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AuthorTopic: How long you been playing Spiderweb
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I was just thinking, I have been playing spiderweb software games since 1994 i think it must have been. I remember getting Exile on a mac games cd. I weeded everything I could out of that demo. It was so much fun. It was actually my first "modern" game that I ever played, so it kind of opened the door for me. Since then I have tried every demo and loved them. I have wanted to register for so long, and I finally sent in an order form today. I was younger then so I couldn't, but now I can finally support the coolest software company on the net (along with amrosia software). I was just wondering whether any of ya'll would like to say how long you been playing Spiderweb games, and what your opinion of our arachnid freinds is.

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I discovered Exile 1 around 1998 or 1999. I only had a 1980's computer before that. I discovered it by chance when I borrowed a cd-rom off of my neighbor, who upon when I returned it, took it to college and I never heard of it again. That computer crashed a few times, and I lost the game in the first crash. It took me three years to find another copy. I didn't get the Internet until June of this year, so I have been suffering a long time.

I played the game to the fullest when I first discovered it. But at that time, I was unable to register it. I discovered the version I played had the original graphics and boy do I miss them.

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I played E1 around 1994 or 1995. I decided to register, but at that point I could only do it by mail. I sent my registration form and got it back with a letter saying that I interpreted as saying that Spiderweb had gone out of business (actually, I believe it only said that Spiderweb had moved and left no forwarding address).

Anyway, I somehow managed to survive a few years until I discovered E2 and E3 online. More importantly, I found the new address and the website for online orders. I registered E3, played through it madly, and the rest is silence punctuated by the sound of typing and clicking and the occasional fireball noise or death cry.

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I've been playing it since 1989, when I was given the Bush administration's special secret advance copies of Spiderweb Software's incomparable games. Then I played Geneforge and I was hooked!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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I found the demo versions of Exile I-III on a magazine CD in late 1998, and I played them in order. In 1999, I purchased the Exile Trilogy CD, and started playing Exile III first. IMAGE(Spiderweb Software Boards How long you been playing Spiderweb1_files/smile.gif) It's better to play the whole game before you even touch its sequels.

Since then, I've registered all new Spiderweb games as soon as they were released for M$ Windows, more or less (Avernum 1-3 and GF1-2).
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I got it way back in... 93? I can't remember very well. It was and still is on a "1000+ Great Games" CD (Which were, of course, crap demos). But Exile caught my eye. I played it, and played it, and played it... but I really could never register. Still too young, and my parents won't let me. IMAGE(Spiderweb Software Boards How long you been playing Spiderweb1_files/wink.gif) I still have my level 43 save on there... still can't be Motrax! Lol. If anyone really does want the very old Exile, I'll be willing to send them a copy. PC only. (Those graphics are old...)

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Probably since 1996 or something like that. The game was Exile III, the very first RPG I've ever played. My first emotion was confusion. Then came understanding quickly followed by pure joy.

And the rest is history...

Oh crap. I'm getting sentimental over a computer game. Poor me.
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Thanks to MacWorld, I got a demo of Exile in 1994 and was hooked. I've been playing ever since. Thank you.

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i started playing 2 days before i joined here (i joined here 14th of september 2003) after a friend got me to have a try of avernum 3 (so when i got home i went to download it for myself and found these boards and joined)

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I suppose I'm a relative newbie, first (badly) playing the E3 download Spring 2001 and getting the Trilogy CD Xmas that year.
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I got Exile 3 ages ago from a demo CD, long before I even had internet. So a few years later I downloaded the other games (Avernum1-3, Exile 1-2), and BoE after that. I know that was in the Summer of 2001, because that's when my first ideas for BoE scenarios started popping up scribbled in my school notes and on my computer.

I was aware of this board, but I didn't join it because a), I didn't have a regular internet connection then, b) I didn't actually know what a discussion board is (that was a year after I had first been surfing in my life!), and c) all the people here seemed like they belonged into nice BIG cells with really soft walls... IMAGE(Spiderweb Software Boards How long you been playing Spiderweb1_files/tongue.gif)IMAGE(Spiderweb Software Boards How long you been playing Spiderweb1_files/biggrin.gif)

Curious how little the things really change with time, eh? IMAGE(Spiderweb Software Boards How long you been playing Spiderweb1_files/biggrin.gif)

I only joined this board early this year, that was because I had a question about Avernum 3.

