15 Years(and a day) of Annoyance

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AuthorTopic: 15 Years(and a day) of Annoyance
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My birthday was yesterday. I could not get online, but I watched bad movies with my friends. The bad movies and my thoughts:

Santa Claus Conquers the Martians-Nowhere near as funny as the title suggests. He doesn't conquer them, he gives them toys and one of the martians goes insane.

Dungeons and Dragons-I had already seen this one, but watching it with my friends made me notice how horribly WRONG some of the lines and positions are.

Plan 9 from Outer Space-The ultimate bad movie, with gravestones falling over in the backround. It was hilarious.

The Day After Tomorrow-Okay. When it's so cold people freeze to death as soon as they go outside, why do you decide to walk to New York?

Rocky Horror Picture Show-Wow. Just,wow.

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Hey! Happy Birthday!!

And I would like to take this moment to say that "Rocky Horror" on film isn't all that great. But it's amazing on stage. I went to see it on Thursday, and it was so amazing.

Not quite as good as The Importance Of Being Earnest which I saw on stage on Friday, but still good. :P

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Your missing out on some truly awful films still. Try Killer Clowns From Outer Space, it is truly bad and sometimes downright funny in a horribly cruel way. Morons From Outer Space is also sometimes called one of the worst British films ever made. Both are worth watching if you like really bad films with slapstick humor.

Wasting your time and mine looking for a good laugh.

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Happy birthday!

I'm sure I still had a cake here somewhere... got it.


It's a bit over two years old now, the colors are awful and one candle is missing, but the alternative was to go on a Google Image search again. :P

I can't contribute much in the way of bad movies... somehow I manage to see only movies I end up liking.

So I'm confined to yakking about how Peter Jackson ruined LotR. I haven't even watched more than one episode of StarWars, so I can't slam George Lucas either. :rolleyes:

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Happy birthday Nicothodes! Here's a present. Dikiyoba thought you might be running low.


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Are you the guy who REALLY hates undead(I learned this while reading episode 1)
well hello :)

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I saw this cake and though of you. Happy (late) Birthday!!


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Yay for Nico! May she have many more years of pencil-wielding terror! IMAGE(http://www.frostjedi.com/phpbb/images/smiles/birthday.gif)

(And the guy who hates undead is Ephesos.)

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Way to have the same birthday as this guy:
His hat is almost as cool as mine.

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Happy birthday, Nico! How are the appendages?

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Originally written by Nicothodes:

The Day After Tomorrow-Okay. When it's so cold people freeze to death as soon as they go outside, why do you decide to walk to New York?
As far as I understand it, it's only that cold right around the eye of the storm. Outside or inside of that, it's okay. And I don't think those people knew about it.

Edit: Oh, and also, happy birthday!

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Yeah, sure, what they said. *Jerks digital thumb vaguely upwards*

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I suppose that it would be appropriate to wish you a happy birthday... And provide a cake as well. However, I am pretty sure that every cake image on the known internet has been used in these forums by now. So... happy birthday.
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Happy belated Birthday. It beats having to wait until next year.
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Happy birthday to you, and so long to your brain cells.

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Happy Birthday!

It's nice to see someone else who loves to watch bad movies... one of my favorite past-times.

I don't know if you've ever watched Mystery Science 3000, but if you haven't... you need to. All the bad movies you could ever want, along with great insults and comments as the movies are being watched.

I have all episodes (almost) of all seasons, so if anyone ever is looking for an episode just let me know.


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Happy birthday, Nico! :)

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Happy birthday, Nico! Have a forest!


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Happy Birthd... Oh heck I'm a day late so what's the point?

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Happy Birthday, Nico.
Hmm... as my gift, I won't call you cute for a little bit :P


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What's a birthday without cake made out of kumquats?

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Urgh. Missed by 4 days. Well, happy birthday anyway, Nico.

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