Questions in desperate need of answering!

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AuthorTopic: Questions in desperate need of answering!
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What? I just felt like it!

1. What's this deal with private messages? Does anyone ever really use them? (of course, you don´t have to tell, considering it really is PRIVATE messages I´m talking about. But still.)

2. Why oh why did Frodo and the rest of the hobbits only wear shorts when wandering across Caradhras (I think it was Caradhras. You know, big mountains, snowstorms, avalanches, that kind of stuff)

3. Does anyone admit being a member of mensa? No, seriously!

4. Do you consider this spam? (if your spam-detector is screamin' like a sinner on Revival Day, then I suggest you stop answering immidately. After all, nothing discourages spamming more than nobody answering.)

5. What kind of music do You prefer?

There we go! Now brighten up my day and go answering already! Pick one question, pick two, pick them all or pick none. The choice is yours to make!

EDIT : added the fifth question out of pure boredom.

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1) Some people. I prefer email.

2) How should I know? Do I look like a hobbit to you? (Those of you who have seen my photo would do well to remain silent right about now.)

3) I'd be eligible -- I think most of us here are -- but I fail to see the point of it.

4) I've seen worse.
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1. I use private messages.

2. No idea. Didn't need long trousers as they had hairy legs, maybe?

3. As already stated, many of us here would probably be eligible to join Mensa (including myself). I think people who see a point in joining Mensa would probably admit to membership.

4. It's not total spam - the first question has some relevance. I've seen spammier topics.

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1. Occasionally.
2. If they're not worried about walking barefoot through snowdrifts, I don't see why they should care about a little bit of bare leg.
3. Nope.
4. I've seen worse.

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1) Yeah, I've used them a little.
2) Because their hobbits.
3) Mensa? Er... What's Mensa?
4) I've seen worse.

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1) Yes
2) well, they are wearing bat-thermo-proof-underwear. So there.
3) Interestingly, some people even claim membership of Densa and are proud
of it (not to mention Menser).
4) Shut up, bloody vikings.

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1. Yeah, when I actually got few.
2. They didn't understand to bring spare clothes. No, wait, did they? Who cares?
3. The hell is Mensa? Do I want to know? Just forget it.
4. Hardly. But a bit, yes.
5. Classical. Or whatever that suits my mood. Some painful music would be ideal right now.

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1. I use them all the time

2. I don't know

3. Mensa is an international society that has one qualification for membership: a score in the top 2% of the population on a standardized intelligence test. I tried to join but they said I wasn't supposed to draw on the intelligence test.



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1-> once or twice
2-> don't know don't really care that much
3-> no i am not i have no idea what it is either
4-> nah i think i have a complaint anyway from Imban because i used 2 topics that i didn't realise that i could have put into 1
5-> don't have any
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1) No.
2) I'd find the fact they were walking barefoot through the snow more alarming.
3) Paying someone to tell you that you're smart seems to be a dumb idea.
4) No.
5) Music that doesn't suck.
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1. I use private messages all the time. It's a way to talk privately with another member on the board without having everyone else listening in and giving their opinion.

2. Don't ask me, I never saw the entire movie. It was somewhat interesting, but not enough to make me want to rent it.

3. You've lost me there. I haven't watched or read enough fantasy stories to have any idea what you are talking about.

4. Some of it, but not all of it. I have also seen worse. Despite my short time here.

5. I listen to a whole variety. I have over three hundred songs downloaded to my computer. I like some pop/rock, some rock & roll, very little hard rock, country music, classical, orchestra music, all sorts of music. Even a smudge of rap. Even Broadway songs. I am a great lover of music.

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1. I send messages in reply to messages received. Usually much later, since I don't check my profile very often. I really should set email notification.