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Now I'm going to have to count backwards a few years just to figure this one out.

12th: 2002-2003
11th: 2001-2002
10th: 2000-2001
9th: 1999-2000
8th: 1998-1999
7th: 1997-1998

Now that that is all done. I've been playing Spidweb games since 1997.

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I first found Blades Of Exile on a demo disk in 1999-2000 I then played it beating it and then re-beating it for about one year then I came to and downloaded Exile 3 and played that for a long time until I thought I had everything I could find out found out but the game still surprises me... So now I ordered the full virsion of Blades OF Exile and I eagerly wait for it to come in the mail....

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I cannot exactly pinpoint when I first started playing Spiderweb... I remember that I first got Exile 2 on a large demos disk and that it was the only decent thing on it. I also remember that this was using the very first graphics set. If anyone can get a rough date out of that, well more power to you.

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Let's see, here... (Doing the same thing Sully did, by necessity)

11th: 2003-2004
10th: 2002-2003
9th: 2001-2002
8th: 2000-2001
7th: 1999-2000
6th: 1998-1999
5th: 1997-1998

I can't remember very clearly about playing it before 4th, but I know it's been at least 6 years.

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Using Lt. Sullust's post to count, I find that I got Exile 1 & 2 on a demo CD in the spring of 1998.
Funny, as I recall playing E2 through many long *dark* nights. I guess I didn't get hooked immediately but rediscovered the disc later that year.

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Posted by IronWeed
Oh crap. I'm getting sentimental over a computer game. Poor me.

And there it is. I mean, we do get sentimental about spiderweb, feel that the people there are a great bunch, because we see the humor rub off in the game. It's great stuff, instead of the mindless trash that ninety percenty of games are these days. But wow. I just can't believe I was eight when I first played the game. See y'all.

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I heard of Spiderweb Software from MacAddict. The first game I played was Avernum 2, which came on the disc.

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I think I started playing E1 right before E2 came out. About two years later I got some MacCube CDs that have the original wersion of Exile on them. The graphcis are really old. And it has a different intro movie.

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I first stumbled across Exile and Exile 2 in 96, while searching through downloadable games off the interenet. I played them for a few weeks, lost interest, then a year later I beat every single side quest and mission in the E2 demo, until there were no monsters left to fight and no quests to complete. I then registered it. I have loved these games ever since.

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For some reason I remember play a version of Exile that had crappy graphics. So either I'm crazy or Jeff upgraded the graphics at some point.
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I first played E2 (original graphics) in Mid-1998. I never bothered reading the rules (It took a while to figure out how to attack with meelee weapon) and at first thought the game to be not that good but something kept me playing it. I would always create parties with mages/priests and archers. It was by accident I learnt how to use a sword. After that I began to enjoy the game emensely. I then went on the internet to learn about E1. I was surprised to find that they had made E3 and downloaded it immediatly.
I haven't looked back since.

I can thank spiderweb games for giving me an interest in rpg's and teaching me what pacifist meant. (I learnt that after creating an all pacifist party and going into combat for the first time.)

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I believe it was around 1996-7 (wow, 7 years ago!). When I first tried Exile (in 1995 maybe) I didn't understand why I seemed to be transported to a new world every time I went through those black gates near the edge of the map and transported back again when I went into that fort thingie (Seriously, it took me a while to figure this out!). Anyway I remember finding all of the Exile games on demo CD's individually and enjoying them. I think I really got hooked when I found Blades because it had a scenario editor (which took me a while to find, I remember searching the demo CD's, of which I have loads cos my dad used to buy MacFormat magazine, just to find the Exile game with an editor for creating your own) and that was the first I registered. Then I registered E3 and played through that, then Avernum came out and I eventually registered A3, cos it was the one I could get a discount on.
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2001? 2000? I'm not sure, but not very long. I found Nethergate from MB CD, and .. fell in love with it. Then it took maybe a year or half to actually try to rest. And longer to join here.

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1996, started with Exile 1. Exile 2 was just about to be released for the Mac.

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