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AuthorTopic: Cheater!
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No, ET is the kind of person who will use every resource at his disposal to avoid weakness.

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Originally written by upon mars:

Yes dark mage we see that your cheats is your skribanne herb or is it ?
So ET are you a crazy about cheats?
Or are you one of this reasonable kind of person that use cheats on the last resort.

I used to cheat some years ago, now I don't cheat in games. What about you?
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With the Avernum games I used the editor to heal my party since going back outdoors would be a waste of time. But I never ended combat in combat.
I did this trick in an okay, not realy cheating situation.
And the saving a lot is not cheating. If one of your players dies, I can't pick up their stuff, so I reload. (ow) (ow) (ow)...

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Originally written by The Lurker:

Originally written by Jewels:

I cheat all the time. Mostly because I'm not a great player but sometimes because I want to explore the game to it's limits.
Is this the reason why Redwall : Prologue has no combat whatsoever?
(Though maybe the next episode will/would have had combat, I wouldn't know).

Actually, it's because all the combat that would have happened in the game was supposed to happen after Cluny and his horde of rats arrived. Life before that is very peaceful of course and the only things killed are the occasional fish for a feast.

Be sure that any sequel will have rats apleanty to kill. Not to mention stoats, foxes, and weasels.

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Originally written by Jewels:

Be sure that any sequel will have rats apleanty to kill. Not to mention stoats, foxes, and weasels.
I knew Rat Aplenty was popular, but I didn't know it was getting ported to BoE. :P

Back in the day, I used to be an avid cheater. Any game that didn't have a plethora of cheat codes was sub-par. Thankfully, I think I've grown out of that.

I tried to think of something witty to put here.

Needless to say, I failed.
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I generally finish the game before cheating. Then, I will make a kazillion editors and cheat until I pass out on my keyboard, drooling incessantly.

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I typically cheat to give myself a lot more gold for something than I'm supposed to, such as the shaper equipment that certain people pay you extra for. I don't feel like lugging around a bunch of loot in every area and going back and selling it all then collecting more.

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I very rarely used the editors in the Avernum games, perhaps once per game. I have used the editor in BoA rather a lot more.

I do save a lot, frequently under different names, and reload a lot. A4 was the first game in which I didn't do that as much, as I assume that it was for many.

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Same for A4. This was a breeze - the "town gate insta-resurrection and insta-healing" is like the editor. And bows with infinite arrows?

I've come to playing with a non-mage party on Torment, but it's not particularly tough, still. Perhaps when I have more time I'll see if I can beat it with a singleton. That should eliminate the resurrection advantage from towns, since the game ends with a single death.

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By Aran:
Same for A4. This was a breeze - the "town gate insta-resurrection and insta-healing" is like the editor. And bows with infinite arrows?
I suppose I'm guilty of another form of cheating: Luring the shades to the gate of a town, although I only did that for one, and it wasn't overly necessary as I recall.

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