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The Mountain of Shadows RP in General
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OOC: I'm going to be away for a week. Drag me around whereever you want.
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The Mountain of Shadows RP in General
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One moment of idiotic charity, and without hours, you find yourself with a cursed entourage. Guy drew in his breath, and forced his anger and irritation to subside.

Whatever next. Whatever next. Why was that man following him? He could have, should have left with the others. They were going to some village or something, and Sullust would have been safe enough there. But no, there just behind him the man walked, like a tail, or a human ball and chain.

Pointless too, since he had no idea where to go. It had been so long since last he planned beyond a day, beyond a next meal...

He shook his head back into reality. His feet had taken him a bit further from the mountain, outwards towards the bright lamplights of civilisation. It was hard to tell what time it was. With the thick canopy above, he couldn't tell.

Looking over his shoulder, he saw that Sullust was still with him.

"Time to rest," he said.

He found the fallen trunk of a tree on which they could sit. It was too damp to make a fire, so he didn't try.

"You understand why we had to get away from them, right?" Guy said suddenly, half to himself. He did not wait for a response.

"These wolves, this mountain, had been at rest, at peace for hundreds of years. Perhaps longer. The damn storytellers may talk all they want about ancient evils and the like, but whatever evil that is here is one that keeps the trees green, the snow clean, and the wolves and other animals well fed and uninterested in the lands beyond. What has this evil done? Removed the treasure of a tyrant who was trying to hide it from his people. The world has done well enough without this wealth, and it will do well to forget it, and the monument to human stupidity this place represents.

"The wolves did not invade the human lands. The humans invaded their lands. Again and again and again. What would I have asked them to do instead of these terrible slaughters? I would have asked them not to come at all. In a few hours, days, weeks, the mountain will kill any transgressors, and all the blood will have been for nothing. There is always an alternative, and the best is often to do nothing, not to run in with clattering blades, and expect the world to make way. One must know that one is not in charge here, and if one does not, one simply invites doom on yourself and others that you may hold dear."

He turned to Sullust.

"You haven't explained yet. What were you doing up the mountain?"
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Things I learned from playing Geneforge in Geneforge Series
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41. Leadership means you can lie and get away with it.
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The Mountain of Shadows RP in General
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"There", Guy began hesitantly, "... there was the tunnel."

"Was?" Sullust asked, peering into the dense thickets into which they had wandered. It did not appear promising. Rather, it appeared much the same as all the other woodland amongst which they had wandered over the last few hours.

"It was here a few days ago, when last I was in these parts. A small trapdoor that you can only see up close. The mountain is fairly honeycombed with caverns, see, and this should have led us into the lowest of them. I had hoped to show you around a bit en route to the village."

He poked around them with a stick, prodding and probing. There was nothing but grass. Not even any turned earth could be found. Sullust looked at Guy as though he was mad.

"What are you on about?" he asked at last.

"However," Guy replied, "this tunnel seems to have moved away."

Sullust stared back at him. "Alternatively, you've managed to get us lost. Or you've been lying to me all along."

"Why on earth would I do that?" Guy retorted. "This tunnel was here. Now it is not. The trees around here conform to the correct pattern, and so I am certain we are in the right spot. Someone must have filled in the tunnel, or used magic somehow. Or something."


Guy shrugged. "This sort of weirdness you get used to, living in a land ruled by a powerful mythical beast for hundreds of years. I don't know if the legends about Orloki are real, or not, but the place tends to keep itself in order most of the time. Though things have been very unusual, recently..."

They were interrupted by the clamour of blades and the shouting of men. The sound came from just to the East, and they notice with surprise that the rest of the forest had fallen silent, without even the sound of birds to grace the air. Guy jumped onto his feet, and ran to the source of the noise, darting between the thick and shivering trees. Sullust could barely follow.

They found it just as the adventurers were cleaning their blades. Guy stared in horror at the corpses of the fallen wolf-whelps.

