Geneforge 1 - 8.92 (10.0/5.0)

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AuthorTopic: Geneforge 1 - 8.92 (10.0/5.0)
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Bad : The gameplay could be a bit more balanced at times, some puzzles are a bit too hard in my opinion, one of the areas becomes 'unclearable' if you destroy a power spiral, there are still a few bugs/things that were not implemented/things that are not completely logical.

Good : Pretty much everything else.


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Well, I always hated the funny walking glitches (I got stuck walking in space once, and my character got dislocated off its circle thing). And the combat just got repetitive near the end. Apart from that, good!

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8.5. A good game, but I didn't really enjoy it as much as GF2.
Dunno why, though.

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Extremely creative, mildly glitchy, wonderful atmosphere, interesting though not quite balanced gameplay, pretty good story.


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Different. Completely different from anything Jeff had done before. There was a huge sense of discovery and exploration that the original Exile series had, which I loved. Combat was new but got repetitive; playing as all three classes was fun. 8.5

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As the original, it gets rated higher than the sequels just because it is different from everything that came before it and is very inventive as well. It has fewer features than the later games, but I actually prefer fewer features (to a point). The option to use the Geneforge is a huge advantage over the other games. It was fun and I'm still trying new strategies. I'm still trying to figure out what Jeff was planning for that nest in Pentil Woods, though.

Overall, Dikiyoba gives it a respectable 8.5.
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I actually prefer fewer features (to a point)
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It introduced a totally new system that I loved at first and got bored of towards the end. (On the other hand, it was at LEAST as good as a FF-game in this respect.) The plot wasn't half-shabby at that point since we had only seen it once.

I'm tempted to knock it down a bit because of how unbearably crappy its sequels would become, but I won't.


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It's like if you made a cheap knock-off of the Fallout engine and grafted a cheaper knock-off of Pokemon on it... and then added a tepid, go-nowhere plot with philosophy courtesy of Terror's Martyr. It's playable, though, and kills time. 5.0

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The graphic isn't perfect, but what I really like of the SpidWeb products are the plots. The storyline of Geneforge 1 make it an excellent game.


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I liked this game, too bad the combat became boring near the end. The premise was great, but the engine was not refined enough to deserve very high marks.


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*super bump, as usual*

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I really liked it, and its demo hooked me on the series, so......

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Out of 10? 9.9. Gave me something to do when I'm not clawing the curtains or terrorizing our pet lizard.

Excellent series. But I still wish for Battle Gammas.

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Given we're now on the 3rd sequel, it's hard to remember just how different GF1 was when it first came out. I mean, it had a whole new engine with new rules for combat, essence and creations, life created for every purpose (even for boats and lockpicking). A few years later all this may have lost its impact, but honor it nonetheless. Never mind that using the geneforge then ripping through the shaper crypt is seriously good fun.

Rating: 9.5

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I'm bumping up my rating to a 9.0. It's simple (but not too simple) and original. It has the uber-augmented Sholai and a powerful human Geneforge. It's not perfect (clearing the four mine zones comes to mind) but having fire- and ice-breathing dinosaurs really speaks to my eight year old self.

Dikiyoba will have to play G4 soon and decide which one is better.
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I'll give this one a 9, the lowest I give to a Geneforge game. This seems to be most people's favorite Geneforge, but I don't understand why. Sure, it was great because the concept was new at that point, but I think that's what made it lesser than the sequels. It had to spend too much time explaining the new world and so it didn't have a highly developed plot like the later Geneforges would.

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Geneforge 1 is my favorite spiderweb game yet. I liked the interface of it, the new ones have stupid, slowed down inventory systems and have you noticed everyone moves slower in the later games?
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9.75 and my favorite. ET's suggestion that there is too much explanation is just what I love about it. In G1 I get the best feeling of the Shapers: their weaknesses, their strengths, their ambitions, their cautions, etc. I love storytelling in games and wouldn't have it any other way. Storytelling is why I play RPG's.

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