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AuthorTopic: Family Guy!!!!
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Does anyone else love this show? I think that it's freaking hilarious. Fox should replace the Simpsons with Family Guy. American Dad is pretty funny too.

Last week's show was so incredibly offensive but equally hilarious, especially the AIDS song.

You have AIDS.
Yes you have AIDS.
I hate to tell you boy you have AIDS.
You got the AIDS.
You may have caught it when you stuck that filthy needle in here,
Or maybe all that unprotected sex which you had.
It isn't clear but what we're certain of is that you have AIDS.
Yes you have AIDS.
Not HIV but full blown AIDS.
Be sure that you see that this is not HIV,
But full blown AIDS.
Not HIV,
But full blown AIDS.
I’m sorry I wish it was something less serious,
But it's AIDS.
You've got the AIDS.

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I find the show occasionally humorous, but its reliance on pop-culture references and random absurdity gets rather grating after a while. It's a decent show, but I feel that it's vastly overrated.

Perhaps it's just me, though. After all, I'm not much for comedy in general, vastly preferring movies and TV shows in the genres of action or horror. What little comedy I enjoy is usually just whimsical, light-hearted stuff, and slapstick such as "The Three Stooges," possible my favorite show in the entire comedy genre.

I tend to find the situational comedy replete in everyday life to be far more laughter-inducing than most anything committed to screen.


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I would slaughter American Dad both and hang its bloated corpse from a meathook... if only it would help bring back Futurama.
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Straight up man. **** Family Guy, Futurama is so much better.

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I suppose US television is a thing to itself. As for me, I have never possessed a TV in my life. :P

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Here in America, the TV possesses you.

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Family guy is brilliant, although South Park is better. Comedy wise there used to be some show on a few years ago that was set back when europeans started settling New Zealand and it basically consisted of Maoris taking the piss out of themselves and taking the piss out of europeans. It was really good but I don't think it would go down all to well at the moment because the Maoris seem to be alot more uptight lately. Anyway back on topic, anything by Monty Python is also brilliant.

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Originally written by Stugri-La:

I find the show occasionally humorous, but its reliance on pop-culture references and random absurdity gets rather grating after a while. It's a decent show, but I feel that it's vastly overrated.

The Simpons seem to be suffering from this "lack of new material" syndrome the most and the symptoms seem to be a heavey reliance on references to pop culture. Seems like most comedy shows are going that way, SNL used to be decent, but now look at it . . . not pretty no more. There seems to be a lack of original comedy (i.e. BOC "cowbell skit," or just the dialog from Monty Burns . . . .)

And anyone else notice a huge conservative agenda hidden within American Dad? Seriously, its anitchristain too . . . just wierd. And the fact the animation looks the same as family guy. I dont think the show will last till next season

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Of course it will. Even if it gets axed, the fanboys will all go out and buy the DVD until it's put back on the TV.

I've not seen much Family Guy, but the little I have seen bored me rigid.

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I am a huge fan of Family Guy. I have seen the original episodes about 20 times. Yes the old ones do get boring. I missed the one on sunday sadly. Personally I find Futurama boring. I think it relies on the "Fry being an idiot" angle to much. Some of you think the exact opposite. I rather like the refrences to pop culture in Family Guy. I also enjoy the role reversal on Stewie and Peter.
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Seinfeld = greatest sitcom evar.

The critics agree!

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Originally written by demonslaeyr:

Seinfeld = greatest sitcom evar.

My favorite TV Show would have to be King of the Hill. I'm also quite the Blue Collar Tv fan. And who could forget....SOUTH PARK.

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Family Guy is a hit-and-miss show. It was cancelled because, despite being good, it had way too many episodes where nothing really happened except for trendy jerking for thirty minutes (twenty with commercials).

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Even when the rest of an episode sucks, Stewie can usually make me laugh. He reminds me of me when I was his age. :P
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Home Improvement is my favorite. Mostly because we actually get it. I like Al. :D ;) :P :cool:


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I used to think that comedies are boring but then I matured and learn to laugh at anything. *Laugh*

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That 70's Show... mostly the older episodes.

Family Guy is awesome, without a doubt. Of course, there are always slow episodes, but that happens with every show.

American Dad won't last. It's a carbon-copy of Family Guy with (as previously mentioned) disturbingly-strong conservative undertones.

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Stewie is brilliant. He cracks me up constantly. I have yet to see an epesode that didn't at least make me laugh. Simpsons are heavily overplayed (eg its like 6th/7th time around) so they get boring as you already know the epesodes and the newest ones arnt even that great.
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I agree that American Dad won't last. Even as a strong Conservative, I just didn't think it was even funny and I was kind of offended by their attitudes. But The Simpsons is heaven.

At my house, there was a rule that no punishment can be inflicted that would directly prevent one from watching "Sump."

I hope FG lasts a while, but I have a terrible feeling in my gut that it won't. Just bring back Futurama in place of the crappy new episodes of "That 70's Show" and I'll be happy.

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"Seinfeld = greatest sitcom evar." - demonslaeyr
My favorite sitcom. Funnier than Family Guy could ever hope to be. I mean, you can't beat a show about nothing!

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In my opinion, Seinfeld, whilst perhaps not a bad show in itself, started something of an unfortunate trend; to wit, situational humour without any situations, leading to such train wrecks as, well, every so-called situation comedy made since. Every show is a show about nothing, and I'm sick of it. Can anyone name a modern "sitcom" that holds up in comparison to such classics as M*A*S*H or I Dream of Jeannie?

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You're quite right. The modern comedies just don't seem to do too much for me. I'd say "Get Smart" is my favorite comedy program ever, and shows like "Bewitched" and "The Jeffersons" aren't far behind.


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*Prefers Seinfeld, Tim 'The Toolman' Taylor in Home Improvement and King of the Hill*

EDIT: The Nanny has its moments.

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Some of Family Guy seems forced, but on the whole, I find the show hilarious. Futurama, the Simpsons, not so much. Stewie and Brian are unbeatable.

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