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AuthorTopic: Cheater!
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Fess up.

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You lose.
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Shock Trooper
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Shouldn't this be in a Geneforge forum or is it about all of the Spiderweb games?

Anyway :

Avernum series - Geneforge series : I will sometimes replay the game with an über-party, made with my own editor if necessary, to see what I missed; but when I wish to complete a game, I will finish it legitimately (or at least try to).

SubTerra : Cheats can help when exploring a level, but they won't get you very far. I sometimes use them for very hard levels, then replay legitimately. I don't play SubTerra much nowadays, though.

Homeland : Cheating is nearly impossible (unless perhaps you're a master of Hex-editing), and can apparently result in major problems if you do decide to do it, so I never cheat.

Blades of Avernum : Only for scenarios that bore me. I tend to use Kelandon's HLPM when cheating.

Blades of Exile : Same thing. Also to replay some scenarios to see what I missed. I tend to use a God Party made with the Super Editor when I do cheat, but I should be able to Hex-edit it as well if necessary.

Nethergate : It's been some time since I last played it, and I was pretty thorough while exploring, so no need for cheats.

The Exile trilogy : Can't say I've really played it.

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I only "cheat" when I don't want to bother walking back to town to get healed or something similar. It's not really cheating, although technically it is.
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It applies to all. Though, granted, I don't count Homeland or Subterra when I think of Spiderweb games.

You lose.
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In regular playing, as far as advantages go that remove the challenge:

- I back up save files.
- In BoA, I use weapons from TM scenarios (notably Adlerauge).
- In Avernum 4, I use archery and regularly heal myself up in towns.

Other than that, I've juiced up my party prior to entering high-level scenarios, and for A[1-3] when I needed to find some obscure message in the game quickly.


I remember the times when I walked through Exile 3 and editor-healed myself at every turn of combat. But I don't think that counts really; that was six years ago and I sucked at the game.

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I'm new to these boards but not to the games. I never cheat in a game the first time I play. I complete it legitimately. Only once I complete the game do I go back and use cheat codes to see what playing the game is like when cheating. I always believe if you can't complete the game legitimately, then you don't deserve the right to use cheat codes.

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Nalyd is guilty of the last three. He always has one save that makes use of an editor. But, for the most part, his other saves are completely normal. Plus, don't forget editing the script files.

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I cheat all the time. Mostly because I'm not a great player but sometimes because I want to explore the game to it's limits.

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I've used the game's character editor 3 times in all these years.

In Exile 2, land of the Vahnatai in that Empire supporting sect fortress, I saved the game after using the boat to get to the spell crystal only to comeback and find a save glitch left me with no boat or way out. So I used exit town to save the file.

In Blades of Exile, A Small Rebellion, I was using the spirit filled gold mine to make extra experience and maximize treasure when my money went negative. I eventually reset the money.

In Avernum 2, Kothar, I got myself trapped in a spot and used up all my spell energy before figuring out the spell I needed to move out. I used the editor to regain spell energy and just left.

If I had saved an early game I would have just used those instead. Otherwise I keep going and don't make a godlike party.
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I have no qualms admitting that I am an avid fan of cheat codes. I was punching in codes when I was 4, and to this day occasionally use cheat codes to add a little, just to spice up the game. I also enjoy using the editors, but they see seldom use nowadays. Not powerful enough, and I like to play legitimately for challenge.

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Originally written by Jewels:

I cheat all the time. Mostly because I'm not a great player but sometimes because I want to explore the game to it's limits.
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I'll use the character editor and a good third-person editor if available, mostly for testing something rather than seriously playing it. I test BoA scenarios with a god party to make sure they're playable and so I know what to expect for the actual playthrough and I use the Geneforge editors to test different endings if I decide on a faction before the end game, for instance.

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I only use the editors... that said, I don't think I ever used A4's codes, so I finished it without cheating. And honestly, the only reason I'll use the editors is if I'm hopelessly drained of HP and SP, and the nearest town is a significant haul away.

I have also been known to load up parties in BoA with energy elixirs.

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I started my first Geneforge game when I had no idea how to go about playing an RPG (it was actually my first one). I cheated profusely and explored basically nothing. I don't remember why, I guess I'd just seen my friend do it and thought cheating was of utmost importance in a game.

