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When did you guys find about spiderweb software? because when I was six my bros. and I found out about it (1996) and ofcourse I was crappy at the game (Exile 3) and I couldn't even beat the slime infestation! :o But know I can play that game and Avernum 3 fairly good ;) . So thats what I'm asking thats all. (Oh by the way if this question has been asked before sorry... :( )

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i found my first spidwed game sometiem after the release of Avernum, on a disxc from PC magaziene when i subscribed. I plaed Nethergate, but Avernum was on there too.

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Exile 2, when it was new; 1994, 1995? Sometime like that.

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Shortly after the release of A1, searching the Internet for "shareware" or "mac shareware" or something like that. It must've been around '99 or 2000.

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I found out in 1997 when I got the "Galaxy of Games 2" disk of games from a friend. I had such a ... computer that I couldn't really run anything except Exile 3. Now, if Exile 3 wasn't out yet in 1997, then it must have been later.

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I first heard about Spiderweb Software when I got the Avernum 2 demo on a MacAddict disk, which came in April 2001.

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I got the same with Keep. I got Galaxy of Games 1 and 2 and Games Arcade and I got the Exie Trilogy from there. It was about 1997 or so.

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A friend of mine, some years older and doubtless only associating with me due to the intense ennui that consumes youth in such environs, introduced me to Exile 1. Or perhaps I introduced him; he knew how to use it a lot better than I, being as how I must have been maybe six or seven at the time, and he was four or so years older. A year or so later, I figured out how to play various RPGs and had a good deal of fun with the entire Exile series (as well as Mordor and its sequel, now an unrecognizably Interplayized product). I got into the community when BoE for Windows was new, and have been a fixture since.

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Three years ago and coincidentally, over a free- and shareware-site on ZDNet. A3 just came out, but I registered A2 first. Now I stick to SW, damn.
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Somewhere around mid 2002, I didn't register my first game (Geneforge 20 until November 2003 or so though.

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Exile 2 from a galaxy of games CD before the Sims came out. I still have those wierd cartoon graphics on my hard drive.

EDIT: Cartoon gfx for exile, that is.

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I first found out about Spidweb while looking on for shareware adventure-type games. That was around two and a half years ago. I first tried Avernum 3, followed by the two other Avernum games and Geneforge. I then went into a brief hiatus from Spidweb games, which was broken by the emergence of GF2. After playing through both Geneforge games, I decided to register A3 and Nethergate also, and enjoyed both thoroughly. As soon as BoA for Mac came out, I snatched it up as well.


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About a year ago I discovered Realone Arcade and one of the games was Geneforge. I hated it after the first hour, but I just had to keep playing to find out what happened next in the story. Now G1 and G2 are some of my favorite games.
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I started playing at the time Exile 2 just came out. No clue when that was. I found the game on one of those 6.23 x 10^23 game CDs.

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Originally written by Archie Douglas Clark:

But know I can play that game and Avernum 3 fairly good ;) .
Play "good"?


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Eh, Galaxy of Games, Exile 2 (sometimes 1, I couldn't tell the diff at the time). I never played RPG's before, and I didn't know the first thing about magic or anything else. Somehow, I survived the attack at Gantrick and made away with one mage, which I didn't know how to use. I think I went to the farm that had the problem w/the 2 salamanders.

Then I really got interested in E1, and the rest of the series. E1 and 2 came on the same GoG disk, and I was eager to download 3 when I found it. I was amazed, as well as w/BoE.

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Mid-90's; Exile. Original graphics, on a school computer.

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I beleive it was shortly after the release of A1. I found E3 (which is now my all-time favorite game) on a CD of games for windows. It was also my first experience with an RPG and I loved E3 so much I replayed it (as several custom parties, as a party of all sliths, all nephils, an Anama party, a mage party, a super-party, and various singletons) until I can visualize the layout of nearly all of the outdoors of valorim and many of the towns and know exactly how to complete almost every quest and side-quest. It kind of bordered on obsession for a while.

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Exile I 1.0, on a CD bundled with a Mac magazine. At first I was a poor enough player to just be frustrated by the game. I didn't really get into the Exile series (and register) until after Exile II.

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On a Macworld CD in 1994, Exile I v1.0.

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Exile 3 v1.0, on a BoG (Best of Games and not Geneforge) CD I got free with a magazine. It also had Nethergate, and I played the demos to hell and back! That was back in 2001.

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I heard about Exile from an acquaintance who proceeded to tell me to ask Dexter about 'tools' before I even knew what the game was about. Shortly afterwards and entirely unrelatedly, I came across E1 on one of those CDs packed with too many games. And then I was hooked on the first and second strongest addiction of my life.

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March of this year, when I searched for Mac shareware games on
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I learned about it I think in 96 or 97 perhaps when I played Exile 2 on one of those galaxy of games disks. I don't remember the exact year though. I learned of this website a few years ago.

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My sisters found Avernum on a MacAddict CD. I forget when, but probably before A2 came out.

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