Around the Universe in However Long it Takes!

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AuthorTopic: Around the Universe in However Long it Takes!
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Nazgul, I hope you didn't just kill MSW's character. That would not only be very out of character for a GIFTS, it would be disobeying possibly the most fundamental rule of RPing.


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OOC: Uh..sorry about that, I thought no one was playing in this RP anymore, what with all the Holmes-Zephir issue. Oh well, just ignore my last post. :P

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Caught in the spider's web, and hearing the friendly spider speak to him, he started ranting and raving like he was losing his mind. "OH, MY GOD!!!!!! It's hitting on me now!!!!! Help!!! Help!!! Is there anyone there!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I don't want to mate with a spider!!! Help!!!!!" If no one responds to his cries for help, he will have to use his secret weapon of defense, and it won't be a pretty site.

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*ADoS heads to the kitchen to stock up on milk. Martin sees him.*
Martin: Hey! It's ADoS! Skeletal warriors, attack!
*The skeletons move toward ADoS. He raises his staff, and casts Flamestrike, incinerating the skeletons.*
ADoS: In case you forgot, I can cast priest spells. Undead do not like priest spells. Have a nice day.
*He laughs and walks into the kitchen to get some milk.*

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The shipspower goes out. Suddenly in the middle of the recreation room a circle of fire emerges. Then The Lord of Evil emerges from the circle with the 2001 space odysee theme playing in the background. The Lord of Evil is wearing a thick brown robe that covers his entire body and is holding a very tall staff. Then the power goes back on, the circle of fire dies out and the theme stops. The Lord of Evil says,I have returned from Hell. Then he dissapered in a puff of smoke.

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Peculiar James just happened to be in the neighborhood nearby and got ran into by the spiderprise. what a bloody mess.

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OOC: Well, no one has offered to save me from the spider, so I will save myself. Remember when I said it wouldn't be a pretty site?....

IC: The spider continued to talk to him in a high voice. "Boy, you're cute. Want to mate? I have large pedipalps. See." Nigel had had enough. He had no choice but to use his secret defense. It was enough to scare anything away. (He starts talking like Carroll Channing) "Oh, my but your cute. You are just the sweetest thing I have ever seen. Did you say you wanted to mate with me? That sounds simply gorgeous. You wanna date?"

Not being used to a human talking to it this way, the friendly talking giant spider started to get scared. It had never heard a human respond in such a way to it. Neither had it heard a human speak to it in such a weird voice. Nigel continued talking like Carroll Channing and eventually the spider got so weirded out that it cut Nigel free and ran off in the direction of the cargo hold.

Nigel looked around him and cheered. "It worked!!! Eeeeeeeeweee!! I wouldn't go through that again for a whole load of money. He decided to slink off in the direction of the cafeteria and get some food.

Mrs. Peacock: "Everything all right?"
Colonel Mustard: "Yep. Two Corpses. Everything's fine."

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Martin decides to summon a few small black dragons. "Hope ADoS has fun with these :P ", thinks FD...

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Lord of Evil turns around and says, Martin did somebody say Martin. I'll go to Martins house. JF goes to Martins house than comes back with the copywrite from Gangs of Newyork and hands it to FD.

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*pushes topic off of a high cliff, then walks away*

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