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AuthorTopic: for those of you with humor
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Originally written by Bring Out the Best in Boone:

"Oh my God! It's got me leg! Oh my God! Please, in the name of all that's holy, don't let it co—" *beep*

—Alorael, who is less than enamored of those who feel that having others record their messages is helpful.

This is amazing. I may have to change my voicemail now. :D

My suggestion:

"Hey, this is _______, and I'm not in right now. Leave your message at the sound of the beep."

(wait fifteen seconds)

"Wow, you're persistant, aren't you? Still waiting for that beep."

(fifteen more seconds)

"This must be really important. Not very many people make it this far. Congrats!"

(fifteen more seconds)

"Okay, it should've beeped by now. I never did get this phone to work right... look, it'll just be a second."

(five seconds)

"Damn, I think it beeped somewhere back there. Rewind this recording and record your message after the beep that you missed. Sorry for the inconvenience."

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"Hi. If you are hearing this, I may not be at home. that is, I may be at homr, but the phone has left me, and therefor I can't reach it. On the other hand, I may be at home AND away. Its for you to decide where I am, but... Oh crap. You wanted to leave a message no? I forgot the beep. It was probably to be heard when I was away. That is to say, now. I think. Oh what the hell. Just scream "beep" yourself and say what you want from me."

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My roommate and I were, until our phone line spontaneously went dead (we're still waiting for mainenance to take a look), in the habit of changing our message once a week.
These are a few of my favorites.

"Hi, you've reached the Gates of Hell. We're kinda busy right this second, so leave some contact info and we'll try to get back to you, eventually. [someone screams in the background] Oh crap."

[Pick a song. Any song. Find your favorite part of the song. Play it in front of the answering machine]

"[Using a voice synthesizer] Hello. You are listening to an answering machine message. Feel proud. Have a nice day."

"Hi, you've reached [your names here].
If you are a telemarketer: we have no money.
If you are a bank or credit card company: we already gave you all of our money.
If you are our parents, please send more money.
If you are a hot, sexy woman, please leave your number, because we've got plenty of money."

"Hello? Oh hi. Uh huh. Cool. Oh yeah, right, I'm not really here right now. Sorry."

[Approximately 30 seconds of escalating manic laughter]

"Walther, we're ignoring you this week.
If you aren't Walther, keep talking. If we are around, we're screening our calls."

There was this one time when a guy in our hall went out to dinner and left his door open and lights on. The whole assembly of our hall congregated in his room and recorded a message advertising a gay orgy.

"Purple pizza."
"Pulverized purple pizza?"

"In honor of [whatever special week it happens to be.], we have decided that our message will be half a minute of silence. Thank you."
[The rest of the allotted time is silence]

The Silent Assassin's voicemail is very strange:
"You have reached [number here]. We're sorry, but the party that you are calling was unable to answer your call. Please leave a message."

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Another one:

"Hello. This is <INSERT YOUR NAME HERE>'s secretary. <INSERT YOUR NAME HERE> is really busy at the moment, <INSERT MOST BORING ACTION HERE> so cannot tlak to you. Either that, or they just don't want to talk to you, but don't take it too personally. If you want to catch <INSERT YOUR NAME HERE> please ring back later. Alternatively, I can take a message for you. Please remember that all messages will be scanned by the FluffyTurtles (tm) VoiceScanner. BEEP"

Or you could just have:


The second one's probably your best answer-message.
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"Hey, this is Albert! I was wondering if you received the fax I sent yesterday at around 4:30. Could you get back to me about them? I need to make sure they were properly received or my department is in big trouble." *beep*

—Alorael, who is not named Albert and has not been named Albert at any point in the last fifteen years.
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A friend of mine who's a muso has a recording of himself singing a song about how he can't come to the phone. It was really funny, but I can't remember how it goes.

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This one is mine:
"Hello, this is (your name here), if you are calling please leave your message after the beep. You are a"
After that the beep comes on.

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If you actually want people to leave a message, I would advise making it as brief as possible. Given that most answering services currently include about 30 seconds of additional instruction, the burden of having to listen to someone else trying to be funny before you can leave a message is often too much for the average caller, and doubly so if it's someone you actually want to have take you seriously, like a prospective employer.

EDIT: Not to imply that I don't have a sense of humor - I do. For example, I would find it amusing if you lost a job opportunity because of a silly phone message. Sometimes discretion outweighs the value of humor.

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Sorry, made a mistake.


I know that's lame but I can't really contribute to this topic.

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"Hi, you've reached John Smith. Thanks for calling. Bye."

Someone I know has that one, but his name isn't John Smith. Feel free to insert any name.

