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AuthorTopic: Who are you?
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The title simply means describing on what kind of person you are. This topic might help out newbies who may not know the older members and is a good way for new people to introduce themselves.

Ex: I am simply called Jeros, though my real name is Victor. I'm 17, recent high school graduate, and I'm currently attending USC in downtown California. I'm quite a shy person, and not exactly an "outgoing" type person. I also like to read books and play RPGs during my free time or on weekends.

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What, no online personality quiz? :confused:

Hi, I'm ben. I'm 15, a sophmore in Montana, and an avid fan of the Spiderweb Software Message Boards, all kinds of computer programming, especially AMP and C++, and science, especially astronomy.

Welcome, you newbies.


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Hmmm...the title is misleading. I shall change it then to avoid confusion.

I'll try to find an online personality quiz and post it in a later topic.

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Like Ben, I am also a sophomore and also 15. I live in Santa Cruz, California. Other than computer gaming I skateboard, play tennis and play drums.

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I'm Nicothodes. I live inside my own little world and therefore have little idea about what's going on in the real world. People tell me I'm 13 and apparently I have been going to high school for a week now. :eek: My main hobby is killing princesses and rescuing dragons.

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I'm Kingy. Everyone of my friends call me Kingy, they allways have. My real name is Ryan. But personally I have never liked that name. I'm 15, I am 5th form at high school (my second high school year, my 11th year at school). I enjoy video games, namely rpgs, physical things like boxing, motorcross, and making videos consisting of us doing stupid things, just to prove we can. Ultimatly though, I'm a country hick through and through.
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Originally written by Benny Boy:

Welcome, you newbies.
Quiet, noob.

Anyways, I'm Wise Man, 19 year old Chinese guy living in Canada. I'm a second year student at UofT, majoring in Comp Sci and Math.

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My real name is Lucien. I live in Melbourne, Australia. I can learn things quickly and remember them well, which is my only significant talent.

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I am Eldibs. I am an introvert, and enjoy programming, mainly Visual Basic 6 and UnrealScript. I am currently a freshman at Linn State Technical College, studying Computer Programming.

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Although my (incredibly clever =P) punning screen name may be misleading, I actually am a girl. XD "Dark Lady of the Slith" just isn't as funny. I'll be a junior in high school starting a week from yesterday (certain northern US states start and end school really late), and will turn 16 in December. *is a young'un* My obsessions besides playing computer games (especially Exile and Avernum {I'm especially fond of the mages, especially Erika and Solberg}) include playing the flute and reading lots of fantasy novels. ^^

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I am Imban, and I am. Sometimes. Not lately, though.
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My name is Alex. I'm turning 20 about 36 hours. I live in Utah. I enjoy making lame random drawings. I read too much combined with spending too much time on the computer and am currently in the process of trying to get a life.

There is a link to a personality test in my signature. I am a Mastermind (INTJ).

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I'm Greg in RL, and I play drums, make up music, play games, play soccer, and spend time with friends. I'll be 18 on the 28th, so wish me happy birthday.

That's um... all you need to know, really. I'm always free to talk, though. "ragnardagreat" on AIM.

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I'm Meghan (Dolphin), 21, California, and am in my second year of college. My major is Biological Sciences, and most of my day is spent in school, studying and taking care of my new puppy, Lily. I do bodywork/massage and Chinese medicine part-time.

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Why not... it's not like anyone I know is on this board. Wait, that's not true...

I'm Stephen, a freshman at Washington University (not the state, not D.C, but St. Louis). I'm 16 (long story), an atheist, liberal/independent, scenario-designer, and a possible Environmental Studies major. I'm weird.

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I am 22, live in Perth, Western Australia, and am officially addicted to sf/f.
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I'm John, 13, and live in California. Someday, I'll do something memorable on this board. But until then, you don't have to even notice this post.

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Didn't I do a "who are you" thread? you know back when all the threads in general were started by me??. Anyways, My name is Marlenny and I'm 18 years old (19 in oct). I live in the bronx, NY. I'm on my second year in college with a Management major; I talk a lot and spend most of my free time on the phone, out with my friends,bothering my lil brother, watching movies, and online (where I'm mostly on Aim or checking out the boards).
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I'm Nathan, people in real life call me Aussie. For several years I shared a screenname (The Creator) with my brother, until I left home. I work at a radio station in Canberra. My main talent appears to be fooling people into thinking I have others.

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My "real" name is Isaac, and I'll be turning 25 in a few weeks. It scares me to think that so far I'm one of the oldest people to post in this therad. You kids make me feel so old! IMAGE(http://www.chirish.com/images/blog/040505OldMan.gif)

I'm a shy bookworm with an intense interest in science fiction and history. I'm currently a part-time college student majoring in history, but am also interested in writing, bibliographic research, computer games, and baroque music.

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I'm also called Isaac, I'm 13 and live in Warrnambool, Australia. I enjoy reading, computer games and bobdybording.

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Hi, My name is Thralni, and I'm a regent.

Well, no. That's what my name says, but I'm just Benjamin and live in The Netherlands, in a town called Leiden. I'm 15, and am still going to school. that is, high school. I'm really fond of Avernum 3, chickens (and eggs). I play trombone in a youth symphonic orchestra.

I think that's about enough about me. This topic is quite usefull, I think. Now I can get to know more about the other here.

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Thats a lot of 15 year olds...

17 year old from Kristiansand, universaly hated by the boards a couple of years ago because I was a 15 year old.

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Hi there. I'm Evan, I'm 14, and don't post much. I've had countless accounts over the time spidweb has had boards up. I enjoy reading and making fun of people.
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Booyah for all the Aussies posting.

I'm Matt, but generally known as kuc (which, you would probably say as kuck, but its really cook.)

I'm 19, and live by myself in Adelaide, South Aus working in Financial Services. But at this point in time, i am in Melbourne, Victoria spending the weekend with my folks. Went into the casino earlier tonight, good stuff. I like a lot of beer, play state-rep level badminton, and am outwardly a stereotypical aussie niceguy/bloke sans bogan. inwar inclinations not disclosed. but i love the new opeth album? capitalisation is not something i am fond of, either.

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