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AuthorTopic: Creation Combo!
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Creations..sometimes ya just can't live without them..

But the question is..what is the best creation combo in G4 there is?

Is it:
Fire and Magic?
Fire and Battle?
Magic and Battle?

I choose Magic and Battle..why? The somewhat nerfed power of the glaahk paired with a power of a lvl 3 tier and beyond Battle's pretty wicked cool!

Do explain why ya chose that combo!


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I pefer fire and magic. I use magic for hevy hitting and I have a fire in case of a long duration battle which would drain the energy of magic creations. Fire also doubles for melee.

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Too many of the battle creations are like the equivalently costed fire/magic creations except weaker.

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I also prefer fire and magic: usually kyshakks and glaahks for me! It is a bit messed up because Kyshakk seems like more of a magic creation while the Glaahk functions as a battle one would. I think they complement each other nicely.

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basically fire beats magic, battle does ok against everything, and magic beats battle,and does pretty good against fire, so anywayz... i ussually have just one good fire creation, and use my magic to beat things my creations not good against

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I generally prefer to specialize in either fire or magic, but not both at the same time. Wingbolts are cool! Battle creations never thrilled me, not for being underpowered or anything because I'd still play them anyway if they were underpowered but looked and seemed cool. Also, rotghroths smell! :P
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I feel like most people already know the answer to this one. There have long been complaints about the weakness of battle creations.

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The flamer speaks again.
Ceylon: haven't you realized that there is a speicial thing in these games, called strategy? Because battle creations might do very well using strategy.

Anyway, I don't realy use a combo, I just use a fire. Though in G3 I used a thald the whole game.

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IFM, your post is inflammatory. And you attacked Ceylon for making a simple observation.

Consider this your official warning with regard to making personal attacks.

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Dikiyoba has really only played with fire creations so far. A diverse pack of them seems to do a good job against everything but boss-type golems.
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I overreacted in that last post.

So does anyone use only one type or all three types?

I can transform into almost anything, though not sanity.

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I ran through once using all of the types. Lifecrafter of course. Chapter 3 was horrible, like having two battle creations weigh me down instead of one. Using all of the creations at the same time, I can efficitivly tell you that battle creations are way to weak. Fire and magic all the way.

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The general consensus appears be to fire and magic, which I also support.

I tended to keep a Wingbolt and some kind of fire creation to keep my poor Lifecrafter alive from long ranges.
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Personally I use a magic/fire combination.

2 wingbolts, 1 drayk.

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i use all 3....battles my favorite. they are cool. though they arent as useful...

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Well since i tend to play an agent/servile/infiltrator where your shaping skills are very weak, i usually choose fire creations.
I don't know, maybe it's just me, but I just like drayks the most, they're cheap and quite reliable and since i always play as a rebel and drayks are the founders of rebellion, ...
Sometimes i wish, you could really start as a drayk in a GF game ...

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Nalyd usually uses battle and magic. He evens out battle creations somewhat with script editing.

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I use magic and fire. Never battle.

Magic: Artila, Vlish, Wingbolt, Gazer
Fire: Fyora, Drayk, Kyshakk, Drakon

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Fire and Magic is the best of the options available, but personally when I play the game I usually just go for Magic and Magic...

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Fire and magic, they can both hit at long rage and fire can take a beating to protect the magic dudes in the back. :D
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