Merry Christmas/Kwanza

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AuthorTopic: Merry Christmas/Kwanza
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Ignore my spelling and Merry Christmas all!

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Merry Christmas! Happy Kwanzaa...or whatever.

Happy holidays!

See you all in a few days...

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Where will everyone be on Christmas Day? (home with ferrets, home with Skribbane, at girlfriend/boyfriend's house, in the Keys scuba diving :P , etc.)

Yes I hope everyone enjoys the holidays and gets everything on their list (yeah right!)

No monkeyin' around at Chance :p

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It's actually "Festive Kwanzaa". The 'Happy' goes with Hanukkah.

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Well, I'm going to SC, GA, and then MS, and finally a 15 hr drive back home. *whew* Will be interesting. And I'll only be gone a grand total of 6 days.

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Curse you who have long Christmas holidays! Well not really, I hate Christmas, and I want to get paid for selling my fine booty.

So merry Christmas folks. Remember, Santa knows when you sleep. And more importantly, what you are wearing while you sleep. *Grins*

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I got NHL 2004, just as I wanted.. I also got some clothes. Some nice, some the sort I'll never use.

More I'll get tomorrow, as we (my family) go to my grandma's. All our relatives will be there too, so yay. :)

- The Great Mister
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I'll be spending most of Christmas Day with my family, opening presents and the like. I won't be seeing the ferrets on Christmas Day, as I'll be visiting the shelter the day after, on Friday. Later in the day tomorrow, I'll probably get bored and take off to a friend's house, we'll get a bunch of people over, see what happens. The usual, mostly.

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Merry Christmas Y'all!
I'm still waiting for my new keyboard...
Staying at home on Christmas sounds fun.

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And a very joyous Xolotaxu's Day to all y'all.

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Why don't Catholics celebrate Hanukkah? Since Hanukkah relates to the Maccabees and since Maccabees 1 and 2 are part of the Apocrypha, surely it should therefore be a Catholic festival.

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The Rakshasic People's Republic wishes you a merry Communal Celebration Week.
The Red Chaemeleon wishes you a merry Hate Week, filled with rape, meat grinders, and other forms of dismemberment and bondage.

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You haven't done nothin'.

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Happy Christmas!

No, I'm just kidding.

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Yay, I open my few presents in two hours and sixteen minutes.. why did my sister have to go to detroit?

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In England they say 'Happy Christmas' instead of 'merry christmas'...I never really thought about why though.

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English people are just strange.
Happy Christmas, all!

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Alright then,
Merry Hanukkah everyone...

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I was at my friend's house yesterday, and he was all excited about his presents, reminding me of when I was younger. You have no idea how much I wish I were still like that...

Anyway, Happy Hannukah and Festive Kwanza too; Catholics don't celebrate Hannukah because (DISCLAIMER: This is just my guess) it was and is thought of as a Jewish holiday; Catholics did not want to make any more connections between themselves and the Jews than they had to. Now that that's changed a bit, Christians still don't celebrate it because it's not traditional; just as many Christians celebrate Christmas more because of tradition than anything.

Thanks for making me think of that... next year I'm celebrating Hannukah...

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Happy, merry, festive, joyful, and fun-filled seasonal holiday(s) to you all!

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Did you know that, apparently, you are most likely to be murdered by a member of your family on Christmas Day? Why does that not suprise me?

Anyway. Bye.

Aces off.
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Merry Christmas-even if it is Boxing Day were I live

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And a very happy Boxing Day m'yit be.

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Le père-noël est un enfoiré d'élitiste.

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Happy second-to-last-day of Hanukkah!

And merry festivus for the restofus! :D

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And for those of you who really do not give a damn one way or the other, Happy Friday!

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