How did you first find out about Spidweb's games and what is it first games you play?

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AuthorTopic: How did you first find out about Spidweb's games and what is it first games you play?
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The first Spidweb's games I play is BOE, I find out and download BOE from I found out about this website when I registered BOE. This is the reason why I also found out other great games made by this company.

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The first (and only so far) Spiderweb software game I have played is one of the Geneforge games. I heard about this site from good old SirDavid50, whom if I'm not mistaken is currently using the name LadyDavida or something like that. This being my first post, I'd like to say hi to everyone out there.
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I started with Exile(1).

I found the shareware version on a MacWorld disc. That was many years ago, and I've since let my gaming soar, especially RPGing. I like to think Exile re-introduced me to the RPG, and what wonderous things it can do to your social life.

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Exile 2.

Back when I did not have an immense hate for AOL, I downloaded Exile 2 through some kids thing. What I found odd was that AOL's Exile 2 graphics seemed different than if you got Exile 2 directly through the Spiderweb Software site.

Oh my, I just realized that I have AOL to thank for my coming here. How sad...and surprising. Damn.

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I first heard of Exile from a friend, then unrelatedly found a demo of it on a CD. I played it, got hooked, and the rest is history.

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A friend of mine, back in 98, introduced me to Exile 3 and I got hooked. Of course, I looked Spiderweb Software up years later and came across this board, which is filled with strange, yet likeable members... Their almost as insane as me... Did I say insane? Um... *Quickly hides his twin-bladed battle-ax*

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Exile 1 was the first game from here I played. I could be mistaken, since it was a long time ago (I was under seven)
I think I first played it at the house of someone from my church.

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Exile 1 off a sample CD.
It was what got me hooked on RPGs
I found the forums when I was registering E1 for the first time, and registered here when I wanted to ask a question.
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Searched for Mac shareware games online. Found Avernum 1.

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Exile was my first Spiderweb game. I found it on a CD that contained hundreds of other games and game demos(I think it was called Galaxy of Games, or something). A couple of years later, I visited Spiderweb Software's website and downloaded demos for Exile 2 and 3.

The first game I actually bought was Blades of Exile. I also own Avernum and Blades of Avernum, and have demos for Avernum 2 and 3.

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I came across Exile 1 on the cover CD of a magazine, and I hated it. I did like Realmz though. Later on, I replayed the Exile demo and discovered that actually I loved it, although I was too cheap to actually register it. BoE, when I found out about it, looked like a much better deal, since it came with a scenario editor. Even now, it's the only Spiderweb game I've registered.

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Aeons ago, back in 94 if I'm not mistaken, I was playing Realmz off a sample CD in MacWorld, I believe. Back then I loved Realmz because it reminded me of the SSI Gold Boxed D&D games in their combat, though in little else. Still, a little bit after that, maybe a few months at most, I found Exile. Back then SpidWeb and Fantasoft were. . . linked in some fashion.

I played Exile 1. Loved it more than Realmz, except for the combat (I got used to it and ended up liking a lot)

Somehow. . . I either received something on the mail from SpidWeb or found Exile 2 in another MacWorld CD.

I think. . . yeah I think that BoE was the first one that I actually downloaded from Internet.

I've registered all their games. A couple or so I've done so at least twice. (I'm a disorganized mess)

And that's that.


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Originally written by Kelandon:

Searched for Mac shareware games online.
Ditto, with BoA.
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Got E3 on a shareware CD sometime late in 2000. Then found the website and the other games in Summer 2001, and joined the forum in 2003 to ask a Tech Support question (A3 didn't work on my PC).

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I started with Exile 3, which I got off a demo CD somewhere. Played it, reached the registration chasm, and back then I was knee-high to a grasshopper and was receiving pocket money of a fiver a week, and in Australian dollars too. Explored every inch of the available space and made a huge pile of spirals in my room in Fort Emergence. Hard drive crashed a while later, lost Exile 3, and forgot about it.