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I use the editor (and/or modifying scenario scripts, for BoA) in both BoE and BoA to try and work around grievous errors on my part or the scenario designer's part that a simple reload won't fix.
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I remember the times when I walked through Exile 3
You mean like used a walkthrough? If I ever use a walkthrough, it's either because I'm obsessive compulsivve and can't decide which city to visit next, or to look back and see if I missed anything.
editor-healed myself at every turn of combat
The first time I played Exile 3, I had to do that to beat the final battle... and my characters were already edited to the max!
I always believe if you can't complete the game legitimately, then you don't deserve the right to use cheat codes.
That seems reasonable, but I was scarred at a young age by Warcraft 2. As an eight year old, it was physically impossible for me to beat the computer in that game. Games like that are what cheat codes were made for.

As for Spiderweb games, I don't cheat to win, I cheat to make the story the center of focus, rather than the combat.

You lose.
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I always play legitimately for the first few times. Then I use the editor to make a god party to crush every living thing in the entire game. Then on further replays I use the editor whenever I find it convenient, usually mostly to heal and give gold.

I also save before doing anything dangerous, before I test an item I have a limited supply of, before trying a new strategy, etc. Which I suppose could be viewed as cheating, depending on how orthodox you want to be in your definition.

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The poll is missing an option: "Make an editor for other people to use." :P

Talking about which, did those people looking for items editor for Gf2 ever found one, or does one still need to be made?

As for my own games, the only cheating I do is exessive reloading, particularly to explore all mutually exclusive conversation options, or to win a difficult combat without losses.

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Games should be fun. If it's more fun to cheat, go ahead. If it's not, don't. According to this logic, I don't cheat when a game is a fun but manageable challenge on its own. Games that are more frustrating than fun are perfect for cheating if I want to see more of the plot or the mechanics or something like that. Games that just aren't fun or interesting are promptly discarded. I have better things to do with my time.

For Spiderweb games I'll use editors to set money to 0 for gold cap evasion and occasionally I use healing, although it's been several games since I needed to. If I completely wrecked skill point allocation I guess I'd cheat to fix my party, but it's hard to do that badly with a Spiderweb game.

—Alorael, who is more likely cheat on the first time through a game than on subsequent playthroughs. The more he plays a game, the better he is and the better he knows what he's doing. He therefore finds it less difficult and is less likely to need to lower the challenge.
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I mostly cheat to remove things that I don't like/releive boredom. ie., I used to cheat by healing to avoid having to rest interminably long or to find things that are missing (like side quests once the game is done and I just want to do everything).. I also like walkthroughs, a good walkthrough is a fun read.

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I'll use the editor if I find that I have saved in an impossible situation.
I have, on occasion, recreated parties from the end of A1 and A2 in A2 and A3, respectively, just to see how high-level and experienced characters would take the continuing storyline.
Suffice to say, Torment is usually a piece of cake if you start out with a lv. 35 party.

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I don't think I've ever cheated in a SpidWeb game; the dirtiest trick I've ever done is save the game, haste a character, send it exploring through a difficult dungeon, then load again and play the dungeon normally.

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You should have added an option for people who save all the time and reload every time something bad happens. That's essentially cheating.

I don't ever use cheat codes except when I'm playing around, however, I used to do the thing mentioned above. I stopped after I realized it took all the fun out of the game.
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I must admit that I have been quite a cheater i nthe past but now I try to beat the games the hard way.

In exile and Avernum I used the editor almost in every big dungeon, but just for heal and curing, and sometimes to get those level 3 spells. Lately I try to use the editor the less possible and I'm thinking in turning it off the next time I play avernum,

And in geneforge in the first games i cheated a lot, A LOT!! sometimes i just went angry and put the code for killing all the monters. But now in G3 and specially G4 I don's cheats, I play on Easy difficulty but then I will replay it in a harder mode.

Also in Avernum I tend to do a lot save and load. Sometimes i founded myself saving the game after every square, i had the fingers sticked to ctrl+s keys!! :D
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Yes dark mage we see that your cheats is your skribanne herb or is it ?
So ET are you a crazy about cheats?
Or are you one of this reasonable kind of person that use cheats on the last resort.

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