Happy Easter

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AuthorTopic: Happy Easter
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It's a couple days away but I might not be here so I'll say it now Happy Easter.

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Sure, happy Easter. The Spring is as beautiful as ever.

Somewhat on the subject, has anyone seen Gibson's Passion (in a way it's amazing that nobody has brought up this on SW yet)? I haven't, but from what I've heard it could be worth a look.
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From what you've heard? From what I've heard, it sounds like spending money to watch two and half hours of unadulterated torture.

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Yar! Happy Easter y'all!

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It's a good movie, but it's not the kind of movie you go to for entertainment, if you know what I mean.

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It's a snuff film. Who doesn't watch 'em for entertainment? The police?

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spring is not fun when you have to lift multitudes of 15kg soil/manure bags.

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I watched it all you do is read the subtitles and watch Jesus get beaten and some flashbacks. If you look at my message icon you'll see my rating.
Edit: It was pretty nice over the week but now we are getting some snow but it melts right away.

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Happy Easter y'all!

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I liked the Passion. And having said that, I'd better state my biases: I am a non-Christian with a curiosity in the textual and literary analysis of the Bible, particularly the Gospels, and an interest in the life of Jesus of Nazareth, the historical figure. I am also a Latin student. And I like big, fat, epic movies. And I don't mind blood and guts. And I watched a documentary in which Gibson explained what he was trying to do beforehand. These all contribute to my opinion that it is a good movie.

Happy Easter! (And although I am not a Christian, I still "celebrate" Easter as a secular commercial holiday.)

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Happy Easter, and happy Passover too!

?Alorael, who celebrates Passover semi-religiously with Jewish family and Easter secularly with nominally Christian family. Twice the food!
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Happy Easter!

-- Zell_1388
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Happy Easter!
Bring out the peeps.

You go girl!
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Happy Easter everyone! But it's only Friday... Easter isn't 'till Sunday.

Yum peeps...

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Happy Pesach indeed! Though as usual, the matzah's getting a bit tiresome.

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Yeah happy Easter y'all, happy Lent for those who celebrate that, or Passover, or whichever one you do happen to mark.

However a funny story I heard: In Romania, all of the ahm... "working girls", have decided that over Lent, they are all not going to provide their "services" and are instead all of them are going to go to church to confess and ask forgiveness. However for those out there who are planning trips to Romania, fear not, apparently services will be resumed. (not sure about churches though, priests might die of being talked to death)

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All of them? It's not like prostitution is run by a union, let alone one that can afford to pay people not to work for 40 days.

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Bring on the peeps? You have no idea what you're getting into.

Happy Easter and happy Passover, everyone. I get to celebrate a religious holiday by eating jelly beans and getting fat on pas... pasca... pasqua... um... Russian cheesecake? No idea how to spell it. Anyway. Not the best way to praise the Lord, but that's how it is.

I haven't seen The Passion, but even the reviews of it that were meant to be negative made it sound good. I have a friend who was not only irreligious but also anti-religious at times who went to see it; that night was the first time he'd ever read any part of the Bible, and not a day has gone by since then without at least a bit of reading. He's not exactly a born-again Christian, but it certainly had an effect on him. To say that it's two and a half hours of senseless violence... that doesn't really fit with anything I've seen or heard.

Motrax, if you don't want your matzah, send it to me.

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I don't really celebrate Easter, unless you count buying the leftover chocolate at sale prices "religious". That being said, happy easter everyone.

P.S. See Southpark episode "Passion of the Jew" IMAGE(tongue00.gif)

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Happy Easter. Here is a special Easter Sherlock Holmes narrative for everyone. I hope you like it.

"Sherlock Holmes enters his flat at 221 B Baker Street and goes up the familiar stairs to his room. Upon opening the door, an odd odor meets his nose and as he looks around the room, he can see colored eggs in bright contrast against his dull surroundings. He walks over to a red egg that is sitting on a table amongst his various test tubes and beakers and picks it up. Taking out his magnifying glass, he looks it over carefully. He then gives it a gentle tap and shakes it a little.

Sherlock: "Oh, I should have known she'd do forget to do that." He walks out of his sitting room and goes downstairs to the kitchen. Finding Watson alone at the kitchen table reading the newspaper, he walks up to him briskly and shows him the egg.

Sherlock: "Looks like Mrs. Hudson has been dabbling in her eccentricities again. Here you go, Watson. I'm not in the mood to eat one right now. Besides, the whole sitting room is dotted with at least a dozen and a half of them."

Watson: "Oh, well, thanks Holmes. Gee, I haven?t had a hard-boiled egg in quite a while. This will be a real treat."

He goes to crack the shell off and when it hits the table, the egg explodes, splattering all over him. Looking up at a smiling Holmes, Watson protests.

Watson: "EWWWE YUCK!! Really Holmes, if you must stand there and snicker you could at least get me a rag to wipe myself off."

Sherlock Holmes breaks out into a hearty laugh as he goes to fetch a rag. Watson gets an angry look on his face when he realizes that Holmes new it was a raw egg the whole time.

Watson: "Holmes, there are times when my patience wears thin and my sense of humor becomes strained. I don't find it the least bit funny. What's more, you knew it was raw the whole time. Didn't you?"

Sherlock: "Yes, Watson. I confess that I did. However, I never could resist a dramatic scene. But be cheerful, old chap. Don't you know what today is?"

Watson: "No, Holmes. At the moment getting this goo off of me has me occupied."

Sherlock: "Consider the colored eggs. What holiday would signify the use of festively painted eggs?"

Watson: "I don't know, but it would seem like April Fools Day from this prank. Well, it's Sunday. It's not a Baker's Holiday is it?"

Sherlock: "Not quite, Watson. Anyway, I have never known the baker to paint eggs and hand them out. But I guess you wouldn't know about it. It?s something that just started last year. A new idea for Easter Sunday. Some foolish idea of painting eggs and hiding them for little children to look for. But, it's much better if they are hard-boiled first so as not to make a mess like you just did."

Watson gives an agitated look as Sherlock walks out of the kitchen laughing.

(Looks around in the Study)
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David, so you know Passcha too? That's how we write it. I'm not doing one this year, regrettably. Send me some of the taste, when you eat yours. And Happy Easter everyone!

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I am aching to see the Passion. It doesn't come out down here until the 22nd! Gahh!

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Easter heter påsk. Nu förstår jag IMAGE(wink0000.gif)

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Bring on the Peeps?


But seriously, happy whatever it is you want to celebrate, so long as you celebrate it at the appropriate time. Otherwise it doesn't count.

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And that was exactly the point of itself.
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Can The Rather Small But Still Quite Mighty Kingdom of Illia invade aswell? We seceeded from the repressive mother-land this morning. All hail King Il!

And actually you forgot the exceptions to that rule: Lazy Day and Silly Week, on the former it's like the Sabbath, only it includes women too and you're supposed to do EVEN less. The latter, is where you just try to do the silliest things possible from pranks to cattle-rustling, culminating in a tournament at the end of the week.

I can't remember which country that celebrates these -some little one in Asia I think, maybe one of the -stans - but they are just at random points in the year (2-3 times), and are usually announced just a mont in advance.

Anywhoo... isn't Passion supposed to be in actual Aramaic? If so then that must have been some SERIOUS line-learning! IMAGE(biggrin0.gif)

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