Skip forward a few years, and a friend recommended Avernum. I played it, spent ages pondering where I had heard the whole caves-under-the-surface storyline, went back to Exile 3 and re-established my lovely stone spiral collection. Good times were had by all but the troglos.

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Originally written by Tehan:

I started with Exile 3, which I got off a demo CD somewhere.
Yeah, same with me. Off a CD with 1000 or so other demos, most of which were absolutely worthless.

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my first one was Geneforge 1 i saw a banner for it at and predictable got hooked

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The year - 1994
The place - the University of Illinois (go Illini!)

I was just an undergrad student, but the WWW was being developed locally at the U of I's NCSA (National Center for Super-computing Applications), which meant that I learned how to web surf went it was possible to literally link to every web page in the internet.

One of the things I discovered was a macintosh file archive called info-mac or something like that, and I downloaded a couple of games to play on my brand spankin' new Quadra 605 (25 megahertz of computing bliss). Exile was one of them.

I loaded up Exile and just hated it. The character creation was so goddamn confusing I gave up after one try. Eventually, I tried again, but got frustrated with the dialogue system and combat.

Years later, I read a review of Nethergate, and decide to check it out. I loved it! So when I went to register, I saw I could get all kinds of deals if I also got the Exile trilogy CD, and Blades of Exile. So I decide, "what the hell" and buy the whole lot.

Then, when I retried Exile I, I still hated it. And now I felt like a jackass for having paid for a game I hate.

I tried Blades of Exile, and hated it as well. I then tried to download a custom scenario, and got frustrated when I learned that I needed to resedit the friggin' file in order to see the graphics. I decided that the whole Exile thing was just a giant waste. At the risk of branding myself a traitor to all that is decent, I STILL hate all things Exile.

I have no idea why I decided to try Avernum - probably because I didn't realize it was a remake of Exile. But I very much enjoyed Avernum, and the subsequent Avernum II and III. (A big "thank you" to Jeff for allowing class selection alternative at the beginning rather than throwing a huge list of skills.)

At that point I decided I liked Spiderweb games, and that the Exile games were just kind of a rough draft.

I tried the two Geneforge games and loved them as well. Geneforge II is probably tied with Nethergate as my favorite Spiderweb game.

I also got Blades of Averum, and surprisingly, I don't like it much. It just isn't much fun for me. I can't really explain why, I just don't enjoy it.

So there you have it - I've literally bought every Jeff-made Spiderweb game, but only liked 6 out of the 11. And yet, they're all so inexpensive, I don't feel cheated at all. And, of course, I'll buy Geneforge III when it is released.


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the first was either geneforge 1 or avernum 3 and i found out from some PC magazine that had a demo of one of those games.

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Nethergate got me hooked on to Spiderweb, whenever that came out. I think Avernum 1 was already out at that time, and after i playeed that it got me super hooked.

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Was your demo CD perhaps from Software USA?

because that's where I found my exile 3 demo, I played that through, then went back to play exile 2, and have played all the spidwerweb software games out since.

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I originally started with Exile II from my "Galaxy of Games" CD. I got Exile I, III, and Blades of Exile from my "Games Arcade" CD. Then I just went to the web site and found out about all the others. The only one I have bought is Exile III, but I'm thinking of buying Blades of Avernum or Blades of Exile.

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Good old exile I! My dad used to d/l different games and we got that. I played it forever and ever. Then I found out about II and III, then avernum and geneforge.

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The first SW game I played was A3, which I got from It grabbed me immediately, and after playing through to the edge of the shareware barrier I proceeded to download A1, A2, GF1, Nethergate, and GF2 once it came out. I thoroughly enjoyed all of them, but when I decided to finally register one, I chose GF2. After playing through it, I proceeded to register GF1 and A3 in quick succession, buying the Nethergate CD with A3. I registered BoA very soon after it came out, and I'll likely do the same with GF3.

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The first SpiderWeb game I played was Exile 3. I downloaded it of a CD '250 Best Arcade Games'. I loved it, and I'm confused that they gave it a 6/10. They gave 10/10 for gameplay though, and so would I. I then downloaded Exile 2, and am working on getting the trilogy.

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