"What have you done...?"
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The Mountain of Shadows RP in General
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OOC: I'm mostly waiting for Sullust right now. Unless if he thinks it's okay for us to rejoin the people in the forest now?
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The Mountain of Shadows RP in General
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Soon they were ready enough to attempt the way down, Guy leading the way.

"How did you find me?"

Guy shrugged. "Was wandering around here, anyway. The wolves guided me to you. Big bunch of them near where you were. Waiting for you to die."

"Wolves? Here?"

There were few trees around them. Indeed, with the suddenly swirling ice and snow, they could barely see the rocks and treacherous frozen soil upon which they walked.

"Yes. They don't act like wolves in other places do. But if you leave them alone, and aren't stupid, they leave you alone. They probably caught your scent the moment you set foot here."

"But where do they live? What do they eat?"

Guy shrugged again, and gazed off at something indistinct. Then, for a moment, the snow cleared, and they stared up at the shocking blue of the sky. Guy pointed upwards, almost vertically.

"See there?"

He was pointing towards the summit, only they could not see the summit. From their position, they could see a thick layer of cloudy white that wrapped itself around the mountain, which warped and moved yet stayed still. Things seemed to flutter in it.

Before they knew it, the snow was upon them again.

"If you look, you can see shadows sometimes. Forms moving in there. Strange monsters. That's one of the reasons this mountain is called the Mountain of Shadows."

"And no one's been up there?"

"In general, you can try to follow the wolf tracks up, I suppose. Or you can hunt for the ancient roadways and tunnels."

"No one has?"

"No one has come back."

They walked on, and the snow fell down a little, and then ceased. A forest came into view ahead, and turning back, they saw only the lonely and empty mountain, and a snowstorm which deigned not to follow.
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The Mountain of Shadows RP in General
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Sullust awoke.

It was cold, of course, and he could still hear the howl of the freezing winds. But the biting iciness seemed to have abated, at least for now. He found himself wrapped in a thick fur, and watched by a stranger.

"You, sir, are an idiot." The thin, dark-skinned man who sat in front of him said.

"Who are you?" Sullust asked.

"You can call me Guy. I live in these parts. You don't. Whatever possessed you to venture up here without a guide, or a map, or indeed any clue about what you are doing?" The stranger said, "in fact, don't speak. Rest and regain your strength."

Guy pushed a stick of something dark and pungent towards him.

"Eat it. I bet you think you are special, fated or blessed with some sacred mission or some other garbage. Trust me, you are wasting your time. In any case, cold and hunger doesn't care - it will kill you all the same. And if you survive, the wolves will get you for trespassing. In fact, if it wasn't for me, you'd already be dead. Or worse."

The stranger turned away, muttering.

"Was kinda hoping you were a corpse. Now you'd better survive for the journey back down. And I hope whoever sent you is willing to pay for your sorry hide..."
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Favorite web comic. in General
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My daily trawl consists of:

Man, that's a big list. Firefox's open in tabs feature rocks.
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RPGs in General
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Well, the RPG-7 is pretty good for most purposes, but the PG-7VR is gaining ground.

Oh wait.

Well, it's a hard run thing.

For slickness, Chrono Trigger. Everything just works, and works well.
For the combat, Exile 3. (Far, far more tactical than Avernum or Geneforge, and not being too tedious in the long term. Area effect/barrier spells rock.)
For the dialogue, Planescape Torment (currently playing) is going very well. Nice, convincing characters, and interesting backstory.
For immersive game-world, Fallout / Fallout 2.
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Greta or Alwan? in Geneforge Series
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Alwan all the way. Greta is a nice gal who likes everyone and everything, and wouldn't have an original idea to save her life. She got kicked out for her beliefs, so what did she do? Try to right wrongs? Nope, she hid out around South End, looking for someone to follow, and then went on to complain about the player crowding out her beliefs?

Alwan at least is honest. He dares to be offensive, and makes his views clear when he disagrees with what the player is doing. He's ambitious, too, he wants to rule with an iron fist. He's actually got a personality!

There just aren't enough jerks like Alwan in GF.
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