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I had something like this on my old cell phone:

"Hi ... (pause while the caller talks) ... Ohh right, I'm not here. Please leave your message after the beep. *beep*"

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Heh, well the deed is done. I have a new message. And belive it or not I did have it all written down and what not... and that is gone. Poor paper. So all I have is my phone. and being as it is that I do not have the (whatever sounds good and also means I'm lazy as hell) to find another phone to call my phone and listen to my own voicemail simply so that I can type it here. I'll leave my number:)

1 931 505 0544.

please if you find my credit card number and what not from this... no more then 20$ a week. then it's fine:)

And Mar, it seems in the wee bit of time since I was last on here you've become amazingly popular, eh? :P

...well I thought it was funney...? didn't you?
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A bit of personal advice, mung. Don't do that.

I mean, don't post your number online.

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People are stupid enough to call phone numbers they hear in songs and ask to speak with the person who was mentioned in the song, either seriously or as a prank. There are enough people who do this that anyone unlucky enough to have a identical phone number is generally forced to get a new number.

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Heres my voice mail message.

"Hi, I don't want to talk to you right now. Please leave a message so I can ignore it."

*My friend once wanted to dial the number 867-5309 from the song. Unfortunately he couldn't remember the actual number, just the tune of the song. He spent most of the day singing random numbers to the song's tune, and we spent most of the day laughing at him.*

Guaranteed to blow your mind.

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Originally written by mung:

And Mar, it seems in the wee bit of time since I was last on here you've become amazingly popular, eh? :P
I deny it all with false modesty :P
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And why are you not using your new account?

??? ??????
???? ?????
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Originally written by Ephesos:

A bit of personal advice, mung. Don't do that.

I mean, don't post your number online.

Strong words from someone who's number is on Facebook :P

Also, when it comes to prank answering machine messages, who can forget this?

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Best one I've heard:

This is the answering machine of [INSERT NAME]
If you want to make a donation, my bank-account is 52698374 [OR ANY OTHER ACCOUNT NUMBER]

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Here are a couple I seen in a joke book:

"Hello, I'm not here. Leave a message, and I'll ge back to you. Leave a sexy message, and I'll get back sooner!"

"Hello, this is [insert name]. If you are the phone company, I have sent the money. If you are my parents, send me money. If you are my financial aid institution, you have not sent me enough money. If you are my friends, you owe me money. If you are a female, don't worry, I have plenty of money."

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Originally written by Dikiyoba:

People are stupid enough to call phone numbers they hear in songs and ask to speak with the person who was mentioned in the song, either seriously or as a prank. There are enough people who do this that anyone unlucky enough to have a identical phone number is generally forced to get a new number.


There is this Urban Legend about a woman whose number was just one digit away from the hotel's next door. She spent some time complaining to the hotel and asking them to change their number (since she got calls all the time). After being ignored, she took the hotel's orders and caused havoc.

In different variations of the story, the hotel either changed its number, or went bankrupt and was bought out by her, or went bankrupt and was sold to another chain that mistakenly called her.

I doubt it's true, because firstly the details are vague, secondly it has a punchline (the fewest real stories do), and thirdly because it is almost custom-tailored to give warm fuzzies to each of us who has experienced big evil corporations stomping on them.

But it's still funny.

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phone self destruck sequence activated self destrucking in 5..4..3..2..1..beep

sory abought the spelling (not my best subject) ;)
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Originally written by Kuranes-:

So. Anyone up to taking the Spiderweb chats one step further and scheduling a Skype conference? I'm varnink yu, mie akzennt iss terrible.
Is there an older version of Skype that runs on windows 98? Would I still be able to talk to people with the newer version?

"Hi! John's answering machine is broken. This is his refrigerator. Please speak very slowly, and I'll stick your message to myself with one of these magnets."
I like this one. :D

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"Hi, this is ______ . I'm not here right now, but please justify the existence of my machine."

I think this is really wonderful.
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Once I got my brother to record a phone message with me, so that two slightly-out-of-sync-but-similar voices said something like this: "HE ISN'T HERE ANY MORE. ZOOL INHABITS HIS BODY AND WE CAN'T FIGURE OUT THIS PHONE!".

This creeped out my minister friend too much, so I changed it. By speaking very quickly, I fit in:
"Your disembodied voice has reached my disembodied voice, by the medium of a machine whose sole contribution to the discourse is an automated request for information reminiscent of a POW confession: name, number, and text of urgent message."

Too many people were not leaving messages after that, so I went the other way:
"Itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout.
"Itsy bitsy cockroach called while he was out.
"Didn't leave a message; wasn't that a shame.
"So itsy bitsy cockroach was never heard from again."

After a while I got bored, and our phone messages have been prosaic for years.

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