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AuthorTopic: Fav Accent
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I was going to do a poll, but there are way too many accents, and I'm sure I would forget too many of them. Therefore:
Simple question: What's your fav accent?


and tons more. Take your pick, and say why you like them.

My fav Accent is by far the American accent when trying to speak spanish. It is just too cute. I was obsessed for a while with the british accent and still like it, but after hearing the Australian accent, for the first time in the boards, I gotta admit it was pretty cool.
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I can't even hear the Australian accent, but if anyone is using me as an example of it, please don't. I was asked if I was a Pom pretty recently, and have gotten a lot of similar comments over the years, though they usually assume I'm a Yank.

I quite like the English accent, though.

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Of course you can hear the Australian accent; if you couldn't, you'd have considerable difficulty holding a conversation. You just think that the Australian accent is normal.

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I had a mathematics teacher once who had a lovely hybrid accent, between Indian and British. Very "proper" sounding, but with that funny "d" sound that supposedly no westerner can properly pronounce.

This accent is not incredibly uncommon, as one would guess.

I also find quite amusing the accent of southern African American women. They can express enraged indignation like nobody else. C'mon chil'!

I don't know, often I feel that there is an accent for every mood/occasion. That's why I try to absorb them as much as possible.

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what about Scotish (the best accent ever). Girls with Scotish accents are so sexy :cool:
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? Man, ? Amazing
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I hate the New Zealand accent. It's by far the most whiny thing ever. We randomly get high pitched in the middle of sentences (like you would when asking a question) and I recently noticed that we get high pitched when saying "I don't know". I know it's stupid that I should hate my own countrys accent but it is annoying.

My favourite accent would have to be American. More specifically the hick accent of a few south states (Because its hilarious) and the californian accent because I find it quite cute/attractive.
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I always liked the German accent, when trying to speak English or something. Also lower-class Dutch accent when trying to speak English is kind'a funny.

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I like Australian, Dutch and French best.

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I love the southern US accent.

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Y'all come back now, ya hear?

—Courtesy of a Washington State native who spent seven years in Texan exile and insisted on saying, "You guys" (like we do up here) instead of "Y'all". The cutest girl I ever met in my life was a li'l Texan blonde with that sweet Southern accent.

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My knees can go weak so easily from hearing some sweet, sweet scottish accent. ^^ Rowr. So cute!

Oh, and australian accent's pretty nice too.

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I love my 'accent'. I also like Dave Chapelle's African-American accent.

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I don't know but I can tell you this. Chilean "popular" Spanish is horrible, we just run over words like lazy bastards, make the sentences as short as possible and usually don't finish words properly.

Worst spanish accent...Colombian. Ugh. Kinda high pitched and unstable.

Best spanish accent...er..Spanish from Zaragoza, ya know with the marked "Z".

Second best...Argentinean...hmm, maybe this is biased cause I like the Argie chicks. :P

I kinda like posh Brit accent too.

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My girlfriend loves my british accent. I use a combination of english and south scotish dialect and somehow I have completely managed to rid myself of my swedish accent while speaking english. However, I can no longer sound american while speaking english, I just sound like a london-lad using the words of someone who comes from Maine.

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I like the British and Russian-speaking-English accents. The British accent can sound inteligent and dignified and the Russian sounds strong and determined.

I also think the French accent has a lot of humor value.

I hate the "Utahn" accent. Think regular American accent but with a scattering of words that are shortened and mispronounced. For example: "probably" comes out like "probly", "interesting" sounds like "intch-wrist-ing", "supposed" is "s'post" and a few others I know, but can't think of off the top of my head. Gah! It drive me crazy when I catch myself using such horribly twisted pronunciation!

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Originally written by Drakefyre:

I love the southern US accent.
Ditto. Although I enjoy all American accents. Russian is also good.

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A Russian accent on a woman is incredibly sexy. It doesn't hurt that Russian women seem to be inordinately attractive much of the time.


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Originally written by Stugri-La:
A Russian accent on a woman is incredibly sexy. It doesn't hurt that Russian women seem to be inordinately attractive much of the time.
Yes, I know! My russian literature professor came in every class like some kind of lucious fashion vixen. Mmmmmm......tasty.


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I like the Irish, Scottish, and British accents best. Probably because I'm obssessed with those countries..... :D

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Nice goin'.

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The British accent is my favorite. The young woman I'm in love with has one. Oh! So Sexy! :D

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Irish because it's funny to not understand us.

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my favorite accent mark is the umlaut, ü. Such cute little dots.

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