glory.

(Creates a new addition to the list of members who have actually managed to create a dignified farewell post.)
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Farewell and good luck with the new job, Slarty. You will be missed until our goldfish attention spans are distracted by something shiny. But then you can distract us back with a triumphant return!

—Alorael, who will miss the obscurity and obfuscation more than anything else. And the comic, of course.
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You will be missed, Slarty.

Congrats on being someone memorable.

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Although I don't know you really well, since I just got here (I hope it wasn't me to frighten you off :) ), but I still got your (as I believe quite very famous) "*facepalm*".
So seeing you must really like me :) , I bid you a nice farewell and wish you luck with your job.

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Bye Slarty.

Now spy.there will have to find someone else to draw. :)

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Good bye and good luck, Slarty. :thumbsup:

I'll put a Spring in your step.
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So long, Slartucker, and thanks for all the comics!

(Okay, it's official: Dikiyoba has no shame and no life.)
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Au revoir, mon ami. I must admit, I was kind of harboring some hope for a continuation of Slarty vs. Desk, and was disappointed to see it hadn't changed in my rather long absence. I wish you luck with whatever you do, mainly because I consider having enough free time to come back to Spiderweb 'lucky'.

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Have you no shame?


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Have fun, Slarty. :)
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Although I have absolutely nothing useful to say I feel that I must at least bid you good-bye. So good luck with life and all that and I hope things work out.
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This is so sad. I'll miss you Tucker, good luck on your job, and I hope you enjoy the new place.

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Best wishes, Slarty. :)

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Good bye and good luck at your new job.

I hope you get some free time at year's end to add your analysis of GF4.
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Raven v. Writing Desk
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Thanks everyone for the kind words. Bon voyage to me! Goodbye.

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I didn't say you could go. What is this nonsense? Who will help me scare away the n00bs from the Geneforge forum?

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Nuke and Pave
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Congratulations with getting a job you like. This place will be less lively without you.

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What they said.

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