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AuthorTopic: Work? What's that?
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So, how many of you all are productive working members of society? Or at least have a job? What do you do? How much do they pay you to do it?

I myself am at work right now. I work at the library ! It's not the busiest or most exciting job, but it's low stress and leaves free time to post on message boards . I get a whopping $8.25 an hour. It isn't a lot, but it's certainly better than the minimum-wage burger-flipping jobs most teens have.

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Gosh that is a great job! I went looking for a good job but i did not find any!

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That sounds like a great job! I am vegatarian and there is no way I would flip burgures (sorry about the spelling!)for a living!!
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I don't have a job... not old enough

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go for the summer jobs, girl. good pay for 2 months of work.

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This year I was originally going to get job so I could leave after doing the school certificate and go back next year to start the HSC. But our school decided to change the rules, making it that you can only leave if you aren't returning next year That means I will be in school for weeks on end doing crap-all.
In conclusion, I haven't got a job and thus not aprouctive member of society.

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I get jobs when off from school, but they don't pay well enough for me to work too hard.

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I'm the manager of a small shop. I get paid around £13,500 a year, but I get bonuses as well if I beat my targets.

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I work part-time as a waiter in a hotel. Today I had to take a whip and a ball-and-chain to the bridal suite.

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I'm a slave. I do work for nothing. Person who claims me first can have me.
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I am work in thee translation job.
I am translate anglich to #DESP

DtAD is currently serving as a central tunnel support in the new victoria line.

But no, I work in the construction industry. (i sweat inside houses while they get built) Finishing drywall. (putting on mud.)

it is interesting. a lot of things are called mud in construction. drywall joint compound, brick mortar, and tile mastic.

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I play in a professional string quartet. Nobody ever hires us. Those who do only hire us because they think high-schoolers playing instruments are cute. *sigh*

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I'm a moneyless jobless undergrad. I'll have a job by December - at least, I'd better, or my graduation will be delayed by half a year. <grumbles> Stupid work experience requirements.

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Well, during the summer months I worked at a nuclear power plant (yeah yeah I admit. Most of the time I just sat in front of my computer and explored the more unknown regions of the net). The pay was nice. And I got an own office. It made me feel very important.

What more? Currently I don´t work at all (preparing for my A-levels). Or well, I do (occaisionally) play in the city orchestra of my home town. The pay sucks but still, it´s better than nothing. And it´s sort of fun, too.
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I do night admin in a warehouse - doing the paperwork for the poor little men feeding cages to the great big trucks. Giving the conditions, I laugh that one of our suppliers is called 'Roach Foods'.

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I am currently unemployed. Because of my mental problems and unstability at times, I am looking for work through a disability job agency. It turns out that it will take a while to get a job because the have to test me and find the right place of employment for me. I am hoping for work at a greenhouse somewhere. I am also considering taking up painting, becoming a singer, becoming an archaeologist, and writing stories.

If you want to know what my singing voice sounds like, I am a mix between Cher, Alan Jackson, and Natalie Merchant. Or in other words, I sound I lot like Trace Adkins and Natalie Merchant.

I love plants, sot working in a greenhouse, even just watering the plants would be nice. Archaeology really interests me a lot. Writing stories suddenly seems to be something I am good at. And I always wanted to be a painter, I just never practiced. Painting intrigues me as well.

Sorry, I left out that I love photography. Unfortunately, I don't get around enough to take the pictures I want to take. I am almost always stuck at home. I am unable to drive and I am 18 for pete's sake.


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The only "job" I have is at my school, where me and a few other students help in the attendance office. Mostly we don't do anything and bore ourselves and wait for the bell to ring. But regardless we get some service credit which is good.

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No, I'm not a productive member of my society. I live on taxpayers' hard-earned money...

In Finland there are no tuition fees in universities and students get small amount of studying money every month for a few years.

My last "job" was a street violinist, at summer when students don't get the studying money (there's a more proper word for it, I just don't know it because it's not required in BoE scenarios). That paid off better than I expected and I was able to pay our rent. Though not much else.
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I lost my job as a swimming instructor because the pool had to be closed down. Stupid school board let the building practically fall apart. Now I have no job and I can't do anything about it. School boards suck. Well, at least I don't have to put up with those annoying kids anymore.

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I work as a customer service officer for Centrelink (the government run welfare agency in Australia). Since I also have an anxiety disorder, I've found my job a bit of a struggle over the past few years. I'm reasonably well paid on a per hour basis, however due to my health issues I'm only capable of working part time. My reduced hours mean that my income is low enough to get a part disability pension - which is one of the welfare payments Centrelink administers.

I've recently decided to return to part time study (after a break of 24 years), and if I'm accepted into University I'll be handing in my resignation. Since I made this decision, I haven't been able to stop smiling

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I only work on summers, as that's the only time I have time. The rest of the years is spent on studying and hobbies.

Also, Milu, where did you play violin?

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