Greta or Alwan?

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AuthorTopic: Greta or Alwan?
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We all know that Greta is a rebel and Alwan a loyalist. Therefore, at some point you have to decide between them. This question may sound as whether you would have to be a loyalist or a rebel, yet while playing as a loyal shaper I liked Greta much more than Alwan. Did this ever happen to you? Therefore, whether you are a loyalist or a rebel does not matter. Who do you think is the best overall (this includes strength, arguments, beliefs, and everything else you can think of) Greta or Alwan?

Ps. I don’t think that there has been a thread about this before, but if there has I apologize and ask one of the moderators to please delete. Thanks

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There hasn't been a topic specifically on which character is preferred. There is however a topic about why Alwan sucks and Greta doesn't.

Oh yeah, and I prefer Greta.

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To over-simplify it, Greta can "kill things good", Alwan cannot.


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Alwan is a bastard who can't seem to stay alive. Greta all the way.

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heh. Poor Alwan's 0:5

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I also voted for Greta, however in my current game, I am not using neither of them.

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Greta has a hard time to take a beating but can atleast pack a punch.

Alwan is rather useless, really.

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Alwan all the way. Greta is a nice gal who likes everyone and everything, and wouldn't have an original idea to save her life. She got kicked out for her beliefs, so what did she do? Try to right wrongs? Nope, she hid out around South End, looking for someone to follow, and then went on to complain about the player crowding out her beliefs?

Alwan at least is honest. He dares to be offensive, and makes his views clear when he disagrees with what the player is doing. He's ambitious, too, he wants to rule with an iron fist. He's actually got a personality!

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I have just landed on the fifth island. I have kept Alwan in the party since the beginning. I decided that:

People who say that Greta is better than Alwan in combat simply don't plan their battles well. Ever since start I maximized Alwan's defences, since I knew he will always be in the first line. Max dexterity, shield, ess shield and armor, augmentation, steel skin. Right now he is a killing machine. He can kill almost everyone we meet. If he can't -- he can hold them long enough for my PC agent to drop all the excess weight and join in the fight.

They both are great, you simply have to use them correctly.
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Do you play on Torment difficulty, though? On Torment there really isn't all that much you can do to prevent him dying if he's getting attacked. And since he can't do anything except hit things in melee, he's going to get attacked.

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Eh... different difficulty settings?... come to think of it, all three games did mention something about difficulty from time to time....

No, I only play at the default difficulty settings. There can be no point in increasing it for me, for for complexity of tactics and strategy I play... another game. Guess will check the torment difficulty tomorrow to see how Alwan performs.
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I am sure Alwan does ok at lower difficulty settings...

But he blows chunks on Torment.

He dies when stuff just looks at him funny. And yes, that is with all the important buffs...

Creations are better. Somebody or something shouldn't have to be buffed to the gills to earn their keep. A real Shaper has no time for coddling milksops... It's do or die in the Shaper army, and Alwan chooses to die.

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Greta. I just prefer agents.

In my first game, both of them actually left and refused to re-join me. I was mainly rebel, but trying to stay a bit neutral. :rolleyes: Obviously, it wasn't neutral enough. Or maybe it was too neutral. Hmm...

Anyway, I'm trying again as a loyal agent, and I still prefer Greta.

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I think Alwan should have a (relatively weak) missile attack, but what he most needs is armor upgrades.

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Or a chance to learn some basic Guardian skills, like from Lord Ruhal or something. Or Grainer, in return for saving his sorry butt.

You know, Guardian skills... Like Quick Action and Parry.

Yes, and his armor sucks. Everything from the midgame on seems to hit him every time.

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I used Alwan and I thought he was good.

But I've never tried Greta.

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A little armor would go a long way for Alwan. He sucks a little less when his stats are maxed out, but I don't feel like waiting through the whole game for that to happen. Greta at mid-level is what Alwan will be at high-level (more or less), and she has the bonus of a ranged attack.

I had Alwan on Gull Island, and he was the least helpful there. The Drayks would blast him and run away. He's helpless against creations with ranged attacks, and a couple of Cryodrayks would be a better use of the XP.
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Greta tends to get wasted after one hit. I get a Vlish bolt that hits me, takes about 40 out of my 70 Health. Greta gets hit with the same kind of attack, takes 72 damage and dies.

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I picked Alwan because of 1) his meat-shield tendencies.
2) He at least has the decency to keep himself presentable(GF3 says that Greta is in need of a wash).
3) he seems like a real person! I mean, you can tell he was going to go out and kill every creation he sees until he gets hit in the face by an artila's acid. Greta, on the other hand, really didnt care that creations just killed many innocents.
and 4) at the same level, Greta was killed in 2 hits in the Creator battle in Greenwood, while Alwan stayed alive during the fight(I was killed, not Alwan :rolleyes: )

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As Delicious Vlish said, I would rather just have a powerful creation instead of either of them, but out of the two, i'd rather have Greta. I'm sure Alwan could be pretty strong too, but it might take some buffing.
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As soon as your enemies have ranged attacks, Alwan is a useless piece of meat. Well, he can be an alternative target... once or twice.

But generally I cant use him effectively, because he doesnt have a ranged attack himself.

My fav tactic is speeding my fyoras and cryoas up, have them attack once and then withdraw. The enemies follow but use too many AP so they cant attack back.

Doesnt work with Alwan of course.
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I agree with Fz. Greta's a snake who purports to be moderate and conscientious, but is really just weak-minded and willing to support and aid in the committing of atrocities when they suit her own, anti-Shaper biases. Alwan's honest, straight-talking, and has leadership qualities. He doesn't just toe the line or mindlessly follow orders like I initially expected he would.

As for their effectiveness in combat, it hardly mattered in my case. I employed creations extensively, and neither Greta or Alwan was involved in much fighting.

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Both characters have personality flaws.

Greta is fascinated by the various Creators and wants to fix them. She has no concern as to what the Creators will unleash upon innocent people. I won't post an endgame spoiler, but she annoyed me with her ending comments, and came off as only caring for herself.

Alwan is very closed-minded. I respect his loyalty, but he has little to say outside of what the Shapers say he should think. He is right in that fixing the Creators will harm people, and that the rogue creations should be destroyed for the sake of public safety.

The Shaper's ideals of enslaving and controlling intelligent beings is comparable to the rebels disregarding human's safety and lives.

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Greta is a better henchman since she's more powerful and she's weak minded but Alwan is a better character.
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Honestly, if you think Alwan sucks so much, just edit him to be stronger. There's nothing wrong with cheating in a single player game if it makes you enjoy it more.
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