2. My lawyers told me not to talk about that.

3. I am a member! Oh, who am I kidding? They said my forehead wasn't large enough to join.

4. This is rather pointless, but it's not quite spam.

5. Classical and some jazz.

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1. People use PMs to conspire with each other, admit they're stupid, or both in my experience.
2. There are strung homoerotic undertones in 'Lord of the Rings'. Hobbits showing their legs to each other is their version of cruising.
3. Mensa is a nerd's club. Incredible how little such intelligent people have to say to each other. Their company would bore me.
4. No.
5. Once I was a punk, now I see Modernist, discordant music as a less superficial version of the same utopian project.
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1. PMs are for plotting evil schemes. I hardly use them.
2. I thought they were more like capris...anyway I guess they would be insulted to wear anything longer than their own clothing.
3. wtf (ok I'm not a member)
4. Nah. But I'll report you anyway.

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1. No, no one ever uses private messages. never.
2. They didn't. Your brain dubbed in the bare legs as part of it's campaign to 're-normalize' the universe.
3. Yes. (by yes I mean no, but I don't expect you to realize that)
4. Hormel is harvesting as we speak.
5. Good music of any genre. ie: alternative, classical, rock, real jazz (not elevator music), very little country, broadway numbers, the sound of planets imploding and the like.

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1. hardly ever.
2. they like to show off their legs, i guess.
3. me stupid.
4. i've seen much worse.
5. whatever doesn't figuratively burn my ears.

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1. I've used them. End of answer.

2. Errrrrr........uhhhhh.......I guess that's where never shaving you legs cam come in handy!

3. Well, I'd say I'm pretty close to become a member, around 95% of the students my age in the U.S.A score lower than's true! Hack onto my school's computers, it's true!

4. Uhhhhhhh......pointless, but there's something to do in his topic.

5. The kind of music I like, obviously.

6. Wait, why am I answering a 6th question? There is no 6th question...

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1. I don't really use them. I think I might have once or twice, though.

2. Well, they never wear shoes either...

3. Um...

4. Not really

5. Modern Rock

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1) I'm IMed plenty of times, but fail to see the need to IM anyone.

2) Well, it's not frigid in the Shire, and I'm not sure that Frodo and crew would have time to knit themselves a new fuggin' wardrobe, so I guess they'd have to make do with what they have.

3) Here you go, I have just paid you ten megabajillionty dollars! HOORAY I ma samrt now oh yes I am!

4) Zephyr has made worse.

5) Classic Rock, Disco, older Soul/Funk, J-pop (sadly, I'm hooked ;_; ), etc.

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1. I get PMd a lot, especially by people unknown to me. Sometimes I do bother to answer, only to find out that they're gone. So bah to PMs.

2. Read TM's answer.

3. Give me money and I'll do.

4. I'm not the one to blame people of spamming.

5. Rok, rap, punk, hip hop, alternrok (blink-182 ahh yes the Bloodhoundgang hell yeah!).. Uhh, many many many styles.

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1. Beats me, and to reply occasionally.

2. Why do you care?

3. My advice to you: take it and pike it.

4. Yes, but it doesn’t matter these days.

5. Oldish punk, grung, and ‘60s and ‘70s hard rock.

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1. Lots of people use PMs. I've received lots. But I don't think anybody maintains a buddy list.

2. Because the... hair... growing on their... body... warmed them enough that they didn't need any external protection.

3. I am a member of KSMtWGR. That's kind of like Mensa.

4. This question-answer list is just peanuts to 'Enquete', 'Enquete Revisited', and 'Sodium Cyanide's veteran w00t come party' topic. And I didn't ever think they were spam. Just goes to show.

5. Moderate Rock and bands with names like anal pussykat

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1. Private messages are a way to convey the coordinates of cumulous and cirrus clowds as they cross paths with a weather balloon and an airborne inverted diametric splicing unit.

3. Mensa isn't some great high society group, and it's also not such a breeze that everybody could here could get in. Intelligence has too many levels for a single test to define it. There are geniuses who are not eligible for mensa, and there are idiots who are.

Also, if you look at their website (, you'll note their requirements for an IQ test. I doubt more than one or two people here know the percentile in which they lie as far as IQ tests are concerned.


4. Yes, this is spam, as pretty much everything else on General has been since a week after Misc. died. Long live Misc.

5. Classical, and pre-1900s for the most part. I tolerate a lot of other music, but classical is what I listen to myself (except for a Duke Ellington CD I got for my birthday!).

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