Oh my God, you just can't make this **** up.

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AuthorTopic: Oh my God, you just can't make this **** up.
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Sorry about that.

I got a little too emotional to remember the english rules of language. I've got to admit, they are quite out of the ordinary.

Thanks for pointing that out though.

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If you eat tv dinners all the time you are not as healthy as you think you are. Also, fat people are everywhere so don't just blame America. They just happen to be more heavily concentrated here...

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Originally written by Rufus Rothgard:

Look at me I'm fat blurgablurgabloo!
More of you to love. ;)

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And I forgotten to say that I don't have even muscles.
Nothing a little manual labor couldn't fix. For instance, I cut grass. Lifting weights can also help, but with manual labor, you're also doing something useful. This will also increase your appetite. I actually used to be skinny and lacking of muscles as a kid but then that changed, possibly with the onset of puberty.

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Originally written by Oh, the pain, the pain:

your scores are close to mine yet I can run 5K in 20 minutes, participate in triathalons (minis up to 1.5K swim, 40K cycle,10K run), ran a half marathon, cycle for 2+ hrs....

I bet you're not an overstressed college student who hasn't had a good night's sleep in months.

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I bet you're not an overstressed college student who hasn't had a good night's sleep in months.

Looks like you'll die before me. Stress kills you know. :P

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Swanson's supplying you with enough 'energy' to get through a week, and even if the only other thing you ate after this breakfast was oxygen, there's still a relatively high chance that your ass will grow hands and tie your intestines in knots to prevent this s**t from ever passing through.
Im sorry, but I cracked up right about then. This person needs to write more stuff about stuff...hilarious!

Never mind...found more....I havent even finished reading the second one and Im in absolute hysterics...oh gods...

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